Samantha’s First Toy

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Samantha is your 21st century go getter. She is a full time medical student at the University of Mandel and she also works full time as a physician’s assistant. With a 40 hour work week and a truck load of school work this barely leaves time for Samantha to have any type of social life. She has not been out with the girls or has she had a date in almost a year! Well enough is enough; today Samantha has decided to invest in her first sex toy! Let’s see how it goes…

Samantha pulls into the parking lot of her neighborhood’s local novelty store with a million thoughts running through her head.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this! What if I go in here and see someone I know? How do I know what to pick? Will I look desperate because I’m looking for a sex toy? Forget it I’m not going in… Samantha suck it up! It’s been 9 months since the last time I got some dick and my fingers alone aren’t doing the trick anymore”

She takes a deep breath and gets out the car and walks into the store where she is instantly greeted.

“Welcome to Pleasure Box” announced the man at the counter.

“Huh…oh hi” Samantha says quickly without making eye contact with the cashier.

Samantha walks around the store looking at various toys trying to decide which one she would like to try.

“Damn I didn’t think this would be this hard. There are so many different shapes, colors, and sizes! Can I put this in my vagina? (eyes get big) Will this fit in my vagina…”

Her thoughts were interrupted by the deep voice of the cashier

“Can I help you find something”

Samantha turns around noticing the store employee for the first time since she’s been in the store.

Damn he looks good, just looking at him is making me want to have an orgasm!

“Ummmm……yea I’ve never bought a toy before and I don’t know which one to get” she says hesitantly while blushing.

The man smiles, “I can help you with that” he pulls a bullet off the shelf “this is a bullet, it’s great for stimulating your clit” he opens the package and pulls the bullet out “run your fingers across the grooves (Samantha runs her fingers across the different indentions on the bullet as the man talks) the different types of grooves leads to different types of intensity in combination with the 3 different speeds of vibration.” He pulls a rabbit off the shelf. “Now this is the crowd favorite. It gives you vaginal and clitoral stimulation” he pulls the rabbit out of the package and turns it on and places the casino oyna tip on Samantha’s nose. “How does that feel” he gives Samantha a seductive smile which makes her entire body quiver.

Samantha slightly moans “it uhhh…I uhhh…”

The man smirks, “If it has that affect on your nose imagine what it’ll feel like once it touches your pussy.”

Samantha is speechless.

“I’ll tell you what, since this is your first purchase how about I give you a crash course on how to properly use the 2 of these items” the man says as he grabs Samantha’s hand and giving her the same seductive smile that he had just given her moments ago.

“I….I don’t know about that” Samantha said while looking down.

The man lifts Samantha’s head by her chin, “come on, it’ll only take a min”

Go head Samantha, this will be the most action you’ve had all year. He’s just going to show you how to use the toys. No harm

“Ok… I’ll do it”

The man takes Samantha’s hand and leads her to the back room. Samantha stood in the corner of the room with her arms crossed in front of her.

“Don’t be so nervous” the man walks over to Samantha and unbuttons her pants and begins to pull them down along with her panties when Samantha stops him. “Relax” he removes her hands and continues to pull her pants down. “Now sit on the table and open your legs.” Samantha steps out of her pants and gets on the table and spreads her legs without saying a word. The man smiles at the sight of Samantha’s swollen vagina while trying to hide his excitement. “We’ll start with the bullet” he turns the bullet on then uses his fingers to spread Samantha’s lips. He gently glides the bullet up and down Samantha’s clit. Samantha bites down on her bottom lip as the vibrations send chills down her spine. She tries to contain her moans but the pleasure takes over and one escapes her lips. The man smiles “You like that huh” Samantha nods. “Lets take it up a notch” he turns up the vibrations on the bullet and Samantha could no longer contain herself; she started to moan and could feel her lady juices flowing. Samantha could feel her orgasm starting to build, but right as she was about to cum the man removed the bullet and whispered in her ear “I’m not ready for you to cum yet” he gently nibbles on her ear and Samantha takes a deep breath.

“But I’m ready to cum now” Samantha says barely above a whisper in a small pant.

“Not yet, you haven’t felt the rabbit yet. I forgot to bring the lube…” the man says canlı casino as he begins to stroke Samantha’s vagina with his fingers “but I can get your juices flowing enough to where you don’t need the lube” he spreads her lips and kneels down between her legs and starts to flicker his tongue across her clit and she jumps a little. “You’ve never had anybody to eat your pussy before?”

“Yea but not like that”

“Well let me show you how a real man eats pussy” he goes back between her legs and starts to flicker his tongue across Samantha’s clit once again then he began to softly suck on it as she began to pant harder. Still between her legs he says “What’s your name?” the vibrations from his deep voice send Samantha into ecstasy as he begins to suck on her clit once again.

“Sa…Sa….Saman…Samantha…..ahhh shit that feels good” She grabs the back of his head and shoves it deeper into her now soaking wet vagina. He begins to speed up his pace and Samantha could feel her orgasm building up once again. Her legs began to tremble as the orgasm took over her body. She moaned loudly as her juices rolled down her vagina into the man’s mouth who was not missing a drop. He came up and wiped his mouth.

“Are you ready to try the rabbit?” Samantha nodded her head while still trying to catch her breath. The man turned on the rabbit and slowly inserted it into her hot throbbing vagina. Samantha took a deep breath as he slowly moved the rabbit in and out, in and out, and in and out of her vagina. “Do you like this one better?”

“I…I…I do” Samantha said in between pants. “You’re teasing me” she moans “speed up” he did as he was instructed and began to move the rabbit faster and faster causing Samantha to moan louder and louder. Samantha took off her shirt and unfastened her bra letting it drop to the floor. She began to caress her D cup breast as she closed her eyes and dropped her head back in pleasure. Samantha placed her thumb and index fingers into her mouth and sucked on them. She then began to twist her nipples between them. Up until this point the man had been able to hide his excitement, but once he saw Samantha do this he was no longer able to fight his urge and his erection was noticeable through his khaki slacks that he was wearing. Samantha opened her eyes and looked down and saw the bulge coming through his pants. She took her hands and grabbed his arm stopping him.

“What are…” Samantha stopped him in the middle of his sentence by placing her index finger over kaçak casino his lips.

“Shhhh don’t talk” she jumped down off the table and began to unfasten the man’s pants. She slowly pulled the man’s pants down as she watched his erection grow larger through his boxers. She pulled the man’s penis through the hole on his boxers; she used her hand to stroke his penis up and down as the man let out a slight moan. Samantha kneeled down and pulled his boxers around his ankles. She then pulled his now fully erect penis into her mouth. The feel of Samantha’s warm tongue circling the head of his penis gave the man chills. He grabbed her head shoving his penis down her throat causing her to gag slightly. This turned Samantha on even more. “I want to feel your dick deep inside my pussy.” The man picked Samantha up and placed her back on the table in sitting position. He then took his penis and shoved in Samantha’s vagina causing her to scream with pleasure. He sped up his stroke while taking one of Samantha’s breasts into his mouth and sucking vigorously. He bit down on her nipple while squeezing her big plump breasts. He then takes her by the hips and flips her over onto all fours and began to pump harder. “Smack my ass” Samantha said while moaning. The man smacked Samantha’s ass until he started to see his hand print. He then took his hand and wrapped it in Samantha’s hair and pulled her head back.

“Arch your back some more” Samantha increased the arch in her back allowing the man to go deeper and deeper inside of her. “Damn your pussy tight” he said as he groaned. Samantha could feel another orgasm building. She spread her legs more and reached between her legs and began to play with her clit while the man’s balls slapped her vagina. Once again Samantha began to shake as her orgasm took over. Samantha stood up and pushed the man onto the table and straddled his lap. She leaned over and inserted his penis into her vagina as she licked and sucked on the man’s neck and ears. Then she whispered

“It’s your turn to cum” she began to grind slowly on his penis. She gradually began to quicken her pace. The man buried his nails deep into Samantha’s hip making her grind faster. Samantha then turned around and began to bounce on the man’s penis. The man could feel the blood rushing to his penis. He grabbed Samantha by the hips and started to bounce her up and down faster on his penis. Samantha could feel another orgasm building. Samantha reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit while she used the other hand to caress the man’s balls. In seconds they both began to cum. As they both sat on the table catching their breaths the man says,

“By the way, I’m Chris. Nice to meet you” he says with a smirk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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