Gumbuya Park

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Gumbuya Park is a welcoming family orientated theme park with stunning natural bushland, native animals and a large variety of birds. Set on 430 acres and …

A wonderful place. You can have a barbecue, go on nature walks, ride a koala and pluck a platypus. All the things a young man likes to do. Gumbuya Park was right up there in the list of places I want to be on a nice sunny Saturday. Maybe not in the top ten or, come to think of it, the top hundred, but it was there on my list. It must be, because that’s where I was on this fine day.

Actually, it’s where the parents and my little sister and all her little friends were, celebrating my little sister’s birthday. When the news was broken to me that I was also going I’d taken one look at my sister’s smiling face and said I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

So that’s why I was wandering around like a lost sheep, bored out of my skull and cursing people who were too tight-fisted to provide a public wi-fi system in a public area.

The only bright spot in the day, from my point of view, was this young woman in the group who’d set up at the barbecue next to ours. I had the impression that one of the men in their party was her boyfriend, but currently he was elsewhere, swimming, I think. What with one thing and another only this young woman and myself were the only people still in the barbecue area.

You’re probably wondering why I’d noticed this girl in particular, as there were quite a number of attractive young things wandering around. What had caught my eye was her behaviour, which I will swear was deliberate.

She was blonde, real, I think, nice breasts, long shapely legs and a very nice bottom. And she knew it and didn’t mind showing off a little. Or a lot if she thought she could get away with it. She was wearing a tank top and a mini-skirt. A very short mini-skirt.

The behaviour that I’m referring to had to do with the mini-skirt and what she was wearing under it. I’m a healthy young man and my eyes almost popped the first time she found an excuse to bend over. She didn’t crouch, she just bent at the waist. This let the mini-skirt creep up her bottom and show it off to any interested watchers.

At first I had the wild idea that she’d gone commando, but I finally realised that in the crease between those two lovely white cheeks she had a thong. Now the thong did nothing to cover her bottom and not much more in regards to covering her mound. There was just enough material to cover her slit, but most of her labia was on display, and I didn’t mind admiring it.

Her boyfriend muttered something to her and she’d hastily straightened, but she had already won my attention. Over the hour or so that young tart found half a dozen more time when she needed to bend over and flash her bottom to the world. (Yes. I was both watching and counting.)

Oddly enough, her behaviour was irritating canlı bahis şirketleri me. I was amused and interested the first time she’d bent over, amused the second and slightly bored after that. It’s not as though we haven’t all seen women’s butts before this.

Now that there was only the two of us in the area I assumed that she’d give it a rest until she had a larger audience. Not so. She came around the table where her group had their stuff and bent over, dress riding up.

I’d decided I’d had enough and would teach her a small lesson. I can move very quietly when I want to. The first indication she had that I’d come up behind her was when my finger slid under her thong and pulled it out and sidewards, letting it snap back into place to the side of her mound, leaving her completely exposed.

She squeaked with shock and tried to stand but I was too close. I rested one hand on her back, holding her in place, while I cupped her mound and squeezed slightly.

“If you’re going to flash people” I said, “have the decency to do it properly. Now I expect you to leave your so-called panties exactly as they are so that if you flash anyone else they’ll at least be able to see something worthwhile.”

While telling her this I was rubbing her mound and whether she realised it or not she was pushing against my hand quite firmly.

“You’ve made your point,” she hissed at me. “Let me go.”

I had intended to, at this stage. The only reason for what came next was because the devil made me do it. I had an erection. Who wouldn’t with their hand squeezing a young lady’s private parts? I unzipped and pressed my erection lightly against her.

“We seem to be all alone,” I said. “Let’s entertain each other for a while.”

She gave a horrified gasp and for a moment I thought she was going to scream.

“You can’t,” she said in a great hurry. “Really you can’t. I’m still a virgin.”

And I was the King of Siam. Did she really expect me to believe that? A simple refusal I can accept, but really.

I pressed a little harder, my head pushing between her lips and easing towards her passage and found that she was telling the truth. I could actually feel her hymen, a little wisp brushing the front of my cock.

“My, my. You’re telling the truth. How old are you. I’d have sworn eighteen.”

“I am eighteen. I’ve just never done it. That’s all. Take it away.”

“Hmmm. You know, from the way you’re reacting you’ve had a cock this far before. I take it you always back off at this stage.”

She didn’t reply but her body language was plain.

“Well, I’m not going to rape you,” I said, and she visibly relaxed at that. “Why don’t you just relax like this for a moment and then tell me whether you want me to take it out, leave it there for a bit longer or drive on home and make you an ex-virgin.”

“Just take it out,” canlı kaçak iddaa she muttered. “We’re in the open. What if someone sees us?”

“They’ll just see a man standing next to a woman. We’re not undressed and if I do take you it will be slowly and gently. You can leave the big bang with lots of jumping around until another time.”

She was breathing harder now and I could feel her starting to press against me. If she wasn’t careful she’d bring about her own deflowering.

“If you press against me much harder,” I quietly advised her, “you’re going to pop your cherry on my cock. Is that what you want?”

She muttered something and edged away from me a trifle, but just a trifle. There was still tension pressing against her hymen and it could go any time.

I slid one hand up under her tank top and pushed her bra up off her breasts and then captured one. Her nipple was already hard and I rolled it around on my palm.

“You’re going to have to decide soon,” I told her. “Nice though it feels, we can’t stay together like this all afternoon.”

“What if someone comes?” she whined. She was weakening and was looking for excuses.

“Depend on who it is,” I said. “Kids won’t realise what’s going on. My parents will be mad at me, not you. Your people would probably be mad at me for taking advantage of you and your boyfriend would be right royally pissed off. But I’d say we’ve got time. I figure at least half an hour before the first lot come back for drinks and things.

It’s odd. I can feel that you’re hot and ready and you’ve been this far before. How come you’re still a virgin?”

“Because when I tell my boyfriend that’s enough, he takes it out. He doesn’t leave it there while he debates the point.”

I laughed.

“How frustrating for you. And how’s the debate going? Do we have a winner? Time to decide.”

At the same time I was telling her to decide I was roughly massaging both her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing my hands over them, feeling her tight little nipples dragging across my palms. It must have been enough to push her past the sticking point.

“All right, blast you,” she snapped, and pushed herself firmly towards me.

She actually took me by surprise. She thrust so hard back against me that I broke through her hymen and was halfway down her passage before I caught up with what was happening. She gave a sharp little peep of pain as her hymen yielded, but seemed more interested in pressing herself harder than ever against me, settling herself fully onto my cock.

Fully into her, I told her to calm down a little.

“You don’t want to put on a big display in public, now do you? Now let’s take it nice and easy. Just move with me.”

I don’t know about her, but I sure didn’t want to get caught doing sexual gymnastics in the middle of the park. As long as we moved quietly we shouldn’t canlı kaçak bahis draw any attention.

I started rocking gently, moving back and forth inside, gently building on her arousal. She was breathing hard and moving with me, pushing firmly against me when I thrust into her. Hot to trot, indeed, this young lady. Why her boyfriend hadn’t nailed her to a bed and ravished her until she couldn’t stand was beyond me.

We rocked along, and pretty soon she was muttering to herself and telling me to go harder.

“No can do,” I said cheerfully. “Out here, low key is the word. You’ll find it probably takes a little longer but you’ll get there.”

She was soon whimpering quietly, trying to push harder against me, but I’d transferred my hands to her hips and was keeping a tight control. I’d slide in and pull back, moving slowly and not taking long thrusts. Just short gentle movements that went on and on.

After a while she was shaking her head, pleading with me. She was on the cusp of a climax and my gentle movements were not helping push her over the edge. She was just sitting there, nerves shrieking for release while I gently massaged her passage with my erection, keeping her just off the boil.

Mind you, it was hard for me, too. I wanted to give a Tarzan yell and start pumping into her hard and fast, ravishing her so that she knew she’d been ravished. Instead I was giving these short gentle movements that were steadily driving both of us wild. Her more so than me. I knew what to expect. She’d had no idea and was going out of her mind with lust.

Finally, unable to hold off any longer, I gave a quick glance around to ensure we were still alone, told her to cover her mouth and drove in hard. The first hard stroke and she’d slapped her hands over her mouth to prevent herself screaming. The second, following on fast from the first, was enough to send her crashing out of the game. She climaxed and shuddered, a wailing sound escaping from around her hands. I vented into her. Taking it so slowly I’d built up quite a head of steam and I was desperate to let it flow, and flow it did, flooding her.

Afterwards she vanished in the direction of the ladies facilities to tidy up a little. When she got back I gave her a gentle word of warning.

“Um, you do realise that the next time you’re mucking around with your boyfriend, his cock’s not going to stop at your hymen? He’s going to find himself halfway up you before he knows what’s going on.”

“No problems,” she said with an evil grin. “I’ll just give a squeal as he goes in and wail that he’s done popped my cherry. How could he? Then he’ll be putty in my hand.”

“Well, make sure your putty is hard enough to give you a proper service. You’ll be needing one regularly.”

Shortly after that her boyfriend came back to the barbecues, found me talking to her and quickly dragged her away. Very defensive of his territory, even if he was a little late.

I didn’t get a chance to get her phone number and, would you believe it, I was on my way home when I realised that I didn’t even know her name. We hadn’t actually introduced ourselves.

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