Happy To Please

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Anna and Rachel were beyond excited to have their first sleepover of the summer. It was time to relax, stay up late, and have tons of beachy summer fun.

Only a few months before, Rachel had come out to Anna as bisexual. Little did she know, Anna was as well. They were happy to know they had each other’s backs and understood what they both went through. Not only this, but their newly compatible sexualities added to the air of lust between them. They had both just recently turned 18 and were experimenting more in their relationships.

On the night of the sleepover, Rachel was lamenting her recent lack of sex. “Ugh, its like nobody even wants to fuck me anymore! Like, what’s the point of living if nobody wants to fuck you?”

Anna laughed. “Oh whatever, I’m sure there’s somebody out there for you.” She laid back onto Rachel’s bed and crossed her hands over her stomach. “Theres plenty of fish in the sea, you know?”

Rachel laughed and climbed on top of Anna, pinning her down. She pouted her lip playfully and asked, “Would you fuck me?”

Anna blushed bright red and casino siteleri hoped Rachel wasn’t serious. The two girls’ pussies were separated by just a few layers of thin cloth. Anna bit her lip and shrugged. Rachel laughed and rolled back over next to Anna.

The night went on and the girls laughed, snacked, and gossiped. In the late hours of night, they got the idea to go online to a popular random chat website, just to pass the time. They waded through random people until they encountered another girl several years older than them. Her username was “spicyangelica”. The girls went by “AnnaAndReese”.

spicyangelica: lol, what are you girls doing up so late

AnnaAndReese: not much, you?

spicyangelica: oh not much, just feeling kind of horny

Anna’s stomach tightened. She had always been the shyer of the two girls. Reese, however, was not dazed by Angelica’s bluntness.

“What are we supposed to say to that?!” Anna whispered.

Reese smiled playfully. “Watch and learn.”

AnnaAndReese: we’re horny too. wanna play 😉

Anna almost shouted canlı casino in shock and embarrassment. Although she couldn’t deny that her panties were rather damp after looking at Angelica over the webcam. She was a sexy older woman, maybe 35 or 36; with beautiful dark eyes and wavy brown hair. She was wearing a thin tank top and had large breasts, maybe a D or DD cup. On closer inspection, Anna could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hard nipples were showing through her shirt, along with the sexy curve of her breasts and hips.

spicyangelica: oh, how sexy. do you girls like to play with eachother??

AnnaAndReese: we’ve never tried

spicyangelica: i see. will you girls touch yourselves for me?

Anna hesitated and looked to Reese. Both girls were sheepish but did not want to disappoint. They nervously turned the webcam south to show off their gleamingly wet pussies, still contained in tight, lacy thongs.

spicyangelica: i want you girls to take off your panties now

spicyangelica: and take two fingers and spread them so i can see your tight little kaçak casino pussy holes

Reese and Anna were overcome with lust. They both hiked their legs up and spread their pussies for Angelica. They could hear the sounds of something pounding the older woman’s pussy and her moans.

spicyangelica: fuck, so hot

AnnaAndReese: can we do anything else for you Angelica

spicyangelica: i want you two to finger yourselves and rub your clits until you cum

Reese and Anna were happy to obey. They both rubbed their clits in tiny circles, wiping the wetness from their pussies onto their clits. Soon enough, Reese was on the edge. She was so close to cumming, and as she touched herself, she stared at Anna and her perfect body. She had long black hair, tanned skin, D cup boobs and a soft tummy. It made her pussy so wet to watch Anna touch herself. All of a sudden, Reese came, moaning and dripping wet for Anna, and Angelica. Anna came only seconds later. The two girls were both completely satisfied. They went back to Angelica.

spicyangelica: oh thank you so much girls. I havent cum this hard in years

AnnaAndReese: happy to please

spicyangelica: lets exchange email addresses. That way we can set up another .. Play date 😉

And thus, the love triad between Anna, Reese, and Angelica had begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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