Lynn’s Alley Ch. 04

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Ali and I were working long hours on our individual art pieces; she, touching up a few of the pen and ink series, and me, mounting and choosing the photo-art that I’d want to display for the Gallery’s opening in a few weeks.

To make sure that we’d have a good turn-out and review, she worked her contacts within the art community of New Orleans, getting three of the better known unknowns to also display their work at our opening.

All in all, it was coming together as planned with few hiccups in the process.


“Okay, Sami, now move your chin just a bit higher off of your shoulder, but keep your eyes downcast,” I instructed the model as she sat on the coal-black scenery drape. Her white body was in stark contrast to the blackness that enveloped her small frame.

“One more, Sami,” I said, walking over to her, to ‘pose’ her.

I had her sit, facing the camera, one leg folded underneath, in front of her, the other cocked at an angle, her foot on the floor. The placement of her legs, hinted at, but did not show her pussy.

I had her lean back, supporting her body with her arms behind her, and put her head in a throw-back position; you could see her hair as it cascaded off of her head, hanging loose with her head thrown back, but you couldn’t see enough of her face to recognize her.

Her small breasts had just enough form and shape to make this pose highly erotic, which, after all, was what I was shooting in this series.

Sami was a college student at one of the local, well-known, Universities and had answered my ad that I had placed in the student newspaper.

Seeking a self-assured coed who’s not ashamed of her body; Female photographer needs models for a photo project that requires being photographed in the nude.

Applicants must be of legal age, and be willing to sign a standard release form.

Please reply, with facial photo, to the following:

I set up a separate email account at, as well as acquired a P.O. Box for my photo business. I was amazed at the response from the schools, for I had placed the ad in three Student newspapers at all three leading schools in the city.

Sami was the first of three that I had chosen; she had experience, having done some local modeling shoots for the higher-end department stores in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, but none of those were nudes, obviously.

Her reason for applying was purely financial she honestly admitted when asked; though she was on a full-ride academic scholarship, her family’s finances were meager at best and spending money was at a premium for Sami.

She was a body-model for the art department at school, which was her Major as it turned out, and earned a bit of spending money doing that and was very comfortable posing in the nude, very comfortable with who she was.

The fifty dollars an hour that I was paying for the student models was very welcomed by Sami, I knew that for sure.

“Okay, sweetie, that’s it for today,” throwing her a wrap to cover up with as I started shutting down the hot lights I used in the shoot. She went to the bathroom to change back to her street clothes so that I could drive her back to school.

“Lynn, you sure you don’t mind bringing me back to campus?” Sami asked of me when she emerged from the changing room.

“Not at all, Sami; I have to pick Ali up at the gallery anyway,” I replied.

Ali was at the gallery meeting with the foreman of the remodeling crew to go over a few small details.

“Well, okay, if it’s not too much trouble, I really appreciate the lift,” she said, smiling.

Sami was a senior in college, twenty-one, with a thick head of blond tresses; at 5’9″ and 120 lbs., she was on the slender side, with small breasts, no more than a 34-B, I had judged when I saw her naked for the first time, but almost perfectly shaped, her areolas and nipples slightly larger than one might think.

Her ass was her best asset in my view, just the right size for her body-type, and so firm that you could bounce a quarter of it, easily.

“So, how long have you and Ali been together?” Sami asked me as we headed down St. Charles Avenue towards her campus.

“Almost six months,” I answered, “an incredibly short six months, though it seems as if I’ve known her much longer than that.”

“She’s beautiful,” she commented; Sami and Ali had met on the first evening that I started shooting Sami.

“Thanks, I think so too,” glancing towards her as I drove under the canopy that the old, live oak trees provided over the roadway.

Dropping her at her dorm, we waved casino oyna goodbye and agreed on another shooting date, “Probably next week,” she said, “depending on my exam schedule.”

It was near the end of the summer semester, and exams were looming large on the students’ minds, I’m sure.

“Call me, sweets, and let me know what works for you,” I reminded her, waving one last time as I drove away.


“How’d it go?” Ali asked, after she had kissed me upon getting into my roadster.

“Very well, Ali; Sami’s a natural at posing,” I answered, whipping a u-turn in front of a very pissed-off taxi driver who saluted me with his ‘social finger’.

It was deserved; I shouldn’t have pulled that stunt but fuck it, I did.

“Feel like a drink before we go home?” I asked as I maneuvered through the go-home traffic in downtown.

“Nope, but I will make you anything you want to drink once we get home, if you’d like,” Ali said as she gave my leg a squeeze.

“Can you make a Szarac?” I asked hopefully.

“Almost as good as Nat’s,” she beamed.

I smiled and floored it.

Yeah, I was speeding but did he really have to give me a ticket?

Pulling under the portico at the big house, Ali and I were still laughing at my piss-poor attempt at flirting my way out of the ticket.

“Girl, if that was your best shot at flirting with a guy, it’s no wonder you’re fucking gals,” Ali laughingly chided me.

“Hey, Bitch; I’m out of practice, all right?” I retorted, laughing with her.

It really was a piss-poor attempt.

We were playfully pushing at one another as we gathered our stuff from the car when we heard the car drive up from the boulevard. Looking, we saw it was Miriam, one of Ali’s married gal-pals from college days.

“Oh good, I caught ya’ll home,” Miriam shouted as she got out of her car.

“Long time no see,” Ali said as she and Miriam hugged and cheek-kissed, Miriam turning to hug me as well.

“Asshole is out of town, and I was heading over to Bucktown for some shrimp and didn’t want to eat alone, so I thought I’d drop by to see if you two would like to join me, my treat,” smiling as she made the offer.

Asshole was her husband, Clark; a dreary, but rich, son of society here in the Crescent City.

She insisted on driving, and on buying us dinner, so what the hell, we accepted her offer. Ali and I took turns keeping Miriam company while the other took a quick shower; Miriam called the restaurant, found out that they had shrimp, fresh off the boats and asked them to hold us a table.

I had fixed Miriam a fairly stiff Scotch and water, at her request, while Ali showered.

“So, Lynn, tell me, are you getting acclimated to our Southern ways,” chuckling a bit as she mouthed the words.

“Yes, I am; I’m even starting to pronounce some of the Cajun names correctly,” I proudly boasted, as I finished making my drink. She touched her glass to mine, congratulating me.

“Good for you, girl, I’m still fucking up those names,” laughing at herself.

“Clark away on business?” I asked out of politeness.

“That’s his story and he’s sticking to it,” she smirked, adding, “though, in truth, he’s probably fucking one of his ‘twinks’,” spitting the word out as she said it.

What the fuck do you say to that? So, I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head understandingly.

“Oh, it’s alright, Lynn, I’m certainly not bothered by it anymore,” she said, with just a hint of a slur.

I realized, then, that perhaps she had had a couple of drinks already, before she caught up with us.

“Listen, it’s a wonderful situation,” she explained; “He gets to fuck his young boys, I get to fuck whoever I want, and he gets to keep his ‘dignity’, as long as I keep my mouth shut.”

“And as long as he continues to fund my private bank account, as he agreed to, I will keep my mouth shut,” she added.

“Well,” I said; that was it, I had nothing else.

Thankfully, Ali rescued me from this uncomfortable situation by coming downstairs, telling me to hit the shower and to hurry, she was hungry.


Like most large cities, New Orleans had its special enclaves within the metro area; The Irish Channel, The Italian Quarter, The Lower Nine, The Garden District and Bucktown were the most widely known, though there were others.

Bucktown was on the southern shore of Lake Ponchatrain, loaded with boat slips and Yacht Clubs, and some really good restaurants. Miriam had chosen one of the better eateries and as promised, the shrimp were fresh, large, and delicious.

The canlı casino meal was wonderful and we lingered over Cognac, chit-chatting about nothing particular. Miriam had reluctantly agreed to let me drive us home since she had been hitting the booze fairly hard since we arrived.

Leaning forward, her arms on the table in front of her, her considerable set of boobs were damned near falling from her top onto the table.

Miriam was thirty-five, give or take a year, and attractive in that cheerleader-hits-her-thirties sort of way, but with a body that saw regular exercise, appearing to be toned and fit.

She held her liquor fairly well but still drank too much, in my opinion.

“Damn, but I’m pretty fucked up,” Miriam finally admitted as I parked her car in our driveway, having driven us home from the restaurant.

“Do you think I could spend the night, Alice?” she asked.

Well, she clearly shouldn’t be driving, and Ali thought as much also because she told Miriam that she wasn’t going to let her drive away anyway, so she might as well plan on sleeping with us.

That was the way Ali said it, and Miriam’s face fairly beamed when she heard those words.

“Oh well, that’s fine as long as I’m in the middle,” Miriam quipped.

It took Ali a minute to catch the innuendo and she looked at me when she did, her face curiously scrunched up. She started to say something to Miriam, but thinking better of it, I suppose, she said nothing.

“Since I’m not driving anywhere tonight, do you think I could have another Cognac?” Miriam asked, a bit of a pouty look about her.

“How ’bout you take a couple of hits of weed instead with Lynn and me; it’ll help you sleep and, hopefully, minimize your hangover in the morning,” Ali suggested.

“How ’bout I do just that,” Miriam said, her eyeing us more like a predator, “but I’ll not be responsible for my actions if I do,” giggling a bit.

Miriam excused herself to use the bathroom and after she left the room, as I was rolling a couple of doobies for us, Ali asked, “Lynn, she’s seriously fucked up, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I do,” I answered, then told her of the revelations that Miriam laid on me earlier while Ali was showering.

“Hmmph, I always suspected that Clark was a bit light in the loafers,” Ali said, seemingly not at all surprised by what I told her.

“Miriam’s one of those married friends of yours I told you about, you remember, the ones that flirted with me at Sharon’s party for us,” I mentioned, off-handedly.

Ali stood there, looking pensive as if she were trying to decide something.

“I think she wants us to fuck her,” she finally said.

“And you think that, why?” I questioned.

“I know that Sharon’s blabbed to Miriam about our threesomes; hell, those two hold nothing back from each other, and with her situation with Clark and all, I just wouldn’t be surprised,” she answered.

“So, do you want to?” Ali asked, not hearing Miriam walking up behind her.

“Want to do what?” Miriam asked, sipping the last of her Cognac afterwards.

Looking at each other, I knew that Ali was praying that I would jump in and come up with an answer; she panics in these situations.

So I did just that, I jumped in and answered Miriam’s question.

Moving to stand next to Miriam, I decided to test the waters; If Ali was right, there would be sex for everyone tonight. If she was wrong, I felt that Miriam was drunk enough to believe it if we told her she was imagining things.

Lighting the doobie, I inhaled and held it to Miriam’s mouth for her to hit, putting my hand low on her back, just over her butt. After Miriam took her turn, I held it to Ali’s lips for her turn, my hand rubbing Miriam’s ass through her shorts.

We finished the joint, having to use a clip after it got too short to hold with fingers and my hand, the whole time, was rubbing and squeezing Miriam’s ass, her expression not changing a bit as she allowed me.

I motioned for Ali to come to me, and when she did, I put an arm around her and kissed her, passionately, my other hand having moved from Miriam’s ass to her back, but under her top. As I continued to kiss Ali, Ali’s hand found my breast and began fondling it, right there, in front of Miriam.

My hand was stroking Miriam’s back freely, no bra strap to disturb my finger tips across her skin.

“That’s not fair, you guys; who am I going to kiss?” Miriam said to us, her breathing a bit labored, her eyes staring at Ali’s hand shamelessly feeling my tits, squeezing them.

“If I kiss ya, I’ll have to fuck kaçak casino ya,” I said, my eyes holding Miriam’s in my gaze, my hand now under the front of her top, my hand now finding her breast and rock-hard nipple.

Closing her eyes and leaning towards me with her mouth opening, she said, “Do what you have to do,” her tongue in my mouth when our lips met.

Miriam’s hand slipped under my top, her fingers softly squeezing and pulling on my nipples as we kissed. Ali had moved to the other side of Miriam and began kissing and licking the side of Miriam’s neck as her hand slipped into the top of her shorts, her hand clearly moving up and down under the fabric.

“Let’s go upstairs, you guys,” I said when I pulled my lips from Miriam’s mouth, my breath a bit labored. Reluctantly, they took their hands from the other’s body, and silently followed me up the stairs.

“I’ve wanted to get some of you for a long time, sugar,” Miriam whispered in my ear when she joined me in the bed, licking a trail down the side of my neck and chest until her mouth sucked my nipple into it.

She cupped my nookie with her hand, deftly sliding two of her fingers into me, slowly beginning to finger-fuck me while she sucked on my tits.

Feeling the bed move with extra weight, I opened my eyes to see Ali kneeling into position behind Miriam, our strap-on attached to her body. Rubbing Miriam’s pussy with her fingers, getting Miriam’s juices flowing even more, she guided the head of the faux-cock into her pussy.

As Ali began sliding in and out, going deeper with each thrust, Miriam’s contented sounds escaped from her mouth as the cock spread her pussy wider and wider. Telling Ali to stop for a moment when she released my tit from her mouth, she moved between my legs and dropped her mouth onto my pussy, her ass raised for Ali to enter her again.

Ali entered her and began fucking her harder, pounding her pussy harder and harder as Miriam tried her damndest to get all of her tongue into me, into my pussy. I tried to help her do that by raising my ass off of the bed, making it easier for her to tongue me.

Reaching around with her hand, Ali massaged Miriam’s little-man as she continued to pound her pussy hard and within minutes, Miriam literally screamed into my pussy when she orgasmed.

Pausing a minute or two to catch her breath, Miriam returned to eating me as I led Ali by her hand to sit on my face when she dropped the harness off of her.

Ali came quickly and repeatedly before I finally climaxed, which was a relief to Miriam judging by her redness around her mouth from her licking of me.

Miriam opted to sleep in a spare bedroom, the liquor and smoke finally having caught up to her. We helped her into bed, got her settled then, grabbing a couple of wraps from our bathroom, Ali and I went out onto the Veranda for a goodnight toke or two.

“You were fucking her pretty hard, baby,” handing the pipe to Ali, holding the smoke in as I did so.

“Yeah, I guess I was; I was pretty turned on watching her with you and I guess I got carried away,” giggling a bit, now that it was over.

“Still,” I said after taking my hit, “I thought you were going to split her wide open; but she was loving it, I can tell you that.”

“I thought about fucking her ass with it, but I figured that would be way too big for that,” she offered as fodder for our grist mill.

“Ouch! I can’t even begin to think about how much that would hurt,” grimacing in the dark.

“What we ought to do,” Ali threw up into the air, “is get a skinny vibrator, you know, maybe a little thicker than a finger and play around with that,” her eyes bright in the glow of the street lamps.

I thought about that for a minute or two, then replied to her; “Okay, but this time, you have to pay for it and deal with whatever weirdo is behind the cash register; remember, I did it last time, in Mississippi, when we bought the Jolly Black Giant.”

“I can do that,” she said, a huge shit-eating grin on her face.


Miriam was seriously hung-over.

It was all she could do to keep the coffee down but eventually, that, and a few aspirin healed her enough so that she could drive herself home. Before she left, she asked and we assured her, that last night would stay between us, the three of us.

Thanking us for a wonderful evening of fun, she hugged and kissed us goodbye, waving as she drove away.

“Wanna’ bet that she’s on her cell phone right now bragging to Sharon about fucking us?” I asked Ali as we watched Miriam’s car disappear from view.

“Nah, that’s a sucker bet; I know she’s punching Sharon’s number in as we speak.”

“Keep this crap up, we’re going to have start giving out numbers at the door,” I quipped.

“Okay, but no frequent-fucker miles,” she dead-panned.

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