His Imaginings Ch. 04

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Her legs were covered in white stockings that were secured in place by a peach coloured suspender belt that matched her bra in its delicate embroidery and speckled with scarlet red roses. She looked stunning, sexy and raunchy and he needed to abuse her. “So,” she finally panted, “Accepting that bit of self indulgence, for which I apologise; will I do?”

“Well,” he said minding his words, “so far so very, very good. Of course, presents are meant to be played with, so I’ll let you know in a couple of hours!”

“A couple of hours! You’ve gotta be kidding! The way I am at the moment, I’m not going to last a quarter of that!”

“Umm, just hearing you say that is a turn on. So why do you think you won’t last then?” He asked, pushing his luck. Natasha pointed down at his groin and the throbbing beast that lay there trying to break free from its lair of thin material. “Well seeing that thing for one thing, and having it thrust upon me a couple of times tonight, well it’s disgusting,” she feigned, “men shouldn’t be allowed out in public with those rude things, they make a woman all unnecessary.”

Sean laughed. “I’m glad my little fella is having that effect on you.”

“Little is not what I would call that,” she said with real feeling. “Anyway, it is my turn now.” Natasha was still panting a little and her eyes looked hungry. “Stand and undress down to your tight boxers. Then I want you to turn away from me and when I say, I want you to remove your underwear and then turn around at my command, ok?”

“Hey,” Sean replied, “I thought it was my Birthday?”

“Oooh I haven’t stopped giving yet, don’t you worry.”

“Well in that case ma’am, your wish is my command.”

With that Sean stood and unbuttoned his trousers. The release of pressure in his groin area actually helped him calm down a little and the action of undressing took his mind off of the nearness of his own orgasm. He removed his trousers and folding them put them on top of the wash basket. He stooped and removed his socks and put them on top. Then he started to undo his shirt. “I notice that we have had a bit of leakage there?” Natasha taunted him. “Getting a bit excited over something are we? And what is that you have in there, a torch?” She chuckled at her little joke.

Sean responded with “I have no idea what you are talking about.” But he did look down at his sizeable erection and note that there was a slight wet patch showing where the head of his cock was pressed into restraint by the elastic material of his boxers.

He continued to undo the buttons on the shirt and eventually removed that too. “Well,” Natasha looked him over, from his biceps to his pectorals, his abdominals to his penis; all was hard, large and perfectly formed. Sean was not overly muscular but had shaped his body to a place that he liked. He was fit and powerful, his muscularity a testament to that. “Ummmm,” Natasha murmured, “I need to see you getting undressed more in the light I can see that. Sean you look really good, I knew how hard you were getting, and I don’t mean him,” she pointed at his cock, “But I had no idea just how hard… Turn around now please.”

“Ok, but not too long, I want to play with my present and looking at it is part of the fun.”

Sean faced the wall. He was not certain what the game was here but heard a small amount of movement behind him. Natasha panted at him, “OK take off your boxers, but don’t turn around yet. As Sean removed his undergarment, he checked that the cameras were still running and their view was not blocked by him. He smiled, secure in the knowledge that whatever Natasha was doing was being captured. He stood and dropped his boxers on top of the shirt and waited. “Um, mmmm, you have a lovely bum; I just want to… ooohhh. You can turn around now, but slowly!”

Sean’s eight inch cock was slapping against his stomach. It was and had been fully erect for some time now. Filled with blood to the point of bursting, it was beyond rigid and was more like a scaffold pole. free spin As he turned, his ears caught the slight wet slapping sound of a girl playing with herself, as any male would know from watching many a porno. Though this was no porno, this was his wife; a woman that openly admitted to him that she did not like the selfish act of masturbation and preferred sex to be a mutual affair. As he turned fully to face Natasha, he gasped.

Her legs were fully spread; her right hand played slowly upon her clit, which looked even bigger than before as her wet finger tips roved around and over it. Her other hand was buried up to her engagement/wedding rings in her vagina and was pumping into her in a three fingered fuck. Her eyes were fixed upon his rock hard cock which was all of a sudden back to the same level of arousal it had recently been at and was fit to burst. “Oh God, look at the size of him, he is a monster! Just looking at him in that state and knowing it is because of me is a turn on. OOOooohh, GOddd.”

Her right hand now moved with more urgency, this looked real to Sean. All the times he had asked her to do this in the past had been awkward, restrained and any orgasm she appeared to have he believed at the time were probably fake and just a ploy for her to stop and move on to something that really turned her on. But this, this looked real. How could you fake a clit that size? How could you fake the amount of juice dripping from her plunging fingers? The slurping, wet sound of her sex? She was flushed and her chest heaved with the efforts of her enjoyment. No this was Natasha properly masturbating, masturbating for him, yes, but now it was for her too.

With that thought in his head his cock wanted to release the come that had been building inside his balls all evening. It burned at the tip and throbbed uncontrollably. He felt his come rising along the shaft and desperately wanted to hold on but as some pre-come dribbled from the eye of the bulbous glands in front of Natasha’s face her orgasm exploded, inevitably dragging him along with it. “Sean, OOoooooh Sean!” She screamed at him, “Oh I love your COCK, I love your come, oh do you like what I’m doing for you? Do you like me playing with myself? Uhhh huhhhh oh, ooooh, this is nice, look at your cock Sean, he is throbbing and soooo hard.” Her fingers continued to fuck her pussy as she drew her face nearer to him.

“I’m coming, I’m coming whilst… playing… with myself, oohh Sean this is sooo wrong, but feeeels, uummmmm, soooo gooood, oh, oh.” Her tongue flicked out to capture the dew drop of pre-come and as she felt the warm sugary liquid on her tongue her body spasmed and clamping her legs together, she screamed her further pleasure. “OOOOHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD! Yes, yes oh Sean are you going to come for me…?” There was no way he could stop himself, grasping his cock at the base, he pointed it at Natasha’s pouting face, her eyes were wide and watched intently as the first strong stream of his come hit her squarely on the cheek and splashed up into her left eye, this was followed quickly by another that caught her chin, ricocheting into her ear and hair, standing out in contrast as it dripped onto her shoulder.

“Yes, yes, cover me with your spunk.” Natasha was like a different animal. She was lusty and wanton, her inhibitions were gone and her drive for filthy raunchy sex with her husband was full on. ‘Could the drug have had this effect he thought?’ as he continued to pump the contents of his cock over his wife. Splash after hot splash spurted onto her neck, her face and her chest. And dribbles fell upon her clamped together, stockinged thighs. Her hand, still tightly rammed into her vagina was now still, but her vaginal muscles continued to contract upon the captured fingers. Sean’s last shot of come hit Natasha between the breasts and ran down into the valley between.

“Oh my god that was good” he said to Natasha. “You looked like you were really enjoying that. And, well you can see by the bonus veren siteler mess I’ve made that I enjoyed it a little too?”

Natasha could hardly talk as her chest clamoured for breath. She released her hand and scooped his come from her face, feeding it into her mouth; she sucked on the combination of both sexual juices as she looked at him with sultry eyes. Then after another large scoop of his come said “I told…you that…I had not…finished, ohhh God… giving, didn’t I? She smiled at him as she found more of his come to eat. “You taste delicious, I could eat your come all day long! I hope you have some more left?”

Sean looked down at his cock, expecting it as usual to be fully deflated. He was surprised to see that it was still half hard and seeing his wife clear his come from her voluptuous curves and feed it into her mouth, was tipping the scales towards another full-blown erection. He looked to his left, hoping that one of the two cameras had caught him spurting his come all over Natasha. It looked like one, if not both of them had. He smiled and said to her, “Well it is my turn to play now.”

Walking round to her side of the bed, he retrieved the object that he had hidden there earlier in the day. It was time for part four of his plan; things could not be going any better. His wife’s succulent pussy was going to be on full display to the cameras and would be a video that he would enjoy splicing together at some stage, his voyeuristic tendencies would also be satisfied this evening, he thought. He ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back, stooping to undo the bra catch, he kissed her ear, sticking his tongue into it delighting at the goose bumps that immediately rose upon her body.

“Umm that’s nice,” she moaned as he continued to peel the bra from her body removing her breasts from the tight confines of the undergarment. Once the heavy orbs were free, he hooked her under the arms and both pulled her towards him and pushed her back down onto the bed so that he could suck upon her very hard nipples. He alternated his attentions manipulating the breast he was not kissing, with his hand. Natasha raised her legs onto the bed, digging the stiletto heels into the mattress. Her thighs were parted half-way and Sean was pleased to see that the new camera was pointing directly at her vagina, which he knew must now be fully open and begging to be fucked.

Natasha’s left hand rested upon her thigh, still wet with her juices.

Her right hand ran up the inside of his thigh as he stood over her and cupped his balls. Her hand ran across his testicles gently her fingers played with the dangling appendages that were close to her face. As Sean moved from one bright red pebble of a nipple to the other, Natasha whimpered in her enjoyment and sticking out her tongue licked along the centre line of his balls around to his cock. The phallus above her was in a state of semi turgidity. It had not fully deflated as she had seen her husband’s cock do on many an occasion, once he had ejaculated. This time it was as if it refused to go down and from this angle it looked enormous. Natasha put it down to the fact that he had witnessed her masturbating and making his fantasy a reality.

“Hello baby,” she talked to his cock, bringing the still dripping head down to her hot mouth, “Does someone want mummy to play with them then?” Sean smiled and then moaned as she lightly pulled his foreskin back completely exposing the large head, and proceeded to shower it with kisses. Natasha ran her moist tongue along the length towards his balls and then sucked one into her mouth. She sucked on it hard before returning back along his length to the glans. “Ummm, he tastes yummy; I might just have to eat him.” Natasha didn’t wait for a reply before she devoured him.

Sean had worked his way down to her flat stomach and was currently flicking his tongue around her navel ring; he gasped when his wife opened her hot mouth and sucked his semi-hard deneme bonusu veren siteler cock into it. It wasn’t long before he felt her throat open to him and with a small amount of encouragement on his part in the nature of a gentle thrust; he was buried to the hilt in her mouth and throat. All he could hear were slurping sounds as she gave him another of her fantastic deep-throated blow jobs. Of all the girls he had been with, he had told Natasha that her blow jobs were the best. And considering that she had never sucked another man’s cock before or since, this was a compliment indeed.

He pushed himself up so that he could caress her legs and thighs as she sucked upon him God how he loved the feel of her legs in stockings; it was a very real fetish of his. Where he got it from he had no idea, but then so many other men had the same thing, so did it matter? Sean ran his right hand back over her flushed twin peaks, feeling the hardened nipples ripple across his fingers as they reacted to the delights of his caresses. Every now and then he would pinch one mercilessly, making his wife moan in pain/pleasure. Her red lipstick covered lips were tight upon his balls as she had taken all of his length, a length that now started to grow larger and harder. It was no wonder really; what she was doing to him was exquisite.

He pinched her nipple again. She moaned as loudly as she could with a cock rammed down her throat, then withdrew saying, “Ooooh God he’s getting big again, just look at the beast!” Sean looked down and at the same time squeezed her nipple again, she panted at him, “Not so hard!” But at the same time was giggling as she ran her hand over the slick wet erection before her eyes. “Sorry,” he said, “But you get me so turned on!”

“I know, I have the proof right here in my hand, Sean he looks huge from this angle; angry, hard and so very, very shiny!” Natasha planted a kiss upon the head of the large erection, and then fed it back into her mouth. Her oral manipulation was fast having its impact on his staying power and he could not resist thrusting forwards, fucking his wife in the throat as he held onto her knees, pushing her legs apart so that he could stare at her pussy.

He was very quickly close to ejaculating for a second time, surprising him as he had only just released his load five minutes before. Natasha must have been aware, for she withdrew his cock from her mouth and ran her tongue fluidly down the length of the granite hard phallus above her face, mopping up her saliva and the pre-come that was again leaking from the head of the monster in her hands. As her tongue circled the head once more his come erupted forth with such force that it surprised the pair of them. He grasped hold of her knees tightly as he grunted in his satisfaction, “Yeah, pump it, lick it, let my come splash all over your tits.”

The first stream of his come had been interrupted in its flow by Natasha’s tongue and had ricocheted into her mouth and across her chin, running down her neck and into her hair. She hungrily lapped at the contents in her mouth and lashed out her tongue for more, playing with his fraenum and heightening his orgasm. Natasha had made Sean well aware of her love for his sugary nectar; she had said it was like a drug to her, she needed to get a dose more than twice weekly or she would have withdrawal symptoms.

Another shot of his come spurted forth, this time being uninterrupted, it reached her thigh, just where the stocking top was, the tail end not making it that far and laying like a ribbon from his cock across her chest. Another shot hit her on the breast with just about full force and splashed in two directions, hitting the other breast and running down towards her neck. Natasha wanked him furiously, wanting to get every ounce of his come out of his balls and onto her chest. The last few ejaculations were no more than dribbles, which she took straight into her mouth. Natasha was panting in her efforts and her excitement.

“Oh my God, oh my God, you have covered me, you naughty boy. Just look what you have done!” But Sean was looking at her pussy as it contracted. He knew that his coming had brought her very close to orgasm herself. “What am I to do with all of this sticky come? Ummmm, it will certainly not be going to waste.”

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