Karen’s First Year Ch. 03

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This is a story of pure fiction. This story is copyrighted and all rights reserved by the author. I hope you enjoy, and please vote.


Karen awoke the next morning to sunlight streaming through her window. As consciousness crept into her mind, she struggled to orient herself. After several seconds of wondering, she remembered where she was, and the events of the preceding evening came into focus. She immediately felt a twitch in her pussy and smiled to herself.

She watched the sun through her window as she contemplated her lack of guilt for her lewd behavior of the previous night. Truth be told, she was glad it happened. She felt her pussy moisten as she realized that she wanted more! And, given what she had learned about her host and hostess, she was pretty sure, that the entire weekend would be filled with sexual delights.

Karen contemplated satisfying the itch that emanated from her throbbing clit, but finally decided to arise and shower once she smelled the delightful odors of bacon and eggs. She climbed out of bed and padded to the bathroom. After lingering in the shower for about ten minutes reveling in new found freedom of the beach house, she clambered out and dried off. Then came the challenge of what to wear. If it hadn’t been for the events of the previous evening, she would have thrown on her normal outfit of jeans and an oversized sweater or sweatshirt. But that seemed so inappropriate now. She took another look through the suitcase from under the bed, but she wasn’t ready to wear lingerie to breakfast as that was still beyond her rapidly expanding comfort zone. But, as she dug through the case she found a sleeveless tee shirt that seemed to appropriately fall in between the two extremes of fashion that she was confronted with. She put on her bra and slid the tee shirt on over it, finding the t-shirt to be one size too small, causing every clasp, thread, and edge of the bra to be visibly displayed. Deciding to be a bit wild, she stripped back down and removed the bra, and put the t-shrt back on, deciding that going braless was an appropriate style. Actually for her, this wasn’t just a bit wild; it was really wild, as she couldn’t remember the last time she had ventured out without wearing a bra. She found a matching pair of running shorts hat she found to be cut a bit higher than one would consider normal.

She checked herself in the mirror and smiled to herself as her nipples were making themselves evident poking at the material of the t-shirt. And her well developed legs were accented by the shorts. Reveling in her new sexual freedom, she enjoyed the image of herself as a sexy woman, knowing that if she went out that way that men would probably stare at her chest. And she wanted them to. She found herself wanting men to lust after her.

With her stomach growling for breakfast, Karen headed downstairs. She found her way to the kitchen, where Paul was sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading his Kindle. He was dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, but looked yummy.

“Good morning,” Paul offered. “You know, if you had stayed in bed a little longer, I probably would have brought you breakfast in bed. I already took Jeannie her breakfast.”

“That would have been really sweet. But, here I am, so I guess I’ll just have to make my own.”

“No! Sit yourself down, and I’ll serve. How do you like your eggs?”

“Thanks! Over easy.”

As smooth as the conversation went, Karen could still feel the sexual tension in the air, given the wild events of the previous evening, and wondering how the day would proceed. She didn’t have long to wait and see.

Paul broke the eggs into the skillet, and then spoke up, “I’m sure glad that we didn’t scare you away yesterday. We came on pretty strong last night.”

“Yeah, you think!” Karen responded. “Talk about surprises!”

“Sorry about that. But if I had told you that we intended to seduce you when you came to visit, would you have said, ‘Yes?’”

“Interesting question. Probably not.”

“Are you glad you came to visit?”

“Oh, yeah! But, I’m still coming to grips with it.”

“Well, I certainly hope you’ll stay for the rest of the weekend. And so does Jeannie. And we hope you will continue to share with us throughout.”

Paul was serving her eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast by then, allowing Karen to put a forkful of breakfast in her mouth and avoid answering too eagerly. Her moral training still screamed that she shouldn’t be sharing and enjoying sex with these two people.

Finishing her first mouthful of food, Karen finally answered, “Well, if last night was any indication, it’s kind of hard not to participate. And, I’m not complaining at all.”

“Oh, and by the way,” Paul added. “If Jeannie asks, you came down for breakfast when I told you it was ready. She really likes you, and she will be looking for a reason to punish you.”

“Huh?” Karen asked, trying to wrap her mind around the apparent contradiction in Paul’s words.

“Let me explain. You’ve probably figured out quite a bit, but I can clarify. Jeannie is most definitely poker oyna bisexual, and when it comes to young women, she likes to be in control. When she is with a man, she is quite willing to be submissive, but much less so when it comes to young women like yourself. As to me, I prefer to be in control, but I do enjoy being submissive from time to time. And I am very much a voyeur, if you haven’t figured that out. And last night, you gave full control to Jeannie for the rest of the weekend, and I know she’ll have plans for you. I hope you enjoy it.”

Karen was already ahead of him, clearly remembering her submissive behavior of the previous evening. “I think I will enjoy it. I have so far. So, will I get to fuck you some time this weekend?” she asked.

Paul smiled. “Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment. But, the answer is up to Jeannie for this weekend. I certainly hope so, as I have lusted after you since we first met in the job interview.”

“I hope so, too.” With that desire stated, Karen dug in and ate her breakfast.

Jeannie, wearing a kimono and barefoot, walked into the kitchen carrying her breakfast tray as Karen was finishing her breakfast. She set the tray down on the counter and went over to Paul who had sat back down to finish reading the paper. She leaned over to kiss him, thanking him for breakfast. Karen looked over as Jeannie spoke and found herself looking down the front of Jeannie’s kimono. The view allowed Karen to catch a glimpse of Jeannie’s unencumbered breasts. She found the voyeuristic aspect of looking down her robe quite exciting, even though she had already seen Jeannie naked the night before.

Breaking off the kiss, Jeannie stood back up, catching Karen looking down the front of her robe. Jeannie smiled at Karen, giving her implicit permission to stare. Jeannie then announced her plans for the day. She intended to go for a long jog on the beach, and then asked Karen if she would like to go with her to the spa, and then for some shopping. Paul announced that he had some chores to do around the place, and that the girls should go enjoy themselves.

A couple of hours later, Karen and Jeannie were headed into the nearby town. Karen was dressed in her usual jeans and sweatshirt, while Jeannie had on a pair of skin tight shiny silver pants, and a v-necked sweater that showed ample amounts of the upper slopes of her breasts. Karen couldn’t tell whether Jeannie was wearing a bra or not, but she suspected not. As they headed into town, Jeannie gave Karen a rundown on her plans for their day. First was a stop at the spa for a three hour treatment including manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage. When Karen, who was still working on getting financially secure after college, wondered about the cost of the treatments, Jeannie laughed and told her she was treating.

Then they were going to head off to one of Jeannie’s favorite boutique shops. Karen had never been much of a fashion girl, so she avoided any chat about clothing styles. Karen was a bit mystified, though, when Jeannie commented about the special upstairs fitting room, and the special fashions that could be had there.

Twenty minutes later they arrived at the spa, which was part of a casino resort complex on tribal lands. As they entered, the personal and warm greeting that Jeannie received from the receptionist told Karen that Jeannie was not only a regular but was well liked, as the cute receptionist came around from behind the counter to give Jeannie a hug. Jeannie introduced Karen to the receptionist, whose name was Cindy. Jeannie explained to Cindy that she wanted the full treatment for both of them. When Cindy asked if Jeannie has any preference for masseur or masseuse, Jeannie answered, “If he is available, I would really like Jim, and I think that Amy would be a good choice for Karen. Might they be available?”

Cindy checked her computer and told Jeannie that both could be available for the sessions. Cindy finished the scheduling and then led Jeannie and Karen back into the complex. They were each shown into changing rooms, where Cindy explained the process to Karen. She was to undress completely and put on the robe provided. The manicurist would pick her up from the changing room. Karen did as she was told, but with a slight amount of trepidation. She relaxed more, once she got the robe on, as she found it to be a very luxurious flannel robe that made her feel quite comfortable and safe. A few minutes after she had donned the robe, another cute girl knocked on the door, and then whisked her away to another room. She next found herself in a delightfully decorated salon. The lighting was impeccably done to avoid any shadows whatsoever, and the many mirrors were complemented by rich French Provincial style wallpaper in mauve. Pictures of celebrities and other beautiful women graced the walls in appropriate openings. As she entered the room she was greeted by two more very cute girls. She was seated in the salon chair and while one of the girls started in on her hair, the other proceeded with her pedicure. The two girls were friendly and chatted with Karen, although canlı poker oyna they never once asked for any guidance from Karen as to what to do her naturally curly blonde hair. Not that she cared, as she had never worried that much about her hair.

An hour later, with her nails painted, and her hair done in a new look that was both sexy and natural, she found herself feeling even better than before. “This spa thing may have something going for it,” she thought to herself. She was then escorted to another room for her massage. This room was dimly lit, with several candles, and a noticeable scent of aromatherapy. Soothing New Age music was playing lightly, and a couple of standing mirrors were placed in the room to allow the client to observe the massage. The young attendant helped her take her robe off and get settled on the massage table, with a towel covering her ass. After the young attendant left, it was several minutes before the masseuse arrived, and Karen had almost drifted off to sleep. Karen came back to full wakefulness when the door opened.

.”Hi, there. I’m Amy.”

Karen could see the masseuse as a reflection in one of the mirrors. Amy was a couple of years older than Karen. She was a petite Thai woman, and Karen guessed she couldn’t have weighed more than 95 pounds. She was wearing a pair of quite tight short shorts, and a white cropped sports top that revealed her very tight stomach and quite a bit of her upper chest, including a significant amount of cleavage. For a girl her size, her breasts were quite large, and Karen noted that Amy’s nipples were noticeable as they poked out against the tight fabric.

“Hi, there,” Karen responded.

“So, I see that this is your first time here. Did Jeannie explain anything about our services?”

“Uh, no. Not really.”

“Hmmm. I see. Well, she paid for the full regime of massage services, so do you have a particular style of massage you like; Swedish, Asian, deep-tissue, light? What?”

“To be honest, I’ve never really had a professional massage? What kind of massage does Jeannie like?”

“We try to respect everyone’s privacy here, so we don’t normally share that kind of personal information. I can tell you though that she usually starts with some deep tissue work and then finishes with a lighter and more sensuous touch. She is always smiling when she leaves. If you’re willing to trust me, I could help you enjoy a similar treatment.”

“That sounds good.”

“Okay, just relax, but let me know if anything hurts, or if I am doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.”

“I will.”

Karen closed her eyes as Amy started her massage with Karen’s left foot. At first, Amy’s actions caused a bit of pain for Karen as Amy manipulated all of the bones in the foot.

“You are awfully tight and very tense, Karen. Try to relax your muscles, and let me do the work.”

Karen hadn’t realized that she was resisting the massage until Amy had said that. She willed her body to relax. After all, she wasn’t being physically threatened or assaulted or anything. Just nervous.

“Aw, yes, that’s better,” Amy said as she felt Karen relax beneath her fingertips.

Within moments after that, Karen had drifted into semi-sleep, letting Amy do what she would with her body. Amy finished the backs of Karen’s legs in about fifteen minutes and moved around to the head of the table to start on Karen’s back and arms. Amy spent another twenty minutes on Karen’s back, arms and neck, and Karen’s deep slow breathing indicated her total relaxation.

Amy spoke quietly. “You can turn over now, or if you want, I can do your buttocks. Some clients prefer that we don’t get quite that personal.”

Karen responded in nearly a whisper, “Whatever you do for Jeannie is fine by me.”

Amy smiled to herself, looking forward to the rest of the massage. “Okay, then. She appreciates the attention to all of her body parts. Do you mind if I remove the towel? Or, I can work underneath it, if you prefer?”

“No, you can remove it. It’s just us girls, right.”

“Right!” Amy removed the towel and set it aside, exposing Karen’s gorgeous asscheeks. Amy could tell that Karen was a newcomer to all of this, and she just hoped that Karen wouldn’t call it quits before she could finish the massage, as Amy always enjoyed her sessions with Jeannie, and not very many of her clients appreciated the full attention she provided. Amy could feel her pussy moisten with the hope for a complete massage session with Karen. Even as Amy’s pussy moistened in sexual excitement, she maintained her professional behavior and started a deep tissue massage of Karen’s gluteus maximus. As she continued to stroke deeply on Karen’s buttocks, she slowly and patiently covered more and more of Karen’s well shaped ass. Soon, her fingers were pushing subtly into the crease between Karen’s cheeks.

Karen was enjoying the attention of Amy’s hands, and was conscious of her slow but steady movement towards the center of her sexuality. As she lay there enjoying the ministrations form the trained hands of this cute girl, internet casino she realized that if this were happening only 24 hours earlier, she would be complaining and trying to cover up. Now, she only wanted to enjoy and see just how far Amy would go. Semi-consciously, she parted her legs slightly, letting Amy know that her attention was welcomed.

Amy smiled as she noted the movements of Karen. Nonetheless she did not change the rate of exploration of Karen’s ascheeks. Slowly but surely, her fingers moved closer and closer to the pleasure spots between Karen’s legs. Soon, Karen felt the pressure of Amy’s fingers directly on her anal opening. And it felt good, as Amy massaged her private area.

As much as Amy was enjoying the servicing of this beautiful client, she was careful not to push it too far. At the ripe age of 27, Amy had learned enough about herself, her job, and her clients, that she was very careful. She was an avowed bisexual, and loved to pleasure people sexually, which made her job quite pleasurable. But, inasmuch as sexual interaction was not an official part of the service, she had to be real careful. So, as accepting as Karen seemed to be, Amy was not about to go too far.

“Ok, I think you can turn over now,” Amy said. As Karen started to roll over, Amy carefully and skillfully replaced the towel on Karen’s body to cover her breasts and pubic area. Amy then returned her attention to Karen’s feet, refocusing on the quality of a great massage.

Karen was a bit disappointed that Amy had stopped, although she didn’t say anything. She had been feeling considerable pleasure from the attention of Amy on her anus, and had wanted the girl’s exploration to continue. When Amy returned to massaging her feet, Karen relaxed even more, and willed her sexual excitement to wind down.

After Amy finished Karen’s feet, she moved up and massaged Karen’s lower legs, and then started working on her thighs. Once again, she noted that Karen opened her legs a bit, enabling Amy more freedom in her hand movements. As Amy worked on Karen’s thighs, she slowly and surreptitiously pushed the lower end of the towel higher and higher on Karen’s legs, until Amy had a clear peak at the wisps of blonde hair covering Karen’s pussy. This sexy peek only increased the conflict going on in Amy’s mind.

Karen was really into the massage by now. Her legs had never felt this relaxed before. And the things it was doing to her pussy. She was sure that Amy could tell how horny she was getting. Karen widened her legs even more, giving Amy full access to her inner thigh. She felt absolutely no shame at her seemingly wanton behavior; opening her crotch to the view of a stranger. She not only wanted Amy to see her pussy, she wanted her to see how aroused she was.

Amy felt a twitch between her own legs as Karen spread her thighs. Knowing that she should just ask Karen how far she wanted this to go, she was enjoying the silent flirtation that was obviously occurring, and didn’t want it to stop. Continuing her massage stroke, Amy slowly moved her hand circles closer and closer to Karen’s now visible pussy lips. In the dim light of the massage room, it was difficult for Amy to tell whether or not Karen was showing any signs of arousal, so she continued her advancement slowly. Finally, her fingers grazed Karen’s pussy lips, and Amy could feel the moisture of arousal. She felt Karen jerk when the contact was made, but before she pulled away, she saw Karen spread her legs even further, enabling full access to her cunt for Amy if she wanted to go for it.

Amy squeezed her own thighs together as lustful thoughts raced from her pussy to her mind and back again. She looked over at Karen as she continued her ministrations to Karen’s inner thighs. Karen, who had had her eyes closed earlier, was now staring directly at Amy with wide open eyes. Amy smiled at her and received one in return. With their eyes locked on each other, Amy pushed the envelope even more, as she slid her fingers between Karen’s pussy lips on the next stroke.

“Mmmm,” Karen moaned. “I’m not sure you are helping me to relax right now.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Amy asked.

“Oh, no. I am enjoying the massage. Don’t stop. Please continue.”

“You got it.” Realizing that she now had permission from Karen to provide her with the so-called ‘happy ending,’ Amy shifted her approach slightly to maximize their mutual enjoyment. As much as both of them wanted Amy to continue to massage Karen’s inner thighs and crotch, Amy stopped and moved further up the table. There, she took Karen’s left arm and started massaging Karen’s upper arm. In so doing, Amy casually positioned Karen’s wrist and hand against her own chest.

As Amy massaged Karen’s arm, the arm slid back and forth across Amy’s breasts. Karen was conscious of the position of her hand resting against Amy’s shoulder just above the rise of Amy’s breast. As Amy continued to massage the arm, Karen’s hand drifted downwards until it was resting against the material covering Amy’s left breast. Karen applied some pressure to the breast with the back of her hand. She could feel Amy’s firm nipple through the material of her top and bra. Amy felt the increased pressure from Karen’s hand, and enjoying the stimulation of the movement, increased her own motions to enhance the feeling.

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