Little Bear’s Twilight Dream

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Little Bear’s Twilight Dream

by Danielle Grainger

There’s that moment between wakefulness and sleep that is luxurious. It is a giving in, a surrendering to the twilight. I was in that state moments ago but became fully awake and aware of what she was doing to my body. But let me back up, so I can relive it myself.

I am in her bedroom, but not her bed. There are certain times she requests my presence in her room while she sleeps. Other times I am in a smaller bedroom in the back of the house. I know how lucky I am that she allows me my own space. She is an extremely thoughtful owner. But this night I am sleeping on the daybed in the corner of her Master bedroom. I do not call her Master, though; I call her Mistress. And I have given myself freely to her for whatever she desires.

I listen as she settles into her own bed. She is quiet for some time, and I can finally let myself relax because she does not need me right now. I lay on my left side, facing the wall. My muscles relax, and I let out a contented sigh as I breathe in the freshly laundered pillowcase beneath my cheek. My eyes close, and I drift toward sleep. The dream begins quickly, or so I think. In my dream, Mistress’s hand lifts the thin cotton sheet from my naked body. I am used to being nude around her. In fact, she requires it. I am only to be clothed if working in the yard or out in public. Perhaps it is her way of reminding me of my place. Reminding me of my submissive role, subservient to her wants and needs. A role that I finally let myself embrace upon leaving a high-stress computer analyst job at a well-known Fortune 500 company.

The cool air caresses my skin as the sheet is lifted. What a wonderful dream this is. Fingertips touch my right hip. This tangible sensation shoots me into wakefulness. “Miss,” I say and struggle to sit up, “are you all right?”

A finger lands on my lips and a “Shh, shh, shh,” whispers softly in my ear. “Settle back down, little bear.” I do as I’m told. I am quiet, but I am definitely no longer asleep.

The three fingers on my hip trace a pattern known only to her. Her fingers begin a path higher, to my side. I tighten up as casino oyna she reaches a ticklish spot. I squirm a little, and she simply murmurs, “Hmm,” as if taking inventory of my body’s reactions.

The pads of her fingers trace a meandering path up my torso. Another tickle spot appears near my armpit, but this time she says nothing. She runs her fingers up and over my shoulder and then lovingly across my cheek and jawline. She traces my lips. She lingers at my lips and says, “open.” I open my mouth, and she slides her index finger in. “Wet my finger, please.” I moan as her command sends a spike of arousal through me. I suck her finger gently, feeling her long nail on my tongue, and swirl my tongue around the tip. Abruptly she pulls it out and thrusts her thumb in. I do the same to that digit. I do not question why. That is not my purpose. My only purpose is to do as she asks.

Without warning, her wet fingers latch onto my right nipple making them even more erect than they were.

“You like this,” she says. “Don’t you?”

“Yes –” I choke as she tweaks my nipple between her fingers. “Yes, Miss,” I struggle to get out.

“Hmm,” she says again. She must be adding information to her database. “You’d like me to put some clamps on those erect nipples, wouldn’t you? Let them bite down hard? Make you wet with desire?”

I moan at her words instead of answering directly. The increasing pressure from her thumb and index finger on my captured nipple shoots delicious pain directly to my clit. Pain translates to desire along its journey south, and I am on fire. Too soon she lets go, and I moan at the loss.

She chuckles. She knows how to play with me.

I am still lying on my side when she nudges my top leg forward toward the wall. I am not quite lying face down, but almost. I feel the cool air tickle my very wet sex.

Her fingers trail down my side, through the ticklish spot, and back to my hip. They continue over my right ass cheek.

“What’s this?” she says as if in wonder. “You are very wet, little bear. How did this happen?”

I try to stammer something, but she cuts me off.

“Did I give you permission to become wet?” canlı casino Her fingers dip into my slickness and then she holds them up in the dark room for me to see their glistening wetness. “Did I?” Her fingers return to the source and trace my swollen outer lips, slick with my tribute to her. She carefully avoids my clit. A sharp smack on my ass from her left hand jolts me into awareness.

“Yes, Miss,” I say instinctively. “I mean, no, Miss. You did not give me permission to become aroused.”

Another hard smack. “Then why did you?” Her fingers continue their exploration. She pinches my sensitive inner lips between her fingers and then gives them a pull and a twist. I moan. The pain is exquisite. “I bet you’d like me to go in. Wouldn’t you?” As she says these words, her thumb and middle finger deftly open my lips wide. Her index finger circles the opening.

“Yes, Miss. Yes, yes,” I say breathlessly, my voice high and tight.

“Why should I give you what you want, little bear? Why should I fuck you with my fingers?”

“Because … because I’ve been a good girl. I’ve been a very good girl.”

“Hmm,” is all she says as her index finger slowly makes its way inside me. She swirls the finger around my inner walls as if measuring the surface area. Another finger joins the index finger as she slowly slides them both in. Then out. Agonizingly slowly, she pushes in then pulls out. A third finger joins the others as she plunges in harder and harder. I can’t help but lift my ass higher as if to pull her fingers in deeper.

“Mistress? I’m going to …” I can’t finish as a pre-orgasmic wave hits me.

“No, little bear,” she says calmly, “there will be no cumming. Not yet. Maybe not even tonight. Your Mistress is simply enjoying her property. This pussy I’m sliding my fingers in and out of? It belongs to me. And I will do with it what I wish.”

I moan as she continues pumping me. “Yes.” It’s all I can get out.

Another sharp smack on my ass. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say in pure agony. “Yes, you –” A wave of pre-orgasmic bliss spikes through my inner core.

“Go on, my pet.”

“You own my body, Miss.” I moan as kaçak casino I ride my arousal. “Use me as you wish, Miss. You own all of me.”

Another smack, this one softer. “Good. As long as that is understood.” With the hand that smacked me, she rubs my burning ass cheek. “You can touch yourself, little bear.”

“But, Miss …”

“You can cum. Let me feel you tighten around my fingers. Let me feel your body thank your Mistress for rewarding you this way.”

My fingers fly to my swollen clit. It doesn’t take but five strokes. My soul caves in on itself and then hurtles me outward into the universe as I explode. I gush my tribute all over her hand. My inner walls grip her fingers tightly as my body spasms around them.

“That’s my good girl. Cum for me, little bear.” She continues to pump me. “Cum hard for me.”

Her continuous thrusting inside my body makes my orgasm last longer. The waves just keep coming. Too soon, she slows her pace. “That’s it, little one. You came hard, didn’t you? To please me?”

I nod and say breathlessly, “Yes, Miss.” It’s the best I can do as I try to catch my breath.

Slowly, she pulls her fingers out of my slit and trails their wetness up my body. She presents them to my mouth. I smell my scent on her fingers which causes me to moan.

“Open,” she says. I open my mouth and lick my arousal from her fingers.

“Ahh, my little toy likes to cum,” my Mistress says. “Doesn’t she?”

I nod, her fingers still inside my mouth. She pulls them out and then rests her hand on my hip. I feel the wetness of them on my skin.

She leans down and kisses my temple. “Sleep now, little bear. Your Mistress has a special task for you first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe even before breakfast.”

“Thank you, Miss.” I can’t help the smile creeping across my face.

“Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you right now?”

“So eager,” she says to the room. She taps my ass lightly with her hand. “Yes, little one. You can sleep now. You need your rest. I plan on making use of that tongue of yours tomorrow.”

I moan in gratitude. “Thank you, Miss. It will be my honor.”

She chuckles, and then my skin grows cold when her hand leaves me. I hear her get back into her bed, and all I can think is that my Mistress wants me. Oh, I hope I fall asleep quickly, so tomorrow will come faster.

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