Saturday Night With My Best Friend

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I needed to relax. I had such a stressful week at work and I needed to unwind. What I desperately wanted was to be fucked long and hard but unfortunately I was single and had no prospects. I was alone in my apartment, which was unusual because I have 3 roommates. I had been thinking about sex all day and all that was on my mind was the 8″ hot pink g-spot vibrator hiding under my bed. I hadn’t used it awhile and I was craving it.

I could feel that I was wet. I quickly got undressed and sprawled out on my bed. It was nice being alone, admiring my beautiful naked body. I lightly ran my fingers over my breast and softly squeezed it, how I wish it was a strong man’s hand. I held my hand out straight and grazed my fingers over my erect nipple. I could feel the tingling sensations in my clit, begging for a touch. With my fingers I started to squeeze and pull on my nipple, loving the way it felt. I wish I could have a man slightly nibbling and sucking on casino siteleri it lightly flicking it ever so slightly with his tongue, but my own touch would have to do.

With my other hand I started to lightly touch my clit, just barely. I loved teasing myself. I started to probe at it more; it was swollen and ached to be touched harder. Moving my index finger down towards the tip I slowly made circles around it applying just enough pressure to drive me wild. Playing with my clit felt great but the thought of that large cock under my bed kept popping in my head and I just wanted to fuck myself.

I pulled out my vibrator from under my bed. My eyes grew large with anticipation knowing that soon enough I would have all 8 thick inches inside. I knew it would take a little coercion to get it inside of my tight wet pussy. Not having sex for so long will do that to a girl. The thought of the large cock stretching my pussy made me feel like a canlı casino very naughty girl, and I loved it!

I sucked on it a little bit getting it wet enough, reminding me how much I yearned to suck a real warm throbbing cock. I turned it on low and started to gently rub my clit starting right where I left off. What an unforgettable feeling a vibrator gives, soothing yet terribly exciting at the same time. I pushed it harder onto my clit working my way towards ecstasy but it was too intense, and I had to back off. I moved it lower right below the tip and slowly pulled it up and over. I did it faster and applied more pressure. I started breathing heavier; this was turning me on so much. I knew I could cum if I kept going but I stopped.

I wanted to see the cock being swallowed up by my pussy. I quickly grabbed a hand mirror and propped it up with a pillow. I felt like I was in my own private porn movie and spread open my soft lips. I moved kaçak casino the cock slowly towards my wet slit, pushed it in slightly, and then withdrew it. I could see the hole stretched open exposing the inside making me even more excited. Carefully, I shoved it in deeper, inch by inch, allowing my pussy to stretch around the large cock. My legs were spread wide apart as if waiting for someone to grab me by the ankles, push them up to my shoulders and fuck me. With this thought, I started fucking myself harder. Oh god, how I missed this, but I wanted more. I angled the cock so it would rub against my g-spot. The sensation took my breath away and I forcefully rubbed my clit with the other hand, the entire time watching myself intently in the mirror.

I turned it up to high speed and my legs quivered from the vibrations. I could feel myself getting close to the edge. With one last thrust I came hard, I felt my pussy contract intensely around the cock and I let out a gasp. Ohhhhhh…!! It felt so amazing. I was stunned for a couple of second afterwards with not a care in the world. My legs were still shaking as I slowly pulled out the vibrator. I sunk into my pillows finally feeling relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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