Lynn’s Alley Ch. 15

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“I reneged on my agreement to be part of Clay’s birthday present,” Ali said to me, over the phone.

“Really?” I questioned, a bit surprised at her decision, “Why?”

“Well, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed cheap and tawdry, and I started feeling cheap and tawdry, as well; and while I might be all of that, it just didn’t appeal to me, the more I thought about it,” Ali explained.

“You’re not cheap or tawdry,” I said back to her, a little angry that she thought of herself so, “so stop saying that shit.”

“You know what I mean, baby,” She answered me.

“Still, stop saying that,” I admonished her.

“Okay,” was all she said.

“So, did Betty go ballistic on you?” I asked her, my peevishness diminishing.

“Well, she was very disappointed, but I offered her an alternative,” Ali continued.

“An alternative?” I questioned.

“Yeah; I suggested that she invite Sharon to lunch and broach her with the offer to help her with Clay’s present. I told her that Clay will get very turned on and at some point, he’ll want to fuck one or both of us, and that I really have no interest in fooling with cock,” she explained, “And I told her that Sharon, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind fucking both her and Clay.”

“Sharon’s going to be pissed at you for telling Betty that,” I suggested.

“Nah, Sharon’s going to thank me for setting her up,” Ali retorted.

“Yeah, but you’re the one who wanted to try a trannie with us, to have a ‘woman with a cock’ in bed with us, so what do you mean that, ‘you have no interest in cock’,” I asked.

“Still do, baby-girl, but…that’s different; it’s a cross between a guy and a girl, kind of,” she said.

“So, what you’re saying is that when you fly out here, you’re going to be one, horny little gal,” I laughingly said.

“Yeah, I will and that’s why I’m coming in a day early, so that I can have a little time with you and Sami before she flies home,” She honestly admitted.

I told her of my conversation with Anita, and that if we all hit it off, that we’d have a little playtime, off of the golf course, with Anita while Ali was out here. I also told her that Dani and Mel would probably jump at the chance to party with us, when she was out here.

“So many young pussies,” she remarked, “so little time,” laughing after she said it.

Well, she wasn’t entirely wrong, was she?


The next two days were full of golf and sight-seeing for Sami and I, sleeping together, but not screwing; we both were letting our little honey-pots rest from our marathon sex session we had had with Dani and Mel.Sami absolutely fell in love with Maui, with Hawaii, its people and its customs.” i=”” could=”” get=”” use=”” to=”” this=”” lifestyle,=”” lynn,”=”” sami=”” said=”” one=”” afternoon,=”” after=”” we=”” finished=”” a=”” round=”” of=””>

“Yeah,” I agreed, “It certainly can snag you with its easy-flowing vibe, can’t it,” I agreed.

“Oh yeah,” she quickly agreed, “and so much eye-candy, all around,” she added.

“For damned sure!” I agreed.

“Feel like hitting the beach for some sun and some swimming?” She asked as I drove us home, to the condo.

“Sounds like a plan,” I cheerfully answered, “and after that, any thoughts about dinner?”

“I feel like a good, juicy steak,” she said, “I think I’m full of fish and shrimp and would like some red meat.”

“I know just the place, and it’s not too far from the condo; in fact, we can walk there and back, if you’d like,” I answered.

“Sounds like a plan, Lynn Marie,” my Sami-girl smilingly answered.


Freshly showered, Sami and I kicked back on the patio, sharing a small joint she had rolled for us.” your=”” friend=”” pete=”” certainly=”” knows=”” how=”” to=”” grow=”” good=”” herbs,”=”” sami=”” said,=”” smiling=”” as=”” the=”” hit=”” she=”” just=”” took=”” worked=”” its=”” way=”” into=”” her=””>

“Yes, yes, he certainly does,” I answered, my own level of mojo soaring.

“Hungry yet?” Sami inquired.

“I could eat,” I honestly answered.

“Yeah, me too, so how far is this place we’re walking to?”

“Not far, maybe a quarter of a mile, and if you’re ready, let’s roll, or rather, let’s stroll,” I lamely said.

The plan was to eat and get back to the condo in time to watch the sun sink below the horizon; shouldn’t be a problem, time-wise but hey, if we miss it, there’ll be a repeat performance casino oyna tomorrow.

Damn, I love Maui!

We took off towards the Steakhouse, walking in the street, near the curb, there not being any sidewalks in this part of Wailea. We were in no hurry, strolling casually, approaching the ‘suspect’ house.

That day on the beach, when Sami thought someone was watching us, we, she, had spied two women on the patio looking our way, we ‘thought’, and last year, the feeling that Nat and I had those nights when we made love on the beach, only a hundred yards down the beach from this year’s condo, well, it was a bit troubling from my point of view.

As we walked in front of the house, we noticed the Porsche Cayenne wasn’t parked outside, but nothing ‘suspicious ‘; then we heard the sound of bushes rustling, and all of a sudden, the deep, guttural barking of what had to be a big dog. Turning to look behind us, a huge black Lab was barking and running towards us, a huge Lab.

“Booger! Heel!” came a shouted command from a female voice from behind a bush.

‘Booger’ stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth closing, and his ass immediately sitting down

There was the sound of an electric motor, or something like it, the sound coming closer, moving past the large row of hedging and bushes along the fence line. In a few seconds, a woman in a motorized wheel chair appeared down the driveway, and turned towards us.

“Girls, don’t be afraid of ‘Booger’; he’s big, but the worse thing he’d do to you is lick you to death,” the woman said.

Sami went into non-selective ‘stone speak’, meaning she talked before thinking.

“Lick us to death? Well, I can certainly think of worse ways to go,” giggling a bit after she said it.

The lady tossed her head back, and laughed aloud at the inference, saying, “Well, you’re certainly right about that,” then adding, “You’re the young ladies from up the street, aren’t you, at the condos?”

“Yes, we are,” I said, a bit suspicious, “how do you know that.”

She smiled a pleasant smile and told us that she owned that complex, as well as a couple of others a bit further on and her rental agent always keeps her informed as to who is staying where.

“You know a lot of tourists and transients are around the Islands all year round, and well, I just want to know who’s staying at my places,” she explained, following with an introduction of herself.

“How rude of me; I’m Maddie, and you might see another woman around, some of the time, Sybil, but she’s not here at the moment.”

I introduced Sami and myself, complimenting her on the condo niceties and all, especially the access directly to the beach.

“Well good, I’m glad to hear it; it’s always nice to hear compliments like that.”

We chit-chatted a while, our conversation ‘generation-free’; she looked to be in her mid-sixties, I thought, but very well maintained, despite whatever her condition was that required her to use a wheelchair.

In response to her query, I told her that we were going to grab a meal at the Steakhouse. She agreed with me that it had the best steaks on the island.

All the while we were talking, Sami had made friends with Booger; Maddie was right, he was a big pussy, instantly rolling onto his back for Sami to rub his belly, which Sami happily obliged.

“Maddie?” Sami said, looking up while her hands petted and rubbed Booger, “would it be okay if we brought Booger a couple of bones from the Steakhouse?”

“If you do, be forewarned that Booger will instantly fall in love with you; in fact, he seems to have taken quite a shine to you already,” Maddie said, adding, “Yes, Sami, it’d be perfectly fine for you to bring Mr. Booger a treat, he’d love it, and I thank you for thinking about it.”

As we parted company, Maddie called to us, “Girls, I’ll leave the yard light on, just ring the doorbell, and save room for an after-dinner cognac with Sybil and I, won’t you?”

Assuring her that we would be honored to do that, we waved, and continued our walk.

“Maddie certainly seems nice, don’t you think?” Sami casually said as we scanned the menu.

“Yeah, and I bet when she was younger, she was quite the looker.”

“I agree; hell, she looks really good now, for her age,” Sami offered.

Sami ordered a T-Bone, to make sure she’d have a bone to bring to Booger, and I ordered the filet; the dog was on his own, I was going to eat canlı casino all of my steak.

We had a lovely dinner, chatting about nothing, and everything. I had already told Sami of Betty’s request of Ali and of Ali’s turn-down of the offer; I also warned her that Ali was flying out a day early so that she could get some play-time with us, before Sami flew home.

“That’d be nice,” Sami wistfully said, “I miss Ali, and our romps, of course,” laughing a bit.

“Yeah, me too, baby, me too,” I replied.

“Meeting you two has been the best thing that’s happened to me, to my life,” Sami said, suddenly a bit misty-eyed.

“As I’ve said before, baby, it was in the cards, for whatever reasons,” I told her, placing my hand over hers, rubbing her hand tenderly.

The yard light was on, and the Cayenne was in the driveway when we walked up to the front door of Maddie’s house. Doggie Bag in hand, Sami pressed the doorbell and immediately, the sound of Booger’s deep guttural barking exploded from inside the house.

If I were thinking about burgling this house, that sound would turn me away.

The door was opened by an attractive fifty-something tall brunette with a smile that could be used as a lighthouse.

“Hi, you must be Lynn and Sami; Booger, your new friends are here with a present for you,” Sybil said, as she ushered us into the house with a sweep of her hand through the opened door.

Booger came bounding into the foyer, his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth, his nose sniffing at warp-speed.

“Let’s bring him to the yard, in back, so that he doesn’t slobber his juices all over the floor, okay, ladies?” Sybil said as she led us towards the back of the large house.

Opening the sliding door to the lanai, she told Sami to make Booger sit before she gave him the bone.

“We don’t want him to feel ‘entitled’, do we girls? After all, dog or not, he is a male,” Sybil laughingly said.

Sami told Booger to ‘sit’, and good ol’ Booger, plopped his ass right onto the lawn, his eyes and nose staring down the bag in Sami’s hand.

“Stay, stay,” Sami said as she fished the bone from the bag, then holding it high over his head, probably three feet or so, Sami turned to Sybil for the okay to give him the bone.

Permission given, Sami let the bone slip from her fingers and Booger had it in his mouth before it dropped an inch. Damned quick reflexes, I thought.

Leaving Booger in the back yard with his Holy Grail, Sybil led us back into the house, the sound of Maddie’s wheelchair heard from a hallway.

“Hi girls, good to see you again; I trust that dinner was worth the walk?” Maddie said as she rolled up to us.

“Oh, yeah, Maddie; You and Lynn were right about the steaks at that place, the best I’ve ever had,” Sami responded.

“They get their meat from the highlands, here in Maui, all local beef-stock; a cross-breed, I believe,” Maddie informed us.

“The highlands?” Sami questioned, then turning to me, “where Pete’s place is?”

That remark caused both Maddie and Sybil to chuckle.

“You know Pete and Mattie, now, do you?” Sybil commented as she handed snifters of Cognac all around.

Smiling conspiratorially, I nodded an affirmative.

Air-toasting each other, we sniffed the delicious aroma of the Cognac, then slowly sipped from our snifters, enjoying the pleasurable burn that good Cognac provides.

“Pete’s been a God-send for me,” Maddie said, “His crops have helped me with pain management for several years,” She told us, her face in a smile.

“As well known as he seems to be,” Sami said, “I’m surprised that he’s not been raided by the cops.”

“I don’t want to say that they turn a blind-eye to his ‘farming’, but, it’s well known that the majority of Pete’s crop finds its way to Cancer victims on the island, and people with serious illnesses, including the sister of a high-ranking police official,” Sybil added to the conversation.

“I didn’t know that,” I said, my admiration of Pete and Mattie increasing a hundred-fold immediately.

“He never asks for an amount of money that his crop could command,” Maddie added, “and I know for a fact that some poor families pay him with vegetables and such because they don’t have the money for his herbs.”

“Wow,” Sami said, obviously impressed with Pete’s humanity.

“One of the few men I know that is a genuine ‘good guy’,” Sybil idly said.

“In kaçak casino the four or five years that I’ve known Pete,” I said, “I always thought that he was a ‘good soul’; what you’ve told me now, just confirms my feelings about him.”

“Shall we continue the conversation on the patio, ladies?” Sybil asked, then opening the slider door for Maddie to motor through.

Booger looked up from the bone he was chewing, holding it with his paws, but we held little interest for him now; he had a bone to pick!

“So, Lynn, Sami, are you girls friends, lovers, friends with privileges….?” Maddie asked after she parked her chair near a patio table.

“I think the proper terminology, sweetie, is ‘friends with benefits,” Sybil corrected.

“Benefits, privileges, whatever,” Maddie said, laughing, “which is it, or is it none of those,” she concluded.

“Probably, all of the above,” Sami said, glancing and smiling at me.

“Not an untruth,” I contributed, savoring this wonderful Cognac.

Both Maddie and Sybil smiled at us, a genuine smile of understanding and simpatico.

“Sybil and I have been ‘together’ for thirty years now,” Maddie said, reaching for and caressing Sybil’s hand on the table.

“I was but a naïve graduate student when this wench seduced me and stole my heart,” Sybil said to us, her look at Maddie full of deep love.

“Wow,” Sami softly said, “Thirty years; that’s so impressive.”

“It’s been a wonderful thirty years, Sami; I would change nothing, including the MS, to be here where I am right now, with Sybil,” Maddie said, a smile on her face.

MS; so the reason for the wheelchair is revealed.

“How about you two young ladies, have you been a couple very long?” Maddie asked us, causing us to blush a bit.

“It’s a bit complicated,” I said to them.

“How so, sweetie?” Sybil asked.

“We’re more like a part of a triad,” I said, expanding that statement to tell them of Ali, of Ali and me, and of how Sami became a part of our lives.

Sybil had refreshed our snifters as I explained our convoluted situation and when I was done, the silence was deafening.

“That’s so beautiful,” Maddie finally broke the silence, adding, “It’s difficult enough to find one soul-mate in life, but for the three of you to find each other, that’s just so special that it defies explanation.”

We talked into the early morning hours, all of us enjoying the companionship. Maddie was diagnosed in her early forties, became chair-bound in her early fifties, and through it all, Sybil has stayed the course. Maddie explained that she offered to free Sybil from any sense of obligation, but Sybil would hear none of that kind of talk.

“When I attached my wagon to her star,” Sybil broke in to say, “It was for the long haul, not a short one.”

Maddie and Sybil had invested wisely over the years, and an inheritance from an aunt she barely knew, helped them retire early and move to Hawaii. They were able to buy rental properties during a down-turn in the real estate market in the Islands, and well, they were comfortable, and thrilled with each day they have together.

Finally bowing to the lateness of the hour, and seeing that Maddie was starting to fatigue, Sami and I thanked them for their hospitality, and stood to leave. We were thanked for providing a lovely evening of company and conversation; both insisting that we feel free to drop in, anytime, for a visit.

“Wow, that’s quite a pair, don’t you think?” Sami said as we made the short walk to the condo.

“For sure, baby; makes one wonder how many other couples like them are out there,” I said.

“Well, if you count you and Ali, Ali and me, and you and me, I can add at least three other couples ‘like that’ that I know,” Sami said, her arm sliding around my waist, pulling me to her.

“You wouldn’t be wrong, baby-girl,” I said, reaching to kiss her under the streetlamp in front of our condo.

Sami checked her email and joined me in bed, sliding under the sheet with me, snuggling into the crook of my arm, her hand on my breast.

“Still think they are the voyeurs from last year, or the other day?” Sami asked as she slowly suckled my breasts, my hand strumming across her tight, fine ass.

“Yeah, but you know what, sweetheart? Having met them, and spent time with them, I really don’t care if it is them,” I said, my hand now squeezing her ass-cheeks gently.

“Me either,” Sami said, lifting her mouth from my breast to say it, and then returning her mouth to my hardened nipples.

Sami and I made love that evening; slowly, tenderly, a night of love-making that was very special to us both.

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