Kati Swings at Last

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This is the story of what happened when my wife Kati and I went on cruise a few months ago. What happened was so unexpected, I can still hardly believe it.

If you’ve read anything else I’ve written about Kati, you’ll know she’s not only sexually adventurous but also very submissive.

It’s not a full-on lifestyle thing – we don’t go around everywhere secretly being ‘master’ and ‘sub’ – it’s more a simple heightening of Kati’s naturally compliant nature caused by the fact that during work hours she runs her own company and employs quite a few people.

She deserves her professional success, she’s worked hard for it. But the more demanding her professional role has grown, the more completely and utterly sexually submissive she’s become with me.

So what happened on our holiday? Well, Kati and I met a couple, George and Amy, who, it transpired, were swingers.

And Kati – drunk, horny and eager to please me – agreed to let me fuck her while they watched.

At least that was the plan, only it quickly turned into a foursome in which Kati became a willing sex toy for all three of us.

It wasn’t exactly a full swing inasmuch as George didn’t fuck Kati and I didn’t fuck Amy but I suspect we had, it wouldn’t have been half as incredible.

George was a complete old perv while his wife Amy was fully bi and Kati stunned me by getting it on with her. I’m not just talking about a little bit of smooching and tit squeezing, either. She went full on and way over the top.

It was a pity I couldn’t let George actually fuck her. He kept asking and I wanted to say yes – I’d have loved to watch him plunge his cock into my wife’s pussy and fill her with his cum. But Kati isn’t on the pill because I’ve had a vasectomy and I didn’t want to risk it, you see, even with a condom, though at the time Kati wouldn’t have objected – she was so drunk she actually thought afterwards that he had fucked her.

All the same, he still certainly got intimate with her, you might say, mostly by way of his cock in her mouth and his cum on her face.

I can’t believe all this happened by chance, two hours of sharing my wife of 13 years with another man and, more particularly and very spectacularly, with a woman.

The only reason it happened was because Kati and I were planning a heavy session of our own after dinner in our cabin.

It was a nine night Caribbean cruise. We’ve been cruising a few times before and had a great time, but I’m talking about normal holiday fun, nothing like this.

And I might add that although Kati is adventurous with me, she told me years ago she didn’t like the idea of swinging so I’ve never pursued it with her.

It never really bothered me that she didn’t want to – I had my wild time as a swinger years ago with former girlfriend Naomi. And over the years Kati has more than made up for the thing I thought she wouldn’t do with all the things she eagerly will do.

I guess I wasn’t surprised too much when she agreed to have an audience while we fucked – having sex in public places at risk any moment of being caught is a favourite of hers.

I’ve lost track of the number of car parks, hotel corridors and picnic areas at which I’ve plunged my cock into her sopping wet pussy and brought her to a huge, almost immediate climax.

I’ve even pressed her face down across the hood of her car and fucked her deliciously accomodating ass in a hotel car park late one evening and had to hold my hand over her mouth to stop her wildly screaming orgasm echoing throughout the basement.

So her decision to go beyond the risk of being seen to actually performing in front of others was perhaps not that much a leap.

But when those others, including a woman, started having sex with her too and she readily complied, it was a major surprise, though I really don’t think she would have taken the plunge if she hadn’t been so drunk.

I love fucking Kati when she’s off her face. Sober, she’ll do anything for me anyway, but her helplessness when drunk adds an extra frisson I really get off on and I’ll generally stay sober so I can enjoy it all the more.

And she was really in the mood for it that night. It’s a variation on being tied up I guess, which she was going to be too.

We’d taken along some ropes in our luggage and it was going to be dinner and nightclub, and get her blind drunk, tie her up and fuck her submissive little ass, not to mention her cunt and mouth, from one side of the cabin to the other.

It was Formal Night on ship so while Kati was showering before dinner, I laid out the clothes I wanted her to wear. There wasn’t much, just two items – a short black dress and her black basque. No bra and no knickers. In fact, she didn’t wear knickers under skirts or dresses for the entire trip and that night she was nearly flashing her shaved pussy every time she sat down.

I was feeling her up under the table at dinner and kept filling up her wine glass then we went to a piano bar then a nightclub. I don’t know if you’ve ever free spin been on a cruise but you’re constantly sharing tables on ship with other passengers and we sat down with this Chinese couple, George and Amy.

They seemed really average at first. I think he was in his mid 50s, but she was around my age (I’m mid-40s, Kati is mid-30s) and talk about looks being deceiving – Amy was all soft spoken and charming and let her husband do most of the talking at first but when she got back in the cabin and into Kati, she was something else.

I had only two glasses of wine with dinner and a couple of bourbons afterwards but Kati was knocking back cocktails, all double and triple shots in them but full of juice so they taste like lolly water.

And she kept accidentally flashing them both an eyeful of snatch. At least it was accidental at first, but the more plastered she got, the less she was bothered about concealing herself.

I kept seeing the both of them looking at her, in fact at one point I could see her shaved mound and I was sitting next to her. Thank goodness it was dim in there and she was facing away from the dancefloor!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, George started talking swinging while the girls were up on the dancefloor. I admitted I’d swung before but not with Kati. He told me he and Amy were veterans and regaled me with a graphic description of his wife’s bisexuality. In the spirit of the conversation, I shared that Kati was submissive and loved being fucked in the ass.

Then the girls returned and George started hinting at a foursome and, when that didn’t seem on the cards, he suggested we watch each other fucking. To my surprise, instead of begging me as her husband not to make her, Kati, drunk and horny, deferred to me as her master.

Maybe she thought I’d say no. Instead I told her we would all go back to our cabin and she would let me do what I wanted to her while they watched.

The look on her face was an excited mix of trepidation and arousal.

She was so plastered she could barely stay on her feet, I had to support her out of the nightclub but once we’d taken the elevator to our deck she was a little better and was weaving ahead of me and George, arm in arm with Amy, the two of them giggling away.

I took the opportunity then to have a quick word with George.

“She’s not on the pill so no funny business,” I told him and he assured me: “No, just watching.”

I reckon that lasted about 10 minutes from when I opened the cabin door and Kati collapsed on the bed.

“Who’s going to start?” she giggled, though in a way she already had because when she’d flopped on the bed her dress went up round her arse and George was having a good old ogle at her.

Then Amy said “I will” and she took her dress off. It was a nice sight.

She was wearing stay-up stockings and a black bra and pants and she had a decent figure for her age, relatively trim in that rangy way tall slim women get as they get older.

Her tits were a little bigger than Kati’s, a bit saggy when she got her bra off but still very nice, big aereole and dark nipples, and she had a nice skinny little bum.

And when she pulled down her knickers, I was in heaven – her pussy was smooth as a baby’s behind and she had a prominent mound, high and rounded.

It more than made up for when she then rolled off her stockings, a bit of a disappontment as they’re my favourite sexy lingerie. I’d been going to lay out a pair for Kati but decided her dress was too short and she’d be constantly flashing the tops.

Not that I wanted to spare her the embarrassment, just that I learned a long time ago that if Kati is constantly pulling down her hem to hide her stocking tops, there’s less chance of her flashing her pussy.

Then Amy started kissing George and undoing his pants. He dropped his trousers and undershorts, revealing a thickening cock starting to stand up out of a wiry tangle of grey pubic hair, and he sat down on the chair at the foot of the bed.

Amy dropped to her knees before him and, wrapping both hands around the root of his cock and balls, started sucking him.

Kati wasn’t laughing any more, she was just looking at them open mouthed.

And while Amy bobbed up and down also open mouthed, George looked with eager anticipation from me to Kati.

So I got on the bed and got her dress off. It was a bit of a struggle. I don’t mean she resisted, just I wasn’t getting any help from her plus the clingy fabric was grabbing over her basque.

Then I took my gear off in about 10 seconds flat.

The basque was strapless and I pulled the cups down to get at her breasts and started sucking on her nipples.

Slipping my hand between her legs, I found she was soaking wet in spite of how distracted she was. Her cunt lips were soft and swollen, parting instantly to let my fingers slip between.

I told her to spread her legs and show herself to George. She parted her thighs obediently and held her cunt lips apart.

“Nice,” bonus veren siteler George approved, soaking up the view of Kati posing for him as Amy bobbed over his hard cock.

Then I told Kati to finger fuck herself and, after a moment’s hestitation, she nervously slipped the index and middle fingers of her right hand into her vagina up to the middle knuckle and began rapidly pumping them in and out.

“Ooh yeah, she very obedient,” said George. Amy looked up from sliding her lips up and down her husband’s cock and I saw her eyes drink in the view of Kati’s pussy before she went back to what she was doing.

I pushed Kati’s hand away and slipped my own index and middle fingers into her sopping wet vagina, taking over the rapid motion.

Within seconds she started grabbing at my cock and mumbled ‘Suck you’.

So I squirmed up the bed and offered my rigid cock to her lips. She grasped my shaft and took half the length greedily into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the sensitive head.

My response was to pull her hand away and push my cock all the way between her lips until her nose was pressing into my pubic hair.

I held there for a few seconds, the head of my cock in the back of her throat, until her eyelids flickered open and she looked up at me, wide eyed.

Kati had wanted an evening of sexual submissiveness and she was going to get one. And, apart from tying her up or spanking her – and at that point I hadn’t yet completely discounted doing either in front of George and Amy – the best way to throw her switch from highly willing to complete sex slave was exactly what I was doing right then.

Her mouth fully stopped with my erect member, I knew she couldn’t breathe but I also knew she wouldn’t push me away. It’s all about trust.

So I waited a few seconds more, looking her in the eyes as she started running out of air, feeling her hitching as she fought the growing urge to choke at the head of my cock pressing into the back of her throat and knowing she would pass out rather than resist. Then her eyes began to roll back, her eyelids flutter and her outstretched hand on the bed began to quiver and I pulled out.

She gasped in lungfuls of air and coughed up saliva but I only gave her a couple of seconds to regain her breath before stuffing my cock back between her lips.

Grasping her head, I started fucking her mouth roughly and squeezing her tits the way she likes it. Her response was to plunge her right hand between her legs and start wanking herself wildly.

At that point, George raised Amy’s head and they both watched for a few seconds before getting on the bed next to us.

Amy lay back and spread her legs. She grasped George’s cock and guided it to her slick-lipped pussy as he lowered himself over her. He took care to go slowly and hold himself above his wife, aware that I was watching his cock slip into her and apparently not wanting to spoil the view.

Then for the next minute or two, I watched them fucking (Kati had her eyes closed) while they watched us.

Kati had a bit of trouble cumming at first. Frigging blindly at her clit, she changed hands a couple of times but finally she started hitching her hips and grabbing at the sheets with her free hand, going “Mmmph! Mmmph!” and drooling round my cock.

Then I pulled out of her mouth and got on top of her. She spread her legs and looked up at me in a drunken daze as I rammed into her, making her gasp and throw her head back.

Kati’s cunt was sopping. When I reached under her ass, I found her juices running back between her arse cheeks, making it even easier to do what I was reaching for, which was to slip my middle finger in her asshole and fingerfuck her there as I shafted her gushing cunt.

Almost immediately, Kati started cumming again and I came with her. I just couldn’t stop myself. I shot what felt like a bucketload of cum into her while she was bucking away under me and screaming her head off.

Honestly, it was a bit of a laugh. We’d only been there like 5 or 10 minutes and I’d cum already and Kati was lying under me gasping for breath and looking dazed like she was about to pass out.

I asked her if she was ok and she said she felt woosy so I pulled out and flopped beside her and she just sprawled there with my cum oozing out of her cunt.

That was when George rolled off Amy and she came over to Kati.

Amy stroked her cheek and said ‘hi’ to her. Kati looked at her and managed an embarrassed half-smile.

Then Amy put her hand on one of Kati’s breasts and kissed her on the mouth.

Kati was sure stunned. She just lay there perfectly still as Amy squeezed her tit and smooched her.

Then, before Kati could recover enough from her surprise to do anything, Amy slipped down the bed and went down on her, no messing about, just pushed her legs apart and dove straight in and Kati just lay there and let it happen.

Perhaps shocked by the suddenness of this turn of events, she looked deneme bonusu veren siteler open-mouthed down at Amy between her legs then up at me with an expression of incredulity.

“Relax,” I told her.

She didn’t say anything in response, she just looked back down at Amy, her amazed expression unwavering.

It was an incredible sight. The older woman didn’t do any mucking about, she just stuck her face in between my wife’s legs and gave her a couple of big licks, cum and all. I think she then said something to her husband in Chinese, just one or two words, then she started licking at Kati’s clit.

Kati shuddered involuntarily at the attention to her swollen little bud and turned her face back to me, a look of pleading in her eyes as if to say ‘help!’

I leaned in. “I said ‘relax’,” I whispered. “Let her.”.

So she just tipped her head back and closed her eyes and let Amy do what she was going to do.

The Chinese woman who just three hours ago had been a complete stranger to us was now holding my wife’s legs wide open with her mouth pressed against her just-fucked pussy.

Most of the time she was hard up against Kati’s clit, sucking and tonguing, but every so often she’d give her a couple of big licks right between her labia or push her face right in and tongue kiss her cunt.

Amy came up for air at one point and she looked like a kid making a mess of eating, she was all cum and cunt juice round her mouth and down her chin, then she just dove back in.

And when Kati suddenly jerked and went ‘uhh!’ and started moving her hips just the littlest bit, it was absolutely mindblowing.

I’d thought she’d just lie there nervously and let herself be tongued for a while, I wouldn’t have predicted this.

As Amy lapped at her, Kati started getting pre-cummy exactly the way she does when I tongue her. When she’s like that, she’s generally only a minute away.

What a turn on but I have to admit it was real weird at the same time to be watching it. Kati and I have been married for 13 years now and I thought I knew what she would and wouldn’t do.

Kati moaned, opened her eyes a little and saw me. Her expression was still slightly desperate. She found my hand with hers and squeezed it so I leaned in and started kissing her.

Then George pressed himself up against her on the other side and started whispering in her ear.

I heard him say ‘You like that, don’t you?’ right at the start but then I couldn’t really make out what he was saying because of his accent. It was just words here and there, ‘pussy’ and ‘clit’ and Amy’s name.

Listening carefully, I caught something like ‘Is your clit nice and hard?’ and something else like ‘Amy lick your pussy’ then a few times him going ‘Come on, baby, cum!’

And she was nearly there by then, in fact she was right on the edge and starting to move her hips more and more and moaning louder. But I could tell she was having trouble getting over the edge again so I started squeezing her tits a little harder and sucking her nipples.

All the time, I could hear George mumbling dirty to her. It was all ‘pussy’ and ‘cunt’ and ‘clit’ and ‘cum’ by now.

He was pressed right against the side of her, humping his cock against her thigh and breathing in her ear.

And all of a sudden, Kati came big time, I mean fucking huge. She started screaming and squeezed my hand so hard I thought she was going to break it.

George pulled back a bit so he could watch her cum and was going ‘Fuck yeah!’ over and over.

Kati was reefing her hips up and down and grinding herself against Amy’s face.

The older woman had her hands under Kati’s arse and her face buried hard between her legs. What a fucking amazing absolutely mindblowing sight seeing my wife cum like that.

As Kati’s orgasm subsided, Amy got up from between her legs with her chin all wet and she smiled at me and wiped the back of her hand across her mouth.

Then she crawled up the bed and lay down between me and Kati, slipping her arms around me. She smiled and said ‘Hello’, then pressed her lips to mine and tongue kissed me.

She tasted of Kati’s cunt and my cum. That was something else, I can tell you.

Kissing her back eagerly, I groped her tits. They were real soft and a bit flabby, nowhere near as firm as Kati’s, but her nipples were great, standing up immediately under my palm. Working a series of kisses down Amy’s throat to her breasts, I sucked at the dark tips and felt them grow huge and hard between my lips.

I was in a daze. I haven’t touched a woman other than my wife in probably 15 years and suddenly here I was feasting on Amy’s breasts and squeezing her bum and feeling her start to fondle my cock.

I slipped my hand between her legs. Fuck, she felt great there, so baby smooth she obviously waxed rather than shaving as Kati does. And I realised then Amy had really long cunt lips, like I’d seen them poking out a little bit when she first got undressed, and now they were all puffy and protruding and she was wet, way wet.

My fingers slipped straight into her pussy, bathed in the heat of the natural lubricant that was oozing thickly from her.

Her cunt was quite wide, I had four fingers in her just like that and she moaned ‘Mmm, yeah…’ and kept fondling my balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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