My Wife and Her Toys

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I came home early from work one day to find my wife in bed with her clit massager. I was watching her, but she couldn’t see me. I was mad at first knowing she was doing this when I wasn’t around, but I got excited pretty quick, and forgot about being mad. I noticed that I rubbing my cock as I was watching her. I didn’t want her to know I was they’re or that it turned me on, because I already plan on using this to my advantage.

She began to moan as she used the massager on her clit, she threw it to the side and reached on the other side of her and got a vibrator. That’s when I noticed several more toys laying beside her.

That’s when I knew it was going to be a long day and night.

She began sucking on the vibrator, getting it wet. Then she turned it on and inserted it into her pussy as she moved her pussy lips back with her other hand. She instantly started to thrust the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She thrust it in and out faster and faster until she was moaning louder than I had ever heard her moan before. About that time she began to cum, from where I was standing I could still see her white cum coming from her pussy and forming around the base of the vibrator. She just lay their a few minutes holding the vibrator deep in her pussy as she was bucking and moaning.

I figured after that big of an orgasm that she would be finished for the day evan with the other toys out, but I was surprised.

It wasn’t long before she began thrusting the vibrator in and out of her pussy again only to have another wicked orgasm as she came again. She then reached and grabbed a tube of lube and a pink butt plug.

The more I watched the hornier I got. I just wanted to run through the door and take over to relieve myself. I managed to control myself as I talked myself out of just busting into the room. I knew before the night was over casino oyna that I would have my way with her. I watched as she lubed the pink butt plug.

After putting a generous amount on the butt plug she lubed her finger and slid it into her nice tight ass. After sliding her finger back and forth into her ass, she inserted another finger and began to fuck herself with two fingers. After a couple of minutes of this she took the pink butt plug and inserted it with no problem into her ass, she inserted it all the way until the base of the butt plug was against her ass cheeks. I could see her ass close around the fat part of the butt plug to hold it in place.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing because we had never had anal sex before. I know I had never brought it up before but her coming from a prim and proper home where evan sex was not mentioned in the house especially anal sex. I had taken it for granted that, that sweet puckered hole would be out of the question. I knew now that tonight was going to be my lucky night after watching this spectacular show.

I watched as she turned the butt plug loose and took her big purple dildo out and lubed it a little before ramming it into her pussy. She began fucking herself with the dildo with the butt plug snug in her ass. She began to twist and turn the dildo as she was thrusting it deeper and deeper into her tight little pussy. Soon she was moaning and groaning to each thrust until she was cumming again. This time she didn’t stop after her orgasm, she continued pumping that purple dildo in and out twisting and turning it until she had another orgasm. She just let go of the dildo and let it ease its way out of her pussy as she just lay there spent. Her arms to her sides with a big grin on her face. She still had the butt plug inside her beautiful ass.

I had tried to keep up with slot oyna her orgasms and to the best I could count this was her sixth time to cum since I had been watching. I figured she was finished, and I wasn’t about to let her get up and clean up like nothing had happened while I was at work. I made sure my clothes were straight and tried to hide my hard cock the best I could I entered and stormed into the room as mad as I could be. I demanded to know what she thought she was doing while I was at work.

She began to explain and cry, knowing she had been caught. I let her whimper and try to explain for a few minutes before telling her that she was going to have to pay for what she had done today with a big smile on my face. Soon she was smiling and said whatever I wanted that it was mine for the night.

I told her that the first thing I wanted while getting undressed was that nice ass of hers. She started to say something then she remembered the butt plug she had in and started reaching for it. I told her that I would get it for her, as I reached for her legs and rolled her over where that nice ass was up in the air and removed the pink butt plug from her ass. I pulled it really slow and then would slam it back in just watching her expression on her face as I kept this up for about five minutes, until I thought she was about to cum and I would stop not letting her get off that quick. I then removed it all the way and slid up behind her with my dick rubbing her nice puckered hole.

She began to tell me to please be easy, that this was only the second time that she had ever used the butt plug, and it was something that she liked and was going to mention it to me after she got used to it. She said she had found one of my CD’s and had watched it. She said she figured this was something that I wanted but wouldn’t bring up to me. She said canlı casino siteleri she decided to try a plug and then surprise me with it one night.

I told her that she did surprise me today and after the confession I would be gentle. I reached for the lube and put some on my fingers as I slid two fingers inside her asshole finger fucking her for a few minutes before she began to beg me to put my cock inside her ass. I lubed my cock and started pushing at her tight hole until I felt the head pop inside her ass. I stopped and waited for her to get used to it. While I was waiting she said now ease it in. As I was easing it in she started to whimper wanting to know if it was all the way in.

I told her that there was about an inch to go, so I eased it in right quick before she could back out. I then just rested there for a few seconds letting her get use to my cock being inside of her. I eased it almost all the way out and then slowly back in. This was killing me. I wanted to fuck that ass of hers hard and fast.

Then without any warning she told me to fuck her ass and to fuck her hard. That she was ready and wanted it now. She didn’t stop with her vulgar mouth, telling me to fuck her, fuck my ass she said, fuck it hard, harder faster and faster. Ohhhhhh god I am cummming don’t stop, don’t stop. She had one of the biggest orgasms I had ever seen before from her.

I told her we weren’t finished for the night, I then told her to get her purple dildo, and put it deep in your pussy. She did as she was told and started fucking herself with the dildo as I began to fuck her ass again. I could feel the dildo inside her pussy as I fucked her ass. It didn’t take long and I was shouting that I was cumming and she said she was cumming also. We had an intense orgasm together both cumming at the same time.

She pulled the dildo out of her pussy and collapsed on the bed and I followed collapsing on top of her. My dick getting smaller every second then plopped out of her ass so I rolled off of her and we lay their holding each other not moving or talking until we both fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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