Mary’s Evolution: Book 02

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This is the continuation of the initial story, where Mary Koutusis was seduced by the father of her best friend, and the seduction was completed by the taking of Mary’s virginity in a motel room just outside of town.

Mary was head-over-heels in love with Greg Mullin, prosperous businessman and unhappily married man who was nearly 30 years her senior. Greg realized how Mary felt about him from the start, and while he wasn’t in love with Mary, he was certainly obsessed with her body, and that night in the motel room did nothing to dampen that enthusiasm. If anything it had made him lust after the chubby teenager even more.

She had been everything he had fantasized about and more. Her shyness and emotional fragility, along with her naivety and seemingly total devotion to him made for a combination that he found irresistible.

So while Mary went out with his daughter that next night on a double date with a couple of boys, Greg stayed at home and waited for their return.

Mary’s Evolution: Book Two


Chapter One: Anticipation

Things were pretty normal for a Saturday evening at the Mullin house. Husband and father Greg was puttering around the house, while his trophy wife Tracy was busy getting ready to “show a house to a client”, as she had explained to Greg and their daughter Brianna in passing.

“Showing a house,” Greg snorted as he headed back outside.

Greg knew that the only thing his wife would be showing was the inside of her pussy, probably to that Kenyan graduate student she had been banging lately.

“She must be twice his age,” Greg mumbled to himself as he went back to fixing the railing on the deck.

Greg knew he had no right to complain, since he was nearly 30 years older than Mary, his daughter’s best friend who was a virgin until last night.

And what a night last night had been, Greg recalled. So sweet and shy, and to think she had actually been a virgin less than 24 hours ago. He had assumed the terrified and innocent look Mary exhibited was just part of the game, and since his daughter was as big a slut as her mother, Greg had assumed that Mary must have been sexually active too.

The evidence to the contrary was indisputable, left all over the sheets of the Olde Saratoga Motor Lodge, room 119. Mary had been extremely nervous at first, but once her cherry was taken Mary had become a whole lot more relaxed and open, as well as changing in other ways. Like the phone call he had gotten from her a couple of hours ago.

“Hi,” the female voice said softly into the phone. “Can you talk?”

“To you? Always baby,” Greg replied, taking his cell phone down to the den.

“Last night,” Mary whispered. “Was it – you know – good? Was I any good?”

“Couldn’t you tell from the way I was constantly hard?” Greg chuckled. “Guys my age shouldn’t be able to do that, but you turn me on so much.”

“It was the greatest night of my life,” Mary said, almost sounding like she was crying. “You made me feel like a real woman. Like I never felt before.”

“Get used to that feeling,” Greg said. “That’s the way I plan on making you feel every time I’m with you.”

“I’m gonna keep losing weight too,” Mary promised. “This is not going to be like the other diets that I quit on. I’m gonna make myself hot for you.”

“You already are hot,” Greg answered, wincing at the thought of Mary becoming a bony skeleton like his wife and daughter. “I’m crazy about you just like you are. When I stuck my cock between those magnificent breasts of yours I was in heaven.”

“That was fun,” Mary giggled. “Made me feel sexy.”

“That’s because you are.”

“I don’t want to go out with Kevin tonight,” Mary said in a pouting voice. “I want to be with you. I want to make love to you all night long again. I want to suck on your dick so bad.”

“Patience, Grasshopper,” Greg said with a chuckle. “If you weren’t double dating with Brianna there would be no reason for you to be staying over, would there? Have your fun with your little friend tonight. Get him all excited. Let him play with your tits and give him a hand job if you like. He can warm you up for me, so when you get back to my place afterward and Brianna goes to sleep, you’ll be all mine.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Remember what I’m going to do to you?” Greg asked, looking over at the sofa in the den as he pictured Mary bent over it.


“You aren’t still scared of that, are you Mary?”

“A little,” Mary admitted. “But whatever you want to do to me, it’s okay. I want to make you happy in every way.”

“You do, and you will,” Greg assured Mary, and after the phone call ended he had to rearrange his clothing to hide his erection.


Chapter Two: Think of me.

Out on the deck Greg nipped his finger with the hammer and let out a little yelp as he was distracted by Brianna and Mary entering the kitchen. Sweet Mary. All that woman hiding under that bland clothing, and even though she was dressed from neck to toe in a bulky sweater and jeans, when canlı bahis he looked at her he saw her naked.

Those gigantic breasts; shackled in that ill-fitting harness, with those thick nipples sticking out like little thumbs on those drink coaster-sized crimson aureoles. That rich dense forest between her legs; growing wildly in a massive untrimmed triangle that spread out onto her inner thighs.

And that ass! Full round buttocks so creamy white, and surprisingly firm to the touch. Greg had spread those cheeks just before taking Mary from behind, expecting to see a hair-filled crevice, but was surprised to see her anus smooth and hairless.

He suspected nothing had been up inside of that balloon knot before his finger had penetrated it either, judging by Mary’s reaction to his digital probing, and when he felt the exquisite tightness and warmth of her ass he knew he had to have it.

Greg had told Mary he would be doing just that after she returned from her double date with his daughter and their boyfriends. He was going to be waiting in the den, and when she arrived he was going to have her anally, with her draped over the couch like he had long fantasized.

But that was hours away, Greg knew, and as he stared in at Mary who was listening patiently to Brianna babble on about something, she happened to glance outside and saw him. Immediately her eyes lit up and her face began to glow.

“Not so obvious,” Greg mumbled to himself as he gave Mary a curt nod, hoping she wouldn’t let what she was feeling show so blatantly.

Luckily Brianna was as ditsy as her mother, and was so wrapped up in herself that she missed Mary’s fawning look of devotion aimed at him. She mouthed the words “I love you” to him before looking away, and Greg quickly went down the steps of the deck and around into the garage.

Any more looking at Mary and he would end up doing something juvenile like jerking off, so he brought the tools back into the garage. The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs and into the den got his attention. They were louder than usual, and by the time he figured it out who it was, Mary was already opening the door.

“Hi,” Mary said, biting her lip and smiling.

“Hello yourself,” Greg said as Mary clicked the lock on the door and walked toward him.

“Garage,” Mary said as she looked around the place and giggled. “Ever since that night, garages make me horny.”

Mary reached up and put her arms around Greg’s neck, smothering him with those full red lips of hers, and as her breasts pressed against him Greg responded in kind.

“What about Brianna?” Greg said in between kisses.

“Dressing. Takes her forever to get ready,” Mary responded, her hands grabbing his crotch roughly. “Ooh. Your cock is hard. Let me.”

Mary went to her knees, undoing his pants and slipping them down to his knees along with his boxers. His cock sprang out wildly, and even though he was sweaty from working around the house all day Mary didn’t blink.

“What about?” Greg said, starting to ask about his wife, but Mary was way ahead of him.

“In the bathroom,” Mary said, looking through her glasses at Greg’s swollen member which she held in her hands as she peeled back the foreskin and pumped the shaft. “I missed your big dick so bad.”

Mary’s lips slid smoothly down the glans and almost all the way down to the root of his member, and Greg shuddered as he leaned against the door. His balls bounced against Mary’s chin and neck as she worked her mouth up and down his cock with a passionate frenzy.

“Where’s your father?”

That was his wife’s voice. Tracy was asking Brianna where he was, and when she didn’t get the information from her she announced that she had to leave and skipped down the steps. Like most everybody else in the neighborhood, they didn’t park their cars in the garage, and for that Greg was never happier than at that moment.

The doorknob jiggled next to his hip, and after she cursed at the door being locked, she went back up the stairs and around the back. Mary’s mouth was relentless, and as he felt his orgasm build he saw the top of his wife’s head through the little windows of the garage as she headed to the car.

Maybe that made his orgasm better – seeing the blonde curls of his trophy wife while his cum raced up from his balls and through the shaft of her cock before coating Mary’s mouth and throat with his seed. Mary didn’t stop until he went limp in her mouth, and as the Lexus started up and roared out of the driveway, Greg helped Mary up to her feet.

“So good,” Greg said as he shook his head. “You suck cock like nobody else.”

“I love your cock,” Mary said as she licked the cum that trickled out of the corner of her mouth. “I love your cum too.”

Mary unlocked the door and got ready to rejoin Brianna upstairs, but turned back to face Greg.

“I’m really horny,” Mary said, not believing what had come over her during the last 24 hours. “I want you inside of me again.”

“Later honey, and in a very special way,” Greg assured her. bahis siteleri “Think of me when you’re out with Kevin or whoever it is.”

“I will,” Mary promised as she kissed him on the cheek.

Greg’s hands instinctively went up to Mary’s breasts, and he gave them a quick kneading before

letting Mary go upstairs. Greg pulled his pants up and tried to get himself together before going up and telling the two of them to have fun.

Then Greg would take a shower and spend a long night in front of the television, thinking about Mary and waiting.


Chapter Three: Fire down below.

A few hours later, the foursome had endured a couple of wretched sets by a bad band at the local hangout, and after passing around a fifth of Jack Daniels had retreated to their stations in Brianna’s boyfriend’s van.

“Wow! Your pussy is really hairy,” Kevin mumbled in Mary’s ear, and from the snickering in the back of the van she knew Brianna and Michael must have heard what he had said.

Mary was too busy squirming around, trying to get Kevin’s finger in the right place, or else she would have told him that if he didn’t like it he could get his hand out from between her legs.

This was a first for Mary, letting a guy take her jeans down like this, but she was horny that if she didn’t get some release she felt like she would explode. The sounds from the back of the van didn’t help any, as Brianna had mounted her boyfriend and was rocking the van while moaning loudly.

Mary had Kevin’s dick in her hand and was milking it while she got closer to orgasm. Funny how his cock had seemed so big the last time she had held in, but now that she had Greg’s to compare it with, it was a whole lot less intimidating.

“Wanna fuck you,” Kevin grunted into Mary’s ear as he ineptly fumbled around with her pussy, and for a minute Mary was so inflamed that she tempted to let him, but when she felt herself nearly orgasm she clamped her legs together.

She came, stifling the noises she made that accompanied her orgasm as best she could, and when she stopped bucking around in the seat Mary pulled Kevin’s hand out of her and swooped down onto his lap.

“Oh man!” Kevin groaned as Mary’s mouth enveloped his cock.

Greg had told her she could give Kevin a hand job, but she thought that she could get him off faster with her mouth so she began moving her mouth up and down on his cock, her lips easily reaching the base of his slender 6″ inch dick.

Hand jobs seemed so childish now, Mary thought to herself as she went up and down Kevin’s stiff dick, and she was still so worked up that she felt she had to do this. Kevin seemed overwhelmed by Mary’s enthusiasm and talent, squirming and moaning while Mary’s mouth worked magic.

So easy to suck a dick this size, Mary thought as she felt Kevin’s cock begin to tense up Maybe especially after getting used to Brianna’s father’s big one, and when he started to cum without so much as a warning Mary easily deflected the spurts with her tongue until they subsided and he went limp in her mouth.

It was close to midnight when the boys finally dropped the girls off at Brianna’s house, and Mary was so horny that she wanted to just run into Greg’s bedroom and attack him, but she managed to restrain herself as they went into the Mullin home.

Mary brushed her teeth and washed up before letting Brianna have the bathroom. Brianna needed a shower, having taken a pussy full of cum from her boyfriend, so while the shower was on Mary stood in the hall outside of Tracy and Greg Mullin’s bedroom. The light was not on, but Mrs. Mullin’s car wasn’t in the driveway either. What if…

Mary’s conjecture was truncated by the bedroom door flying open, and there he was. Bare-chested and looking so good, with a sizable tent in the front of his pajama bottoms, he smiled at Mary while holding his arm out to keep her away.

“Please,” Mary said in a strangled voice while Greg held her at an arm’s distance.

“Ssh!” Greg said, the sound of the shower and Brianna’s horrible singing of a Kelly Clarkson song muffled behind the bedroom door. “How was your date?”

“Okay. I want you though.”

“I know you do baby,” Greg said with a wicked smile. “Something tells me you had a little more fun than I told you that you could have, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Mary said. “Sorry.”

“What did you do?”

“I – sucked Kevin’s dick,” Mary said.

“You swallow his cum?”

“No!” Mary insisted. “I brushed my teeth when we got back too.”

“What did he do to you? Did he fuck you?”

“NO!” Mary half-yelled. “I swear.”

“But he wanted to, didn’t he?”

“Yes, but I didn’t. I swear.”

“Good girl,” Greg said, the thought of Mary going down on a teenage rival not upsetting him at all, and for a second the fantasy of Mary being taken by both him and some other guy at the same time went through his head before he continued. “What did he do to you?”

“Fingered me,” Mary said while blushing.

“So then I guess you must be all satisfied bahis şirketleri and ready to turn in,” Greg said, turning as if to go back into the bedroom, but Mary kept at him, pulling him back and smothering him with kisses and clawing at him.

“Please – no – I have to have you,” Mary insisted, trying to get his pajamas down while Greg moved away.

“Guess the finger didn’t take,” Greg mused while watching Mary’s usual placid nature turn into something way more crazed. “Go to bed now, and after Brianna drops off, you’ll know where I’ll be.”

The shower cut off just then, and so Mary nodded and ran into the bedroom she would be sharing with Greg’s daughter, while Greg calmly went back into his bedroom and waited for the night to unfold.


Chapter Four: Girl talk.

When Brianna rejoined her in the bedroom, Mary tried to pretend she was sleepy, hoping that Brianna would grow tired of listening to her own voice. That was not the case, as Brianna decided to recount the night’s events in graphic detail.

“I know,” Mary said as she hunkered down under the sheet. “I was in the front seat, remember?”

“Yeah, and like you must have drove Kevin crazy,” Brianna quipped. “He was like speaking in tongues or something while you were going down on him. What got into you tonight?”

“I dunno,” Mary mumbled.

“Some night, if you ever want to give it up, we can like go up to the front and let you have the back of the van,” Brianna offered. “Give you more room that way.”


“He’ll do you, you know that Mary?” Brianna said, deciding to bounce over to her bed and sit next to her. “Kevin, I mean. He wants to fuck you.”

“I know,” Mary said wearily. “He mentioned that.”

“So why don’t you?” Brianna asked. “Kev’s alright, and you’ve got to give it up sometime. Don’t want to die a virgin, do you?”

“I won’t,” Mary replied, wanting so badly to tell Brianna everything that happened – except of course who the man was that deflowered her – but to do that would keep them up all night yakking, and there was somebody waiting downstairs for her.

“Well, if you want to have Kevin want you even more, like you should come to the salon with my Mom and me and get waxed like we do.”

“No thanks.”

“Guys don’t like all that hair – especially the way you’ve got it,” Brianna advised. “You’re like Wild Kingdom down there.”

“Some men do,” Mary said.

“Not Kevin,” Brianna said, mercifully jumping back over to her own bed and killing the light. “It’s your body though. Night!”

Mary returned the good night and waited in the dark for what seemed like forever until the sound of Brianna’s breathing suggested that she had dropped off. After a few minutes of hearing that deep exhaling, Mary quietly rolled out of the bed and into the bathroom.

While tinkling, Mary’s hands reached up and grabbed her breasts, which swung freely under the baggy night shirt she was wearing. Not sexy garb, but Greg wanted what was underneath, and she wanted so badly to give it to him. Even what he was going to be taking in a few minutes.

The thought sent shivers down Mary’s spine as she cleaned herself meticulously before flushing and washing her hands. Brianna had told her of her experience, and she had vowed to never do it again, but she had done it with a clumsy doofus. Her father Greg was a magnificent love-maker, and would make it good for her. For both of them.

The stairs leading to the den squeaked as Mary went down them as gingerly as possible, trying to minimize the noise. Brianna was a sound sleeper, and Mrs. Mullin was – well, who knows where she was? Her loss, Mary figured.

As she entered the darkened den, Mary was afraid at first that Greg had grown tired of waiting for her, but she heard the sound of breathing behind her, along with the familiar scent of his cologne. Mary had smelled and sensed Greg’s presence even before he came up behind her, and so was not startled when he grabbed her.


Chapter Five: Taking Mary.

“Kept me waiting,” Greg grunted in Mary’s ear while he reached around Mary and grabbed her breasts, kneading them roughly as he towered over her. “That’s not nice.”

“Bree wouldn’t shut up,” Mary said, trying and failing to turn and face her lover, and instead found herself being moved over to the sofa.

Greg was rough. He pushed her over the back of the sofa while yanking her night shirt up high. She felt his boner pressing into her butt cheek as he spread her legs wide, and the cold gel that he had on his fingers made Mary gasp when he made contact with her anus.

She felt a lubricated finger swiftly penetrate her tight cavity, and after probing for a few seconds, the finger was joined by another, and when the two digits went spinning deep into her bowels Mary cried out softly.

“Ow,” Mary whimpered, feeling the pain and knowing full well that Greg’s cock was bigger than the two fingers now inside her, and that they would be going much deeper and harder than this.

The thought both repelled and excited Mary, and while she was bent over the couch, Greg kept probing with his fingers while leaning over and talking in a voice that was dignified and business-like, even if the words were not.

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