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This copy of the story has been revised. I believe the editing errors have been removed. When I write something I always have my internal view of the ending and the future. I failed to convey that to the readers. I assumed the readers could tell where it was headed. I have attempted to remedy this while remaining truthful. Hopefully the story is clearer now.

I would like to thank Emerald_Eyed & VampGirl1991. They were really great editors. There’s a lot of detail and it takes time to get to the sex. There will be mistakes so feel free to help me improve, by telling me what can be fixed. However please be kind while doing so.



Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed the development of spring. It’s evoked strong memories in me; decade old memories have begun to creep up on me. Time goes by like a snap of your fingers. As I look across the room, to my wife and our little infant son, I feel blessed. We had just moved into our first house that actually felt like a home. After all, I was back in Rayburn.


My name is Josh Walden. At the time I was a lanky six foot one. I had little to no fat but really no muscle, either. This all sat below my shaggy black hair.

I began thinking about the incidents of eleven years ago. It was the start of April and the snow was gone, and the wildlife had returned. There was change in air, I tell yah what! My sad, unexcitable senior year was almost over. I was eighteen and a virgin. No ifs, ands or exceptions. I hadn’t been sucked, touched or fucked to be technical. I felt increasingly perverted as I imagined myself with the women in my newly acquired Playboys. Having been declared immaterial by the fairer sex, they were my only choice.

My family at the time consisted of my parents, my older sister and I. We lived in our home in Rayburn. My family had lived there since before my sister or I was born. My dad was born and raised in Rayburn, having met my mom at college. He courted her and they eventually moved back to Rayburn.

It’s now the month of May and my sister Helen had been away at college for four months now. On top of that my sister stayed over for the summer as her friends returned home for their near four month break. It didn’t seem fair to me the time they got off. One of these returning scholars was my twenty year old next door neighbor Alexis Taylor. However, as quick as she arrived, the next day Alexis and her friends were off to Brazil for something like a weeklong vacation.

Alexis was an only child and a girl at that so she got anything she wanted. Like my sister she was rarely ever home so I would often volunteer next door to help Dr. and Mrs. Taylor out, cleaning up cutting the grass and stuff like that. However, they refused to let me do it for free. The reason Alexis could take the trips she did is, unlike my family, the Taylor’s were fairly well off. Her father was head of cardiac surgery at the county hospital and her mom, a stay at home mother, volunteered around town fulltime.

Alexis arrived home for the summer with what had to be enhanced breasts, as her chest had previously been a B cup. Her chest looked like what I’ll dub as larger! Unlike any other father Dr. Taylor had clear legitimate grounds to blow up over his daughter’s blown up chest. I could literally hear the yelling from my room. Alexis constantly got away with murder next door as Dr. Taylor was forced to keel to the whims of his perpetually appeasing wife. Thinking back, I was a nosy little bugger!

My interactions with Alexis had been minimal. She was two years older than me, just like my sister. Both of them were cheerleaders in high school. After high school, Helen, my sister, took a more academic route, attempting to mimic old Dr. Taylor’s stature.

Alexis wasn’t rude to me or ever treated me badly. I just didn’t exist to her at the time. Even though I was her next door neighbor, I was simply a non-entity.

The day she got back from college I waved to her as I trudged on to school. She responded with a faint smile. I felt like such a loser. After seeing Alexis’s new bust she became the fuel for my erections. After all, it was like having a Playboy bunny right next door. I imagined the five foot seven girl, her alluring dark brown hair swaying in the breeze as she sucked my cock. She would make it slick as I toyed with her large breasts before I fucked them.

It was a day still early in May with Alexis still on vacation when Dr. Taylor called me up asking for my help. “Josh, Anna and I,” Anna being his wife, “want to get rid of some junk in the house, so Anna has decided we’re having a yard sale. We actually put up signs but forgot it was tomorrow. Could we get your help?”

I paused for a second, thinking what I had planned tomorrow. “It’s a Saturday,” Dr. Taylor said after a few seconds followed by. “You’re busy, probably going out with a girlfriend.” I chuckled a bit at that. If a girlfriend could be an Xbox, then yes, I thought.

“I wish I was. No, all I have planned is finishing an essay and playing casino oyna some Xbox, so yeah, I would love to help.”

“See you at eight then. Is that too early?” Dr. Taylor asked in his trademark style of compromise.

“Nope, I’ll be there!” I affirmed like a man on a mission.

I was up at about six a.m. when I started prepping Dr. Taylor’s garage. When anything gets in the way of Xbox I’m quite inspired to get up early, to get it done. The Taylors trusted me with the code to their garage, so I had set everything up on the driveway by seven thirty when Dr. Taylor walked out.

When he came out I asked him about something I found in the garage. Pointing at a neatly packed away set of army officer uniforms, I asked, “Was this for Halloween?” After asking the question I regretted it. I was afraid he would respond with, “No, Josh, that’s what I wear when I fuck my wife.”

That’s not what happened, though. He smiled and replied, though, thank god! “I was an army surgeon for something like ten years. Jesus, that was like twenty years ago now. I didn’t say this earlier but thanks for setting up,” Dr. Taylor said sprightly as he changed the subject.

“You were in the army?” I asked, a bit surprised. We would later discuss his time in the army together and it would lead me to follow suit. The army thing, not the surgeon thing. I’m smart but not a decade of schooling smart.

“It was the same as if I had been a civilian surgeon. It was great certifiable experience. Plus, they paid for school. However, Anna got pregnant and she wanted to raise a family in a quiet town, and that’s why we moved here.”

Close to noon Dr. Taylor and I sold the majority of everything. His junk looked better than half the things in my house.

At noon Dr. Taylor reached into his pocket and handed me two hundred dollars. I tried to refuse but he wouldn’t have that.

Minutes later as we packed up, he gave me a look like he was in deep thought. He was holding a box of Alexis’s baby clothing. Then he began to speak. “You’re going to Wexler College in September, right?”

“Yeah” I stated, a bit curious.

“That’s a good school,” he said, now looking at me intensely as if he was in deep thought.

I nodded and he responded by asking, “That’s like half an hour from Alexis’s school, right?”

“To think about it, yes, it is, huh?” That was kind of a lie, to be truthful I knew.

He was quiet for a second before he spoke. “You know, her last boyfriend was some thirty year old gangster punk who encouraged her to get those… Jesus, it was major surgery!” His hands gestured in large, rounded motions. Dr. Taylor was visually angry now.

It was kind of getting awkward. I understood his anger but I was looking for a way out.

“I have to finish an essay,” I said, trying to make my escape.

As I was leaving I noticed a full box of DVD’s and a few Xbox games.

“Can I buy those?” I asked.

Looking a bit defeated he told me, “No, you can have them. Come on, we’re practically family.”

Four hours later, I was in my room after just finishing my AP World History essay and another assignment. I looked over at the box, decidedly picking up the Halo game. I’d been looking forward to playing it for the last four hours.

As I opened the case I was disappointed. It was some random DVD. I almost threw it out. However, it was marked Ancient history lecture. To most people that would have been a deterrent.

Seconds later I yelled, “Holy shit!” I rushed to shut my bedroom door after what appeared on the screen. There was Alexis; I had no doubt it was her even though it was night vision. She was sucking what had to be her boyfriend’s curved penis.

The film was being shot from a point of view angle so the supposed boyfriend’s body was out of view.

If her dad ever saw this he would be in a state of complete paralysis. I double checked that my room door was locked. I secured my blinds as I watched what later turned out to be three hours of video.

I took it out of the DVD player and put it on my laptop. At the moment I was a bit paranoid. Watching it on the laptop wasn’t as good, though. My heart beat started to speed up as the guy climbed on top of Alexis, ramming her pussy with gusto.

Alexis had the new boobs in the video; they looked to be a perfectly proportional D cup. Although, what did I know? As he fucked her, his head dropped down to suck her breasts to her apparent excitement. “Hhhhmmmm,” she moaned, thrashing around like the bitch in heat that she was.

Just as I grabbed for my lubricant the scene ended. I was disappointed but still hard so I applied my hand to my cock, pumping away as I imagined myself on top of Alexis. However, that dream didn’t last long. Another scene came on; it was outside in a forest.

Alexis’s hair was dyed red. “This is so fucking hot,” I thought out loud as I kept pumping away at my cock. Alexis was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, sitting alone next to a tree as she fingered her clit. Two fingers escaped canlı casino deep into her pussy. Her right hand moved up to her breasts, fondling them softly. “Umm ummmm,” she moaned with a hushed tone.

She fingered her pussy, bringing her right hand down to rub her clit vigorously as she began to erupt. Alexis lied there on the ground like an animal as the man held the camera, as his cock disappeared into her ass. He fucked her hard, slapping her ass and pulling her hair. She screamed in pleasure as his balls slammed into her luscious ass, back to back to back.

I came just before the guy pulled out, revealing that he had exploded inside her ass, as his seed began to drip out.

My parents called me down for supper right after that. I smiled all the way through dinner. Never had I enjoyed meatloaf so much. “Slow down, Josh. God, I didn’t know you were so hungry,” Mom said, with dad responding with something like, “Martha, dear, let the boy be.” He was defending a growing boy.

“He’s going to choke himself to death if he doesn’t slow down,” Mom replied, but honestly, if it wasn’t this, they would have quiet arguments about something else. Correction, I never can recall seeing my parents full on argue. They had nonsensical debates about everything but I can’t remember them yelling at one another.

I rushed through the meal because I was hard as fuck. It was pretty embarrassing sitting with your parents with a raging hard-on. I managed to keep it hidden as I took care of the dishes.

I rushed to my room, locking the door behind me.

No scene on the disk surpassed the Little Red Riding Hood, in my opinion. As it got to the end of the DVD the boyfriend maligned in countless tattoos finally appeared, the camcorder positioned on a stand or something else as Alexis sat on a bed.

The camera gave a high wide angle view of the bed as the boyfriend climbed on with Alexis, ready, willing and waiting. Her breasts jutting upward, he groped them one at a time as he pushed his cock into her slick pussy. Alexis was smiling constantly like she was drunk, her white teeth a contrast to her toned skin. The sharpest contrast, however, was that of her now dyed black hair wrapped into a ponytail.

Alexis was suddenly flipped over onto her stomach, revealing a tattoo of the sun on her left shoulder blade. The boyfriend positioned his cock at her asshole. He eased in slowly at first, followed with quick, motioned thrusts as he volleyed away. He pulled out briefly for some reason as he slapped his cock against her perfect ass. He held her perfect, heart shaped ass firmly as he began to ride her once more, his fingers and nails gripping the flesh of her cheeks.

He became more aggressive as he grabbed her, pulling her ponytail toward him, entwined with the ramming motions of his hips. To her credit she was fucking him as much as he was fucking her, as she twisted and seductively backed up onto his cock.

As her heart shaped ass repelled backward to connect with his cock, I felt a rising inner feeling, as I took in what I was just realizing was the most perfect hourglass figure. It was now clear to my slow, sexual mind that Alexis had a nymphomaniac quality. I felt harder than ever.

Alexis’s manic boyfriend flipped her over after he came in her ass once more. He now positioned his sweating body on top of her, her back now to the bed, her large breasts pointed to the sky once more.

He grinded his cock deep into her pussy, his hips rotating circularly, his cock deep in her depths in search of something, his hips humping away at a steady pace. Alexis smiled and screamed out. “Fuck, I’m cumming, fuuuuck!” she screamed as she rubbed her clit. Steady he stayed as he continued at his works.

It could’ve been the previous anal sex or the tattoo or her hourglass figure, as she was fucked from behind, but right there and then, with barely running my fingers along my shaft, I shot the largest amount of cum I ever have.


I went to bed happy that night. The next day I went looking for another disk. I found it and she had been fucked in a gangbang.

No, I’m kidding around, there was no other disk. Alexis returned in the middle of May from her vacation. To say I was nervous was an understatement. But school work kept me quite busy; I also had real work to do, as I worked at a movie theater. I only worked part time, meaning no more than three nights a week.

Monday morning I was walking to school when I spotted Alexis on her porch. I didn’t wave at her this time. I was worried about this moment all night. She ran after me wearing jogging pants, running shoes and a sports jacket that moderately hid what I knew were finely sculpted boobs.

“Hey, wait, Josh!” she said as she caught up with me. “Do you want me to drive you to school?” she asked with a hectic, concerned look on her face.

“It’s, like, two minutes from here,” I stated, staring at her; she had a scared look to her now. I felt guilty and my heart was beating fast as I undressed her with my all-knowing eyes. kaçak casino

“There was a box of DVD’s taken from my room. My dad told me you bought them… did you?” she asked, pausing before saying, “Halo game,” not wanting to give away her intent.

“Yeah, I did,” I said, momentarily holding my poker face together.

“Cool,” she said, a bit calmed down. “I’ll buy them back from you.” Now I was nervous; I think I started sweating right as she said that.

“Oh, my God,” she said, bending over, grabbing her knees almost in a stand up fetal position. My nervousness betrayed me.

“You’ve seen it, haven’t you? You’ve seen me, oh God!” She was having a break down. However, as quick as it happened, she quickly shook it off.

“Have you shown it to anyone?” she said, on the verge of tears.

“No,” I replied, feeling quite low.

“Good,” she said in relief. “Good!” Then she had a deep look. I hadn’t noticed her eye color before, this being the first real conversation we’ve ever had. She had blue eyes.

“Have you made copies?”

“Of course no one has seen it, I des–” I began to say, as she stared at me angrily, coming close to me in an aggressive stance as we stood on the sidewalk across from our respective homes.

Starting to become out of control she tried to intimidate me with her five foot seven frame. “Bullshit! All you guys are the same, lying assholes. Give it back to me, you fucking faggot nerd, give it to me now. I bet you’re bringing it to school to show your nerd friends!” she yelled, grabbing at my backpack, pulling at me crazily.

I started to get angry as I used my six foot one height to my advantage as I put my head in her face. She backed up. “I was going to give it back but now I think I’m going to be typical like you,” I stated with my ambiguous threat.

“I’m late for school!” I shot out as I walked away.

She followed after me as she began to speak. “I’ll give you two thousand dollars for it.” To say I was shocked was an understatement. She wasn’t joking, either. I knew that for a fact. Her parents, mainly on her mother’s call, had bought her a BMW SUV. The only reason they still lived in that house is because Dr. Taylor hated change. He was an old school, conservative traditionalist.

‘Steady the course,’ he’d say, ‘no need to change what isn’t broken.’

“Fuck off, stop following me!” I yelled as a kid I knew passed us. The both of us were smart enough to tone it down until he was gone.

“Four thousand, whatever you want?”

“You can’t get everything you want, Alexis,” I said before pausing to speak once more. “I’ll give it back, if you suck my nerd cock right fucking here, right fucking now!” I said thuggishly.

In defeat, she retreated, either unwilling to do it or knowing I was just saying shit. She turned around, distressed, and I marched off angrily. By the end of the day I was wishing I had handled that differently.

In truth, that morning, before I had left my room, I destroyed the DVD. I was in the belief that it should never have been made. That whole day at school I felt bad about what I did, but hurt by her words too much to call her to tell her she had nothing to fear.

When I arrived home I had cooled down, and decided to head next door so I could resolve the whole thing. Mrs. Taylor opened the door with a smile, greeting me. She was a total contrast to Dr. Taylor as she loved vacationing and changing things. The house was full of new, fancy ornaments every time I visited.

We sat down and she gave me a slice of cake, a backup cake for a fundraiser she had organized for the hospital. “Is Alexis home?” I asked.

“She went to visit a friend,” Mrs. Taylor said as she searched her mind. “Yeah, she went to visit… come to think about it, it’s Helen she’s visiting.”

My sister went to school out of state. “She went all that way? Why?” I thought, was she going to tell Helen? I didn’t even know they talked anymore.

I wanted to wait a few days to call Helen before I went fishing for information, but she called me after three days. “What did you do to Alexis, Joshua?”

“Well, hello, and good evening, big sis!”

“Yeah, okay, sorry. Good evening, little brother, what did you do to my best friend?”

“Did she say I did something?”

“She’s hiding whatever it is, but she usually tells me everything. I know it couldn’t be the break up with Kevin because that was, like, two months ago and I heard from other friends that the Brazil trip cemented her getting over him.”

“Why does that point to me, Helen?” I asked, curious about what she had figured out.

“She’s been asking about you, and if I heard from you today and the same thing the next day. Did you too hook up or something?” she said seriously, void of what typically would be laughter.

“Sis, she’s two years older than me.”

“So, that’s a non-issue. You’re deflecting.”

“Just let me talk to her.”

“I’ve completed a psychology major, I know something’s up between you two.”

“Any idiot would be able to figure that out! I just asked to talk to her. Of course there’s something up but it isn’t what your dirty mind keeps conjuring up, so fuck off and give her the damn phone, Helen!”

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