I’m Just A Girl That Loves Sex

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A typical evening usually involves me, my computer, my hitachi wand and a few good stories from my favorite site, Literotica.

There’s nothing better than priming myself by looking at the new pics or the free video of the day. I love to hear the noises of sex. To hear and watch someone fuck is an incredible turn on for me. I’ll check out a few sites, then, once I’m ready, I’ll go to the new lists and check out some of the interesting titles.

For some reason, I read the “hot” “erotic couplings” “group sex” or “anal” stories. I’m not the typical girl that wants to read about romance and love. I just want to read about a good satisfying fuck. That’s all I need…

Sometimes I’ll look up one of my favorite authors, and see if they have anything new to read. Sometimes I score and they do. But I never mind reading new authors. Literotica is one of my favorite hobbies!

I usually have my door locked (I’m in an apartment), and some music playing with a good beat to it. Right now I have Depeche Mode, mixed in with Nickelback, Deftones and Guns’N’Roses. Hell yeah. Not only is the music good, but it covers up the noise of the hitachi (roommates can be such a pain in the ass).

The overhead light gets switched off, and the table lamp gets turned on. It’s just the canlı bahis right amount of light. If I’m in pants they come off…If I’m in shorts or a skirt, they’ll stay on – for a little bit that is.

I’ll start to read and decide if it’s a story I want to finish. My favorite kind of stories have a short intro, and get to the fucking pretty quickly. I’m turned on by the time I get to the verbage…now all I need is for my mind to get that extra stimulation it needs.

I’ll put my palm over my pussy, and slowly rub myself through my clothes. I’ll run a hand down my leg, then take off shorts if I’m wearing any. If I’m in a skirt, or have my pants off, I’ll reach right in and prod myself through my panties.

Panties is a bit of a misnomer – I wear thongs. I separate my lips and rub my clit with the fabric of my thong. I really enjoy the extra texture. By this point, I think “fuck the thong”, and either pull it off to the side, or off all together.

My pussy will be wet, so I’ll dip a finger down and spread some of the wetness around. I’m always amazed at how wet I can become. I get all impressed and proud. I’ll rub my wet finger around my clit, teasing it the way I love to.

At this point, the Hitachi gets put to some good use. I’ll start off low, depending on bahis siteleri the intensity of the story. If it’s a really hot story, high it is. With my left hand, I spread my puffy pussy lips, and lightly apply the magic wand. My clit tingles and vibrates, and feels so incredibly good.

The scroll feature on my mouse is put to good use…look ma, no hands! Anyway, it’s an ingenious invention…it let’s me pinch and play with my nipples while reading and using the magic wand. God, I love technology.

Some nights I get super horny, and I want something inside me. I have several vibrators and dildos to choose from, so I can always satisfy whatever mood I’m in. I usually take a second and wipe away some of the wetness – otherwise I just get sloppy wet and messy (not that I mind, but I prefer to get sloppy wet with others).

I’ll choose my dildo and hold it with my left hand, and keep the magic wand going with my right. Ever so gently, I’ll tease my cunt with the head of the dildo by running it up and down the exposed part of my pussy. I make sure the dildo is coated in my juices, then I’ll thrust it in at the same time a guy rams his cock up some cunt.

I usually come right then, when my dildo enters me. I’ll start to thrust with the cock, moving it all around, making bahis şirketleri sure that all areas are getting proper attention. I’ll start whimpering and mewing at this point. I squeeze myself around the head and thickest parts of the shaft.

My clit becomes even more sensitive with a cock inside me. I love the way it feels. The best is when the cock is just about to pop out of me. My clit and cunt both jump when I do that.

Then, I’ll start thrusting the dildo back and forth, right into the top of my pussy, right into my G-spot. Let me tell you, that spongy little section of my vagina is one hell of a performer. The combination of either stroking or vibrating my clit while hitting that area with a cock makes me cum. Ok, not just cum, but hard. I say “yeah, yeah, yes yes yes yes, oh yeah, oh yeah, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes” then I cum and my legs twitch, and my head rolls up and I experience a great orgasm.

I’ll pause for a second, then pick right back up. I like to cum several times, not just once. I feel frustrated when I don’t cum multiple times. By the time I’ve finished with myself, I turn off the wand, and slowly pull the dildo out of myself. I wipe myself down, and catch my breath.

By that time I’m ready for bed. I clean up, brush my teeth, go pee one more time, turn off my computer, and let my head hit the pillow. I sleep great after I cum like that.

Hey guys, I hope you liked reading about my nightly routine. Please remember to vote! Thank you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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