Island Of Ibiza

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I enter the bar warm and glowing after a delicious day on the beach. This is my second night on the island of Ibiza and I can hear the gentle lapping of the Mediterranean against the stone walls that ring the harbor. Images of the day zing through my mind – sun, sand, jet skiing, people watching. This is an island that is buzzing with the energy of youth and the acceptance of gay, lesbian and bisexual lifestyles. I feel at home.

I look around the bar for any faces I might have seen today on the beach. I am here alone and am feeling a little lonely tonight. I spot an empty table near the back of the room, slide in and tuck my purse under my hip. I order a drink and start to look around as my eyes grow accustom to the dark. Suddenly I see you sitting there draped in a white soft silk shirt, bra-less with your nipples outlined as two circles hard against the cool evening breeze. My drink arrives, I pay and look back at you only to see you gazing at me. I have on a short cotton sun dress hiked up to my thigh. My cheeks are still red from today’s sun and I smile back at you, blushing a little and adding more red to my cheeks.

The music swells and both of us turn to the stage. Several people have appeared there dressed in translucent flowing gowns and are dancing. I sneak a look back at you and watch your breasts rise and fall with each breath. Seeing your eyes widen as you stare transfixed at the stage, I look up to see the dancers grasp one another in an erotic embrace. Where am I? I begin to look around at the people in the other tables. They are mostly all couples and as I look more closely, I see that most are kissing and touching one another. The pair of women in front of my table have begun to unbutton one another’s blouses. I look back at the stage and see that the sheer gowns have been dropped to the floor and the entertainers have begun to gather, naked, around a large mattress now bathed in soft light in the middle of the stage. I peer back at you and see you looking back at me.

I smile again and decide that I want to be a part of whatever is going on around me. I pick up my glass and walk over to the booth you are sitting at. I ask if I can join you and you nod, patting the booth bench seat next to you. I sit down. A collective moan arises from the casino oyna crowd and we look to the stage to see that all of the participants there are now on the bed. There are 3 men and 3 women and all appear to be touching one another at the same time. A small woman has a large red cock in her hand as a brunette haired woman has her head buried between her petite thighs. The lights in the customer area of the bar dim a little and I see that the two women in front of us have managed to take each other’s blouse off and their fingers are excitedly touching, exploring and caressing each other. One cups the others shapely upturned breast and moves her lips to nibble at the nipple. Her tongue slowly emerges from me full lipped mouth and rings the swelling bud, careful not to touch the tip but nudging the sides, smiling gleefully as her partner groaned in obvious pleasure.

I am fascinated by all this. And getting very wet. I reach for my glass but halfway through I decide to take a risk and touch your arm. You turn your full face to me and I see kind and sensitive eyes peering out at me. I smile back and take that moment to lean forward, to close my eyes and to place my lips on yours. You do not hesitate. Your tongue explodes into my mouth as my arm reaches up your back and I rest my fingers on the base of your neck. Your tongue slices through my mouth – exciting everything – and I press my chest against yours, feeling the soft exciting cushion of our two breasts massaging against one another.

My other hand brushes against your knee and I feel the intense heat of your body pulsating as I let it rest lightly on your thigh. I open one eye for a second and see on the stage a sensual display of group sex, bodies tanned and buff squirming and wiggling against one another. Nipples, fingers, cocks and toes all present themselves as the orgy dance continues on the bed. Nearer us, one woman is now leaning on her back, legs up and splayed on the table top as her friend kisses the inside of her thigh, her finger just now pressed against the wet opening of the woman’s trimmed fur.

My fingers gently creep up your thigh. Your passion has deepened and I feel your breathing relax as the kiss lingers and my fingernails press against the soft cotton of your panties. I trace my nail on canlı casino the cotton outline of your slit pushing the fabric inside you a little. You break off from our kiss and utter “yessss” as your fingers slide down my cheek and over my breast. I involuntarily arch my back.

I run my finger back and forth over your covered slit, feeling the heat and dampness deepen. You take the straps from my dress and pull them down over each shoulder then tug on the top exposing one pink swollen nipple. I crook my finger and tug on the crotch of your panties, pulling the wet cloth out of your pussy. I push the fabric to one side and dab my fingertip over the exposed flesh, happily feeling the slippery wetness oozing from your slit.

Your head moves to my breast. Your broad flat tongue comes out and you begin to lick my nipple like a cone. Long upward licks. My finger slips between your lips and enters the hot thick wetness of your pussy. I watch dreamily as the couple in the next table lie on the soft leather booth bench – one on her back and the other straddling her, her gleaming wet pussy poised over her lovers tongue. I slide my finger in deeper, feeling your body clench it then relax. I feel around your pussy delighting in the slick hot walls – feeling you move and buck, wanting more. Wanting it deeper. I make you wait and feel your response as you pull down all of my dress front, both breasts now exposed and aching for your attention. I see the small woman on stage wearing a large strap-on cock, sliding her member between the widely spread legs of the brunette. Two men are next to them, one sitting on the other’s cock, all four hands playing with his pulsating penis.

I take a second finger and place it at the entrance to your slit. As your mouth closes over my fresh new nipple, I push it in and let both glide deeper into your wetness. When I can’t push any further, I take my thumb and pass its fingernail softly over the exposed lips of your ass, now made wet from the juice seeping from your pussy. I feel your teeth bite at my nipple then suck to take away the sting. You reach over to the table and fish an ice cube out of my drink. I watch amazed as you take the ice and circle my already rock hard nipple. The heat of my excitement mingles with the sharp cold of the ice and kaçak casino I feel my pussy flood. I pull my fingers out of your pussy then shove them back in. Slow. Real slow. On each inward thrust I press my thumb against your asshole a little harder, feeling your tight resistance relax with the repetition and the warm wetness that coats your lips.

A hand suddenly cups my pussy mound. I am not wearing panties and the fingers quickly explore the long pubic hair that covers me. A finger brushes a couple of times over my clit. It suddenly occurs to me that both of your hands are on me. I look down and follow the arm that is under my dress to one of the two women that were in the booth next to us. They moved over to join us. The other has taken a place next to you and I see her hands now moving up your tummy. Her hands flatten out as she places the palms over both of your nipples and presses in. She moves her hands in a circular motion and I feel your hips gyrate against my fingers as I watch you lean back and stick your tongue out. Her mouth moves to your tongue and sucks it in greedily.

A finger enters me, then another. I feel your hands kneading my breasts as I finger fuck you, watching you kiss this woman. My thumb presses against your asshole and when I feel you relax, I press it in immediately pushing it deep into your warm hole. Through the walls of your ass and pussy I can feel my fingers with my thumb. I press them together and start to slide in and out. I feel your lips on mine the same moment I feel the head of someone between your thighs. As I finger fuck you, the woman spreads your labia and licks at the hard bud of your clit. Your kiss is desperate as your body shakes from the intensity of the touching. The woman behind me takes her free hand and holds one of my breasts out for you to suck.

Your lips have just touched my nipple as a deep sound surges up from inside you. I can feel you cum. Your pussy gushes with juice as you buck and fuck my hand. The woman between your hips has captured your clit in her mouth and continues to roll it between her lips as you cum. You try to move away from us, but we keep you pinned. Another sound starts only this time it turns into a yell – we stop as you bounce up and down and gasp in the last throes of your second orgasm. As your trembling dissolves into a deep lusty purr, we all bring our heads close to you and take turns kissing – each of us dipping our fingers into your wet pussy and licking your sweetness..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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