Helping Amy Out

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The following is a brief description of a weekend that could only be summed up by saying…UnbeFUCKINGlievable!

First some brief history, my wife Diane and I planned to another couple for a skiing weekend in the New Mexico. My wife and I decided to make it a sexual getaway for us; we planned to make it a weekend of skiing and sexual fulfillment. We planned to start the weekend early and met the other couple late Thursday afternoon. We rented a condominium for the weekend; was just great, fireplaces, Jacuzzi, bedrooms with king size beds, and right at the slopes. The conditions were great from some recent snow we had, and more forecasted for the weekend. My wife and I just beamed from the possibilities we could experience this weekend and since we were the first there we decided to start the weekend off in the right fashion.

While checking the bed out, my wife became a bit playful and before I knew it she had my cock out and in her mouth in no time at all. I could tell this was going to be a great weekend. Diane said she wanted to make it a special getaway and was off to a great start as she was really into sucking my cock. As I erupted in the first of what will become many orgasms we could hear the front door open. After Diane and I quickly made ourselves presentable, we made our way to the living room we ran into our friends Joe and Amy. Since we all haven’t seen each other for a few months, we quickly caught up on how everyone is doing and what everyone has been up to.

After unpacking we decided to go and get some dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was a little obvious that something was going on between Joe and Amy. They would be very warm in the conversations with Diane and me, but they were very distant and cold to each other. Diane and I felt it might work itself out, and decided it was not going to spoil our weekend. After dinner we went back to the condominium for a few drinks and to continue to catch up with what was happening with everyone. After a few hours of who has been doing what and what other friends have been up to we called it a night wanting to get up early to hit the slopes first thing in the morning. As we crawled into bed I removed Diane’s nightgown telling her she wasn’t going to need it, it was my turn to pay her back for the great blow job she gave me earlier.

I started off giving her a body massage, and since I wanted to be very thorough as to relieve all her tension my finger caressed her clit as my tongue explored deep in her wet pussy until her body quivered with her orgasm.. She was breathing very hard. I unbuttoned her shirt almost ripping the buttons off and both of my hands went back to her breasts. I had forgotten how big and firm they were; 38 D with huge nipples when aroused doubled in size standing at attention. And right now they were pointing at me. My hands reached around her back and fumbled with her bra finally unclasping it and freeing her tits. I broke off our kiss to suck on her tits. I ran my tongue over her nipple and the swelling in her breasts and gently sucked on the nipple, then pulling on it and then biting it. My hands roamed down her belly and opened her pants and began tugging them off her hips. I tore my mouth away from her breast, reluctantly of course, and slid her soaked panties along her legs, and then tossed them away. She was naked and beautiful. She also was full of desire and had lust in her eyes.

My pants were gone in about two seconds and my dick was primed and ready. I moved her body along the bed and motioned for her to turn over so that her pretty ass sticking up in the air. Diane moaned as my cock touched her labia and in one stroke I buried myself up to my balls in her pussy. She was positively dripping in her juices. It was tight and soft and just felt wonderful. I stayed motionless for a few moments savoring the feelings. Diane began to thrust her hips back into me, which was my cue to begin ramming my cock into her pussy hard. Diane was moaning and crying out as I tightly held my hands on her hips holding her ass up in the air to meet my thrusts. It felt like hours that we fucked, the sensations were overwhelming for both of us and we both exploded in passion. We held each other casino oyna tight until we fell asleep in each other’s arms

After a peaceful nights sleep in each other’s arms we were awakened by the alarm. After some morning kisses and caresses, we showered together and got ready for a day of skiing. We met Joe and Amy for breakfast, and then off to the slopes. It was a great day, the sun was bright in the sky, and the temperature was about 34 degrees. As the day went on Joe and I hit some of the more difficult slopes so we were off by ourselves while the ladies stayed on the intermediate slopes. Being alone with Joe he started to open up about some of the problems he and Amy were having.

I confessed I had noticed earlier that their relationship does appear to be very different from the last time we were all together. Joe spilled his guts; he and Amy have been having a lot of fights lately because she does not like being alone. Joe was promoted at work and has been putting in a lot of long hours; even on his days off he has been called in whenever a problem at work came up. Joe likes the extra money, but can not handle all the fighting he and Amy have been going through. When I brought up the possibility of not going in when the problem came up, or cutting back on his hours. He told me he would love to do that and spend more time with Amy, but he would be fired and he would not make anywhere near the same amount of money he is making now. Well, I guess that explains why Joe and Amy have been so cold towards each other. After a few hours of skiing the top of the mountain we met up with the ladies to ski the rest of the day together.

When we finished for the day and returned to the condo to get ready for dinner it was later than we expected. Diane appeared to be disappointed and I couldn’t figure out why. When I asked her she told me she wanted some time before dinner because she wanted to “Fuck my brains out before dinner.”

That was all I need to hear, I immediately said “let’s cancel dinner and get something later.” She smiled and told me I’m easy, but we better go, but be prepared for a workout later tonight. I smiled and told her I couldn’t wait. She also told me that Amy confided some things to her; I told her Joe filled me in on some of the problems also. She said we will have to compare notes later, and went out to meet them.

The first part of dinner was kind of quiet Diane and I doing most of the talking. We didn’t mind though since our minds were on other things anyway. Diane would reach under the table to rub my cock from time to time, and I would caress her inner thigh and massage her leg. I was wishing she was wearing a dress so I could go up and under it to get to her wonderful pussy which I would bet was soaking wet by now. Then all of a sudden it happened, Joe’s cell phone went off. You could see the anger come over Amy’s face and the fear come over Joe’s. Amy just said, “Its not, is it?” Joe’s head hung down as he shook his head yes.

He went to answer the call, when he returned to the table he informed us that he needs to go home to fix a problem at work. Amy was obviously getting more and more angry as Joe broke the news. He told Amy to stay and ski, he’ll go take care of the problem and return tomorrow afternoon. Amy just was so pissed she said nothing but glared at him. We returned to the condo, not a word was spoken from Joe and Amy. Actually I was kind of happy, this would mean that I would get laid sooner than I expected, see there is a silver lining in everything. Joe took a few things and said his good-byes. It was starting to snow as he was leaving, a storm was to hit this weekend. He left and Amy went directly to her room, obviously crying. Diane went to ask her if she needed anything, Amy never opened the door she just said she would be all right and was going to bed. Diane said you could tell she was crying.

After about 15 minutes discussing our friends problems we decided it need not ruin our weekend. We were having a few drinks watching the snowfall outside; it was very beautiful and peaceful. We threw a few pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace as we lay there kissing and caressing each other our clothes were canlı casino off before we knew it. As we continued to kiss, my hands found her lovely breasts as I caressed them I could feel her nipples grow, I moved downward and started kissing,sucking, and lightly biting one while my hand continues to caress the other. Diane is running her finger through my hair as I continue to enjoy myself on her great tits.

My hand started its way down her stomach lightly caressing her with my fingertips, her breathing was getting heavier. My hand reached her pussy, she was already very wet. My finger started rubbing her clit as I continued to suck her luscious nipples. My finger moved down and entered her wet pussy, a soft moan escaped from Diane’s throat. I hated to leave those breasts, but it was time to move downward. I started kissing and licking my way down over her stomach, I stopped at her naval kissing and licking it for a bit. My finger slipping in and out of her soaked pussy. I continue to kiss on until I reach that wonderful pussy. My tongue circles her clit as I remove my finger. My tongue softly laps the outside of her pussy lips teasing her, lapping up her wetness. As my tongue moves its way into her pussy I start caressing her clit with my finger.

All of a sudden I heard a gasp from Diane and she jumps. Wondering what the hell was happening I looked up to see Amy standing in the shadows, tears running down her face and her finger rubbing her pussy through her tiny panties.

Amy started crying uncontrollably; Diane jumped up to console her. Amy just keeps saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Diane brings her over and sat her down by us I’m laying down at their feet massaging Diane’s legs as they talk. I wasn’t paying too much attention to their conversation; I was fixated on Amy’s pussy… I had a great view of it. Amy was much different from Diane, she had smaller breasts, I later found out they were 34 B’s. Amy had blonde hair and as I could see she was a true blonde, I always thought Amy was a very attractive lady and I would have to admit thought about how it would be to have a night of passion with her.

At that point my daydreaming was interrupted as Diane asked me a question. As I started paying attention to what they were saying I realized Amy was talking about her and Joe’s sex life, their likes and dislikes. Amy was saying how they don’t do anything anymore and she has even thought about going else where for it. I tried to put a little humor into the situation and told her she could join us if she wanted, Diane and I have talked about a threesome in the past.

As I was chuckling I almost choked when Amy looked at me and said, “Is that an offer?”

She went on to say how she has thought of being involved with a threesome. I looked at Diane, she smiled at me, and she then looked at Amy and told her you are more than welcome to join us. I almost came right then and there. And then suddenly Amy leaned over and gave Diane a hot passionate kiss… It was just wonderful to watch.

As they continued to kiss I unbuttoned Amy’s nightshirt and removed it. I just sat back and looked her naked body over, as I said before Amy had beautiful rounded breast and were accented by large brown nipples. My hands moved to them as I caressed them, her nipples grew I took them between my finger and thumb and gently twisted them. Diane moved Amy onto her back; she looked hot laying in front of the fireplace nude with just the glow from the fire lighting up the room. I leaned down and circled Amy’s right nipple with my tongue. Diane followed me and started kissing and sucking Amy’s left nipple. I continued to kiss and suck Amy’s nipple, but Diane wasn’t as patient she moved downward and started licking Amy’s clit. After spending a lot of time giving Amy’s breast some special attention I looked up to see what Diane was up to.

I looked down to see my gorgeous wife on her knees with her ass in the air parting Amy’s pussy lips with her fingers and lapping her up with her tongue. Diane’s eyes turned slightly and met mine and a sly smile grew over her face. She has never been with a woman before; if I had to bet on it I would say she was enjoying eating her first kaçak casino pussy. By this time I was ready to explode and needed some attention myself. I moved up towards Amy’s head, she followed the lead and turns around until she was on all fours. Diane lay on her back so Amy could sit on her face, she went back to eating Amy’s pussy and from Amy’s moans she must have been doing very well. My cock was now in front of Amy’s face, she started licking it like an ice cream cone. Then all of a sudden with on gulp she took me all in.

As her head moved up and down on my cock she was masterfully using her tongue to take me to new heights of pleasure. As Diane continued licking Amy’s pussy it was obvious that Amy was about to cum. Her moans intensified and the vibrations on my cock were too much for me to handle. As my orgasm started and my cum erupted from my hot cock Amy sucked and swallowed all that I could produce. As she was sucking up my cum her body started bucking and quivering on Diane’s face as the first wave of her orgasm started Diane licked her clit as she continued until Amy collapsed into my lap. Diane moved from between Amy’s legs and moved up into my arms and gave me a hot passionate kiss.

She whispered to me saying, “I didn’t expect to enjoy eating pussy that much.”

Amy then spoke up to say, “You haven’t felt anything yet, wait till I eat yours baby. You will be in absolute heaven.”

Amy then guided Diane onto her back, she kissed her and then started making her way down to her breast. Then moved farther down until she reached Diane’s pussy. She spread her lips apart, took one long slow lick, Diane shivered with excitement. My hands caressed Diane’s breast as I intensely watched Amy lick her pussy. I’m not sure if it was the site of a gorgeous woman going down on my wife or just the fact that a long time fantasy was coming through, but my cock was getting hard real quick.

Amy noticed it to because all of a sudden she looked up from Diane’s pussy, looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Please,fuck me.”

I just about lost it, as I said earlier Amy was an extremely good-looking lady and she had a body that others would kill for. As she went back to licking my wife’s pussy. I positioned myself behind her, she was on her knees with her ass sticking in the air for me. I just admired her ass, rubbing it, smiling, and thinking about what was going to happen. I looked down at Diane, she was smiling at me, and she winked at me and blew me a seductive kiss.

I then took my cock and rubbed it against her wet pussy; I rubbed her hot juices against my cock, and then rested my cock head against her Pussy lips. Amy moaned deeply as I slowly entered her, just my tip at first. I was massaging her ass cheeks and lower back, as I felt her relax I then thrusted my cock a little deeper in her. A little more massaging, I looked down at my wife; her hips were raised as Amy had her tongue deep into her pussy. I then pushed again; my cock was buried all the way up her beautiful pussy now. I just stayed still watching her eat my wife’s pussy until I felt her relax.

I then slowly pumped my cock in and out of Amy. I reached under and rubbed Amy’s clit and he moaned loudly, but never missed a lick on Diane’s pussy. As my thrust became quicker harder and deeper into Amy, she reached down and started working her fingers on her clit.

My hands held her hips as I fucked her hard. She moaned, Diane moaned as she raised her hips even higher into Amy’s face, she put her hands to the back of Amy’s head and pulled her in. It wasn’t long before Diane was going to explode and as I saw her orgasm come on it was too much for me. It only took about 30 more seconds until I started cumming hard into Amy’s. As I was cumming Diane’s body tensed as she came all over Amy’s face. At just about the same time Amy collapsed after she reached another violent orgasm. We laid there for what seemed like a half hour before Amy muttered up the first sounds thanking us for letting her join, she went on to say that she always fantasized about eating pussy while getting fucked.

She smiled as she went on to say, “Now I don’t have to fantasize, now I have to find a way to make this happen again, and again, and again.”

I naturally told her I would volunteer our services to her anytime she wanted.

This was the start of a very long and fulfilling weekend between the three of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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