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Not for noting I am known as”Haircules”. I have a fetish for hairy women and my cock is unbelievably large. When I was younger I used to get strange looks from older men in the changing room mainly when they saw the size of my penis. I do recall that I had a nanny and boy was she hairy. Thick bunches of hair in her underarms and loads of hair on her pubic mound who would take a long time over washing my cock. I loved seeing her hairy body and it seemed most natural to see her in slightly undressed with her dense thicket between her legs as she fondled (cleaned?) my hard penis.

I never wondered hen that when I was having a bath how come I saw her hairy pussy and bushy underarms and why she took such a long time over my cock. Sometimes she would take it in her mouth and I would feel intense pleasure as I innocently wondered then as to why she needed to use her mouth on my penis during my bath. Her fascination for my huge cock would continue as she would dry me and sometimes se would moan as she made me put my fingers into her hairy cunt. It was warm and sticky but I loved twirling the long hair on her pussy and sometimes I would inhale the musky smell emanating from her bushy armpits.

It must have been from her that I started getting hard on seeing a woman’s hairy armpits. She seemed to have so much hair in her armpits that I thought that all women had very bushy armpits. It was only when I went to a nude bar when I s eighteen that I realized that almost all women shaved their underarms. That was till I met Ruth.

She was four years older than me and had been born and brought up in Rome. Like all Italians she had a very hairy body. When I first saw her in a lovely sleeveless dress her arms swinging as she walked into my room I was in love. Ruth had more hair in her underarms than most women have on their head. Jet-black coarse hair grew in her bushy armpits. She was canlı bahis always sitting with her arms folded behind her head and the gleaming hair in her bushy armpits sprang at you.

Let me admit it she seduced me. I followed her like a puppy and I had my first sexual experience with Ruth. She was a friend of my mother’s and staying with us and she caught me once masturbating. I was caught my eyes closed and my hands wrapped around my penis. She gasped when she saw my member. “You are huge,” she said as she grasped my large equipment and then added, “You are larger than grown men. I bet it is more than 12 inches long”. I had never heard of person measuring the size of one’s organ but these were sweet words from her mouth especially with her hands wrapped around my tool and my mouth just sniffing distance from the dense thicket in her unshaven armpits. She jerked my hard penis and as it swelled even more her eyes opened even more.

She settled down next to me on the bed and glanced at the magazine I was looking at while jerking. It was the Playboy magazine, which was dog-eared from its constant use featuring the hairy armpits of Madonna. The black and white pictures accentuated at the sexy armpit hair of Madonna and she said “you really love hairy armpits don’t you. I have much more hair in my underarms than Madonna don’t you think so” Saying so she pressed her armpit hair on my face. I gurgled with shock “Aaaahhhhhhhh you sexy woman I love your unshaven pits. Sooooo much hair in your underarms Aaaaaahhhhhmmmmmm I want to lick your hairy underarms”.

She was now jerking my pulsating rod. She raised a hairy eyebrow and said, “This is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen”. Even I looked down at my penis, which was definitely bigger than her forearm. She had dark hair growing on her forearm, which I had not noticed taken in as I was by the bushy growth in her armpit forest. As bahis siteleri I saw my cock being jerked by her it looked very large even if I say so myself.

She unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my very bulky bodybuilder’s type body. I had a huge chest and broad shoulders and a six-pack of abs and that is why I was nicknamed Hercules or shall we say Haircules. She then took off my pants too and my hard dick was waiting to be sucked. Ruth just stared at it almost hypnotized by the sight of this giant penis I then straddled her tummy and rubbed my cock against her 38C’s trying to push my prong into the coarse hair in her tufty armpits. I swear it was getting bigger by the second. It was now 11 inches long and still growing.

Ruth lowered her mouth onto my turgid penis. She did her best to suck it but it was just too big to get in her mouth. She made up for it by licking my balls and running her tongue up and down the huge shaft. I was getting very turned on from her oral attention and slid down between her legs. The jet-black thicket of crisp hair guarding her pussy was very dense as I rubbed the plum sized head of my cock against Ruth’s soaked hairy pussy lips.

I was a novice and I did not know what to do next. How should I proceed while I was completely turned on by her hirsute body and probably felt the need to rub my cock against her hairy pit fur I wanted to lose my virginity? Goddamnit it was my first time and I wanted to do it and do it fast. I pushed my cock against her hairy pussy and slid up on her clit instead on going in her hairy pussy. Then the head of my cock slid in her and she let out a very loud moan. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I had only pushed the head of my large organ in. I gently worked my cock into her the way I had seen in the blue movies. Her arms were now locked behind her head and I was staring at the heavy patches of thick armpit hair bahis şirketleri a few inches from my face. It was sweaty and the coarse hair in her bushy underarms had curled a little bit and was moist.

I pushed more of myself into her and soon I had half my penis in her pussy. It felt great. I was finally fucking a horny bitch. She was now saying, “Shove your huge prick further I can take all of it inside” She was well lubricated and I had not much trouble getting deeper. It was a nice feeling as I pushed my tongue into the moist hair in her unshaven pits. I was now almost three fourths in and I started to increase the rapidness of my strokes. I felt the hard hair of her bushy pussy against my belly. Ruth was moaning and looked crazy as I think an orgasm enveloped her as she cried out in passion and then wrapped her legs around my lower back.

I could not hold back any longer and I thrust hard into her. I kept pumping my cock into her as she cried out. “Can you feel my hard cock in you you hairy bitch” I shouted before I knew what I was saying. I was shocked by the words I had spoken but she obviously liked it as she nodded and then screamed “Yeeessssss I can feel your large cock tearing me keep fucking me you monster”. I was amazed at this hirsute woman who I was fucking enjoying endlessly my thrusting shaft as I drove my cock in and out of her hairy pussy.

I then started erupting as loads of my jism flew out of my cock onto her hairy pussy. I kept myself inside her even though wads of my cum was flooding her. I was not getting flaccid and I was still hard as I jammed her hairy cunt. I must have cum a gallon because it bubbled around my cock and ran down her hairy inner thighs.

I was still inside her when she too came in a thundering climax. She then took out my penis and put my cum filled cock into her hot and willing mouth. Her hairy armpits were wet with perspiration and droplets of sweat had dropped onto my thigh. My limp penis was dangling as she put it into her mouth and sucked me as it grew in her mouth. I told her I had to go now to meet my friend Andy and his girlfriend Joan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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