James and Rachel Ch. 04

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James knew he was asleep, but the dream was just so real. He was at Rachel’s house, leaning against the bathroom counter while she was showering. Rachel was taking her time, meticulously washing every inch of her body while keeping in mind how much he loved licking her skin and eating various syrups and whipped topping off of her. She lovingly caressed her tits as she let the shower puff tickle her nipples with the silky, vanilla scented body wash she loved. Letting one hand slide down her side and around to her ass, she pulled her cheeks open to wash her tight pucker. James tried his hardest to not sit there staring at her, did his best to keep his eyes from following her hands as they slid up and down her soapy body.

“Damn,” he thought to himself, “could I have been any luckier getting a girlfriend?” He looked down to see if his cock was pressing his outward and found himself only staring at the usual bulge. Relieved, he looked back up towards the glass doors of the shower just in time to see Rachel turn her back to him and bend over deeply at the waist, giving him a good look at her smooth shaven pussy and her backdoor. His cock throbbed hard in his pants, causing him to realize just how hard he was getting. James quickly adjusted himself to relieve the pressure and looked back up. His girlfriend was shaving her legs, with her left propped up on the bath faucet. He knew that if he squatted, he’d have a fantastic view of her cunt. His cock throbbed again, trying to push the waistband of his pants outward.

Rachel was enjoying knowing how much she was teasing the hell out of her boyfriend the way she was bending and positioning her leg. She was making sure to keep him in sight any time she did anything that would give him a good view of her asshole or her cunny. She saw him grab his cock and pull it up so it was tucked behind his waistband, she knew by now that it had to be throbbing. She lowered her left leg and stepped back a bit further than she needed then placed her right leg up on the faucet causing her labia to not only be exposed to his view, but slightly parted as well. Leaning forward to start shaving her leg, she could feel herself open more. Rachel was watching James from the corner of her eye and knew that to get him in the shower with her; she’d have to do something a little more daring.

“FUCK,” James shouted in his mind, “why is she torturing me like this. I swear, if she teases me much more, I’m going to wind up stripping and fucking her right there in the shower!” He continued watching his lover shave up over her knee and start on her thigh, her razor strokes steady and methodical; slowly moving closer to her pussy which was there, open and inviting him to fill it with his big dick. He was trying so hard to be good and not start jacking off, straining to keep from tearing off his clothes to jump into the shower to fuck her. While he mentally berated himself, Rachel was starting to draw the razor over her pussy, shearing the short hair from it in brief strokes. With her empty hand she was pulling the skin taught and occasionally teasing herself. James decided he’d had enough and quickly rid himself of clothing. He pulled the shower door open and stepped into the steamy space as Rachel was putting the razor down.

“Took you long enough to get your ass in here,” she said as she looked at him with her leg still propped up on the faucet. “Now are you going to fuck me or do I have do take care of it myself?” As she spoke she looked pointedly at her boyfriend’s cock, throbbing and pointing up at her as her right hand continued caressing her clit. “You do know I bent over and spread my legs like I did just for you, right?” She sighed as James shook his head and then she reached out for canlı bahis his cock, grabbing it and pulling him to her. James needed no more encouragement and readily stepped to her.

Rachel giggled as she felt James’ hands lift her up enough to reposition her for him to take her from behind. As her man’s pulsing member brushed her wet folds, she moaned loudly. Tilting her hips back, to allow for better penetration, she leaned forward to brace her hands on the wall before her. Rachel was more than ready for her lover’s rod to touch every inch of her vaginal walls. The steam, heat and lust was making her crazy and dizzy, turning her on even more. Then, she felt it: the swollen, purple head of her favorite schlong was pushing into her.

James could feel how soaked his lover’s tunnel was just by touching his pole to her. He was only just pushing into her and he already knew that neither of them was going to last long. He had to restrain himself since he wasn’t of the habit of letting this tight pussy cum any less than twice when he had access to it. With that in mind, he started off slow; making sure that Rachel could feel all seven thick inches of his tool gradually filling her up. He pushed up into her, feeling the underside of his cock rub up the front wall of her vag, hitting her g-spot and making her moan again. As he entered her, he pulled Rachel’s ass cheeks apart and rubbed her asshole with his thumb.

Just feeling James’ cock sliding into her and his thumb teasing her other hole brought Rachel to the edge of orgasm. The big fuck stick filled her up from entrance to cervix and it drove her wild. Behind her, James reversed direction and started withdrawing his meat from her. She could feel the ridge of the tip stop just inside her cunt, pulsing and throbbing for a long moment. Suddenly, James slammed it deep into her and pulled it out just as fast, causing her to scream in pleasure as he repeated the action a few times. Her clit was throbbing as it was hit by his balls with loud, wet slaps and turning her on even more. Moaning and screaming out her pleasure, Rachel wasn’t sure how much longer she would last before her orgasm ripped through her.

James loved this trick because of how wild it drove his woman and he proved it again by slowing his thrusts down to nothing out of nowhere. He left the head of his cock just barely penetrating Rachel and let it rest there, pressed to her, but not in her. He heard her disappointed moan and let her wait a few heartbeats longer before her slowly pushed it back into her, again taking his time. As his balls pressed to her clit, James was well aware that she wouldn’t last more than a few more strokes. He very slowly pulled back out, letting his cock feel the hot water of the shower wash over it as he took a deep breath and plunged his pole back into her. He reached up and carefully wrapped a hand around her throat firmly and started fucking her hard and fast. Her breath came in ragged gasps between her moaning for him to fuck her and screaming his name. James could feel her cunny starting to squeeze down on his tool and he knew she was about to cum. Loudly, so he was sure she heard him, James told her to cum on his big, fat cock as he pounded into her and pushed his thumb into her ass. His hand tightened slightly on her neck and with a loud scream, he felt her pussy gripping and squeezing him as she came.

Rachel was somewhat shocked at how intense her orgasm was as she collapsed against the shower wall. She knew it was from her fetish for anal and for choking, but something else made it stronger. She felt James pull out of her and help lift her back to standing as he put his arms around her with his still throbbing cock between her ass cheeks. The action was so sweet, bahis siteleri yet so sensual and she shivered. She was still horny and knew he liked her tight ass. Rachel spent a moment grinding her ass against the hardness behind her as she caught her breath. Once she felt steady enough, she reached back, pulling her ass open in front of James.

James was just enjoing the feeling of Rachel’s ass against him when suddenly she shifted. He opened his eyes and looked down to see her offering her ass to him. Knowing it wasn’t an offer he received every day, he accepted. James pushed his cock deep into her pussy and stroked in and out a few times to coat his dick in her juices and cum before pulling back out and gently pressing it to her ass. Holding his member steady with one hand, he reached beneath her and rubbed her clit in slow circles, keeping her horny. He knew she could cum from anal, and he intended to make sure she would this time.

Rachel felt the tip of her man’s prick pop into her ass as the ridge of it pressed in. “Almost to the really thick part,” she told herself. “Just relax, breathe and enjoy the feeling of how full he makes you,” she continued to think, keeping herself from clenching down and preventing him from fully entering her. She knew he was being gentle, making sure he entered slowly to keep from hurting her, but she wished he’d move a little faster. “This is it, this is the widest spot. The rest of him will fit just fine. She took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly as James pressed in a little firmer. Soon, she felt his balls touch her pussy as his piece entered her completely. She usually loved the feel of him in her backdoor and this time was no exception, though, it had been a while since they last did it.

James stood there with his dick pressed fully into Rachel’s ass, feeing how tight she gripped him and breathing fairly hard. As much as they both loved it, James hated how quickly anal sex made him cum. So he took a moment and calmed down with his large shaft buried in her dark hole. Feeling he’d sufficiently backed away from orgasm, he began rocking his hips a bit, causing his dick to move slightly within the tight grasp of his lover’s rear entrance. He could hear her moans as he kept up his hand’s ministrations on her clit, knowing that the more he turned her on, the harder she’d cum.

Rachel felt James’ words on her ear more than heard them and they caused her whole body to tingle, especially her clit and her ass. All she heard was something about cumming hard and she knew that James was going to please her just like she needed. Suddenly, his hand went from rubbing her clit to snaking two fingers into her dripping pussy and hooking to hit her g-spot as his cock began sawing into her ass. She could already feel the tingly heat building up in her center as the water showering them began to cool as the hot water ran out. James’ fingers were rubbing her just right and his palm was pressing on her clit while his tool worked her forbidden tunnel.

James could feel Rachel’s breathing speeding up and getting shorter as he fucked her ass and cunt. He wanted her to cum hard and he wanted it bad. Her cries of pleasure grew more frequent as his pole did its job along with his fingers. He could feel her pussy beginning to quiver and her sphincter muscles start to twitch. “This is it,” he thought. “She’s there, just a little harder and she’ll go over the edge.” James put just a little more speed and pressure into his work with his fingers and fucked her a little faster and was rewarded in short order when suddenly Rachel took a deep breath, screamed his name followed by “Fuck me, James, I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your fingers and your big, fat dick. Oh my God it all feels so good. James, bahis şirketleri keep fucking me. I’m cumming. I’m cu-.” She stopped speaking and moaned loud, James could feel her knees starting to buckle, and he held her up with his free hand as her orgasm hit hard.

When James could feel her relaxing, James pulled his dick from her ass and lowered her to the bottom of the tub to sit while he washed himself off with some soap under the cold water. He rinsed, turned off the water and stepped out. He grabbed a towel , threw it over his shoulder and then lifted Rachel to her feet before wrapping her in it and helping her out of the bathtub. She sat on the lid of the toilet as he picked up another towel for himself, starting with trying to dry his hair some.

Rachel was still reeling from the two powerful orgasms she’d just had while she sat there on the toilet half watching James dry his hair and half watching his very hard penis bob and wave with his movements. Without another thought, she slipped from the toilet to her knees, pushing her lover back against the counter and sucking his dong into her mouth. Quickly, one hand grabbed his balls, pulling and squeezing them while her other hand grabbed his ass, fingers almost on his hole. She sucked him hard, bobbing her head rapidly on the rod standing from his groin. She knew if she did it just right, James wouldn’t be able to hold back from cumming and she wanted him to cum.

James was caught off guard by Rachel suddenly attacking his pole. He couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as her teeth grazed his flesh and her tongue danced on the underside of his meat. She was pulling on his balls hard, just as he liked and squeezing them firmly as he’d taught her. Then there was her other hand, grasping a cheek and almost rubbing his asshole. He reached down and ran the fingertips of one hand down her cheek and neck to her shoulder and back up to grab a handful of her hair. He pulled her down a little further with every couple movements until she was nearly gagging on his cock.

Rachel was doing her best to not gag on his dick as she was pulled down onto him, it really wasn’t easy, but she did her best, only gagging slightly once. She worked her fingers to his asshole and started rubbing it and lightly pressing into hit and could feel the girthy shaft in her mouth get impossibly harder. She was almost fucking him with her mouth, silently begging for his cum as she listened to his moans and heavy breathing for some kind of signal. She wanted to please him, to swallow his seed, to feel his cock shoot into her mouth and throat. She wanted him to cum now. Rachel was working for it, was focused on it.

James felt his balls tightening up as his orgasm drew near, felt the familiar tingle and sense of urgency in his core. He growled at his lover, nearly losing himself to his animalistic nature. He needed to cum. There was no way to deny him that. The fingers pressing against his ass did so a little harder, almost entering him. The hand on his balls pulled and squeezed harder, urging them to let their contents pour out. The mouth on his cock vibrated with a low moan, tongue swirling against him, teeth teasing and scraping. Suddenly, he was there.

Rachel felt James’ dick suddenly lurch and swell as he cried out that he was about to cum and seconds later, she felt his jizz start shooting out in long, ropey blasts. The salty cum coated her mouth quickly as spurt after spurt sprang forth. The shots got less powerful and slowed to a dribble as she milked the last few drops into her mouth. James had finished emptying his balls and was caressing her face lovingly. He helped her to her feet and kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth and tasting himself. He pulled away enough to look her straight in the eyes and whispered that he loved her. James too Rachel’s hand and they walked to her room where they put on a movie and fell asleep watching it and holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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