Love Bites

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For a long time, the women simply looked into each other’s eyes. Shanda thoughts turned to the Art History class she had taken a few years back. They had been examining an Italian Renaissance painting and the professor had pointed out that in a close up of the portrait one could see the reflection of a tiny person in the eyes of the subject. He had explained that in the Renaissance, people were often painted with tiny reflections of their lovers in their eyes. “It was believed,” he had stated, “that when true lovers looked into each others’ eyes, they would see the image of their future children.” Now, as she stared deeply into the dewy ivy eyes before her, Shanda wondered if the modern age had lost something by understanding this simple reflection. As she stared into her lover’s eyes, she imagined that Reesa was seeing deep into her most secret self. The idea should have been terrifying, but she felt nothing but a deep, enveloping calm. The heat of their joining was banked now, the coals a warming shimmer that was reflected in the fireplace behind them. She felt her eyes flutter and realized that she was on the floor, naked, and was on the verge of sleep. She lifted her eyes back to Reesa’s face, saw the soft lips parted by hushed, cat-like snores; she smiled and let the drowsiness overtake her.

The next thing that she was aware of was the chill creeping up her spine. Her front was warm and toasty, but her backside felt as if it was carved out of ice. Shanda opened up her eyes and saw that the fire had gone out completely and Reesa had begun to shiver in her arms.

“Honey,” Shanda murmured as she gently shook Reesa’s shoulder, “let’s move into the bedroom.”

“Mumf” Reesa’s response wasn’t terribly promising.

“Baby, your ass is going to freeze to the fireplace tile.”

“Uh huh.”

“You’re going to be sore all over in the morning, and not in a good way.”


Shanda began to laugh. “Well, I didn’t want to say anything, but you have ice-sickles hanging from your pussy.” Reesa’s body began to shake as laughing became more important than sleeping. “And seriously, if your nipples get any harder, someone could lose an eye.” She grunted as Reesa’s elbow jabbed into her belly. “And if your lips get any bluer, I am going to be accused of necrophilia — and I am just not that kind of kinky.” Shanda jumped up as Reesa swung the couch pillow toward her head and ran into the bedroom door. “You know if you want to catch me you are going to have to get off of your ass, and come and get me.” Shanda ducked as the pillow came winging toward her head. She stuck her butt out the door and waggled it toward her lover. She was so busy taunting Reesa that she never heard her creep up closer. casino oyna She didn’t realize what was going on until Reesa took her down with a full body pounce. Shanda landed on her belly and lost her breath — not from the rough landing, but from laughing so hard. Reesa’s fingers seemed to be able to find every ticklish place on her body!

“Stop! Please!” Shanda begged.

“Please, what?” Reesa taunted.

“I give! I give!”

Reesa rolled off of her and got into the bed, pulling the covers up even though she wasn’t nearly as cold as she had been a few minutes ago.

“You know this is my bed, right?” Shanda stood next to the side of the bed.


“And, I like to sleep on the left side. Scootch over.”

“God, you are such a pain in the ass! If I still didn’t want to taste your pussy, I don’t think I would even bother with you.” Reesa smiled evilly, taking the sting out of her words and moved over to the right side of the bed. “Okay honey,” she said patting the mattress, “it’s all nice and warm for you — and the bed is okay too!”

“You know,” Shanda mumbled climbing under the covers, “for someone who has never been with a woman before, you are sure pretty sassy about it.”

Reesa smiled and ran her fingers down Shanda’s cheek. “Well, I would probably be a lot more freaked out, but since I have never felt like this with any man I’ve ever been with, I think I would like to … embrace the opportunity. Besides, you’re my best friend…who could make a better lover?” She smiled into Shanda’s still uncertain eyes and pulled her woman into her arms.

The bed was so warm. So soft. Shanda’s flannel sheets seemed to take the heat of their bodies, fluff it up, and reflect it back. Shanda was just on the verge of opening her eyes when she felt the soft kisses begin at the base of her spine. She could feel Reesa’s hands gripping her hips as she laid kiss after kiss on the top of her ass, moving slowly up. She worked her way, kiss by kiss, inch by inch, up her spine. Some kisses were soft licks — flicks of the tip of her tongue. Some kisses were gentle suckles that pulled Shanda’s skin between Reesa’s lips. By the time she had reached the cradle of her lower back, Shanda’s moans filled the room. Soft, slick, gentle kisses rained up Shanda’s spine. Finally, when Shanda thought she couldn’t take anymore, Reesa reached the sweet spot behind her lover’s right ear. The whisper of her lush lips was like a moth grazing the skin. Shanda shuddered. Before the tremor had left her body, she arched up with the sharp nip on her right earlobe.

“Fuck!” she moaned.

“Fuck good, or fuck bad?” Reesa whispered into her ear.

“Fuck good. Fuck so good.”

Reesa chuckled as she swept her hands down canlı casino Shanda’s back, following the trail that her kisses had so delicately taken. She continued smoothing her hands down her lover’s backside to stroke along her downy legs. Taking her left foot in her hand, Reesa kissed her ankle softly and then bit her, barely indenting the fragile skin. Shanda’s breath sucked deep into her lungs and then rushed out again. Reesa began moving up her leg, first kissing gently, next biting not so gently. Every nip created another intake of breath from her lover — another moan slipping through her lips. As Reesa progressed up Shanda’s sweet curves, her kisses became more aggressive, her bites incrementally harder. She moved so slowly — sex with water torture technique — fucking by continental drift. By the time she reached the crux of Shanda’s pussy, the sheets had become saturated by the accumulated juices.

“You smell so sweet…so salty…so good!” Reesa murmured. She gently slipped her tongue into that sultry mound and sampled Shanda’s sweet nectar. Shanda gripped the sheets with both of her fists and forced herself not to move. She desperately wanted Reesa to continue her passage up her spine. She wanted … she just wanted.

After one sweet pass over Shanda’s clit, Reesa gripped her hips and sucked the lush skin of Shanda’s ass into her mouth. She filled her mouth with Shanda’s flesh, feeling the blood rush into the skin, pulled by her kiss. After a moment, she released the skin and ran her tongue over the bright bruise that she had left on her right butt cheek. She brushed her cheek against the spot, nuzzling it like a cat pushing into its master’s hand. With the next movement, Reesa took a hold of Shanda’ left butt cheek — she bit down hard, pushing her teeth just into the skin.

“Oh my God!” The rush of endorphins pulsated through Shanda’s body — it felt like electricity playing across her skin. Reesa hadn’t bit down hard enough to make Shanda bleed, but the shock of it was enough… and not enough. Shanda wanted more.

“Please, please don’t stop.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to get too carried away.” Reesa gently kissed and nuzzled against the already bruising bite mark.

“Please, please. I want to be yours…I want you to claim me.” Shanda was almost incoherent with desire.

Again at the base of Shanda’s spine, Reesa began the exploration of her lover’s limitations. Each kiss was different, but each became more aggressive, more primal. Each bite on her spine was a little harder, a little deeper, held for a moment longer. With each bite, Reesa expected Shanda to tell her to stop…that it was enough, but the words never came. Finally, Reesa had covered Shanda’s back with kisses kaçak casino and bite marks. She moved her right arm under Shanda’s unresisting body to pull her closer. Reesa took hold of Shanda’s long sable hair, wound it around her hand, and pulled her neck back. She began placing gentle kisses up the taught skin. She sucked Shanda’s earlobe into her mouth to suckle. She pulled her head back and took the silky skin near Shanda’s pulse. She did not bite down. She laid her lips gently against that so tender skin. She sucked. She pulled the skin into her mouth. She did not bite down. She sucked harder. She could feel Shanda’s throat vibrating with deep moans. She released Shanda’s throat and pushed her head down. In one movement, Reesa flipped Shanda’s hair out of the way, took the scruff of her neck between her teeth, and bit down. Hard.

“Sweet Jesus! Mary mother of God!”

Reesa took her free hand and spread Shanda’s pussy lips from behind. She was so wet it was like parting the ocean. She gently pushed her index finger into her pussy to stroke Shanda’s g-spot and used her middle finger to gently rotate her clit.


Overwhelmed by sensation, Shanda began to pull away slightly, but Reesa sank her teeth into the back of her neck harder and growled against her skin. She slipped another finger into Shanda’s pussy and pulled her body more tightly against her own. The vibrations began to shake Shanda’s body, and her pussy squeezed Reesa’s fingers tightly.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” With every tremor another epithet was wrung from Shanda, but by the end she was crying out incomprehensible, animal noises. Finally, when her body had begun to shake only from her crying, Reesa released her grasp on her neck and pulled her coated fingers out of her pussy. Gently, Reesa cradled Shanda against her body and took her sobbing within herself. She stroked her hand down her dark hair and made soothing woman noises against her lover’s temple.

“Was it too much?” Reesa whispered after Shanda’s sobbing had quieted.

Shanda turned her head toward her love and smiled through her tears. “God no! That was so amazing! I’ve never… I’ve never…felt like that. God!”

“You are going to be so sore though,” Reesa worried, “your whole back is going to be swollen and sore.”

Shanda smiled. “Every time I feel the muscle pull and the pain throb, I am going to remember the most miraculous experience I have ever had.” She took Reesa’s baleful face between her hands. “And I am going to wonder when my lover will take me as her own again.”

Warm, comfortable, safe, and sore, Shanda turned her body completely around to face her lover. She wrapped her arms around Reesa’s back and pulled her close against her. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. The stared at the reflections that they saw there. They saw each other in the other’s eyes. They saw and they felt the bond tighten around them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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