It Began One Quiet Sunday Night

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This is a true story that began in March 2003. I was at home surfing in the net. There is a free dating service with categorized personals. I was single and looking for company. In my area there were only 5 personals that had age match. I read the personals and replied two personals. Both my replies were quite long, but not too long. There was one normal looking for company and another looking for a sexual relationship.

Few days later “the good bad girl” replied to me and asked various things. I replied her with long Email. One week more and she asked more and I replied immediately. She told she had had more than 150 emails within 2 weeks, but because my emails were so funny she wanted to know more.

I wrote her again and send her my mobile phone number. It took few days before I got a message and her number of course. Few days we used short messages before on one Thursday we met in a bar. She had seen my picture but her looks was a mystery for me. As she came to me I hoped I was somewhere else. We spoke for an hour and a half and then I had to leave. Few days later we met again in the same and we had some tea. That night I walked her to her door. The third time I suggested we take a ride and she immediately agreed. We drove for 2 hours and talked. Around 1 AM she asked me few questions like how do I like porn or have I been to a stripping club. Anyway she then said she would like to take a chance and show me something. We stopped on an alley and she opened a dark door with her key.

– Please come in.

– I see you have well equipped place here.

– Do you know any of the stuff?

– Well: A whip, a belt, a dildo, gag, strap on, a dildo with a whip, butt plug, handcuffs, straps, paddle, gator clamps, swing, hoist, collar and some smaller items.

– Have you been to a place like this before?

– No I don’t think so, should I?

– Last year there was one girl who didn’t just spank and dominate but she was fired as soon as the boss heard she was a whore.

At this point I was a bit surprised… She was a stripper too. She wasn’t the kind of girl I have seen in the stripping clubs I have been to. At that point I thought I would never pay to see her strip. After I had seen most of it we went to her place. She had wide bed and she didn’t feel too confident to let me in because she hadn’t cleaned her place. I noticed she had chain bolted in the end of her bed. That didn’t surprise me at all, but the fact that she installed it on her own. I would have preferred some sort of rings to attach the chain, but she had used just screws. I told her I might make her better attachments because I have steel and a welding machine. We talked for an hour or two and then I went home.

On our fourth date I brought her something I had made myself. Actually I brought her the attachments I had made. I also had a cordless drill and screws to fasten the things, actually 4 of them. She felt flattered and as I got home she send me a message that she is not my type and I am not her type, but she would have slept with me. My answer was:

“You are right and you are wrong. You aren’t like the women I am usually interested in, but sex would be a great pleasure because you are nice and you have open minded.”

The next time we met she didn’t mind me kissing her and caressing her. I asked what she would like and we had sex. She said she liked oral sex so I licked her for a while. As I got down to her the lights were of. It took me at least a minute or two to notice she had piercing in her both inner cunt lips. I tried to find her clit, but it took me some time because it was not swollen at all. As I found it she gave me a piece of advice how she liked to be licked and soon her clit was swollen and easy to find. Because she is not thin I had trouble breathing as I licked her for ten minutes or so. Then she asked me to fuck her. That time our sex was nothing special. It was just the to end the day. We didn’t even change position and it only took few minutes to come. On our next date I took her to hospital because she had high fever. She had to stay in hospital for few days and few days after she was sick too. I went to see her twice. On the third time I went to see her in the hospital she was healthy enough to go home. I took her home after we did some shopping.

When she came home from hospital she immediately took a shower. I left her there and the next time I saw her she told she had been masturbating for more than an hour as soon as she was home alone.

Our next date was more or less in a hurry. I was in a hurry, but I was at her place for an hour or so and we didn’t have sex.

The next time we met we went roller-skating. She actually was on roller-skates and I took her bike. I lowered the saddle two centimeters and then we were on the road. We went slowly and as we came back we took a shower together. She was feeling horny after I washed her back. I also washed the rest of her body. She didn’t say much but she sucked me while the water was still running. I was standing as she sucked free spin me. She was on her knees as the water was running down her back. Her breasts were bigger than grapefruit each. There was a piercing in her left nipple too. Actually it was similar to the piercing she had in her cunt lips. She kept sucking until I came in her mouth. She sucked a minute after I came and my knees felt weak. I stepped few steps back and she took the shower. She had a shower massager and she adjusted the spray to massage position. She pointed the spray between her legs and soon she was moaning softly. She kept on so long that in my place the well would have been dry before she was done. I watched her closely to see what she was doing. I rubbed her breasts time to time. I waited until she moaned a bit louder and closed her eyes as she began to have her orgasm. That night I left sooner than I planned. I went home thinking what might be done the next time.

The next time I went to see her. I was earlier than usual. She cooked something and we ate together. Then we sat in front of TV and began caressing and talking to one another. She had a movie in her VCR and it was porn. There was a spanking scene and she said she would like to be spanked some day. That night we fucked slowly for hours. I would have come in fifteen minutes, but I pulled my cock out and licked her to avoid it. She was close to orgasm at least 5 times while I licked her pussy, but she didn’t come. Finally I came inside her pussy and pulled my shrinking cock out. She was horny and she opened her drawer to get a vibrator. She took a small clit stimulator and a 5-inc long dildo. She sat down first but she then turned her face to pillow as well as her breast. She spread her legs open, but not wide.

Then she began to use the clit stimulating vibra. It didn’t make her come. She took the dildo in her other hand and furiously pumped her pussy. She felt good, but her orgasm kept on waiting. I had a great view to the dildo entering her pussy. She kept on pumping until her clit vibra began to slow down. She stopped and changed the battery before she was back to business. I saw her hand was getting tired so I took the dildo and fucked her with her dildo. She kept moving her clit vibra until she was quite close. Then she stopped her clit vibra and took the dildo I was using. She moved it slowly for few times but soon her pace was like a piston in a car engine. She was kept on for a minute and came with few soft moans. That night she asked me to come to a bar with her. We went to a night- club actually because we are both over 21 and it is open every night.

There were some people she knew. We sat in a table for 5 and I couldn’t help noticing I had chosen the girl who looked plain because of her model type innocent looking friends. There was a blonde I would say beautiful. Then there was a brunet that was much prettier than my date and a third a bit older woman with dark hair. The brunet was innocent looking but also so beautiful I had trouble to keep my eyes of her. In few minutes my date mentioned a fair. She wanted to visit erotic fair. That weekend I was fully booked so I told her she should go with her friends. She asked the girls and they agreed to go.

On next Saturday she send me a message and wanted me to pick her up. I picked her up and as we got to her place she was eager to show me what she had bought. She had a riding crop, anal beads and a small butt plug. There was also some fun foam and lubricant.

We began with the fun foam that tasted like cherry. We used it on one another for few minutes. I licked her and her pussy and she became so wet that her pussy didn’t need any lubricant. Soon I put on a condom and fucked her wet pussy from behind.

“Do you want me to try the other stuff?” I asked her.

“It is up to you.”

“Are you ready for a butt plug?”

“Use the lubricant.”

I didn’t mention her that I took the riding crop so close I could reach it easily. She was on all fours as I began to lubricate her asshole with my finger. Her asshole was at least 3 times tighter than her pussy. I rubbed the lube in and out her asshole with my finger until I took the butt plug. I wasn’t sure how she liked it so I first pushed it a bit by bit into her as and moved it in and out. Then I placed my penis on her pussy entrance and began to fuck both of her holes. She had had a few drinks so she didn’t object as I removed the butt plug and asked if I could fuck her ass.

I pushed the butt plug in again and fucked her with it. I took the butt plug base in my hand so that it moved simultaneously with my cock. Then I took the riding crop and gently spanked her ass. I slapped her maybe 20 times, but all too softly. I kept the crop in my hand as I entered her ass and it felt 4 times tighter than her pussy. She moaned and I was certain it was because of pain. The butt plug is smaller in diameter than my cock. I kept fucking her for what felt like fifteen minutes. In some point she took her small clit stimulator and she wasn’t too far from bonus veren siteler coming as I began to fill the condom with my sperm. My cock started to get soft. I pulled it out. Her hands were searching for a skin colored dildo next to her bed. She took the dildo and began to masturbate furiously with it. It took her a few minutes to come so I went to dispose the condom and wash my cock. When I returned to her she was on all fours masturbating. I took the dildo and fucked her pussy with it. She used the clit stimulator and soon she moaned as the orgasm finally took control over her brains and body.

She wanted to recover for few minutes and I didn’t object at all. We stayed in bed like glued to one another for few minutes. As soon as she was willing to take a shower she stood up and walked to the shower. As we came back she began to speak.

“I liked when you spanked me.”

“I have never done it before. Was it too soft?”

“Yes. I could feel it, but it gives me more pleasure if it stings a bit. Can I have the crop…?”

“Here you are. She took the crop and spanked herself so hard that there were small red marks in each place she had hit with the crop.”

“You must think I am strange or pervert because I spank myself?”

“If you enjoy spanking yourself it is for your own pleasure. I don’t mind spanking you either, but spanking you doesn’t satisfy me.”

“What do you like then?”

“Of course I’ll spank you, but no matter how long I spank you or how hard, it doesn’t make me come. I like to fuck you. Whenever you feel like anal sex I am happy to fuck you there too. I like when you suck me and I like to lick you too. I am always up to your toys.”

“Did it ever occur to you that I like the real thing?”

“You tell me.”

“I don’t mind using toys when I am alone, but your cock is nice.”

“Too small compared to your toys.”

“Around same diameter but toys are a bit taller.”

“I think I got the message.”

“Since you mentioned it: if your cock were an inch taller it would hit my back wall of my pussy. You can fuck me as deep as you can with your cock, but when you use my dildo you have to leave an inch or two out or it will hurt like hell. It has been long time since I had a good ass fuck. I think your cock will please me even more once I get use to it in my ass.”

“Do you like anal sex?”

“I do.”

“How did you try it?”

“With my second boy friend. He abused me when I was drunk. It really hurt when he did it to me for the first time.”

“You didn’t dump him.”

“No and he did it a few times until one time I got exited and it felt nearly as good as his cock in my pussy, but his cock wasn’t as thick as yours. In those days your cock would have made me cry out loud.”

“And now you only moan.”

“After you have had two fingers and plenty of grease in my ass it hurts for few seconds after you pass my pincher muscle with your cock.”

“How about after your butt plug?”

“Of course I can feel it, but it doesn’t actually hurt at all.”

“I am pleased to hear that.”

Few nights we had our so call normal night. I licked her up to ten minutes and after I had made her wet and hot we fucked. Actually we went a bit on the side of lovemaking. After our date 10 or something we went roller-blades. She wasn’t to keen to skate so I took the skates and she took her bike. We had quite long route and we went non stop 4/5 of the route. Then I told her that we were entering the town and I couldn’t brake with the skates properly. We stopped on a bus stop and I took the bike. As we arrived to her apartment she asked me:

“How are you still in one piece? You didn’t brake in the worst two slopes and in the tunnel you probably went 40 miles in an hour or more.”


“If you over occupy your guardian angels I can bet they were left a mile behind once you stepped on the roller blades.”

“I think they could keep up with me since I am much faster on skiing down hill.”

“I am glad you don’t have a motorcycle.”

“I have at least 20000 miles riding experience with 5 street bikes and one dirt bike.”

“Why don’t you ride a motorbike any more?”

“I guess I could have bought a bike when I bought my car. I think my car is quite close to motorcycle performance but also warmer during cold months.”

“When did you drive and what did you wear?”

“I have a gore-tex suit that I bought back in 1997. In 1999 I had a 750 Kawasaki. The summer was hot so I quite often went to work wearing my gore-tex suit or leather jacket and jeans. If the weather was warm I had shoes, shorts, helmet and a back pack.”

“No way!”

“Yes. Gore-tex is ok in -20 Celsius or up to +12 or something. Then it is a sweaty experience.”

“Are we going to have a sweaty experience tonight?”

I didn’t reply. I took her hand in mine and began to undress her. She wanted to get rid of her sweaty clothes too. We got undressed and had a long shower together. I washed her deneme bonusu veren siteler neck to toe and she returned the favor. Once we were clean and dry we went to bed and started our kissing and caressing. I am the one who comes easy so I have to lick her quite long. I licked her for few minutes while she was on her back. Then she rolled over. I licked her for a minute or two.

“Please spread my cunt lips if you can.”

“Like this?”

“Yes. You can use a bit more force but be careful if you have long nails.”

I started licking outside her pussy in a circle movement. Her clit was now an easy target and I used my tongue along with my lips. I didn’t look at the time I just kept licking. She didn’t come while I licked her for what seemed like 15 minutes but she was dripping wet and horny.

“Please stop!”

“Am I hurting you?”

“No. It feels wonderful. I just want your cock to fill my pussy!”

“Just wait as long as I can get a condom on my cock!”

I put on the condom and slowly rubbed my cock head to her cunt lips. I used her own moistness and it was easy to enter her. Her moans were soft and it was obvious she liked it.

“Licking you turned me on. I can’t wait much longer unless I stop.”

“Don’t try to hold back. Just shoot”, she said as she reached for her small pink clit vibra.

I fucked her slowly first. I kept on but it also meant I soon shot my load. She felt me coming and stopped her vibra for a while. I pulled my softening cock out and she started stimulating her clit again. She came in five minutes or little less. We were exhausted due to fucking and skating. We were still hugging and holding one another as she spoke.

“How did I deserve this treatment?”

“That was just fun for me.”

“How many women have you slept with?”

“Less than 5 and only one was regular fuck.”

“You have learned a lot during our sexual activities. Why don’t you ask me about me ex boyfriends?”

“I am not interested in the past. The present and the future are more important.”

“There is something on your mind.”

“Well I have lost count how many times we have fucked but making you come seems to be difficult.”

“You are right. I am often ready and willing to fuck or masturbate but I have never had an orgasm with a man fucking my pussy. No matter who or how long it took. It feels good but I just don’t come. You have to believe me and try to enjoy.”

“Anything else.”

“Please don’t talk while I suck you!”

On our next date we cooked something, ate together and she started talking

“I have something on my mind.”

“Make a wish. It may come true.”

“Would you spank me tonight?”

“Sure. Should I tie you to bedposts too?”

“That is totally up to you, but I think it would turn me on more.”


“Feet too. I bought new chains yesterday.”

“I see. I think they may be a bit short”, I said as I had tied her on her back

I licked her breasts, her neck and of course her pussy. She was wet in no time at all. Then I took the crop and gave at least 15 spanks to her each breast. Then I spanked her inner thighs at least 10 times each and covered her clit with my fingers. Then I spanked her pussy at least 10 times, licked it and then sucked some more. Then I undid her feet and rolled her over to be tied again. Her ass was in the air but not as high as I wanted. Then I took her butt plug from her drawer. I put some grease on my fingers and entered her ass with two fingers. She moaned as I moved my two fingers and moaned more as the third entered her anus. But when the end of her cold and smooth butt plug started entering her ass she was nearly silent. I pushed it in her asshole with one smooth slow push. As the widest part passed her muscle the plug went in nearly without any force. I started spanking her again. I spanked her ass much harder then the rest of her. There were soon red marks all over her ass cheeks and I lost count after 20 spanks each. I got bored and put on a condom. I fucked her from behind slowly until I was getting close the point of no return. I freed her one hand and gave her a small clit vibra. I waited until she came before I started pumping faster and harder and pulled out she was still having her orgasm…

She had quite a few sex toys. She had golden geisha balls, white geisha balls that were a bit bigger, a string of 3/4″ anal beads meaning 5 beads, the clit stimulator, green “snake” dildo, the skin colored dildo and 3 smaller dildos. She also had vibrating egg, butt plug and neon green anal beads that aren’t in a string. I didn’t look at the name or brand but the device was quite long. It had 5 balls with 1″ diameter and 5 with 3/4″ diameter.

The first time I used the green anal beads I had tied her to her bed and spanked her for some. When I asked if she had tried her all new toys she said yes. I took some lubricant and rubbed her asshole with it. I used two fingers to get the hole wet. Then I rubbed the beads so that they were slippery too. I placed the bigger diameter ball on her entrance and gently pushed it in. I put 4 more balls in and felt horny as hell.

I put on a condom and got on my knees to fuck her from behind. I was horny but I took it slowly. I moved one ball out and in while I fucked her pussy. She spoke

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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