Sex With My Ex

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When I saw the friend request on Facebook I took a considerable time thinking about replying and it wasn’t until she sent another request that I waited a few days before accepting. She was happily married with three and the last time I had heard from her she had promised that her husband was frighteningly similar to her and we had even arranged to meet over Christmas but in her characteristically unreliable way I got an e-mail a few months later saying that she had lost my e-mail address. As she was characteristically unreliable, I was unimpressed and we didn’t have any contact for a decade.

The few times I had fucked Helen when we knew each other at university had been fraught with burst condoms (after taking the morning after pill she had even found a church and gone to confession) and Helen running away the next day (usually back to her boyfriend) so I had not given much serious thought to seeing her again although I would jerk off thinking about her every few weeks. Apart from trite comments about children there was nothing much to say to Helen.

She lived outside Edinburgh and there was little need for me to go there, even less for her to come to London. But when I found myself booking a train ticket to go to a conference in Edinburgh my it was with the full intent of seducing Helen that I posted an innocuous comment on Facebook that I was coming to Edinburgh ‘on business’. Hotel paid. Double room. Comfortable, possibly decadent, definitely anonymous.

Almost immediately she messaged me, not publically. So you are coming to my neck of the woods. Any chance of an hour of your time for a coffee? Very likely. Playing cool, no aloof to frighten her off again. I’ll message you when I am there. Less risky than having her mobile number.

I arrive in Edinburgh and pay an upgrade on my room. A Jacuzzi, king size bed, sofa. Only an extra £250. There are a few hours before the conference starts so I strip and masturbate lying on the bad thinking about fucking Helen in all the ways I never did before. I was too naive to make sex exciting but a decade of marriage and hard core pornography had changed that. I have a shower and go to work.

That night I go drinking with colleagues but at 10pm I check Facebook and there is a message from Helen. She is in town with friends. Do I want to meet up. She gives me her cell phone number and dis-inhibited by drink I call it.

On the phone she has not changed a bit and is pathologically bubbly. Beautiful to talk to. We are half a kilometre apart she tells me. Shall she come to meet me? Or I could come to see her. She in on a hen night with a few friends. They are thinking about going to another dreary club. A few may stay behind in the bar. One or the other. Her friend has just brought another bottle. That settles it. I make excuses and leave.

There is a short walk through the cold and by the time I get to the bar it is obvious that I have run there by the fact that I am sweating and that I am early. I wait outside and chat to the bouncer for a few minutes before going in.

She was always the centre of attention and is holding court in a small corner booth with a boy and a girl. True to form the guy is gay and the girl is fat and dressed like a slut, clearly both for decoration. She has her back to me (intentionally I suspect, a punishment for ignoring her first two friend requests) and I have to tap her on her bare shoulder to get her attention. She turns, beaming and her face suddenly drops into the slightly apologetic, guilty school girl demeanour that instantly makes my cock twitch. Feet slightly pointing together, chest a little out, mini-dress, bare legs, cleavage, long strawberry blonde hair in a French plait, minimal make up, ear rings, 2 inch heels.

“Hello.” She says.

“Hi,” I say and we kiss cheek to cheek, one hand on her shoulder, the other on her side, sensuous on her sweaty, clinging dress. “Nice to see you, Helen.”

“Have some wine,” she says and pours me an inappropriately large glass of some filthy red.

She sits down next to the fag and I sit next to the fat slut, my leg against her fat thigh and stare down her cleavage. There is a glimpse of nipple showing and I briefly fantasise about fucking both her and Helen. We sit and drink, Helen and I both avoid talking about spouses and children and soon enough it is eleven o’clock and time to dance.

Fortunately the fag and the slut don’t dance so Helen and I get up and walk toward the small floor. It is 70s night with occasional Latin Jazz numbers thrown in. We hold hands and dance badly for a bit before a slow number comes on and Helen pulls me closer and our bodies touch. I am semi erect and I am sure Helen can feel me pressed through her thin dress but she moves sensuously against me and we are grinding against each other by the end of the song. I am drunk enough to try to kiss her but before I have the chance she runs back to the fag and the slut and orders me to buy another bottle.

“Don’t go for any expensive stuff,” she shouts, “the cheap shit is fine. We just bahis firmaları want to get pissed.”

I go to the toilet and after peeing I feel the pre cum on my cock. At the bar I do as I am told and return with 2 bottles of cheap red. Less than a tenner for both bottles. Must be terrible but OK for getting rid of the other two. The fag falls on the first bottle and fills everyone’s glass to overflowing. He leers at me and then starts talking to the slut. Helen and I talk about bars in Edinburgh.

After a while the fag sees a friend and follows him first to the bar and then into the toilets leaving me, Helen and the slut. When the slut has to go to the toilet Helen and I are left alone and we slide together at the back of the booth. The music is up and we put our heads together to hear each other. Heads touching, shoulders together, I make a joke and she laughs resting her head on my shoulder.

My hand on her shoulder and her hand pats my thigh, possibly a little too high. May be it is just dark in the bar. My cock is now rigid. Helen’s dress has ridden up and my hand finds itself on her thigh. Her hand holds it there and my hand slides round to her inner thigh. We leave our hands where they are and drink, clinking glasses and after our glasses are back on the table, our lips meet and part the slightest amount and I can feel the tip of Helen’s tongue against the inside of her upper lip although out tongues do not quite touch.

My hand stays where it is and Helen’s legs part a fraction more drawing my hand further round and up her inner thigh. I deliberately mumble and as Helen leans in toward me I kiss her and this time our tongues touch momentarily.

The slut is back from the toilet. She has seen the kiss and we move apart but Helen keeps hold of my fingers and they talk about non-entities while I nurse my drink. The first bottle is dead and we empty half the second into our glasses. The fag comes out of the toilets, fills his glass and disappears with his heavily tattooed friend.

Helen and I shuffle out of the booth and go back to the dance floor. This time Helen’s hand goes on my arse and I pull her in close with one hand on her arse, the other on her back. I am sure she can feel my rigid cock through her dress and we dance closely. At the end of the song she holds me tightly and my hand slides down to where her buttocks meet her legs.

The next song is also slow and we remain in this position as I play with her knicker elastic running a finger round the waist band and the top of her thigh. Her head is on my chest and when it comes up we kiss again, this time our tongues touching from the outset. I run my hand between her legs and push my tongue a little deeper into her mouth and her mouth opens and her tongue plays with mine. I am sure she can feel my now fully erect cock against her belly and she moves her right hand off my shoulders and onto my chest, then runs it down my abdomen and deliberately down my cock. She immediately turns and goes to the toilet without saying anything.

By the time she is back I have brought double Cointreau on the rocks and I tell her to drink hers. We go to the other side of the dance floor and she fills her mouth with the liquor and pulls my head to hers. Our lips meet and as our mouths open she snogs the drink into my mouth, our tongues delving far into each other. My right hand is on her arse and I can feel that she is now minus her knickers. My fingers snake under her dress and up between her legs and although her inner thighs are sweaty I feel that the top is drenched with cunt juices and my fingers just brush her cunt lips momentarily before she pulls away. Her hand runs down my body and down my rigid cock before she takes my drink and downs it.

We go back to the booth where the slut has managed to reel in a muscular black man who has one hand down her top and another under her skirt. Helen slides in next to the slut and I follow to sit next to Helen. I put my right hand round her waist and she lifts her bum off the bench to let the skirt of her dress spread out behind her and I realize that as she has taken her knickers off she is sitting on the bench with effectively naked.

I work my hand off her hip and slip it under the hem of her dress at the back and feel her naked bum cheek and deftly slip my hand toward her crack. She leans forward over the table and my fingers work their way down her crack. As she leans forward more my index and middle fingers skirt her anus and feel the juices seeping from her cunt. I coat the tips of my fingers and slide them back to her anus and deftly place the tip of my middle finger onto her anus. She pushes herself up on the table and sits back trapping my hand under her arse. Unseen by anyone she leans back and my middle finger slips into her anus up to the first knuckle.

Without looking at me she reaches under the table and puts a hand on my cock. She wriggles her bum a little and my finger slides further inside her. She leans forward and a tiny groan of appreciation escapes her lips. As she sits up trapping kaçak iddaa my hand and finger I feel more of her cunt juice on the seat. She plays with my cock through my trousers under the table and talks to the slut about the evening. The black man is clearly fingering the slut who has her legs wide apart.

When my hand is just starting to go numb Helen stands up without warning. My finger slides out of her and she announces that we are going to another bar. She kisses the slut on her cheeks and then lightly on her lips and we leave.

Outside Helen takes my hand and we walk quickly, like school children playing truant. A Taxi rolls past and Helen manages to wave it down. In the back we sit together with my arm round her shoulders, her hand on my thigh.

At the new bar it is clearly chucking out time and I tell Helen that we can get a drink at my hotel. She immediately agrees and we set off again in the taxi.

“Where are you staying tonight?” I ask Helen. She says that she is staying with the slut who has given her a spare key as she thought that they may well not all be together by the end of the night. “And what about tomorrow?” It is a Hen weekend and her husband is in Aberdeen on business so grand-parents are looking after the kids. It all seems far too convenient. I suspect we both know exactly where we are going to stay tonight and I think that Helen has this planned as well as I do.

Back at the hotel I pay the taxi driver and we enter the foyer. There are a few people from the conference milling around but they barely seem to notice us. For forms sake we go and sit at the bar and I order more Cointreau. This time we sip our drinks facing each other on the chrome and black leather bar stools, calves touching, gently playing. I wave the bar tender over and ask him what champagne he has that is cold. Pretty much everything, but the bar is closing in 10 minutes.

“Would Sir like to have it sent to his room? There is no closing time for room service.”

I look at Helen who answers all the questions and dreams I have had over the past decade.

“A bottle of Taittinger and two glasses. We’ll take them up if that’s alright.”

“Very good Ma’am.”

By the time he is back with the open bottle and two glasses we are standing holding hands. I take the bottle and Helen takes the glasses. We walk to the lift and as soon as the doors are closed we are on each other like animals. With a bottle in one hand, we are kissing ferociously and my right hand goes under Helen’s dress, cupping her soaking cunt.

I find to my delight that it is clean shaven and I hold a finger on the skin between her cunt and her arse pressing firmly. She has her hand on my cock and is squeezing it through my trousers. As the lift doors open we part and walk the short distance down the corridor to my room.

Card in.

Door open.

“Nice room!” Helen says, before ditching the glasses and grabbing my trousers. She deftly undoes them and they drop to the floor. As I kick off my shoes and struggle out of my trousers her hands are on my naked cock, feeling the pre cum that has soaked through my underwear. My hand is on her cunt again and we are snogging desperately.

Helen pushes me onto the bed and orders me to get naked, and as I lie on the bed she pours a large glass of Champagne and fills her mouth with it. She kisses the first mouthful into my mouth, then takes another before taking my cock into her mouth, swirling the champagne round. She swallows the Champagne, licks my cock clean and goes to the bathroom. She is in there for a couple of minutes before I hear the Jacuzzi being filled and a moment later she appears at the door completely naked and beckons to me.

She is standing with her orange hair cascading over her shoulders, plump C cup breasts, waist, hips, not too thin, certainly not fat, legs just long enough to be incredibly hot. Cunt completely shaved. She is not the girl next door, she is all that plus all your wildest dreams. I walk toward her and we hold our naked bodies pressed hard together trying to contact as much skin as we can. We kiss deeply.

“Let’s have a shower.” She says, “I want you to wash my hair.”

She leads me into the wet room where the water is already on. We kiss again and she puts her hands on my shoulders. As I sink to my knees she lifts a leg and rests it on my shoulder drawing me into her cunt. My tongue explores her soaking slit and I find her clit making her gasp.

“Fuck!” she gasps, and I continue tonguing her clit as I work a finger into her cunt. She is so wet that I have no trouble in sliding one finger in and as she relaxes I add another. As I work on her clit the water cascades over us and I spread some of her cunt juices round to her anus and start massaging them into her tight hole. She clenches for a moment before relaxing a little and I concentrate on massaging the outer part of her sphincter. My other hand takes over with two fingers in her cunt and my other hand massaging her arse and with my tongue on her clit she suddenly pulls back.

“Stop!” kaçak bahis she breathes, panting. “I don’t want to cum too soon. I want you to wash my hair.”

I stand behind her with my rock hard cock resting between her buttocks and gently wash her hair, taking plenty of time to fondle her breasts. When I have finished she turns round, kisses me and sinking to her knees she licks from my balls up to the head of my cock and takes the head in her mouth. One hand on my buttocks, the other fondling my balls, working back towards my anus.

“If you don’t stop I’m going to cum in your mouth!” I tell her and she grunts and nods her head. Reaching between her legs she wets her fingers with her own cunt juices and works a finger into my anus, pushing inside as my sphincter relaxes. One hand steadies me against the wall of the shower and with the other hand I push her head down onto my cock as I spasm and start to cum in her mouth. I see stars as I pump my cum into her throat and she holds me as tightly as I am holding her.

Once I have stopped cumming she gently works her finger out of my arse, takes my cock out of her mouth, kisses the end of it and showing me her empty mouth, smiles guiltily at me and stands up. I am weak at the knees and she turns off the shower. Come on, we need a Jacuzzi she says and I stagger out and sink into the warm water.

Helen goes to the sink and uses my tooth brush without asking and after a cursory clean, gets the bottle of Champagne from the bedroom, slides into the water next to me and kisses me. Most of the taste of cum has gone and we kiss champagne into each-other’s mouths, me playing with her breasts and her cunt. Again I slide two fingers into her cunt and massage her anus and as it relaxes I gently work a finger in and out of her sphincter.

I ask Helen to lie over the side of the Jacuzzi and with a towel under her breasts she decadently sips Champagne with her legs parted in the warm bubbling water. I kneel between them and start kissing her buttocks, working down her arse crack using my saliva and the water as a lubricant.

I have one hand on each buttock gently pressing them apart and Helen rotates her hips to give me better access to her cunt. As I reach her anus with my tongue I skirt round it and lick round her cunt lips drawing the juices from her cunt up to her anus and once she is softly moaning I start working my tongue round her anus, using the tip to press into her sphincter, and as she gets used to the sensation her anus relaxes a little and I am able to work the tip of my tongue into her most secret hole.

“God, that feels so good!” she moans, and gently rocks her hips back and forth, her anus fucking my tongue, and as she relaxes I push deeper inside her. The taste is incredible and I am rock hard again but under water and so this goes un-noticed.

As I fuck her arse with my tongue deeper and deeper I work first one then two fingers into her cunt. I push down to massage the front wall of her cunt where her g spot is and as she relaxes they are drawn deeper in and I feel her cervix in the top of her cunt. My thumb plays with her clit.

She is soaking wet and as I fuck her anus with my tongue I allow my saliva to dribble copiously down into her cunt. I add a third finger into her entrance and she draws all three fingers back into her soaking hole. My tongue is still in her anus and she is grinding into me. She stops occasionally to take a mouthful of Champagne and as I work my fingers round her cunt I feel her cervix start to dilate. I withdraw a little, lots more saliva dripping down into her sopping cunt, my little finger slides in and I pull up towards her anus as this is where there is most space.

She needs a lot longer to relax this time and it takes her several minutes of gently working up before all four fingers are buried deep in her cunt. Her labia are stretched round my hand and she in now lying more passively so it is up to me to fuck her arse with my tongue and her cunt with all my four fingers.

With a lot more saliva I gently bring my thumb off her clit and start slowly introducing it into her cunt hole with my other four fingers. She lets out a guttural moan and relaxes further and I am able to slide all five fingers into her soaking cunt. My tongue is buried deep in her anus and my finger tips are brushing her dilated cervix, occasionally slipping inside.

I gently take my fingers out of her cunt and my tongue out of her anus and kneel between her legs. Her cunt lips are hanging open very slightly and I rub the head of my cock between her lips before allowing it to slide easily in up to the hilt. I fuck her cunt gently for a few minutes and she lies on the towel moaning slightly. I work my thumb into her anus and then move my cock up and gently push into her arse.

Her sphincter has been getting used to having something in it for the past half hour and with all my pre cum, her cunt juices and my saliva, it rests in the sphincter for a moment and as I feel her relax I press forward slightly and her anus expands to admit the head of my cock. It is as if the head is drawn into her arse and once the head is past her sphincter her anus tightens round my shaft and I hold still for a minute as she accommodates to my size.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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