John’s Surprise

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It was a rainy night and Janie and her boyfriend were driving back to their apartment from the movies. It was John’s turn to pick the night’s entertainment and Janie was not happy. She hated horror films, but it was one that John wanted to see badly, so she went. Two hours of covering her eyes was not exactly fun for her. As they drove she looked over at John.

“I don’t see what you like about those stupid movies,” she said. “How can you like seeing people get slashed with axes, or impaled on logs?”

John knew which part of the movie she was talking about. The crazed killer was chasing a couple of teenagers in the woods when he stepped in front of the girl and buried an axe deep in her chest before grabbing her boyfriend and throwing him down on a pointed tree stump, making the stump go in through his back and come out a foot from his chest.

“You don’t like getting a good scare every now and then?” John asked.

“You know I hate those kinds of movies. Next time, I am picking what we do.”

They drove the rest of the way home in silence.

Two days later, it was Janie’s turn to pick something. She had been thinking about what she would do for her turn since the movie. She wanted to do something that they both would like and she finally came up with the perfect thing. Janie knew that the only thing that John liked more than horror movies was porn movies. In fact, she knew that he had a huge collection stashed in their bedroom closet.

Although she was not a big fan of it, she knew it was something that he enjoyed so she tolerated it. He did not really watch them that much anymore, but every once in a while they like to put one in the VCR and try to act out what they see on the TV screen. There was one all night porn movie theater in her state, and it was 60 miles away.

She didn’t care about that though. It was the weekend and the two of them did not have to get up for work the next day. She was willing to go the hour to make sure that the two of them had a good time.

When they each got home, they both showered and got ready for the evening out. First they went out to a nice dinner at John’s favorite Italian restaurant, where they drank two bottles of wine with their meal. When they were finished, Janie took the keys to the car away from John and told him to get in and that she was driving.

“Where are we going?” he wanted to know.

“You will see,” she replied, with a wink and a smile.

She got on the expressway and drove west to her destination. She had John close his eyes so he could not see exactly where they were. She parked the car behind the theater, tied a handkerchief around his eyes, and led him to the box office.

After she bought the tickets and got him into the lobby, she pulled off the blindfold. When his eyes adjusted to the bright lights John saw a large poster of his favorite adult star right in front of him. He then looked around and saw several more posters of adult actresses and felt his jaw dropped.

“What did you do?” he said with awe in his voice.

“Well, I wanted to do something that you liked,” Janie explained, “And I know how much you like movies, canlı bahis so I thought we would come to see one. But I just could not go to another horror flick, so I brought you here.”

“Yeah, but, you don’t really like porn,” he said.

“That’s not true.” After he shot her a look Janie smiled. “Well, maybe it is true, but I do like it when we watch them together. This will be a chance for us to do that.”

“Do you know what can go on at a place like this?” John asked. When Janie shook her head no, he told her how most men get so turned on watching the movies that they start to masturbate.

“Gross! I should have thought about that. Too late now. Let’s go see the movie.”

They walked into the dark theater and found that no one was in the room. They sat in the very back row and watched the movie as it started. The first scene was of John’s favorite actress going down on a man who was well endowed. Janie felt her pussy starting to get wet just seeing the size of the man’s cock. John has a nice sized cock, she thought, but it is nothing compared to that. The movie went on to show the guy eating the actress out before he started to fuck her. Janie looked over at John and noticed that he was squirming in the seat a little, and that his right hand had gone into his crotch.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Adjusting myself so that it is not so uncomfortable,” he told her.

“It gets uncomfortable?” She had a quizzical look on her face. For a girl of 25 she was a bit naive about the male anatomy.

“When it is hard and pointing down when you are sitting, yeah,” John said.

“You are hard already?”

“Seeing her go at it always gets me going fast,” he told her. “You have seen how many of her movies I have. I think she is perfect…..aside from you, of course.”

“Way to save yourself there,” Janie said as she hit him with her shoulder. Janie then got an idea. “Take it out and play with it.”

John was shocked when she said that. “You cannot be serious.”

“Why not? It is only us in here. If you do it, so will I.”

That was an offer that he could not refuse. John undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out from his shorts. When he had his cock out in the open, he looked over at Janie as if to tell her it was her turn. Janie hiked up the hem of her black dress and pulled her lacy black thong to the side of her pussy. Even in the dim light John could see that Janie was dripping wet.

The two of them went back to watching the movie as they slowly played with themselves. The same girl was on the screen, only now she was getting fucked doggie style. That was one of Janie’s favorite positions and she found herself rubbing her clit a little faster with her right hand as her left started pinching her nipples through her dress.

John noticed that and pulled the small straps of the dress off of her shoulders, exposing her tits. He started pinching her nipples and stroking himself faster. He heard a loud moan come from the movie and a sharp gasp from Janie, so he turned his attention back to the screen. What he saw made his cock harder than he thought was possible.

The actress bahis siteleri was taking the guys cock up her ass. He had every movie this girl ever made and he never saw her do anal before. But there she was with this guys 9-in. cock in her tight anus.

Janie saw John’s hand start to fly up and down his tool. It was hard for her to tear her eyes away from the screen but seeing the faster movements and hearing his breathing quicken made her do it. She could see how turned on John was from watching the girl take it up the ass and it made her happy. She also noticed that his dick had gotten bigger and the head was turning a deeper shade of purple. He was going to cum any minute.

Janie dove at his crotch and took his entire length down her throat on the first plunge. Quickly, she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, hollowing out her cheeks, sucking him for all she was worth. She was rewarded a few seconds later as wave upon wave of cum was shot into her mouth and down her throat. When she was sure she got it all, Janie sat up and licked her lips. She looked back at the movie just in time to see the guy pump the girl’s ass a few more times before pulling out and cumming in her mouth.

Janie, who continued to play with her clit as she sucked John off, came hard when she saw the girl swallow the guy’s load. After a few more minutes, and when they had gathered themselves, the two of them got up and left the theater. As they walked past the box office, they heard the cute little blonde behind the glass say good night.

The ride home was a quiet one. Both were sure of what they would be getting when they got home, but neither wanted to talk about it before they got there. Once safely in their apartment, they ripped each other’s clothes off and left a trail of clothing all the way to the bedroom.

When they were both naked, they fell onto the bed and started to 69. Janie loved the feel of John’s tongue against her pussy almost as much as she liked sucking his cock. As he ate her out, John slipped a couple of fingers into Janie’s soaking wet pussy. She moaned around his dick as she felt his fingers penetrate her. He fucked her with his fingers as he flicked her clit with his tongue. Her legs were starting to shake as her orgasm approached. John kept up his assault on her clit until Janie started screaming around his cock.

Her whole body convulsed and her muscles contracted as she had the biggest cum of her life. John sucked her clit into his mouth and slowly withdrew his fingers from the tightness of her pussy. She came so hard that his entire hand was covered in her juices. He let her clit out from the grasp of his lips and gave it a quick lick as he rubbed his hand up and down Janie’s ass crack. He would dip his fingers back inside of her while flicking her hard nubbin with his tongue, then bring them back out and rub the wet digits against the pucker of her asshole.

Janie, still sucking his cock, was pretty much oblivious to what John was doing. The feelings in her clit just too strong to notice that he was getting her virgin asshole nice and lubed up for what he was thinking about. She felt him suck her clit back between bahis şirketleri his lips at the same time she felt his thick finger penetrate her most private of holes. She brought her head off of his cock with a “POP!”

“What are you doing?” she asked, a little alarmed at what she was feeling.

“Relax. You will enjoy it. I promise.”

She went back to sucking him, a bit apprehensively, as she felt him licking her clit and fingering her ass. After a couple of minutes, she got used to the feeling of the finger in her ass, and started to like it. She was, once again, moaning around his cock.

John, knowing that he was going to cum once again in Janie’s mouth if he let her continue, pulled his cock away from her wonderful mouth. He climbed out from beneath her and positioned himself behind her. He took hold of his hard cock and rubbed it along the slit of her pussy.

Feeling her hole open up to him, John pushed his cock inside, enjoying the wet hot feeling of her pussy around him. He started to fuck her in earnest and used one of his thumbs to rub against her asshole. Janie moaned with each thrust, his entire body shaking every time his hips slammed into her ass.

Her tits swung underneath her, and she grabbed one to pinch her nipple. Janie then lowered her shoulders to the mattress and used her other hand to play with her clit. She rubbed her clit hard and fast until she came on John’s cock.

John felt her cum and grabbed her hips with both hands and slammed into her one last time. When he felt the last of her orgasm against his cock, he pulled out and placed the head of his prick against her tight puckered asshole. He had her hole so lubed up, and with his cock covered thickly in her juices, that even though she had never taken a cock up her ass, he slipped right in.

Janie screamed as she felt the pain of his dick entering her backdoor. She looked back at him over her shoulder, a look of pain and pleasure on her face. John slowly sank all the way into her ass before he started to pull back out. He fucked Janie’s ass slowly until she got used to the feeling of him. After a few minutes, Janie felt the pain melt away and the pleasure of her asshole getting fucked for the first time start to take over.

“Oh, fuck, you are in my ass!” she moaned to John as he fucked her.

“Oh, shit. Oh my God! It feels good! Oh, fuck!”

Janie played with her clit as John pumped away at her. She could feel John’s cock start to swell in her ass and knew he was going to unload soon.

“Cum in my ass, baby! I wanna feel it in my ass!” she told him.

John fucked her faster now. He loved how tight her ass was around his cock. As he fucked her, the image of the girl on the movie screen from earlier flashed through his head and he lost his control. He buried his cock in Janie’s ass and shot what felt like a quart full of cum into her bowels. Janie just moaned as she felt his hot cum coat the insides of her ass. Her legs gave out then and she collapsed onto the bed, taking John down with her.

He kissed the back of her shoulders and her neck.

“What made you do that?” she asked.

“The movie. And I saw how hot it got you to see that guy fuck her in the ass.”

“It was nice to watch,” Janie said with a wicked grin, “But it was even better feeling it for myself. You are going to be fucking my ass a lot from now on.”

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