Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 13

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Alice told me that she played golf. Alice didn’t tell me that she was conference champion three years in a row, when in college, and that she had ‘flirted’ with the junior circuit of the LPGA; No, Alice forgot to mention that little ditty, the bitch!

We played at her club, a beautiful tree-lined course with trees hundreds of years old, Spanish moss draping from some of the limbs. She shot a two over par round and I shot, what I felt was, a respectable 10 over.

It was a fun round and we’d be back later in the week for a match with some of her friends; a friendly match, for drinks afterwards.


After golf on Sunday morning, we lunched at the club and returned to the ‘big house’ for a shower and a kick-back afternoon. That night we planned on sitting on the Veranda, enjoying some wine, some smoke that she had scored, and to listen to the Jazz Fest in our birthday suits!

Jazz in the Nude; what a concept.

After showering and changing into some kick-back shorts and tees, we perused the Sunday paper; leisurely, lying on the large couch together, our backs against opposite sofa arms, our legs stretched so that a foot was in each other’s crotch.

It was a marvelous quiet afternoon, filled with serenity, a comfortable place in our universe. I was lying with my head on the arm of the couch, looking at her as she read the comics, my hand rubbing on her foot as her foot rubbed my crotch.

“Ever had a threesome?” out of nowhere she asks this?

“A threesome?” not sure I heard her right.

“I had a couple in college,” she said, dropping the comics to her lap, “and a few with my rat bastard husband also; I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get freaked out if I get ‘kinky’ thoughts or ideas. I’m telling you this, because, well, I’m not sure why now, but I thought you should know,” looking at me seriously.

“Yes, I’ve had threesomes,” smiling at her, “but only one of them involved me with two guys; the others were all with women.”

“Did you like it?” her question serious, judging by her tone.

“With the two guys, it was alright; kinda cool being able to suck a cock and get fucked by one at the same time,” laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I liked that part about it, too,” Alice chimed in.

“I really like all-gal threesomes though, they are fun, and sexy, and it’s just a wild-ass time,” I said truthfully.

“I’d do that with you,” she said, her foot increasing its pressure against my slightly damp pussy, through my shorts.

“Would you? Really?” I asked putting a bit of pressure against her pussy with my own foot, now.

“I’d do anything with you, for you; I really would and I don’t think I’d be jealous either. I think that whatever you and I have is solid, the most solid thing I’ve felt for a long time, emotionally,” her voice trailing off into soft, contented coos as I rubbed her clit with my toe.

“Yeah, me too, baby, I feel that way too; don’t know why; don’t much care why; I just know that I like whatever it is that’s going on between us, I like it a lot,” her toes rubbing my clit now as well.

“If you want to do threesomes sometime, just tell me; I won’t ‘freak out’ on you, I’d be comfortable sharing recreational sex with you and others; I’ve become the poster child for recreational sex since I’ve discovered girls. Just let me know, okay?”

“Aaaaaah, sweet Jesus,” was her answer when she climaxed, her hands holding my foot as she rubbed her pussy against it.

Quickly afterwards, my own moans of joy joined hers, my body shaking with spasms of release.

It was a wonderful, lazy afternoon in a great city, with a wonderful companion. It was all good; so, very good.


“Momma Jo, this is my friend Lynn,” Alice said as she introduced me to the black lady standing in the kitchen at the sink, peeling onions on this fine Monday morning.

“Pleased to meet you, Miz Lynn, but don’t be coming too close to me right now, either of you two girls, these onions are strong, child, strong, strong, strong!”

The onions were indeed strong, the odor causing Alice and I to tear up almost immediately upon entering the kitchen.

Alice turned on a couple of exhaust fans in the stove’s hood, while I opened the door to the back patio, letting some fresh air in.

‘Momma Jo’ had to be into her seventies, but she didn’t move like it; her movements in and around the kitchen, quick, cat-like. Her eyes were as dark as coal lumps; when she looked at you, you just ‘knew’ she was seeing into your soul, into your heart, and definitely into your head.

She had virtually raised Alice from birth, after Alice’s mother died before Alice was a year old. Heart attack at the young age of thirty; her father never remarried, so Momma Jo is “Mommy” to Alice.

“I haven’t been upstairs yet, Miz Alice, but I’ll get around to cleaning ya’ll’s rooms before I leave today.”

“Don’t worry about it, Momma, it’s already done, and it’s just my room that we’re using.”

Momma Jo turned, looked at Alice, then cut casino siteleri a quick to look at me in such a manner that I was ready to confess; ready to say I did it, just don’t hit me anymore.

A ‘hard’ look wouldn’t be over exaggerating as a description of her glare.

“Your room, you said.”

“Yes, Momma, that’s what I said.”

Looking at Alice for a while, and then once again, at me, Momma turned back to the black pot on the stove, stirring, making a ‘roux’ from scratch.

“Well, ain’t none of my bidness,” she said, “Miz Alice, surely ain’t none of my bidness.”

Then looking at me again, looking me up and down, she continued to stir her mixture, saying to me, “Miz Lynn, me and you gonna’ get ‘long just fine as long as you don’t hurt my baby here. That no-good, white-trash husband of hers done did that enough already, you hear what I saying, Miz Lynn?”

“Yes, Momma Jo, I do hear what you’re saying; thank you for welcoming me into your home,” smiling as I looked right back into her eyes, not backing down from her glare.

“Hmmph, you got more guts than most men, child; most can’t take my stare,” laughing out loud and shaking her head.

“Hmmph, hmmph, hmmph, ain’t that something?” chuckling to herself.

“I’m in a good place right now, Momma Jo, I really am,” wrapping her arms around the large woman, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m glad, child, I’m really glad,” smiling at the both of us as she said it.

We told Momma that we’d be back in the mid-afternoon, and Momma said for us not to ruin our appetite, that she was making a gumbo for us for tonight, for after she’s gone for the day.


“She’s 72,” Alice answered me as she drove us towards the Lower Nine, “She’s been ‘retired’ for ten years; my father had her set up with a nice retirement account, but she still insists on coming in two days a week, to ‘earn’ her retirement money,” laughing a bit.

“She comes in to make sure that I’m alright; especially since rat-bastard husband,” laughing even more.

“She called him ‘white trash’; I thought you told me he was from an old family in the city, movers and shakers and all that,” I asked her.

“Honey, having money only means that you can buy more shit than the next guy; all the money in the world can’t buy you class, or a moral compass. We, all of the old-line families had ‘heard’ stories over the generations about his family, but nothing ever broke to the surface to disturb their place in this town.”

“My daddy always said that he wasn’t comfortable with me marrying him, but I was ‘in love’ and closed my eyes and ears to anything negative about him or his family. A damned fool is what I was, Lynn, just a damned fool.”

“That was then; you’ve taken steps to begin again, so put it behind you, chalk it up to youthful stupidity, and go forward, baby,” squeezing her arm on the steering wheel.

Gazing quickly over to me, she smiled a beautiful smile and said softly, “It’s much better since I’ve met you, hon, believe me.”


That first week flew by so quickly; sightseeing with a native of the city, back to sit on the veranda at night, listening to the music from the festival, and making love, sweet, sweet love.

The trip to the Ante-Bellum plantations from the days when Cotton was King was fabulous; taking two separate day trips to see the best ones on the ‘tour’.

On the way back to the ‘big house’ from that last trip, I did my first ‘roadie’; I went down on Alice and got her off as she drove us home at seventy miles an hour. She loved it and so did I.

We also had sex in the city park that first week; she fingering me to orgasm as she kissed me leaning against a tree one evening. We were almost caught, which only added to the thrill for the both of us.

Rushing back to the big house that night from the park, I took her on the dining room table, all the lights on, and the curtains opened.

It was wild; it was crazy; it was stupid, and it was a fucking blast for us both.

Our golf match for ‘drinks’, with her pals, was scheduled for Friday morning, so on Thursday we played two rounds, for practice, warming up for the match the next day. Showering at the club, we settled on the patio for a light dinner before going home.

“Sharon is going to be the mouthy one, Beebe will say little, but she’s the better of the two, at golf.

Sharon will try to get into your head, your head, not mine; she knows she can’t and quit trying after college,” Alice said between munches on the celery stalk of her Bloody Mary.

“Damn, Ali-I started calling her that-it’s only for drinks; you’d think it was for all the gold at Fort Knox,” laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

“Sharon seems to think that it’s a contest to ‘beat me’, to best me at something, anything; I know, I know, but despite her attitude, I really do care for her and have been friends with her since first grade. If she knew that I cared about you as much as I do, she’d try to steal you from me,” laughing a bit canlı casino at that remark.

“Is she bi or lez?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t matter if she was or wasn’t; she’d try any way.”

“As long as you brought it up,” I said to her, “How do you want to handle questions about our relationship at your party Saturday night, or whenever we’re around any of your friends.”

She had a party planned for Saturday, small, intimate she said, no more than twenty or so people were invited; an eclectic mix from her many different worlds. Artists, Musicians, people from the charities she works with, the rebuilding projects; as I said, an eclectic mix.

“I’ve been giving that some thought and wanted to ask you how you want to handle it?”

Thinking a bit, I smiled and responded; “We’ll tell them that you and I are friends from your visits to my city; that we know some of the same people and became friends from your trips there.”

“Works for me, sweetie,” as our food was delivered to our table.


It was to be a match game; winning the hole was the object, not the lowest score. I like match play, less pressure on the player than trying to birdie every hole. In match play, you can win a hole with a bogey, if your opponent has a double-bogey.

Sharon was 5’8” and maybe 130 lbs, attractive body, toned; Beebe was 5’5” and a bit on the ‘stout’ side but a hell of a golfer. Sharon was divorced and Beebe was married to her high-school sweetheart.

We beat them on the last hole, my chip shot dropping in for a birdie; all those drills Anita put me through in Hawaii in January must have taken root, for I was really chipping well this week.

They took the loss gracefully since it took us to the last hole to beat them, but they still had to buy the drinks at the nineteenth hole, the bar.

“How long will you be staying with us?” Sharon asked me after they graciously toasted our victory.

“Another week,” putting my drink down on the table, “though, truthfully, I’m having so much fun that if I could extend it, I would.”

“Why don’t you?” asked Alice, her foot rubbing mine under the table, hidden by the tablecloth on top.

“I’ll call Betts on Monday to check in and if I can, I’ll think very hard about doing it,” smiling at all of them, rubbing Alice’s foot back with mine.

“You will be at the party tomorrow evening, won’t you?” Sharon asked of me.

“Yep, and I’m looking forward to it.”

“Alice, that reminds me,” turning towards Alice now, “Have you got room for me at your house tomorrow night? I’m coming alone, and you know how seriously fucked up I can get at these things.”

Alice darted her eyes towards me, quickly, in a panic, not knowing what to say, when I rescued her.

“I’m sure that accommodations can be made for you, Sharon; better that, than to have you get into an accident or worse.”

“Yes, of course, silly,” Alice said, un-flustered now, apparently, “We’d, I mean, I’d love to have you over, bring your things. In fact, come that afternoon and you can join Lynn and me for a swim.”

“Okey-dokey,” Sharon said, taking a sip from her glass, her eyes looking at me in a leering manner.

“So, you have a plan to handle Sharon spending the night, Slick?” Sharon asked as we drove from the club’s drive.

“Simple, babycakes; I’ll move my suitcase and ‘some’ clothes and crap to the bedroom that connects to yours, and we’ll put her down a hall a bit,” reaching over and giving her tit a little ‘love-pinch’.

Smiling at me, she reached over and did the same to me, but a bit harder.

“What would you like to do tonight, sweetie?” she asked.

“Feel like doing the steamboat cruise of the river?”

Flooring it, she said she would and she’d make sure we had plenty of time to fool around in the shower before we go on the eight o’clock sailing.

We did.


Sharon arrived at the ‘manse’ around two in the afternoon; the caterers were due to arrive for setup around five or so, along with the servers. Confirmed acceptances indicated that her ‘small soiree’ was going to be about fifty people, give or take ten.

“Let’s hit the pool for a bit and when the caterers show up, we can run upstairs to shower,” Alice suggested, and we did.

The pool was in the rear of the house, enclosed by a large atrium of glass with sliding shutters; a hot tub was at the far end of the pool space.

Not Olympic sized but damned close, it appeared.

The three of us all had on two piece suits, Sharon the most revealing of all and, honestly, with her body, I would have worn the same damned thing; she was hot.

Once when Ali and I were catching our breath after racing for a few laps, she whispered that Sharon must have had some ‘work’ done because her boobs were never that big, giggling a bit.

I whispered back, that whatever the reason, that she looked smoking hot; Alice eyed her as she lay on a chaise lounger, and turning to me, said, “Yeah, she really is, isn’t she?”

Leaning into me, whispering kaçak casino into my ear, she asked, “Would you think I’m really fucked up if I told you that I was wondering just how drunk she might get tonight?”

“So you can take advantage of her?” I whispered back, giggling.

“No, you silly shit, so that we can take advantage of her,” giggling with me.

“Let’s see how the evening goes,” I said, slipping my hand down the front of her suit bottoms, rubbing her clit a bit before I pulled my hand out.

“Bitch!” She whispered, but followed it up with a quick kiss. Looking over at Sharon real quickly, Sharon appeared to be napping, her sunglasses over her eyes, her breathing steady.


I met a ton of new faces and names that evening; all lovely people for the most part, with only a limited amount of drunkards and lecherous bastards.

Alice and I both had our hands full fending off advances from the husbands of some of her ‘girlfriends’ but we were successful, smiling at each other from across the room several times, each knowing what the other was dealing with, with the propositions and all.

The last of the caterers left around midnight and the last of the guests, about a half-hour or so after that.

Sharon, Alice, and I were standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, glasses of cognac in our hands as a nightcap. Sharon, for the most part, held together really well despite the amount of liquor consumed by her. It was starting to catch up with her now, though, her eyes hardly able to stay open.

She had worn an evening dress, low-cut in the bodice, very low cut, leaving nothing to the imagination about her gorgeous tits.

“When did you get those,” Alice asked Sharon, her eyes nodding to Sharon’s tits.

“A couple of months ago, when I went to California on vacation; that’s the real reason I went there. Why? Like them?”

“Well, yeah, they look good don’t you think, Lynn?”

“They look great,” playing along with Alice, not sure about where she was heading with this dialog.

“Do they feel fake?” Alice asked, her brows knitted questioningly.

Looking a bit perplexed at the question, Sharon tilted her head to the side, and said, seriously, “You know what? I don’t really know; I haven’t ‘been’ with anyone since I’ve been back, but they feel okay to me.”

Moving closer to Sharon, Alice urged me to the other side with her eyes, putting Sharon between us, when she said, “What do you think, Lynn; do you think they would feel fake?”

“Only way to know that,” I said, “would be to feel them for ourselves, wouldn’t you think?”

“Yeah, I think you’re right about that.”

In fairness to Sharon, she was a little too blitzed to be able to keep up with Sharon and me and our fast-talking dialog. She looked at each of us about 10 seconds after we had moved to her side; just a tad slow on the uptake, ya know?

“Well, somebody feel them and tell me how they feel, I paid a lot of money for these girls!” Sharon slurred to us.

Looking into each other’s eyes, Alice raise an eyebrow; asking, questioning me if I wanted to make that next move, that next step.

I slipped the thin strap from Sharon’s shoulder, letting it drop down on her arm, taking most of the dress with it, uncovering Sharon’s right breast; her brand new beautiful boobie.

She got her money’s worth was my quick assessment, thinking it as I was reaching to cup it with my hand.

“Well, it does feel pretty good in my hand,” I said to them both, my hand moving around her breast, feeling and fondling.

“Ali, why don’t you tell me what you think?” slipping the strap off of Sharon’s other shoulder.

Alice reached and hefted it in her hand, then like me, started feeling and fondling Sharon.

“How does it feel to you, Sharon? Can you feel any sensation from us rubbing and feeling you?”

“Yeah, I can; feels pretty good, feels real to me,” her breath a bit slow.

“Feels real to me too, how about you, Lynn? Feel real to you? Alice said, her eyes telling me that she was getting turned on.

Sharon had her eyes closed, her arms behind her, bracing against the counter, supporting her.

“Sharon, can you feel this?” swiping my tongue across the tip of her nipple, giving it an instant erection.

“Or this?” sucking her erect nipple into my mouth, my hand holding her breast firmly, squeezing just a little bit harder than comfortable.

“How about this, Sharon, can you feel this, too?” said Alice as she took Sharon’s other breast and nipple into her mouth.

“Oooh, my God,” Sharon moaned, her body beginning to tremble just a little bit, “that feels wonderful, feels like it did before the work; don’t fucking stop, either of you.”

Alice and I did stop though, after catching each other’s eye while we were sucking on her tits.

We stopped, pulling her breasts from our mouths, leaving them red and wet around her areolas and nipples.

Sharon opened her eyes, looked at us in disbelief; she stood there half-undressed, with freshly-sucked tits exposed to the world, and asked, matter of factly, “Just what the fuck do you two think you’re doing? You started this, someone better damn well finish it,” pulling us to her with her arms.

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