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I’ve only been going to the gym for a few weeks, but I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked how my middle aged body was firming up. It’s been a few months since I last worked out, but with the move and new job, it took a while for me to get in to a routine. I’m not a gym rat by any means. I’ve been called a DILF by many and I’m okay with that. I was twenty once and had many guys around my age. But I’ve noticed, as I have aged quite well (salt-n-pepper hair and all that) I’m more attractive to guys my age. Don’t get me wrong; twenty-something guys are nice to look at, but their maturity level, all the drinking, only getting two hours of sleep on the weekends…been there done that. I have a career and a home now.

I noticed all the trainers at the gym. Most weren’t my type; hard core gym rats with muscles, veins, shiny skin, etc. But not Ian. I typically go for the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome type. Ian…was none of that. He was a bit shorter than me, paler than I normally go for and blonde. I was attracted to him. But part of it was probably how he flirted with and watched me from a distance every time I saw him. And I was old enough to be his dad. I would have been a teenage dad but still!

Normally, I go to the gym around seven in the evening. But last couple weeks ago, I had a especially rough day at work: I had reports past due which caused the boss to bitch so I had to work late. I got to the gym later than normal around nine thirty. It was pretty empty which was fine. I needed to blow off some steam.

Once my workout was done, I felt much better, so I stayed in the shower longer than normal. I wanted the hot water to try to relax my over taxed muscles. So I stood there under the showerhead letting the steaming water run down my exhausted body. It felt better than the actual workout. I don’t know if I fell asleep or just zoned out but I heard someone calling my name from the doorway of the shower. I snapped out of whatever stupor I was in.

“Sir! It’s closing time. We need to wrap up” I heard him say. I turned and looked but couldn’t tell who was talking to me.

“OK. Sorry. Be out in a sec” I said as I turned off the water and walked towards my towel. My gym was an older one and had open showers and private showers (in the new section). I preferred the open showers for a couple of reasons: 1) I wasn’t ashamed as my body was pretty good for forty-five, 2) I enjoyed being looked at and looking at others and 3) it had the hotter water with the strongest pressure.

I walked out towards my locker and saw Ian picking up loose towels (so many people are lazy). I took a second to watch him before he noticed me. Like I said, he was shorter than me (I’m guessing five ten?) and thinner and blonde. But I’ve never been this close to him before as I noticed his legs were covered in thick, blonde hair. From his shoes evenly up to his short shorts. But his arms weren’t hairy, which I thought oddly attractive, though I could see some dark blonde five o’clock shadow going on. My swinging dick started to swell.

It was then he turned to see me. His eyes locked on me. Like I said, I enjoy being looked at so I made sure he got a good look. I’m six four and one ninety-ish pounds, brown eyes and black hair. My legs, hairy arms and chest whose treasure trail leads to nice swinging (shaven) balls and above average dick (now a but larger than normal) and my back naturally smooth. My face is clean shaven though I didn’t shave this morning. I said casino oyna ‘hey’ as I smiled at him.

“Sorry Ian. Lost track of time. I’ll be out in a minute” I said.

“No worries, sir” Ian replied.

“Call me Trev. I’m no one’s sir” I said with a chuckle.

‘Sure thing – Trev” he replied as he looked me up and down. “Late night for you?” he asked.

“You couldn’t believe the day I’ve had, man” I admitted. “I needed that hot shower for sure!”

“Are you still tight? Your muscles I mean” he asked.

“Yes on both accounts” I said with a laugh. Ian walked towards me.

“I give massages as well if you’re interested” he offered.

“Isn’t it closing time? Besides, I didn’t buy that package” I said.

“I meant a private one. At my place. I do it for extra money. I’m licensed and everything” he said.

I stood there, dick larger now than it was prior thinking about this pale, hairy blonde boy running his hands on my body. I wondered if it was a real offer or something else. I pulled my phone from my bag in the locker – it was almost eleven at night.

“It’s kinda’ late” I said, still naked. I made sure I shifted my weight so my balls and plump cock would sway, just to see if he was interested in that or a legit massage. Either way was fine by me, I found myself surprisingly admitting.

“I’m less than ten minutes from here…I could have you finished off before midnight” he said with a smirk, his eyes staying on my junk longer than I anticipated.

“Okay – I’ll get dressed and follow you” I said.

I was leaning against my car waiting on Ian by 11:05. He walked up to me and stuck out his hand. We shook, got in our cars and I followed him to his place.

He prepared the table and I laid belly first on it with a towel over my ass. He started the massage – it felt amazing! He started with my shoulders and worked down my back, skipping my ass, worked on my left leg, then back up my right leg, skipped my ass, and made the way to my right shoulder. I thought it odd, but I didn’t much care because it did feel good. We made small talk for a bit. He’s twenty three, single, like motorcycles, has an older sister, not from around here, etc.

When he made it to my head, his hands were still firm as he massaged my shoulders and neck. Through the hold in the table, I got a good look as his hairy legs, from the knees down. The more I looked at those slender, pale, hairy legs the hornier I got. I shifted my weight as I continued to get hard.

“Okay. Turn over” he commanded. He seemed like a sweet guy and while I’m not ashamed of my body, I wondered if it was apropos to get hard while getting a massage so I hesitated.

He chuckled. “It’s okay if you’re hard – happens all the time” he said reassuringly.

“Well, I’m old enough to be your dad so I didn’t know if you thought I’d be a nasty old man or what” I said as I turned over, draping the towel on my cock.

“I wouldn’t call you old Trev” he said staring at my partially hard cock. “Old men don’t get that hard that fast” he continued.

It was then I noticed his gym shorts straining to hold back his one boner. I smiled as I lusted over this blonde boy.

“Well, I’m not as hard as you” I said slyly. That broke his gaze as his head snapped back towards my grinning face.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry!” he said. “That’s so unprofessional. It’s just that…” His voice stumbled away.

“So what?” I asked.

“Nothing. Sorry. We should canlı casino probably end the session now” he said abruptly. I stood up from the table, allowing the towel to fall to the floor, my cock sticking straight out. Ian stood there staring at me.

“Or, we could try another type of relaxation” I said as I caused my cock to twitch. “It looks like you’re interested in more than a massage” pointing to the growing wet spot at the end of his dick that was hiding behind his gym shorts.

He walked towards me, I reached out, grabbed the back of his head and brought out lips together. The first couple of seconds was awkward but he soon surrendered and our tongues were dancing around each others’ mouths. For a young guy, he was a good kisser.

I made my way down to the side of his neck, lightly kissing his skin while using my tongue to trace my path. I grabbed his ass and pulled his body up against mine. I reached down and pulled off his shirt partly to prepare him for fun and partly to answer my question as to how hairy he is or isn’t.

“Let me step back and admire you’ I said. His chest was slightly hairy, with a beautiful blonde trail working its way down to his very hairy abs.

“Damn…” I said slowly. “Very nice!”

I bent down and kissed his chest, matting his blonde chest hair down to his skin. He shuddered as I licked his nipple. As I made my way from his side, he pulled away slightly as if he was tickled. I grabbed him tightly and held him in place while I used my tongue and stubble to tickle him. He squirmed and gasped for air but I didn’t let him move. His breath was taken away as I licked him from his side to his hairy bellybutton. I could feel his abs rise and fall quickly as he tried to catch his breath. My chin grazed his surprisingly large, hard cock as it tried to break free from his shorts before I stood up eye-to-eye with him.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Whatever you want…daddy” he said with his eyes closed. That was the first time someone called me daddy in a sexual situation and I love it!.

I bent down and pulled his shorts off. His dick sprung forth with freedom from his short. His blonde bush hid his balls but I was hell bent in finding them. I reached up and grabbed his cut cock and inspected it, pushing back his bush. He was easily seven inches long – maybe even eight – and quite thick with an upward curve, pre-sum slowly dripping from its head. But I put an end to that as I slid his wet dick in to my mouth, my lips bottoming out in his blonde bush. He sucked air in through clenched teeth as I reached up and grabbed his already worked nipple.

I started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth slowly, massaging his cock with my tongue. With my free hand I ran up his hairy legs and found his hairy ball sac. His cock was nicely sized but his balls were enormous: one hand wasn’t large enough to cup both of them. What’s better than low hangers? Hairy low hangers. This guy was sexy as hell!

I felt his hands grabbed my head as he started to face fuck me but I pulled away.

“Oh no no no” I said slurping his pre-cum from his cock. I stood up and pushed him forcefully on the sofa. Kneeling down I pushed his hairy legs back on to his chest and exposed his hairy ass. I pull one of his hairy balls in to my mouth and rolled it around for a few seconds as he moaned. I pulled off of it and did the same to the other one. I’ve never not been able to get a set of balls in my mouth at the same time but this guys’ sac kaçak casino was larger than anyone I’ve been with before.

I slid off his sac and licked his hairy taint, his hairy blonde bush and ass tickling my nose until I found his hole. He moaned things like ‘oh daddy’ and ‘fuck yes’ and all the other typical things you expect to hear. After working his hole, I was able to penetrate it with my tongue. I felt his legs start to treble and I felt his hairy sac pull up from my face. Thinking he was close to cumming I pulled back to give him a break.I sat back on my heels watching his hairy lags and hairy ass slowly stop shaking.

“Stand up” I said pulling him off the sofa.

I raised up on my knees and positioned looked at his pulsing cock. A thick stream of pre-cum coated his hairy belly, through his bush and down his cock to the cock head. I grabbed his cock and started jerking it – slowly at first then speeding up as I went, using his pre-cum as lube. I looked up at him and, through his belly hair I watched his face turn red and his eyes close.

“I’m gonna’ cum!” he screamed. I pointed his cock at me just in time as he blew hot load after load on to my chest. It was voluminous and forceful. This guy could cum! I lost count after the twelfth shot. I could feel the hot cum running down my body as he convulsed though his orgasm. I continued to jerk his cock. It didn’t go soft. Oh to be twenty three again!

“Your turn” he said as he pulled my up and bent down. He took my cock in his mouth. I watched him slid my cock in and out of his mouth. His cum ran down to my trimmed belly and dripped on him face as he sucked me off. That’s all it took.

“I’m gonna’ shoot, man” I said as I took a deep breath. He planted my cock in the back of his throat as I emptied my manjuices in to him. He didn’t miss a drop. As he pulled off my cock, the sensitive head grazed his chin stubble and almost caused my legs to buckle. As I caught myself I noticed he was still had. And his cock looked bigger now than before.

“Damn, you’re still hard?” I asked.

“Yes sir. And I’m ready to fuck daddy” he said as he stroked his throbbing dick.

Amazed, but more than willing, we switch positions. He pushed my legs back against my chest and entered my hole quickly without hesitation. I thought I was going to die for the first few seconds, but then I relaxed and enjoyed his hard, thick cock plow deep inside me, while his hairy balls slapped against my ass. I reached back and grabbed his hairy ass, running my fingers through his ass hair. With each thrust he knocked a little wind out of me. What he lacked in technique he more than made up with enthusiasm! I felt his ass firm up.

“I’m gonna cum again daddy!” he moaned

“Let me see it again” I said.

He pulled out of my ass with a pop, planted his hairy nuts on my cock and grabbed his cock as it twitched and let loose another load. It wasn’t a much as the last one, but still forceful. The first two shots hit my chest, while the rest dropped on my stomach. He chest was heaving heavily as he rested his weight on my legs, his softening dick, still in hand, dripping Ian-seed on my trimmed bush.

“I’ve waited week for this!” he said with a sigh.

“Weeks?!? Why did you wait so long?” I asked, covered in cum,

“I wasn’t sure if you were in to me” he said.

“I’m looking forward to being ‘in you’” I said with a wink. “But first I need to clean up.”

‘I hope you enjoyed your massage” he said as he watched me standing naked in his shower.

“Very much!” I said with a smile.

“Same time tomorrow?” he asked.


And a few nights a weeks for several weeks since then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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