Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 03

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This multi-chapter story contains adult material, including rape and non-consensual sex; bondage, pain and humiliation; anal sex and ass-to mouth. If this offends you, do not read this story and do not rate it.

Chapter 03. Warrior’s Woman

Oruale felt desperate. When she awoke in the morning, she had found Lancelot already gone for his early morning ride and in panic she had fled to her quarters. How could I? Yes, it was her husband who had implored her to visit Sir Lancelot’s bedroom that night, to pay her respects for saving his life. It was Aelfrith who had suggested sharing his bed so Lancelot could replace him in performing his marital duties. She had done it all for Aelfrith only. It had been so perfectly clear to her how she had to perform this task: to remain courteous and restrained, to provide her Guest of Honor some female company and warm civilized affection.

It all went out of hand when he started to tie her up. She had felt so exposed, so available, with those dark cravings creeping up. After what happened years ago she never had really craved for the pleasures of the flesh but suddenly, unexpectedly, those raw feelings had permeated her whole body. She had to admit she hadn’t handled those feelings very well. I did it all wrong. She dreaded herself for mishandling the situation completely. How delighted she had submitted to his manipulations. How jubilant she had welcomed his penetrations. How greedy and eager she had slobbered his flesh into her mouth. “Shameless, completely shameless.” She had acted like one of those women who didn’t mind having a one-night connection… Oruale would rather have stayed in her own bed the whole morning to avoid meeting her husband, but she was too realistic and too dutiful to do so. Exactly at the usual time she entered his room to visit Aelfrith at his bedside. She was resolved to avoid speaking about the events of the night before at all costs, and only if absolutely necessary, to mention it briefly.

When she had greeted and embraced him as usual, she sat down in her seat next to him as a dutiful spouse. All her intentions were shattered by his first words.

“Tell me about last night…!”

Of course Oruale tried to concoct a decent story around the lewd events that happened. Aelfrith only looked at her friendly, soothingly taking her hands

“There should be no secrets between husband and wife…!”

She saw his eyes looking into hers and knew her case was lost. Stammering and faltering she told her story, carefully trying to find the right words, the most discrete words. Please, don’t let him ask me for more details. But he did, making her worse fears come true. Her blushes and her stammering simply were giving her away, signaling to him the exact moments in her story where to ask for explicit details. It didn’t leave her any way out. Suddenly Oruale gave up. With her eyes looking down she told him everything, about her embarrassment, her pleasure, her vile actions and her shattering climax, speaking faster and faster till she abruptly stopped at the end.

In the following silence she didn’t dare to look up, fearing shouts of anger, sneering words of scorn or the worse: silent looks of reproach. Oruale was sure she wouldn’t survive the last. Although she knew him such a short time, she knew Aelfrith well enough to know he could be terribly hurt. For what seemed to be an eternity she waited with her head down, her heart pounding, her hands clenched together. She felt his rough warrior fingers touching her under her chin, gently raising her face towards him. His eyes were smiling, with a slight twinkle, like those of a naughty boy. Then he reached for her and kissed her forehead in a tender gesture.

“We are all different and we all have our own desires. I have learned mine are different from most men. I meant to discover yours together, my lady. But since I will be indisposed for some time, don’t be embarrassed to find yours on your own…”

Oruale felt so relieved. In a sudden impulse she rose and unladylike spontaneously kissed her husband on the mouth. He laughed…

“Ho…! My lady. I still cannot accommodate your desires…!”

“It doesn’t matter. I can wait for you, weeks, months… it doesn’t matter at all! I will stay at your side as long as you want me.” Oruale wanted to say so much more, she wanted to hug him, feeling a need to show her warmth and affection, her gratitude and respect… she almost stumbled over her words in her hurry to tell him… tell him of her overflowing relief. He just smiled and put his finger over her lips.

“Shhhh… calm down, my lady. No, you certainly won’t have to wait for me for months, tonight you will pay your respects to Lancelot again!”

He looked at her startled face, kissed her frowned forehead again and gave his instructions.

Again, Oruale found herself in front of the door to the bedroom of the man who had saved her husband’s life. In a certain way she felt less nervous güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri than the night before, but now she worried about the instructions she had received. She was frightened and she had pleaded with Aelfrith. She sighed… pleading with Aelfrith, it became so predictable how that would turn out! In a moment she would open the door and enter Lancelot’s bedroom again. Only this time there would be no pretence of being a Lady. Both of them would know she was just a woman, offering her self to be fucked, to have her cunt filled by his fine cock. “Fuck… cunt… cock…” Aelfrith had forced her to repeat these words over and over, so often she didn’t blush anymore pronouncing them. He was a warrior and a soldier… and warriors spoke different from courtiers. To become a warrior’s woman Oruale had to become strong and learn the warrior’s language. She didn’t dare to think of yet another word Aelfrith taught her to use.

It was time. If she cherished any hopes to become a warrior’s woman, she at least had to complete her first mission. Again Oruale righted her shoulders and entered the bedroom of her guest without knocking. Again her heart was beating fast. It was all déjà vu.

“Milady Oruale…!”

Lancelot rose from the mattress of the huge four-poster bed. In this even hotter summer night he had left the window open and the light of the full moon showed his muscular torso, covered by his sweat. Oruale held her breath. Every time she saw him, she couldn’t help noticing how extremely handsome he was. He acted to be surprised but she knew he was not. Unworthy of a noble knight he looked at her breasts through her transparent nightgown like every other man would. Oruale felt her nipples swelling on cue. She also saw Lancelot didn’t have any undergarment this night. He was completely naked.

“Milady…! Can I be of your service…?

The sight of his nude torso and semi-erect staff didn’t make it easy for Oruale to formulate a decent answer. Unspoken lewd thoughts were circulating in her mind. You can rip off my clothes and fuck me as you like. She swallowed twice before she was able to continue.

“My husband is still unable to perform his marital duties and requests your assistance…”

“I feel honored and privileged, milady.”

Lancelot rose from the bed, took her in her arms and kissed her softly. Oruale felt fortunate this time he acted like a true knight of honor. It allowed her to whisper softly in his ear.

“My husband also would like to remind you that since the front gate often is heavily guarded, a stronghold often is easier entered through the hind gate!”

“I feel fortunate to profit from his knowledge… ” Lancelot beamed his approval.

He turned her around in his arms and slowly slipped her nightgown from her shoulders. Since Oruale had refrained from any undergarments, her nude body was unfolded before his eyes like a work of art. Despite the events of the night before she still felt very vulnerable showing her nude body to a man, other than her husband. Reflexively she shielded her red triangle with her hands but when she looked at him, she saw to her dismay her action only brought his weapon to fuller erection. I am acting like a tease. She slowly removed her hands again. Watching his erection, she saw she only made things worse.

Lancelot wrestled with his own problems. He had first met Oruale years ago at Camelot and remembered her as a nice and friendly girl. She didn’t stand out amidst all the ladies in waiting, many really beautiful and sophisticated. However, she looked different in her home environment. He had lain with her last night but only now he took the time to admire her body at ease. He felt blood racing to his erection when he looked at those beautiful long legs. Her flaming red triangle was simply sensational. A man’s hands easily could get lost in such a marvelous bush. Her thighs, too wide for a fashionable beauty but luxuriant and fleshy, were perfectly shaped to absorb a lover’s thrusts during the mating game. And her breasts: how had she succeeded in covering them so efficiently, the knights in Camelot barely paid her any attention? Only now Lancelot had the opportunity to admire them in their full glory. The two elevations of luxurious female flesh were a trifle asymmetrically positioned which for him only increased their appeal. How wonderful it would be for a warrior to bury his head in tiredness against those warm vibrant cushions. Of course he then still would need some distraction to keep his hands busy. Those nipples seemed to be created specifically for that purpose. Normally Lancelot would need minutes of nipple-play to have them swell to a size this lady obviously was able to reach in seconds, only by letting him gaze at them. Lancelot felt his seed boiling in his balls. He needed to unload soon, either in her cunt, her mouth or her arse.

Thinking of her arse, he suddenly remembered the words of her husband, when he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri visited him at his bedside in the afternoon. Lancelot had great admiration for Aelfrith as a soldier and credited him immensely for finding and marrying this undiscovered treasure. Most knights would have liked a tumble with this lady but were obviously too biased to consider marriage. Aelfrith had spoken to him as a fellow soldier, taking him in confidence.

“Listen Lancelot, me being single so long and participating in all those military campaigns, you might have guessed I fancy men more than women. I married Oruale because I am very fond of her and I need a strong woman beside me who can manage my estates at Bamburgh Castle. I think she is a very special lady, with unchartered desires I hoped to unveil. She could become a real warrior’s woman but unfortunately I will not be there to provide her guidance. Because of the wound in my back I am partly paralyzed down my middle and I might be unavailable for marital duty for months. I urgently need a man to prepare Oruale for the future. The man has to open up the orifice I like most, to disclose her unknown desires and make her familiar with the way soldiers and their women live out their passions. To be familiar with the ways of the Court will not be enough for her to survive. You once saved my life and you are the only man I trust with this delicate task.”

Lancelot felt honored, flabbergasted and aroused by his request. He first discussed the matter with his host at length before he accepted. Watching Oruale moving awkwardly with her hands at her crotch, Lancelot had to admit she definitely needed some tutoring. Most men with lesser self-control would have flung her on the bed and unceremoniously fucked her silly. Instead she now could put her arms around him and bury her head in his shoulder.

“I am not good at this. You have to be patient.” She whispered, but for a warrior’s woman Lancelot had more than tender loving care in his mind.

“It isn’t patience you need, milady. You need passion…!”


The following moment she felt his mouth coming down on hers, forcing her lips open. It triggered her smoldering sensuality. She pressed herself against him with an urgency she didn’t remember ever having experienced before. The following moment they fell on his bed, a ball of limbs: kissing, stroking and grabbing… When she found his member, she boldly moved over to her object of desire, crawling over his supine body. Held at its base, the proud cylinder pointed straight up. Fascinated Oruale focused her eyes at the crown. It stood so proud, so delicately sculptured, so engorged with blood, so enticing and appetizing… Suddenly she experienced an unstoppable inclination to giggle.

“You think my lance amusing?” His voice sounded detached.

“No, not at all, I was only thinking of all the noble-borne Ladies at Camelot, who crave for your attention. And here I am, an Irish-born lass… and I am holding your most precious treasure in my hand.” She looked back at him and started giggling again like a young girl, soon coaxing him along in laughter. Relaxed Lancelot folded his arms behind his neck and let himself lay down completely on his back.

“I had a talk with your husband. He wants me to make you a warrior’s woman…

Oruale saw the ripe fruit throbbing just before her eyes… She looked back at him, suddenly again aware of the gnawing urge in her stomach. I have to remain calm.

“What would a warrior’s woman do now…?”

She wished he would grip her head and force her mouth over his cock. It would allow her to resist, at least for a short time.

“A warrior has to seize the opportunity when it’s there…”

“Then I have to expedite my schedule.” She whispered.

Tenderly her soft lips enfolded his helm, her tongue sweeping along the ridge, exploring the tiny eye. She felt powerful having his rod in her mouth, letting the length of his shaft slide into the channel of her throat. For the first time she took her time to give her full attentions to his glorious rod, licking along the puffy vein running the length of the shaft to the tiny hole at the top. Lancelot pulled her hips over him and his tongue slithered between her lower lips. Before she knew his mouth closed over her slit, sucking in her juice, teasing her bud. Untroubled one finger pushed its way down her most secret passageway, rotating into its dark depths. Oruale gasped at this unexpected move. Hit by a jolt of pleasure she brought her head down, her mouth engulfing the length of his cock with her mouth. I am sucking and being sucked at the same time. The conversation with her husband that morning, flashed through her mind.

“I don’t want to deceive you, I don’t want have any pleasures of the flesh behind your back.” She had expressed her concern.

“You won’t deceive me at all. I will be with you… watching you.”

“Don’t be silly, you güvenilir bahis şirketleri can’t even leave your bed.”

“Oruale, I will be with you in spirit. And when you tell me everything the next morning, I will see what you are doing in minute detail…”

She felt her heart sinking to the ground. Look, how we are sucking away at our private parts. The prospect she eventually had to tell her husband about this experience worried her and heightened her excitement at the same time. It almost felt if Aelfrith actually was watching her. Watched how she eagerly was sucking the pumping cock of another man into her mouth. Slimy fluid was slobbering down from the corners of her mouth. Do I really have to tell I am encouraging him by stroking his sack with my fingers? She noticed her stimulation was successful because she was almost gagged by the all too happy cock in her throat

“You have a talented mouth.”

Dripping wet with her drool his impressive erection slipped from between her lips. Straddled above her, Lancelot brushed his shaft against a swollen nipple. It sent ripples of excitement through her body. This is not fair. Oruale knew she would melt away under his titillating strokes, making her weak and wobbly. Lancelot sensed the heat she exuded and calmly extended his edge, applying the same treatment to her other nipple. She tried to pull him away with her hands but he held her wrists and pinned them over her head. Completely in control, he continued tantalizing her nipples with his prick, only interrupted the moment he slapped his flesh against her face. He is playing with me. He will get me wild with desire and then he will have his way with me, demand those nasty things warriors enjoy from their wenches. Oruale was in dismay. How would she be able to face Aelfrith after this? Lancelot left her no time to give this problem much consideration, just intensifying his activities to his hearts content. He concluded this satisfying session by plunging his cock deep in her welcoming mouth. Squeaking she inhaled some to catch her breath while he let her cool down.

“I love the taste of your cock.” Oruale was astonished at her own boldness. A true lady never would say anything like that. May be a warrior’s wench would.

“I could let you taste some more…”

Oruale looked at him.

“Do I have any choice?” Of course not, you know better. He will let me suck him at the most obscene places. Why did she get all excited at this thought? I am acting like a harlot.

Oruale didn’t deliberately tried to be a tease but her words, implying she would do all he pleased, were enough to make Lancelot wild. He took a clutch of that flaming red hair and, rougher than he intended, dragged her head to the edge till he held it dangling down. She felt strangely excited by the way she was manhandled. He wants me! He really wants me… His trembling cock was positioned just in front of her lips. He is going to fuck my mouth. She closed her eyes when the inevitable happened and his proud pillar was pushed deep into her throat again.

Soon Lancelot let her expend her work area. When her lips touched hairy wrinkled skin Oruale opened her mouth and immediately it was filled to its maximum capacity. Her nose disappeared in dense brushwood, forcing her to inhale all its rich odors. There were more areas to explore. Her mouth was led to the deep gorge lined by short downy hair, where fluid had accumulated. Oruale followed the trail, spooning the fluid with her tongue and slurping it with her lips till the dark canyon was completely dry.

“Kiss me where you wish to be breached!”

Oruale might have little experience with lovers but she was not naïve. She knew exactly what Aelfrith’s words had implored when he mentioned entering the hind gate.

“That’s not the way to summon a Lady…” She felt an urge to start giggling again.

“Do you ever want to be a warrior’s woman?” Lancelot said. His tutoring certainly went smoothly.

“I do.” Oruale whispered resignedly.

At the end of the deep gorge her tongue met with the dark crater of his anus. Her lips curled around the irregular rim and clamped down at his brown eye. I am sucking his arse. How low can I go? She felt both guilty and excited. She cherished his anus with the tip of her tongue. His hands were fondling her breasts, stimulating her swollen nipples with his fingers. It make her suck harder, delving her face deep between his buttocks. It brought all the lust in Lancelot to the surface. Alternately he let her suck his cock and his arse. He could go forever like this, but then remembered he had a mission to complete. When his long penis escaped her mouth he slapped her face, signaling the time had come. She was drooling both from her mouth and from her cunt.

Oruale rolled over to a kneeling position, presenting him with the white moons of her up pointed bottom.

“You have a nice bottom.”

“My skin is too white.”

Oruale always was overcritical at her own body, but these words suited Lancelot fine.

A pink gleam of her skin certainly would look much better. Determined he slapped her cheeks with his hands, first at the right and then at the left. She shrieked, more of surprise than of pain. Not-understanding she looked back at him.

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