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After reading about my last little anal adventure, my ex-boyfriend decided to call…

He was telling me how much he missed me, he knew we couldn’t be together anymore but damn, did he miss the sex.

He is 29 years old, and not much taller than me, with a very fit body, hard abs and the best part is… his cock.

His cock is HUGE and the head of it mushrooms out, the head being much wider than the shaft. He was a dick while we were together but f*** does he have a nice one. I had been dreaming of it… waking up, my pussy gushing. Needing to grab my vibrator and get myself off first thing in the morning before work.

I told him about the dreams and he reminded me of some of the fantasies we had never gotten around to playing out while we were together. Mine were anal related, his were more about me squirting in his mouth or even peeing on him in the shower.

We didn’t have the same fantasies exactly but I loved how dirty he was and how much he LOVED my ass. He would beg to eat it… bend me over and just go to town. Licking my pussy, moving up to my asshole and licking it and kissing it softly. Getting so much attention to my ass made me feel really, really sexy. I loved how much how loved to play with my body.

We decided to plan a day to meet up… and reconnect.


The day finally came. I hadn’t been fucked in months and I was beginning to get excited, anticipating the way his thick cock would stretch my little pussy open.

I began to touch myself a little…

He instructed me to leave my front door unlocked and he would come in. He was going to text when he was outside and I should be waiting, head down, ass up. We used to have a bit of Dom/sub dynamic and I was excited to be a good little slut for him. I knew I’d be rewarded with orgasms and his hot cum.

I showered… shaved, put on a little make-up, and unlocked my front door. I then headed to my bedroom. I rubbed some massage oil on my pussy and ass… just a little. A text buzzed on my phone… “Be there in 5 mins” it said. My pussy started to drool …

I got in the position he instructed. My head nestled in the blue pillows of my Queen sized bed, my ass up, doggy style. Just waiting… I could feel my pussy getting wetter. My ass felt exposed. I heard the front door open and a few steps inside, shoes coming off.

He opened the door of my bedroom and stepped inside. As he got closer, I could smell him and feel his energy. It was comforting to feel him near again. We hadn’t seen each other in over 6 months. He hugged me briefly, I turned and looked, smiling at him. His fat cock was already causing a bulge in his pants. I loved how he would come over, fully hard and ready for action.

He began to lick and tease my pussy. I let out a little moan… canlı bahis I heard his pants unzip. He removed his shirt and pants, standing in his boxers, his cock literally sticking up out of the hem at the top. He repositioned it and came back to my waiting body.

With 2 fingers, he rubbed my little pussy. Rubbing my wetness up and down my slit, focusing on my clit then dipping back into the wetness. Next, he pushed them inside. I moaned as my pussy stretched to take his large fingers. He pushed them in and out so gently… then pulled them out and sucked my juices off of them. He licked my pussy again, sucking at my clit, gently pressing a finger into my anal ring and around in a circle.

I asked him to go get my buttplug. He got it from the top drawer of my dresser and came back… He shoved it in my mouth and told me to be a good little slut and get it wet for him. I obeyed and He plunged 2 fingers into my pussy and grabbed my wetness from there and pushed them onto my asshole. It opened a little and he played with it, then lined up the plug. He gently fucked me with it before sinking it in. I was so turned on I was about to cum already but I knew he wouldn’t let me yet.

“Get up and suck my cock.” He whispered in my ear … I got up, to be met with his huge hard cock, standing so erect. Fuck I had missed this so much… He shoved it towards my mouth as I looked up at him.

I started sucking it… licking the head then shoving more and more into my hungry mouth. I was hungry for his cum… I gave him head until he started to moan a little. I love a guy who gets vocal. He laid on the bed and I crawled between his legs and continued to suck him off. I could tell he was getting closer to orgasm… I climbed up and shoved my tits in his face. He lapped at them and sucked each one, hungrily. He massaged them and started shoving my hips lower down to impale me on his big dick…

I pushed 2 fingers inside myself and coated them with my sweet wetness. I shoved them into his mouth as he looked up at me… I started to lower my pussy down onto his cock. “I don’t think you can fit with my buttplug in!” .. We had never hooked up like this before, it was so fucking hot. He said to take it out but turn around. I began to ride him reverse cowgirl.

He slapped my fat ass and grabbed my hips, pulling his cock deeper inside me. I was moaning and almost screaming at this point… We had a rule that if he made me cum hard, He could put his cum in whichever hole he wanted…

Ass-hole, mouth, or pussy. I secretly hoped he would choose my ass.

I continued to moan and he began to play with my puckered little ass again. First with fingers, next with the plug. He slowly, slowly got it in, making his cock feel even huger inside me. I began to shake a little and started to cum. “Cum, slut!”… He urged me to cum and I came hard at his bahis siteleri words. I screamed and rocked on his cock, my pussy and ass pulsating. I felt like I was going to pass out as He began to cum too and shot a load deep inside me, making me start to cum again. “FUCK!” I moaned as a second orgasm coursed through my body.

I got off of him and laid down with a smile on my face. He was smiling too and I could tell he had some ideas of what he wanted to do next…

He started pulling my plug out.. and then told me to try to push out his cum. I pushed with my pussy muscles and felt a little gush down out of my pussy, to my ass. It dripped down my crack and started to drip inside me. He used 2 fingers to scoop the rest of his cum out of my pussy… and pushed them into my little ass. Then he lined up the plug again, sealing his cum inside me. Fuuuuuuck… I was still so turned on. I loved how he knew just how to Dominate me.

“Next time I’m going to really cum in your ass,” He announced. “Yes Daddy” I replied.

He let me rest for a while and then instructed me to head to the shower. First, he had me drink 2 glasses of water. I did as he said and he spanked me hard in the kitchen, bent over the counter. My asshole spasmed around my buttplug and a little cum began to drip out. We walked to the bathroom, him behind me, watching as I held the plug inside me. Each step, his cum and the plug shifted inside me a little. My pussy was still leaking his cum and my cum out of it.

We began to shower and he told me to squat and remove the plug. As I did, I pushed out his load onto the shower floor. After I washed off a little, he began to lick and suck on my pussy again. I knew what he wanted… he always had wanted me to piss on his face. I know he wanted to catch it in his mouth, and spit it into my mouth. For whatever reason, this was his dirty fantasy.

After fucking me so well, I was pretty happy to do whatever he wanted. He got down in front of me, still hungrily lapping at my pussy and asked me to pee. I was scared but did it… I really wanted to make Daddy happy.

My pee started to trickle and then flow out faster… he was so happy catching some in his mouth. He spat some out then got more… then stood up and kissed me deeply, spitting all of my own pee into my mouth. “Swallow it” he instructed. I did as he asked and looked at him… His cock was rock hard again. “Bend over.” I did as I was told.

He pumped his cock into my gooey pussy a few times but then started fingering my ass. He popped the plug out and began fucking me with it, pushing it in then quickly removing it, causing my little asshole to gape. He did it more and more until my hole was too loose for that toy. Then he moved on to 2 fingers. In and out, in and out, finally getting deeper and really opening me up.

I couldn’t wait for the head of his bahis şirketleri cock to push inside me. I backed up into him, causing my ass to take his fingers as deep as they could go. He pulled them out, grabbed some of my weed lube and shoved them in again. He told me to spread it for him and I did what Daddy told me. I spread my gaped ass open and he began to line up the head of his cock.. gently pressing into me. His fat cock sunk in… but he pulled it out again, in and out, while my ass gaped from his big head. It felt so fucking good to feel him opening me up like that. Every penetration stretched my hole open around the head of his dick and it gaped each time he removed it.

My pussy was drooling again… I shoved my vibrator inside me. My vibe on my clit and G spot, and his cock stretching my poor little asshole. He slapped my ass hard again, this time with his cock inside me and my asshole tightened around him. He moaned and began to push himself in a little deeper. He began to slowly fuck my ass… I couldn’t take much of his cock at all.

“Turn around and suck my cock!”

I turned around… and started sucking his member again. I looked up at him as I did.. He was close to cumming. “Im going to cum in your ass, then you can cum.” He announced. “Turn around for Daddy!” … I did as I was told.

He shoved 2 fingers into me.. “Spread it!” … I spread my ass open. He lined up his cock, pushing it in again. In and out, my asshole was getting stretched hard now. He sunk it as deep as he could go and I moaned loudly. He pulled all the way out so just the head was still in, then plunged in again. My orgasm was building.. He shoved in one more time, and came hard. I could feel his thick cum filling up my ass. He spanked me again and again. He pulled his cock out and watched some of his cum trickle out. “Spread your ass slut!” I spread it again, He pushed his half-hard cock in again, shoving his cum deeper inside. I started to whimper a little. He pulled out, put the plug in and told me to use my toy. He let me fuck myself with it, knowing I would cum soon, especially with his hot cum and my plug inside me. He fucked my ass with the plug again, using his cum as lube. I started to cum so hard, I was crying and shaking.

I pulled my plug out and squated in the shower, pushing out his huge load. He scooped some up with his fingers and made me suck them clean. I looked up at Daddy lovingly as he shoved his fingers deeper down my throat, almost choking me. He shoved those fingers back into my now tired ass and spread them apart, one finger from each hand, admiring how loose he had made me.

After we showered off, I went to my bedroom to take a nap. He spanked me one last time, tucked me in, kissed my forehead and turned off the light. “Sleep tight my little slut” he whispered as he left. “Let’s play again next week.”

I was drifting off to sleep, my clean undies already soaked from my juices and the ones still leaking out of me. All of my holes tired and stretched out.

I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me again. I loved being his little cumslut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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