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Chad sat alone at the end of the bar – as usual – on the early Friday evening. The bar hadn’t started getting crowded yet; the crowds started in after 8 and many would be there for a few hours, before moving along to the next bar down the road. It was typical. Boyd’s Bar usually started around 8, with the video screens showing all sorts of obscure and unique videos and songs, and it was always a typical starting place for friends to meet before heading out to the more “cruisy” bars of Handle Bar and Baskets. At least the bars had unique names in Rancho De La mar, unlike so many of the “typical” clubs in nearby areas of Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego.

Boyd’s was a nice “neighborhood” type of bar – one that lived up to the old song from “Cheers” – a bar where “…everybody knows your name…” and the mood was usually very mellow and friendly; unlike the meat rack of Handle Bar and Baskets. At least Baskets took a fun poke at the art of cruising. The décor was decidedly low-key and one wall was devoted to various sized images of men’s baskets. From photos of real guys to the art of Tom of Finland and captured shots from porn; there were usually plenty of baskets on display to watch. Baskets did have an interesting Sunday tradition – the underwear party. You got great prices when you stripped to your underwear all afternoon. There were some hot sights to see on a typical Sunday afternoon in Spring and Summer…

But Boyd’s was more homey and a place that Chad always felt comfortable. He didn’t mind the overt sexual nature of the other bars, but sometimes he just wanted to relax and not deal with it. He was a good looking man – going on 40, still with a full head of auburn hair, clear blue eyes and a good build. He didn’t spend hours and hours a day in the gym, agonizing over every single extra calorie he consumed; desperately trying to get the porn-God body and male model physique that so many guys did. He’d learned early on that unless he went the medical route – implants and surgery – he’d never have that look. He wasn’t built that way.

Still, he was a looker; or rather, that’s what he was told. When Chad looked in the mirror every day, he never really “saw” what these other guys did. He had a solid chest – with a nice bit of fur covering it – and his stomach may have been soft, but it was still flat and his waist was trim. His arms, legs and ass had good solid shapes, even if he’d never win any kind of body-building contest. He kept his facial hair trimmed and shaped, but a full beard and moustache surrounded his lips and mouth and framed his jaw. His eyes and his smile, however, never seemed to fail to draw the look of another man. And a few women gaped, too.

So, again, here was Chad, having a cocktail to start off his weekend. He wasn’t sure if his best pals – Kelvin and Stewart – would show up or not. Chad had introduced the two men a few years ago and they’d been together ever since. Chad thought back to some of the good times he’d had with them over the years – from the 9 man orgy to some quieter 3 and 4 ways they’d had together… Stewart had a big dick and liked to have it sucked on, and Kelvin was a total bottom that loved nothing more than to be stuffed at both ends, drilled deep by cocks in his mouth and ass. A smile crossed Chad’s lips with memories of some of those nights.

Still, Chad sometimes wanted more than just hot sex with hot men. While he certainly was not looking for “Mr. Right” – he often wanted more than just “Mr. Right Now”. Chad had a few “exes” in his past, and some very good memories of those guys. Some were not so good, too, but you always take the good with the bad. And it never really serves any purpose to dwell on those bad times and let the drama fester. One of his exes had a line he used “Save the drama for your mama” and Chad still liked that. Life was too short and had too many opportunities to focus on bad drama and stupid issues. Chad liked to say “Let it go!” and tried to live by that every day.

He noticed that the bar was starting to fill up – there was a short line at the bar and about five dozen guys milling about – scoping, chatting, flirting, drinking. Some of the “old faces” smiled and nodded if Chad caught their eyes while he looked about the space; maybe about a half dozen were bar acquaintances – guys he knew only from here (or Baskets or Handle Bar), but none he truly considered close friends.

Chad saw many of the town posers – guys who wished they were strong enough to hit the often attitude filled bars of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, but often didn’t have the moxie to make it there. One wrong look and they withered like a flower in the hot desert without water. Most of the posers could handle being a big fish in a little pond, but flipped around, and they were just too unsure to be that little fish in the big lake.

Chad took another swallow from his drink and looked up at the flat screen mounted above the bar and watched the music video play. It was clips from different musicals and movies matched casino siteleri up with a dance-beat mix of some song from some other musical. Whoever edited the clip did a great job of matching scenes to the beat, and it was amazing to watch – even if he had seen it a dozen times, at least.

When he cast his eyes around the bar again, the crowd had thickened even more. But from the crowd, his eyes locked on the guy in the tan sleeveless flannel shirt. He’d seen the guy before in the bar – but not regularly. He was tall – at least 6 feet in height – with dark spiky hair, tanned skin and green eyes. He didn’t have the drop-dead looks of a model or a porn star, but there was something that grabbed Chad’s attention and held it. Maybe a second too long, as the guy looked up, caught Chad’s stare and looked down. Chad felt a blush on his cheeks, but smiled as he noticed a bit of flush creeping up the guy’s face, too. He paid for his drink and walked away from the bar. Chad lost sight of him in the gathering crowd of men and sighed.

The night progressed on, with Boyd’s getting more crowded and more obscure videos playing across the screen. By about 9:30, Chad had seen and had enough and headed out towards Handle Bar. He felt like being a bit more direct and cruising a few guys and seeing what came out of it. If nothing, he’d hit Baskets before heading home. At least he didn’t have far to go – as many of the gay bars and shops and restaurants were on the same street in a small neighborhood of about 2 blocks long. There was everything from the gay owned pizza joint and the steak joint (appropriately named “Meat and Taters”) and a trendy vegetarian place (which should have been called Twigs & Berries!) to the gay book store, the trendy clothing store (called Boiz Wear) and the leather shop – with all the clothing, toys and movies that Chad more preferred – called Hyde’s Hides.

As he was walking down the block, Chad looked in the window of Hyde’s that was showing off the current leather gear that they were having “on sale”. It was the same stuff as last year – leather jocks and harnesses and boots… Chad had bought a new pair of tall boots last year and was waiting for the Saturday night leather gathering at Baskets to pull them out, put them on with his jock, harness and chaps. Leather to him was more than just an outfit to wear. He loved the feel and smell and look of leather against skin – his skin – anybody’s skin. There was something so dark and sinister and sexy and primal about a body wrapped in the black material, snug against a meaty thigh or a muscular chest, a great bubble-butt popping out of the back. Another smile crossed his face with those thoughts.

Chad turned and continued down the street, Handle Bar directly ahead. He turned in the door and though he caught a glimpse of the tan sleeveless flannel shirt reflected in the window of the door, but when he turned around, there wasn’t anybody there. He headed inside.

Handle Bar was crowded with some of the same guys from Boyd’s but a whole different crowd was here, as well. The bar was far darker than Boyd’s, with simple wooden floors and walls and dimly lit lamps around. The biggest spot of light was a competition between the pool table and the cash register behind the bar. The light wasn’t so low that you couldn’t see, but it led to some of the Handle’s more provocative moments – with guys jammed against each other in dark corners, some with their cocks out and being “Handled” and others with their hands stuffed down another guys pants, grabbing some ass or feeling a thickening cock in the dark. Just the kind of atmosphere Chad was seeking.

He ordered his drink and exchanged bar chat with a few of the regulars and Jim, the bartender.

Chad and Jim had fooled around a few times in the past, but never taken it beyond the sex. There was never any other interest in a long term type of relationship for either of them. They both enjoyed what each other had to offer – Jim was an expert at sucking cock, Chad loved to have his cock sucked, and Jim was able to take Chad’s thick 8″ cock for hours and hours, often times having multiple orgasms and shooting loads of hot cum on Chad’s body or his own. But beyond the hot sex, they had very little in common to build any kind of romance on; and that was perfectly fine with both men.

Chad headed out to the back patio area of the bar and pulled a cigar from his pocket. He had a favorite cigar brand and smoked them regularly, but it was always a special thrill for him and seemed like an occasion – like waking up on Christmas morning or getting that hot kiss at Midnight on New Year’s Eve. He truly relished his cigars. Taking the cigar out of the tube and putting it in his mouth, he noticed some of the other men on the darkened patio. There were some of the usual lurkers – guys that did nothing but sit and nurse a beer for a few hours, watching as other men came and went; watching as some men got into heavy make-out sessions, sometimes ending with a quick blow-job in canlı casino the corner.

He’d never understood those guys; the lurkers. They would come to the bar and be obviously interested in a guy – or guys – but never seem to do much beyond sitting there and staring. Chad had always been much more open with himself and would often go up and talk with guys in the bar – even if it never went anywhere beyond the simple bar chat. But these other guys – the just sat and stared; he’d seen one or two pull out their cock and jack-off while watching one of the patio blow-jobs, but if anybody ever looked at them for more than a second, the cock was stuffed back in the pants and they’d move to another part of the patio or the bar.

Chad remembered his first patio bj here at Handle. It had been a long Sunday over at Baskets, with a lot of gropes and grabs of his cock and his ass. But he’d had enough of the sun and the BBQ food and wanted a different vibe. He’d put on his shorts and headed over to Handle Bar and headed out to the patio for his smoke and his drink. That was the first time he’d met Jim, too. Jim was just working the bar, cleaning up and helping out. Handle Bar was usually pretty slow on a Sunday, more guys over at Baskets for the cheap drinks and cheap thrills. Jim and Chad had started talking about things and he’d mentioned being over at Baskets. Jim had comment on how he used to like it there, but it got a bit too busy sometimes and he’d feel a bit overwhelmed with the action.

Chad agreed, and absent-mindedly scratched his crotch, pushing the bulge around a bit in his shorts. Jim took immediate notice of the bulge and seemed fixated on talking about the action that happened on the patio at Baskets from time to time.

“I was over there one evening – the underwear party was almost over – and two guys started making out. After just about 5 minutes, one of the guys dropped to his knees and pulled out the other guy’s stiff dick and started sucking. Part of me was jealous because he had a hell of a big dick and it looked tasty. But soon, some other guy joined in, grabbing on the guy’s ass and then dropping down and sticking his tongue in.

“Next thing you know, the new guy stands back up, spits on his hand, whips out his cock and shoves it deep into the guy’s ass. It was hot, watching the three of them on the porch.” Jim was grabbing his own crotch and rubbing. “Of course, the bartender came out and broke it up. But it was hot to watch for a while. I went into the bathroom and jacked off right there, then headed here for a late shift at the bar.”

Jim kept rubbing at his crotch as Chad puffed his cigar. Chad could feel his cock stir in his shorts. “I remember that night,” he said. “I was the guy that shoved my cock in that guy’s ass! We went back to my place and the three of us fucked and sucked the night away. Too bad you didn’t join us; you would have had a blast!”

“That was you?!?” Jim asked. “Damn, I so wish I could have joined in. Instead, I had to work here and ended up the night alone, jacking off again after I hit my sheets!” He’d moved a bit closer to Chad and had put his hand on Chad’s leg, squeezing lightly.

Chad could feel his cock getting thicker and harder by the second. He reached down and adjusted his cock, letting his hand linger on the bulge. Jim had gotten the message and moved his hand to Chad’s crotch and started stroking the thick dick through the shorts. “Damn, this feels even bigger than it looked that night!”

“Why don’t you find out?” Chad asked, leaning back a bit and puffing on his cigar. “Unless you’ll be missed inside, that is.”

Jim didn’t need any further prompting and squeezed Chad’s cock and began undoing the shorts. Soon, his head was buried in Chad’s lap as his mouth eagerly worked over the hard cock; moans adding to the sensation Chad felt. After having been groped a lot over at the underwear party, Chad could feel his balls churning up a load of jizz. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew his wad. Jim had dropped to his knees and had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking it hard and fast, enjoying the taste and feel of Chad’s cock in his mouth.

“Oh, fuck! Man, you’re gonna make me cum!” Chad said, bucking his crotch against Jim’s face, pushing his cock deeper into his mouth. “Oh, fuck!” His cum started to rise up his shaft, just as Jim pulled his mouth off. Jim held a glass to Chad’s cock, moaning loudly as the first drops of cum began to slip from his cock. Chad’s cock exploded with cum, shooting some across Jim’s face. More of Chad’s cum pulsed from his cock, dripping into the glass Jim held there. Both men moaned and panted with each pulse of cum, breathing hard as their climactic orgasms ebbed.

Soon, the glass held some of Chad’s white cum, mixed in with the melting ice. Chad pulled a few more hits from his cigar and a few more drops of cum from his cock and leaned back, exhausted. Jim was still holding the glass of Chad’s cum, but moved forward and took Chad’s softening kaçak casino cock in his mouth.

“Mmmm” Jim mumbled with his mouth full of Chad’s cock. “So tasty.” Pulling his lips from Chad’s cock, he held up the glass and said “This gives a whole new meaning to the term cock tail!” He leaned back and gave a few more quick tugs to his own cock and began shooting his load of cum into the same glass. After his cock was fully drained, he stroked a few more times, licking the cum from his fingers. “Now that should be called a cock-sucker!” With that, he lifted the glass to his lips and swallowed the creamy white liquid down in one swallow. “Yes, very tasty indeed,” he said, a smile across his lips.

That had been over two years ago and yet Chad still smiled at the memory. It was one of the hottest and best blow jobs he’d ever gotten. Part of what made it hot was being on the open patio of the bar, but a bigger part had been the spontaneity of it all – from the quick beginnings to the glass and Jim drinking their loads of cum. That was probably what kept them sexual playmates over the years – those spontaneous activities that nobody else seemed to consider.

Lost in his thoughts, Chad didn’t see the guy in the tan flannel shirt come out onto the patio and move to the side. Chad puffed again on his cigar, relishing the taste, his eyes closed. Slowly he lifted his glass and took a long pull from the drink and followed that with another long pull from the cigar. This was truly a relaxing moment for Chad; thoughts of work and thoughts of desired sexual contact lost in the simplicity of the enjoyment of the cigar and the drink.

He became aware of the presence of another; somebody was looking at him; he could feel it. He slowly opened his eyes and scanned the dark patio. There were a few guys milling about, not really interested in anybody, but yet wanting everybody; a few more guys huddled in the corners, some talking quietly, others making out; a few sat around at the scattered tables, conversing with others or lurking in the shadows. Then Chad saw him. Tan. Flannel. Sleeveless. Shirt. And he was staring back at Chad.

Chad began to feel his face flush again, but was determined not to let it show. He slowly raised his glass and drank again, then another long and slow pull from his cigar. He held the fragrant and flavorful smoke on his tongue and then slowly blew it out, leaning back further against the wall. He was really intrigued by the guy, yet he still didn’t know why. He glanced over again, but the man was gone.

A moment later, Chad felt a presence by his side. He turned and there was the tan flannel shirt, putting a cigar to his lips and asking for a light. Chad pulled the lighter from his pocked and cupped the other guy’s hand around the cigar and lit it for him. A few puffs later and the air was fragrant with the new cigar’s smell.

He pulled the cigar from his lips, held out his hand, and said “Thanks. I’m Brian. Nothing’s like a good cigar in the company of a good man, right?” He seemed to wink with the comment, but it could have been just Chad’s imagination.

Chad took another pull from his cigar and nodded. He still had Brian’s hand in his own as he exhaled and introduced himself. Neither of them seemed to pull their hand back from the other’s grip. It was a good warm feeling, Chad thought, having his hand clasped by this other man. “That’s a great smelling cigar you’ve got. What’s the brand?”

Brian smiled and replied “I was just about to ask you the same thing. It’s a John T – it’s made from pipe tobacco.” Chad was already nodding his head and smiling, at the mention of his own brand.

“Great minds have great taste,” he said. “I’ve been enjoying a good John T for years.” Chad let his eyes move from the man’s face – with the dark hair shadowing his chin and lips in a fuzzy beard and moustache. The green eyes seemed to have even more light than he’d noticed from across the bar at Boyd’s. His eyes traveled down Brian’s body, noting the dark chest hair, the shape of the shoulders, arms and chest, all the way down the body to the man’s crotch and legs. All of it seemed to be well shaped and well encased in the denim and tan flannel.

Chad could sense his own body being given the once over by Brian – wondering how long those green eyes would linger at his own crotch, that he felt beginning to stir and heat with desire. He pulled again on the cigar, feeling the flavorful smoke fill his mouth again. He’d closed his eyes as he’d inhaled, but opened them in shock as he felt somebody’s lips – Brian’s lips – press against his own. He locked eyes with those green pools as Brian kissed him; slowly working his tongue into Chad’s mouth.

As Chad opened his own mouth to respond to Brian’s tongue, he involuntarily exhaled his smoke, which Brian pulled deep into his own mouth. He felt Brian’s tongue slip back in and mingle with his own and began to taste the mingled flavors of their cigars. Brian slowly pulled away from the kiss, exhaled what smoke remained and looked deep into Chad’s blue eyes. Chad exhaled as well, marveling at the experience they’d just shared. His cock had swelled within the fabric confines at the spontaneity of the kiss and the exchange of smoke.

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