Phone call interrupted Pt. 02

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Steve climbed the stairs and tentatively approached their joint-bedroom door and gently pushed it open. Jill was stripping out of her clothes, she was down to her underwear and was just unclipping her bra allowing it to drop to the floor, her freed breasts swaying provocatively. She looked up as she saw Steve, enter her private domain. “What do you want, I said I will not get involved in these deranged games.”

“I just want to talk; you should talk to Jenna…”

She stopped him before he could continue, throwing her hair brush at him.

“I don’t know were in your tiny, contemptible little mind you could ever imagine I would be up for this. And stop mentioning the stupid bitch’s name, I don’t want to hear it.”

He managed to duck to avoid the hairbrush, but he relished the sight of her undulating tits, and contemplated her neatly trimmed pussy, although he wondered how she had removed her knickers while keeping her stockings attached to the suspender belt. Had she not worn knickers to work today? The whole scene, the whole situation was hugely erotic, and he continued stoking his cock. She needed fucking he thought.

Jill screeched again for him to get out and under a hail of various bedroom accessories he retreated to the spare bedroom. As he entered the bedroom he again ejaculated copiously across the room, as he laughed at the evening’s escapades, although he paused as he realised it would be a long way back to recover any, if any relationship with his wife.

“Your laughing? Well at least there are no dead bodies. How you doing?”

Yes, he replied to Jenna, explaining he shot another load tonight, unfortunately spraying his work suit crumpled on the floor.

“Well that was fun, what shall we try tomorrow? Goodnight Mistress.”

“Goodnight you pervert, I want to hear everything tomorrow, if you survive that is, my little sissy slut.”

Steve shut down the phone and collapsed on the bed, rapidly falling into a deep sleep.

Jill in the master bedroom, finished removing her stockings and suspender belt. She crawled under the duvet, and gently spread-eagled her tired limbs and enjoyed the sensations of body recovering from the exertions of a long hard day. She hadn’t remotely expected the final chapter of the night, although on reflection watching her silly fucker of a husband self-humiliate himself, talking to probably some aged cougar in a call centre booth bored senseless. Wonder if she needed a Zimmer frame to get to work? Nevertheless, she liked his submissive alter-ego and had enjoyed watching him masturbate in front of her, wonder if he really could become a sissy.

As she stretched again, as her left hand moved across her stomach she spread her legs further apart, easing her index finger into her pussy. She felt her finger easily slide in; her pussy still lubricated from her adventure early in the evening. She dipped her finger in further then withdrew it and drew it slowly across her mouth lips, then sucked the finger clean, savouring the taste of spunk and her own juices. While she was doing this, her right hand glided down her body, delving between her still prone pegs and found her clit, proceeding to massage it gently. She began to respond to her own ministrations, till the slow rocking of her thighs and pussy became more emphatic and rapid, culminating in a frantic climax as she successfully brought herself off. Oh, how she enjoyed that, despite the tenderness of her pussy lips, still tender from the earlier fucking, and as she sighed, she started entering a relaxing sleep. Not before, she smiled and briefly considered how she would deal with the stupid onanist next door.

Jenna hadn’t taken any further calls last night, she was so blown away by the night’s drama, she’d doubted whether could have faked an orgasm for the next phone punter, let alone construct a realistic dominatrix story play-line for the next telephone cocksucker. She loved, really flirted, perhaps even had crushes on most of her regulars. She marvelled at the boundaries she could get them to push and sometimes even smash to smithereens. However, more than a few were sad little creatures who she felt sorry for but wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alley – she shuddered at the thought. She had showered but still felt dissatisfied, so reached into her toy box, the wardrobe didn’t seem so far away this time and she pulled out a vibrating butt-plug and her faithful rabbit, although she momentarily contemplated her new beaded bubble chain. She jumped on the bed, and quickly lubed up the toys. She turned the butt-plug to its second highest setting, this wasn’t going to be a slow ascent, it was going to hard, rapid and swift. She knelt forward and inserted the butt plug, sighing as she pushed it too a full six-inch insertion, not a big as she some others she had but enough for tonight. Its rapid vibrations sent shudders up her body. Her pussy started to glow as she rolled over and widened her legs to receive her favourite rabbit Its ears feathering her clit güvenilir bahis as she inserted the head into her pussy. At almost ten inches she really enjoyed how far it went inside her, not the fullest she’d been opened up but again enough for tonight. As she turned up the speed and movement of the vibration, she mused did Steve really have a dick that large. If he did it was going to make it a more challenging to turn him into a proper sissy slut. Those thoughts rapidly dissipated, as the orgasm started to build in her body as the waves from her butt collided with those emanating from her twat. She cried out as one of her biggest orgasm rapidly reached a crescendo. She soon fell asleep, but not before she had swiftly removed the plug and vibrator, she didn’t know what it would do to her psyche if she left them running inside her all night as she slept, and she didn’t want to find out.

The sun shone through her bedroom window, causing Jenna to slowly stir from her sleep, although as it was mid-winter it wasn’t too early, She giggled, as she stretched from her slumber, recalling the progression of last night, then laughter convulsed her, forcing her to curl up into a foetal position to stem its tide. She shouted for sheer joy, jumped up and thought today is going to be a good day, no its going to be an excellent day. She momentarily considered tuning into Crimewatch to see if there had been any summary executions in suburbia where she presumed Steve and that mega-tit bitch lived, but then realised at quarter-to-nine it was a bit early for that. With no need to go to the office until later that afternoon, she got ready and breakfasted at a leisurely place, not logging onto her sex chat website until 10.00.

The 0908 number was again dialled, the preamble studiously listened too, the instructions followed, the number 1 depressed and Jenna’s id number keyed in. Amazingly, although perhaps not given the time of day, the connection to Jenna was made time.

“Good morning, Mistress Jenna here, who am I speaking too?”

“Good morning, my name is Jill.”

Jenna momentarily paused, it wasn’t because it was a female punter, indeed she tended to enjoy those despite their infrequency, but thought it couldn’t be, could it? If it was, she had certainly changed her tune, from her strident, even vehement objections last night.”

“Have we spoken before; I don’t recognise your voice as any slapper I’ve talked to before.”

Jill inwardly grimaced at being termed a slapper, but she retained her composure.

“Yes and no. My husband tried to get us to talk to each other last night, but he didn’t succeed,”

“Ha-ha, yes, yes, is he still alive?”

“Just, but not from any effort of mine, simply all self-inflicted.”

“You seemed somewhat, reluctant to participate last night, what’s prompted the dramatic change.”

It was Jill’s turn to laugh, and she was unable to supress a snort of laughter.

“I would not say I’ve been converted, but when you come home to a naked husband, prostrating himself before his mobile, wanking himself silly and shooting his spunk all over the guest bedroom, one has to say one is intrigued as to the catalyst for such a denouement.”

“One does,” smirked Jenna.

“One does indeed,” responded Jill, “I can only compliment you on your skills creating such depravity and submission with only your voice, although it is very beautiful.”

“Thank you, and given the circumstances much appreciated. Can I ask you a question, is your husband’s shaft really 9 inches long?”

Jill blushed a deep crimson at the query, but managed a reply.

“Yes, he is, or I thought he was until last night, your ministrations seemed to have added a couple of inches last night,” Jill laughed.

“Wow, I never believe them when they regale their sizes, seems to be much like fishing bravado. So, does that mean you have a more that decent pair of tits, 34F I heard, and you have a trimmed landing strip but otherwise hairless cunt.”

Jenna deliberately adopted the more pejorative phrase; she was going to keep control of this exchange. Jill coughed initially in response, and if it was possible coloured a deeper crimson.

“My you do seem to know a lot about me, but yes to both.”

“You will attract a lot of attention with that rack, men think a woman with those size jugs will always be up for a decent fuck.”

Jenna was continuing to keep the conversation crude, determined to maintain her authority.

“Yes, my chest does seem to have a lor more conversations with men than I do.”

“Yeah, but I bet you must have had passes made at you loads of times, wonder how many times you’ve spread your legs for them, offered your butt or sucked them off and swallowed. You do swallow, don’t you, or more accurately you always swallow don’t you Jill? You’re a very willing slut, and at your age, 34 isn’t it, you’ve long realised that after, probably long before what the Japanese call Christmas Cake Day, or 25 to us mere mortals, sex türkçe bahis on a date isn’t just expected but de rigueur. So, if you and Steve didn’t team-up until 4 or 5 years ago, you must be a very experienced slut, if not something of a whore?”

“Looks like you have my full cv, then.”

“I imagine you still enjoy the odd awayday? Did you fuck when you were out last night then?”

“What a persuasive and seductive voice you have, I can see how you can take control of your clients. It’s the malicious sense of humour as well. Yes, I do, and twice. Once with my Branch Manager, in his office and then he persuaded me to fuck the visiting Regional Director, at his hotel after the drink’s reception. The latter, the wretch kept my favourite blue French cami-knickers as a trophy of the night. Said he enjoyed the ease of access the popper-gusset provided, and told me to thank my Manager who had recommended my services and said the Annual Review would be extremely favourable, but was depending on what I did next. You’re right, I felt such a whore, and for his age he had tremendous stamina. After the first shag, he completed stripping me, remembering to pocket his trophy, then proceeded to go round the world as they say, having me anally, another pussy fuck and finally a vigorous tit-wank, interspersed at each stage, he insisted, sucklng clean his penis and bringing it back to hardness. He was certainly a tit-man squeezing, pulling, nipping, biting and slapping them, they’re still red, marked and sore this morning. He must have popped a blue pill or two, or I will have to write to the Guinness Book of Records. If I was truthful, I would say I was quite grateful you were distracting Steve last night, otherwise I might have had difficulty hiding the evidence of the night’s previous encounters.”

Jenna found the torrid tale exhilarating, and listening to the exposition, her hands drifted automatically to her pussy, gently stroking herself. As Jill paused, Jenna moved to take the conversation to the next stage.

“Wow your such a wanton slut, I am going to have to punish you severely. Now tell me, where are you now, Jill and what are you wearing?”

“Lying in my bed and naked, I have just had a shower, relaxing when I was, as I said, intrigued to find out what you are like. “

“Have you any toys?”


“Well we can sort that out, you have some wooden clothes-pegs, some string and elastic bands. You also have a rather spikey hair brush and, in the kitchen, I think a granite pestle. Now quickly go and get them.”

Jill questioned whether Jenna actually knew she had these things, or whether she was simply assuming she did. However, before she could resolve the question, Jenna barked out another order.

“Naked. Slut you are to remain naked for all today. Quickly I am getting impatient.”

Jill automatically jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs, momentarily checking herself why was she following these stupid diktats. As she reached the foot of the stairs, she bumped into Steve who despite his evident hangover, was heading off to work.

“Morning,” he sheepishly acknowledged her, but nevertheless enjoying her voluptuous nakedness, although her prized-rack seemed remarkably crimson – didn’t realise she could blush all that way. Jill merely grunted at him and moved passed him.

“I could punch you after last night, what the hell was all that about?”

“Well you would have been welcome to discipline me last night. It was only a joke.”

“Hardly a joke the way you kept wanking in front of me. Fuck off, I don’t want to talk to you today.”

Steve smiled and left for work, thinking how horny she makes me when she was angry and she looked well up for being fucked this morning. He noticed she was already sporting a decent pair of pokies.

Jill rapidly gathered the pegs, string, elastic bands and the pestle. How the hell did Jenna know she had all these things, the fact that the pegs were wooden and the pestle granite. She went back upstairs and reconnected with Jenna.

“I’m back.”

“You took your time, you need to be faster in future, otherwise you will be punished my slut.”

“Sorry,” she almost mouthed the word Mistress but corrected herself,” I bumped into Steve as he was leaving. It is strange being leered at by your husband you’re angry with, he seemed to enjoy my vulnerability standing completely nude in front of him. But I expected you planned that?”

“Can’t say I planned for it, but I did hope for it. Now you should start addressing me as Mistress if you are going to fully enjoy life as my submissive slave.”

Jill considered, this phone call had advanced much quicker and, in a direction, she never thought possible or probable. Oh, what the hell.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good girl, have you got all the toys then, including the hairbrush?”

Jill wondered where this was about to head off to, and quickly retrieved the hairbrush.”


“Excellent, I am going to expand your güvenilir bahis siteleri horizons, and teach you to enjoy submission, you seem to have all the ingredients to be successful. Next time you have to entertain your Director, I am sure he will enjoy you even more. Kneel on the bed, legs tucked under your arse and back straight. Legs apart and staring playing with your clit with your left hand, and with your right tweak those nipples I want them proud and erect.”

“Yes, thank you Mistress.”

Jill considered the ridiculous of the situation, submitting to a voice at the end of a phone, she had despised Steve when she found him doing exactly the same as she was now doing. She did however feel a warmth growing in her pussy and her nipples were starting to respond, despite their tenderness from the abuse they had suffered the previous night. That Director was a dirty bastard, she looked forward to his next visit.

Jenna instructed her to take the first peg and attach it to the areola on the left breast. Jill sucked in her breath at the sharp pain she felt at the initial impact, but as the shock eased, she began to experience pleasure as well.

“How many pegs have you collected?”

“Almost twenty I think, Mistress,”

“Good, keep 2 back, and put 8 round each the top of each tit. But remember, keep stroking your clit”.

As Jill successively clipped each peg, circling each areola the pain became excruciating but she also began to feel her pussy moisten. She began to pant.

“So how many have you done, slut?”

“16, with 2 left over, what shall I do with them…Mistress.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Jill attached the last two pegs, to each nipple, the pain was exhilarating.

“Now my little slut, get the pestle and suck it so it gets some lubrication, take as long as you like, the slimier it is the better it will be for you. Then when you think your ready get on all fours.”

Jill had blown many men, and it should be said a few women, but she had never encountered anything as difficult to suck as this large pestle. She continued attempting to cover the pestle with as much of her saliva as possible, and wondered if her pussy would take it easily. Finished, she placed herself on all fours, grasping the pestle in her left hand, to await the next list of instructions. Her breast hung heavy with all the pegs festooned around them. The pain was still there but at least it was easing. She said to Jenna she was ready.

“How are your tits, I hope they are really sore. Are you enjoying yourself? Now take the pestle and put the bulbous end at the entrance to your arsehole.”

“My arsehole, I thought it was to pleasure my pussy, please Mistress,”

“No, your arsehole, slut,” scolded Jenna, “I know it’s not virgin territory, seem to remember some stories about an introduction to the finer points of life in Paris, as well as a thank you for a plumber. Apparently, he certainly knew how to use his plunger! Now push it in, now all the way.”

Jenna laughed as she imagined Jill’s discomfort, and perhaps the surprise she knew so much about her. Steve was such a gossip when she edged him. Jill waited no more instruction and with some difficulty attempted to ease the pestle in. She realised that she was fortunate she’d been taken there last night and the passage was not as tight as it could’ve been. She groaned as her anus widened to take the head, and then nature took over and the rest of the pestle eased in quickly, the end slightly protruding out. She sighed again, her body wracked all over with sensations of pain and pleasure.

“Are you ready slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jill replied but struggled to get the words out.

“Now lie down, flat on the bed.”

“Lie down?” Jill queried.

“Yes, my bitch, lie flat against the bed immediately. Don’t disobey me or I will think of something harsher.”

Jill tentatively eased herself flat on the bad, as she flattened the pegs on her breasts moved in different directions, biting hard in to the soft tissue as well, the pain was intense and tears streamed down her cheeks. At the same time, the pestle impossibly seemed to get larger and she felt the sphincter muscles contract further and the pestle move further into the rectum. She has no other choice, animal instincts forcing both hands into her pussy, she furiously dug her fingers into it as well as massaging her clit. The combination of sensations across and in her body, culminated in a huge climax, of a type she had rarely experienced before, she screamed as it erupted.

Jenna listening throughout had been simultaneously pleasuring herself, although she doubted the intensity of her climax was anything near that of her new sub. It was nevertheless enjoyable, and crucially she remained in control throughout.

“Well my new slapper, did you enjoy Mistress Jenna taking you to new heights, or should it be depths of pleasure?”

Jill was exhausted, covered in sweat, her nerves still receiving signals from various begs and insertions, groaned almost in ecstasy.

“Yes, Mistress, I can’t believe I have done this but it has been exhilarating, something I never imagined that could be achieved with a simple phone call.

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