My First Time Ch. 03

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The by now unreal feelings centering on my ass were taking me to levels of pleasure that I had never felt and one that I had no desire to leave. I had stopped letting my mouth get filled and focused all of my attention on the sensations in and around my ass.

The crowd had thinned out and there was only Levis, the great looking stud, the fellow with his arm up my ass and one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen, attached to a very hairy body. There had seemed to be some sort of unspoken word as to the order of things now that there was only the four of them left.

I was still hanging in the sling, my ass well greased and I was able to slide my body weight and make the whole thing swing. I told the big cock to stand by my mouth and let him fill me up once I got swinging again. I had gotten to like the situation that I was in, revelling in the feelings of cock and fist running in and out of my body.

Levis was helping me suck on the monster cock and balls as well as kissing casino oyna me, something that turned the monster into a swelling, jerking mansicle. The stud and the arm were working my ass over very nicely; they would take turns reaching the bottom of my ass with either of their appendages. After a while, they had gotten an idea and soon they were both inside of me, a beautiful thick cock and an arm that were working with each other to get me to come.

This doubling up at both ends was just too intense for any extended length of time, and before long the mansicle, which Levis and I were sucking on exploded giving us a nice thick cum washing over our faces. I licked all of that cum off Levis and kissed him deeply passing some to him.

The two in my ass had switched their approach to me and now both of them had their arms in my ass. I did not even feel the stretch that was needed for that to happen, let alone know that it happened. It took a bit of doing, but they had gotten a rhythm going canlı casino where one was pushing and the other was pulling out of my ass; when their hands met at my sphincter, I could feel a tug on my insides.

After what seemed like forever, they stopped, pulled both of their hands out, waited a second to regrease, then joined their hands together, and pushed. The colours that popped in front of my eyes were intense, my own little firework show! The feeling of the two fists, actually the one huge fist, was out of this world. They really got into the final fucking of my loose ass and buried themselves up to the elbow alternating for the little push further until they both were up to the mid bicep and I was in fisting heaven.

Let me tell you, that when two large fists work a virgin ass for two or three hours, the feelings you are left with are beyond words. I felt them let go of each other’s hand and slowly the stud pulled his arm out, leaving with a popping sound. The lovely man with kaçak casino the fist finally pulled his hand out of my ass and let me float back down to earth.

It took a few minutes but then Levis and the stud removed me from the sling and wrapped me in a blanket. Then we all got into the shower to remove the sweat and cum from our bodies. After drying off and replacing our clothes, I found out that the big hairy cock was the owner of the club and the two that had my ass were friends from dinner. We went out to the bar where the owner poured us all a round of drinks and we chatted for a while. By this time, the club had been empty for a few hours and we were all alone, the owner disappeared for a few moments and then returned with a videocassette in his hand.

He said that all of the goings on in the sling room were monitored on closed circuit television and taped for insurance purposes. He also said that he had just had one of the most intense sexual encounters in a long time and wanted us to have a copy of the whole experience. Imagine my surprise when this all came out. I was now on videotape in some strangers’ library for all to see and there was nothing I could do about it. That is another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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