Neverending Vibrations

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Even though Kayla is my best friend, we do have a couple of disagreements. Our disagreements are more like evil pranks we pull on each other and they are always sexual. One time I swapped her body wash with super glue and she had her hands glued to her boobs for three days! I guess it made sense why she decided to play a cruel joke on me. It all started about a week ago when I wanted to take a shower. The water heater wasn’t working at my house so I went over to Kayla’s to shower. I asked her if I could borrow an outfit, since we were both the same size and I had forgotten to bring my clothes.

She grabbed an outfit for me and I took it in the bathroom. I locked the door and started the water. As I waited for the water to get hot, I admired my sexy body in the mirror. My D-cup boobs hung off of my chest and nearly killed my back. My hips made my body that perfect hourglass shape. I considered myself plus size but my friends say otherwise. Lust swept over me as I began fondling my breast. My boobs are so sensitive it sends shock waves of pleasure all over my body when touched. I let out a moan as my hand began to slide slowly down my body toward my crotch area. I got to my pussy and began to rub it. My moans grew louder as pleasure and lust took me over. I felt my fingers penetrate myself and I began the finger fucking. Oh, how badly I longed to have a cock inside of me, banging me and fucking me, cumming inside of illegal bahis me. I began to picture my crush in his spandex clothing he always wore to gym class. The way his muscles flexed and rippled. Oh, how badly I wanted him to take me. Finally, I came, letting out an orgasmic moan. Suddenly my mind snapped back to reality and I noticed the water running. I also noticed the wet mess I had made on the bathroom floor.

The next day I wore the outfit Kayla let me borrow. Nothing bad had happened. Not until third period. I walked into class and sat in my seat. I saw my crush walk in and began to feel wet when he flexed his muscles slightly to scoot his chair out from under his desk. It made me think about how he’d flex when he would strip me and take me. In fact, I wanted him to take me right now. I began to breathe a little heavy as I pictured him on top of me, pounding the crap out of me. All of a sudden I felt a vibration in my pants. Was somebody trying to call me? No, this was a constant vibration. My phone has more of a pulsing vibration. I didn’t care what was happening, all I cared was taking advantage of this. I felt myself growing a little hot as I felt my wetness begin to slide down my leg. I began thrusting my hips a little, for the stimulation was too overpowering to keep still. I could feel the pleasure building up. I was about to orgasm. It took every muscle in my body to keep as quiet as possible but I let illegal bahis siteleri out a little squeak. Luckily nobody noticed.

I began to feel afraid, while alongside still turned on. I had expected for the vibrations to stop but they continued at the constant speed. In fact, it felt a little bit more powerful this time. Within three minutes I had orgasmed again. I enjoyed this so much but at the same time I wanted it to stop, at least until I was alone. The vibrations never stopped. I had orgasmed nearly twenty times before our lunch break. My stomach was hurting and my legs were sore. Who was doing this to me?! I rushed into the bathroom and into an open stall, another orgasm passing me by as I did so. I was beginning to smell my wetness. I pulled down my pants and saw that my panties were not only soaked but were also stuck to my skin. not stuck to my skin like a soggy piece of cloth but stuck like there were no openings where I could even touch my pussy. Like the panties were part of my skin. The wetness was seeping through the bottom and splashing down on my jeans. I gave them a tug but it hurt as though I was pulling my own skin. I began to panic but that wasn’t the only thing i was feeling, for I had just orgasmed again. I heard the bell ring and made my way to class, wobbling and pausing for an orgasm as casually as I could.

It was so difficult but I managed to make it through the day with canlı bahis siteleri all of the orgasms I was having. In gym class I had to wobble around, throbbing in every step. It was extreme torture with my crush in that class, all hot and sweaty. I could almost make out the bulge in his shorts. Oh man was I wet! In English class we had silent reading time for ten minutes. The room was so silent you could almost hear the vibrations. Oh man, how I wanted it to end! By the time school was out I was so wet you could almost hear it splashing around with every step I took. Every step I took followed a shooting pain throughout my body. I was sure there was even a little urine mixed in, I could hardly tell. There was a stream of water trailing behind me. When I made it outside Kayla was waiting for me with her car. I opened the car door and clutched the seat. My butt vibrated as another orgasm took over my body. She chuckled a little. What had she done to me? She grabbed a towel from the back and laid it down on my seat. I sat down with a splat. I hated sitting in my own wetness, especially when I could never stop having orgasms.

On the way to her house she told me, during one of my orgasms, that she had given me a pair of vibrating panties that vibrate when they get wet. The wetter they are the more they fuse to your skin. It’s the ultimate sexual torture device. I was so pissed at her.

Although it was too hard to focus with all this orgasmic pain, I wasn’t able to get them off until just yesterday, six days later. I was so sore that even the thought of being horny killed me. However, I did invest in a pair of vibrating panties and I use them very frequently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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