Missing Him

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She missed him. When he was gone on business for several days she really missed him. Like now. She stood in the bedroom, his large white shirt on her, she liked it, and it smelled like him. She didn’t bother to button it up and underneath all she had on were her white cotton panties. The only light in the bedroom came from the small closet light but it was nothing more than a night light.

The day had been long and hot, and now just a few miles south of Atlanta, out in the country it was a still humid late spring evening. She had the windows on the back of the house open and the bedroom ceiling fan on. She didn’t turn on the air conditioner until almost the beginning of the summer because she liked sleeping nude usually with the windows open and the breeze blowing in.

She lay on the cool sheets and let the shirt fall open revealing her small firm breast. She absent-mindedly started to rub one of her nipples liking the way it felt growing hard and stating to feel a tingle between her legs from it.

In the distance she heard a rumble of thunder and saw the flash of lightening. She could smell the rain and knew it was on its way. She loved the way a southern thunderstorm smelled. It reminded her of the first time he fucked her. canlı bahis That night they fucked like teenagers in heat, him taking her in every opening as she eagerly offered it all to him.

The thoughts aroused her.

Her fingers twitched and pulled on her nipples as her thoughts drifted and she thought of him and his wonderful thick, hot hard dick in her pussy. She let the shirt fall all the way open and one of her hands caressed her breast now as she spread her legs. The thunder rumbled again, closer now and a flash of lightening again. For an instant she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, the bed breast exposed, nipples perky. Here hand toyed with the elastic on the waistband of her panties and she slipped her fingers under it.

She always kept her pussy trimmed and loved the smoothness of her skin as her fingers slid down. She was surprised to find herself very wet. Again a flash of light and this time she saw herself with her hand in her panties. This excited her because she knew how much he loved watching her touch herself.

She leaned up and took off the shirt, now bare except for the cotton panties. Slowly she slid them down imaging it was him sliding them down. She slid one ankle thru the leg but left the panties dangling bahis siteleri on her other ankle.

Now naked her body cool as the wind blew in the window across her perky stiff nipples. She spread her legs and touched her hard clit ever so softly. She let out a soft moan loving the way she felt. Lightening flashed again and she saw herself naked, spread hand on her cunt rubbing. Now thunder. The storm was getting closer. She rubbed her pussy a little harder feeling the moisture, hearing the sounds it made as he manipulated the clit. Her state of arousal increasing now, she slid a finger deep in her and slowly worked it in and out of her dripping pussy. It was no substitute for his hard hot dick but it was nice just the same. The thunder and lightening now becoming steadier as the rain began to fall outside.

Her finger worked deep in her as she thought of him on top of her, his dick buried deep in her pussy, feeling his manhood pulse within her. She was moaning loudly now and calling his name begging him to fuck her deep and hard.

She drew her legs up like she was going to wrap them around him. The storm started to rage outside while the passion fire burned in her. Her fingers now rubbing her clit in the motion she loved, bringing bahis şirketleri her closer and closer to her orgasm. Imagining him fucking her with that steady rhythm his dick pumping in her like a hard piston and she opening wide to accept every stroke and eventually his warm thick cum. God she loved it when he came in her, the way his dick got so thick right before he spilled his sweet love into her. This would set her into motion for her own orgasm and more times than not they would cum together crying the lovers cry into each other.

Thunder, lightening, wind, hard rain, the smells, her hand furiously working her clit into a frenzy feeling the orgasm building in her ready to overtake her body. All of a sudden she started to cum her whole body being overtaken. She couldn’t control it and loved it giving in totally. She felt her wet clit throb pulse throb pulse with every way of cum that went down her spine. The lightening flashed, thunder again, hard rain, wet like her pussy. It was almost like the storm outside was having its own orgasm as she thrashed from side to side with her own, her hand never leaving her clit. Then she felt it subside and she lay bathed in a light sweet lovers sweat, her hand gently stroking her swollen pussy lips. The storm was passing now, leaving only the soft rain, gentle breeze and the smell of freshness in the air. She pulled the sheet over her and drifted into a sleep dreaming of him, coming home and taking her again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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