I’m Coming for You

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All participants are over 18.


I am coming for you. Can you feel it?

I see you sitting there in that café, enjoying your little meal, never suspecting that even now you are becoming mine.

I could so easily join you, taking the seat across the table from you. Instead, I pass you by, touching your shoulder with my fingertips as I walk by. You barely notice me as you chew your sandwich, utterly ignorant of the power I wield over your destiny.

I leave you in the café. You’re a man of dependable routine and I can find you any time I want, day or night. I observe you in your workplace, the site of the job that bores and under-utilizes you. I watch you on your commute, shifting your feet on the train. I see you through the windows of your home as you pleasure yourself watching porn while your children and your unfulfilled wife sleep.

You’re mine for the picking, but I am watching you ripen. Soon I will make you blossom. That moment may come today, tomorrow or a month from now, but it will come. You will be mine to do with as I please.

The time will come, but I am patient. For now, I content myself just with watching you.

But, you ask, why you? Why did I choose you?

I see how you carry yourself. You walk with your face down, avoiding eye contact with the men you meet. Are you worried that if they saw your eyes, they might see into your soul and the secret needs and desires I see growing there? How do I know about your changing preferences? Mostly, I see it in your eyes and in the furtive glances you make at other men, particularly at their asses and the packages between their legs.

Oh, yes, I know all about that. I didn’t need to see the porn you watch to know about your growing appetites. I know the lust is growing inside you… a lust for other men. What would wifey say if she knew you fantasized about cock? Would your son and daughter look up to a sissy? Would your pastor absolve a faggot?

We are going to find out.

Don’t you sometimes feel my eyes on your back, your ass, your crotch? I feel you wither as I watch you, but you never run from my secret gaze. Where can you hide from me where you’re not also hiding from your own life and destiny?

Where will I take you? That’s a good question. It shows you are beginning to accept the certain fact that I will take you.

Sometimes, I imagine I will casino oyna stop you on the street on your way home from work and simply explain your destiny for you. Will you succumb and submit your ass to me in the nearest alley or rest room, or will you resist? I know such resistance would only be for show. Should I take you in your workplace, spoiling your hard-won reputation with your co-workers with a long, lingering kiss with plenty of tongue? Perhaps, I should take you in your own marriage bed, penetrating your ass with my cock while your wife looks on. Do these thoughts make you squeal inwardly?

I understand that your old life pulls at you, begging to be saved, but you must know your own impulses will not be denied. I doubt you’ll run; I expect you will wait anxiously for me. I enjoy watching you fight against your destiny, but it’s effort wasted in a lost cause. In your heart, you know you’re already mine.

Run if you like though. I enjoy the chase, even if it’s not sporting when you can take the prey anytime you like. There’s nowhere you can go that I won’t find you.

How will I take you? Good question; it shows me you are taking an interest. To answer your question, I dream it differently every time I think of it.

I usually imagine myself dominating your pie-hole first. In these visions, you are in your rightful place: on your knees before me. Your mouth waters involuntarily as you widen your jaws to receive me. I press my cock deep in your mouth before your lips close over the shaft. I hear you sputter and cough as my dick pushes to the back of your mouth. My hips flex as my cock saws back and forth in your wet hole. I fuck your face with ever-increasing force and speed until I am ready to withdraw. My well-pleasured cock erupts with burst after burst of semen, which I aim with care; the cum is in your hair and on your face and the drops leave permanent stains on your clothes. Still kneeling before me, you look at me through cum-glazed eyes and realize you are absolutely where you belong.

Other times, I dream of taking your ass at our first encounter. I imagine confronting you and telling you that I know about you and your secret desires. You will fear blackmail and follow me to discuss the matter, but there will be no discussion beyond me giving you your instructions. I yank off your suit jacket and throw it on the ground. Then I lean you over a public canlı casino toilet, or a metal garbage can or a photocopier—it all depends where we happen to be—and you wait with an automatic submissiveness that surprises only you. I reach around from behind you, unbuckling your belt and tearing your pants open. The zipper is ruined, but you don’t care as I pull both your underwear and your pants down to your ankles. I thrust my throbbing erection into your pulsating orifice. Don’t worry, I’ve lubed both cock and hole; I’m not a sadist. Just the same, you cry out in agony as your ass is probed for the first time. It is the sound of your rebirth into a new life. The initial pain quickly passes as my cock penetrates you deeply over and over again with countless strokes. At first, you meekly let me fuck you, but as the minutes pass, you become an active participant. You meet my thrusts with your own and when I orgasm in your ass, spewing my semen in your bowels, you are close to climax as well. I leave my cock inside you while you masturbate, shocked at your own behaviour. Your ass clenches when you come, adding to my pleasure. I have given you your first lesson in man-sex: in future, you will often come with my cock up your ass. You will be conditioned to associate my cock with pleasure.

Sometimes, in my dreams, I turn you out in private circumstances; other times you are outed publicly in front of family, friends and co-workers. Either way, you sit and cry at my feet, already knowing your old life is ended; you cling to me as if I am your only possible future, which, of course, I am. Your wife, your children, your work, your church… all come after me in the reordering of your priorities.

Why do I want to do this to you?

Believe it or not, I’m not doing this for myself, but for you. You have hidden your submissive side under the disguise of a bold, commanding male, but the masquerade takes its toll. You’re tired of it all, aren’t you? They all look to you for guidance, direction and support, but you know you’re not good enough to fulfil these demands, and who is there for you?

Only me.

The only solution is for you to abdicate personal responsibility and trust all your needs to a more confident, superior man. I’m saving you the anguish of bearing this burden you’ve carried for so long by yourself. You will leave it all to me. I will handle everything while you kaçak casino rest like a sleeping infant in my controlling arms.

When will I come for you? Yes, I can see you are accepting the truth of what I say. Perhaps a part of you is eager for my prophecy to come true, even as the last of your manly resistance fails.

Why should I tell you when I’m coming? Even if I did, you’re powerless to prevent my domination of you. Why should I hold out a false hope that you might prepare and escape? That would be unkind of me. So, I will say this: I will come at an hour of my choosing. I might come for you while you’re taking your morning shower, with the full and helpless knowledge of your wife; or perhaps I will claim you on the morning train, creating a spectacle for your fellow commuters; maybe I will take you in the washroom of that café you favour. Would you rather I collected you into my care while you’re out jogging, or at the gym, or the cinema?

Perhaps I am already there with you, watching over your shoulder as you read this.

I have stated my intention and outlined your unavoidable future. For your purposes, where, when, why and how don’t matter. The outcome will be the same. I will come for you soon. This is not a warning, considering you can’t do anything to prevent any of this from happening; it seemed only courteous to notify you in case you wanted to put some affairs in order or be proactive in the closing down of your old life. Perhaps you would like to divorce your wife now to reduce her humiliation when you are exposed as another man’s sex slave? Perhaps you want to come out to your family and friends on your terms and soften the blow? I leave all of that to your discretion.

I see you are in turmoil. Won’t it be a relief to be unburdened by your responsibilities and unhitched from the expectation of others? Won’t it be a rare privilege to live as your truest self? Will divesting yourself of family and friends, who don’t accept or fulfil your needs, cost you anything of value?

I see you wavering, unsure which way to jump.

A part of you still thinks of evading your destiny. Persist in your fond illusion of escape if you must, but your wellbeing concerns me, so I urge you not to indulge false hopes. You will be mine.

You are mine.

You have no more questions, I see.

That’s good. You know all you need to know in order to prepare yourself. Console yourself for the loss of your old life and rejoice in your coming role as another man’s willing thrall.

Watch for me. You will see me soon. You will be mine.

I’m coming for you.

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