Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 02

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Pam didn’t have classes on Friday’s, so she went in to pick up her paycheck, then she headed off straight to the department store, to see what kind of nice outfit that should could wear for her date with Ross on Saturday night.

She went into the Young women’s section, catered to younger women her age, and she looked at the pretty skirts that were displayed. She found a couple that were her size and she took them over to the dressing room along with two nice fitting pretty tops.

The dressing rooms, like many these days, are coed, and she didn’t even notice the small peep hole that was located in the side wall of the one she chose.

She thought that the skirts were rather short, well at least shorter than the kind she wore, but she knew many of the girls on campus wore them that way, so she didn’t feel like it would be odd, if she did too.

Besides the whole purpose of buying the short skirts, was to get Ross to notice her in a more sexual and sexy way, then what she thought how he currently noticed her. She had no idea that Ross, was dying to see her in her bra, panties, and nude.

So she neatly hung up the three skirts that she had chosen and she pulled her tight fitting top over her head, revealing the pretty purple bra that she had purchased about two weeks ago from the department stores lingerie section. Well, that bra along with three sets on small pretty silky thong panties.

You see, since she had to wear thong panties to work and they really felt comfortable on her, she decided to purchase more thong panties, now in different colors. She was a size 3 and the small pretty panties always disappeared up into her round, well shaped, beautiful, firm ass.

They also felt very snug and nice against her small, shaved, pretty little cunt. She now enjoyed wearing pretty thong panties.

So as she stood there in the pretty 32C cup push up bra, she didn’t notice the college guy who was in the dressing room next to her, as he looked in thru that little peep hole. He could not believe his luck! “Oh fuck,” he thought to himself, as he just happened to peer in, and see Pamela there getting undressed!

She looked at herself in the mirror, at her full beautiful boobs and her flat toned tummy; she then turned to admire her firm, round, nice ass, in those tight fitting small thong panties.

The college guy peeping on her in the next dressing room, had his bulging hard on in his hand, you see he was in the midst of trying on some new jeans, when Pam walked in and he heard her, so he was only in his boxers and t shirt anyways.

Like any normal male, his cock was rock hard as he gawked at the sexy college coed in her pretty bra and panties in the room next to him. He was slowly beating off his rock hard 7 ½” cock, when she decided that she wanted to see what would happen if she wore her top without a bra on.

He almost let out a gasp, when Pamela reached back, unhooked her bra, and allowed her full firm big fucking 32C cup tits to bounce out. Yes, they just bounced out of her bra, so firm, so full. Her large silver dollar size areola’s at the tips with her nice pretty nipples poking straight out in front.

She cupped her big boobs, squeezing them, she liked her boobs, and wondered why Ross had not tried to feel her up, or touch them yet? She liked the feeling it gave her between her firm legs when she squeezed her magnificent tits and took her thumb and finger and pinched her own hard nipples.

Oh, Tommy, the guy in the dressing room next to her, now had his boxer down around his ankles as he peeped on her doing that. His hand was moving back and forth on his pretty large cock, he did all he could to keep from going too fast, as he wanted to enjoy this show and not shoot off his cock cream too soon.

Pamela stood there in her thong panties, admiring herself, and she thought to herself, “Hmmm this feel good, oh I wish Ross were playing with my tits right now!” As she thought that, her hand wandered down to her small tight panties and she began to feel casino oyna out her small snatch thru her tight panties.

She felt dampness at her crotch and she knew she was getting that feeling that she got when she masturbated in her room, she couldn’t stop herself, as she felt herself pulling down her own panties, right there in the dressing room and stepping out of them.

Meanwhile, Tommy was going to town on his cock, jacking off, like he had never before, his big cockhead was leaking precum all over his hand. He reached over with his other hand and he began to massage his full nuts, as he beat off watching this hot chick getting naked and playing with her body.

Pamela then reached down and felt her small, wet, bald snatch. She had just shaved her snatch earlier that morning, and it was so soft and hairless. It felt good and she felt naughty! She felt naughty, playing with her little pussy in that dressing room, but it didn’t stop her as she kept on rubbing her naughty cunt.

Tommy felt as though he couldn’t take it anymore and that was when he noticed the hole down close to the wear his hand was. He was peeping out of a small hole on top, but below there was a sticker that seemed to be coming off, he curiously removed it slowly and he noticed the hole down around his waist. He thought, “What the fuck? Oh fuck, that hole is big enough for a dick to go thru, oh man. Should I? But no, oh I couldn’t…”

At that moment, Pamela was furiously rubbing her naughty cunt, she was so wet, and it felt so good. She had her eyes closed as she played with her pretty pussy, she rubbed her fingers fast over her small clit, she loved doing that.

She opened her eyes, and she saw a light in the mirror reflection, a light that was coming from the side wall of her dressing room. “Oh my gosh!” she said to herself as she noticed a nice sized hole in the wall!

She immediately and instinctively put her arms up to cover her big luscious melons and she bent down to see if anyone was in there.

As Tommy saw her reaction, he wanted to do something, but the feeling on his throbbing dick was too much, so he stood back a few feet, sort of frozen there in time.

Pamela peeked in that hole and what she saw, was now the third cock that she had ever seen in real life. Oh she had seen plenty on the computer, but now, she was looking at nice sized, thick, hard, throbbing cock, and the man whose cock it was, was actually playing with it!

“Oh my gosh!…what should I do? Was he looking at me and playing with his cock?” is what went thru her mind. She was a bit shocked and embarrassed at first as she looked away, but for some reason, she couldn’t help but to look back thru that hole in the wall aagin, at that magnificent, nice looking, thick penis.

She felt her pussy sort of gush a bit, it was feeling so good without her touching herselr. She knew she should get dressed and leave, but for some reason she didn’t.

Oh she liked how it looked, throbbing, so hard, some veins on the side, as she stared at his prick, she, without thinking, reached down, cupped her soaked vagina, and began to rub her pussy.

Maybe because of the wall, and she knew could scream at any moment, and that made her feel safe, so she started to masturbate again, as she stared at that big dick.

Tommy was shocked she didn’t scream, he didn’t want to get into any trouble, but when she didn’t, he curiously went back and peeped thru the small hole on top. He could not believe what he was seeing, this hot sexy beautiful chick, was playing with her pussy! She was still masturbating after seeing that she was being spied on!

This made him feel good, so he continued jacking off his dick, he thought, “oh fuck, oh man, oh yes, this broad is horny, oh fuck, man…yes!!”

It’s then that he started to move towards the hole, oh he was only standing a few feet from the hole, but now he walked slowly towards it.

Pamela could believe it, “what is he doing? Oh, is he coming closer?” she said to herself, so she instinctively canlı casino backed away from the hole a step or two.

Tommy looked down at the hole and then at his throbbing 7 ½ inch hard cock, as he did, he moved forward and in one motion he pushed his big prick thru that hole! He wasn’t sure what to expect, but at this point, he had to try….

Pamela’s mouth opened in awe, she couldn’t believe what was happening. “Was this guy actually sticking his dick thru the hole? What was she supposed to do? What did he want her to do with that?” All of those thoughts ran thru her head.

The thing was, Pamela, liked how it looked, she was looking at a real cock, up close for the first time in her entire life. It wasn’t like when she saw Mr. Albert’s pissing, or when Billy exposed his smaller to dick her, this was different.

This cock was rock hard, and well, since it was only coming thru a hole in the wall, Pam, wasn’t afraid, she looked at it, the size, and the texture, it leaking from the tip, “Should she dare touch it?” She thought to herself?

She knew one thing, it looked nice to her and she wanted to touch it, so she gingerly reached out with her left hand, because her right hand was massaging her wet vagina, and she felt it!

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is what Tommy said as he felt her soft hand feel his cock, he enjoyed that, so he thrust it out a bit bore, it was so hard and it was bobbing a bit up and down on its own.

Pamela didn’t realize that it would be so hot, I mean she felt it, so hard and so hard, she put her small soft hand on this man’s penis and then she wrapped her hand around it! Oh it was hard and hot, stiff, yet spongy; oh it felt good in her hand!

Tommy was groaning a bit, oh he didn’t want to cum too soon, he wanted to enjoy this as long as possible, and it felt to so good!

He wanted to feel her pussy, he just had to, he sort of pulled back, and actually took his dick out of the hole. Pamela was surprised by that, “didn’t he like me feeling his dick?” she thought, but soon she saw his fingers coming thru the hole and she thought,” oh my gosh, does he want to feel me too?”

So she, in shock, but so hot and horny, she actually moved her naked hip close to the wall, and she let this stranger feel her leg, oh he rubbed her firm leg up and down, so Pamela thought, “oh he does want to feel me!”

She was breathing hard as she positioned her two legs on each side of the hole, and then moved forward, she moved forward so that this man’s fingers could now feel her vagina!

Tommy as so happy, as he felt his fingers on her soft wet slippery pussy lips! Oh they felt so good, so wet, and so soft; he played with this young woman’s naked pussy with his fingers thru the hole in the wall.

Pamela loved it! She began to move her hips a bit, sort of moving her pussy on his hand, she reached up and grabbed her tits, and it just felt right to do so! She then got an idea, she pulled back, squatted and she put her tit against his fingers!

“Oh fuck, her tit oh yes, those nice tits!” Tommy said to himself as she felt Pam’s big tit on his fingers. He moved back and put his mouth on the hole, sticking his tongue out; oh he wanted to suck her tits! Well at least one tit at a time this way!

Pamela was surprised, but never ever having her tits sucked before, she wanted it too. So she pushed her tits hard into the hole, letting as much of it as possible go into the hole and soon she could feel him sucking her nipple, oh it felt so good, to have her tit sucked!

Tommy was sucking her tit as he beat off, her tit was beautiful, he was sucking her tit like it was the best thing to suckle ever and it was for him!!!

His cock was so hard, he said, to himself, “oh this chick is so hot, I want to fee her sucking my cock!”

So he pulled back, and put his hard cockhead against the tip of her tit coming thru that hole, she felt something different; he wasn’t sucking it anymore, so she pulled back and immediately she saw that big beautiful cock coming kaçak casino thru the hole again….

She thought, “Oh, what does he want? For me to play with it? Or, no way, do you think he wants me to suck it? Suck like I see the girls in the movies I watch on my computer suck?”

She made up her mind, she would suck his cock! She squatted and as she played with her little cunt, she began to lick the cock coming thru the hole!

She licked it up and down, Tommy was loving it, this hot chick was licking his cock, oh he couldn’t believe it!

That’s when he felt her entire mouth; Pamela closed her pretty eyes, opened her mouth and put that big beautiful cock into her mouth! If felt so hot, so nice, she wanted it; she wanted to suck that cock!

Tommy was doing all he could not to cum in her mouth, he was so excited, as was Pamela as she sucked. She tried her best to emulate those whore’s she has seen in the adult movies, she closed her soft lips around his cock and she began to move her head back and forth, just like the girls she saw do.

He seemed to like that, as he was bucking his hips. At the same tiem, oh fuck, Pamela’s twat was so fucking wet! She masturbated her pussy furiously, it felt so good, just felt so right, to have that nice big cock in her mouth as she played with her naked little pussy!

She knew she was going to get that hot feeling, when she cums, soon, just by sucking this cock and playing with her small cunt!

She put her left hand on the shaft; again like she had seen in the adult movies and she began to move her hand back and forth as she sucked that cock. She wasn’t an experienced cocksucker yet, so her teeth did scrape his big cock a time or two, but he didn’t seem to mind and she kept on sucking!

Tommy had only had his dick sucked twice before, on dates, but this one was different. Even though she had scraped his cock a time or two, he didn’t care; oh this chick was really getting into giving him and great blow job!

Oh he bucked his hips, oh had to,he started to fuck her mouth, like it was a pussy. He was close to cumming, it felt so good to have his cock sucked by this hot, fucking big titted, nice assed, chick in the dressing room next to him!

It was then that Pamela knew she was going to orgasm, the feeling she gets when she masturbates, so she began really moving her hand back and forth on this now wet slippery big cockshaft as she sucked it and she and rubbed her small cunt back and forth quickly, over her erect stimulated clitoris!

Tommy knew he couldn’t hold out much longer, his cum was bursting in his full nuts as this hottie sucked his cock! “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he groaned as he felt his first big spurt go right into her mouth!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ” is what Pamela thought, as she felt him squirt! She had seen it happen time and time again in the movies, and now this was it, she was actually feeling a cock spurt and shoot off in her mouth!

She was shocked at how hot his cum was as it blasted the back of her throat! She wasn’t sure what to do, so she moved her head back, and then, Bang, another big shot went off, this time hitting her square in her face!

Tommy was cumming like a fire hose, he felt his second shot go off, not in her mouth, he could tell, but he didn’t care, he was cumming!!

When Pam felt that squirt, she started to cum, her small wet pussy began to cream on her hand, she squirted, and it went on the dressing room floor! Pamela wasn’t aware of it much, but she was a squirter, and when she came, her cunt juice’s just shot out of her tight little hole like sweet honey nectar!

Tommy then shot off again, but this time Pamela had put his cock back in her mouth, she wanted to taste his cock cream, it tasted so good to her! She felt so naughty, yet so hot, she wanted to suck the cum out of this big fucking cock!

As she was cumming and her own pussy squirting off, she allowed Tommy to finish cuming in her mouth, she then licked her lips as she began to swallow his load! She placed her hand on her face, wiping up his cum and licking it off her of her fingers!

Pamela had just become a hot,sexy, cum eating, cocksucker and she loved it!

To be continued….

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