Sodomy in the Moonlight

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He met her at a regional training conference being held at a well known, North Florida resort. A number of attendees had taken the resort van to a restaurant a few miles away from the main conference center.

He was sitting at the small restaurant bar having a drink; she came up and took the seat next to him and started a conversation. From his perspective, she was not the type of woman he would pursue or attempt to seduce. She was big boned and as tall as he was. Her figure, while not fat or unattractive, was full and voluptuous. Her face was attractive; she smiled easily, had a quick wit and was obviously bright. There were far less pleasant people attending the conference, so the time spent getting to know her was not unpleasant.

They didn’t sit together at dinner; as usually happens at these sort of affairs, people tend to dine with people they know or work with. He lost track of her during dinner; in truth, he wasn’t that interested as he chatted with a young woman more of his type who he knew from work.

The group stayed in the small bar for some time; as luck would have it, the stragglers missed the last van of the night back to the conference center. The bar tender told the disappointed guests that it was a little over a mile back to the main area via the beach. In small groups of two, three or four, they headed up the beach in the direction of their rooms.

Some walked at the edge of the gentle surf, bare footed, enjoying the warm salt water. Others went out into the water to swim in the bright moon light. The group stretched out over several hundred yards; some folks walked quickly to get back to their rooms, while others took their time and enjoyed the ocean.

As he was splashing along, alone, at the edge of the water, he saw her. He didn’t recognize her. What immediately got his attention was the fact that a woman, some woman, had waded out far enough to get drenched by the gentle waves up to her waist. More important, she had obviously removed her underwear; her thin cotton skirt, rendered transparent by the salt water, was plastered against the full form of her butt. As he got closer, he noted that the dress was firmly stuck in the crack of her ample posterior. It was, he hardly knew why, one of the most erotic visions he had ever experienced. He was instantly erect.

Possibly the combination of a little too much alcohol and the blatant lewdness of the sight a few feet in front of him urged him on. He’d never done anything like this before. He moved up behind this apparent stranger and placed his hands firmly on her surprisingly trim waist. He began to kiss her neck and grind his hard cock into her ass. He fully expected her to rebuff him in no uncertain terms. She did not. She immediately responded to his amorous advances, moving his hands to her ample breasts and grinding her broad buttocks back against his hard cock. He recognized her as she recognized him.

He knelt in the shallow water, raised her thin garment and began to make love to her ass with his mouth. She groaned as she reached back to spread her cheeks and give him access to her darkest hole. He rimmed her little hole and began to tongue fuck her anus. She cried out softly as his canlı bahis tongue entered her dirty hole; she bent slightly to give him better access. He could not believe he was licking a total stranger’s salty ass in the moonlight. He was aroused as he had never been before.

He stood up, released his belt and fly and let his shorts sink to the water’s surface. He began to service her expansive cunt with his fingers. It was very large, larger than he had ever experienced. It was also very wet; he drew her pussy fluid back along her perineum and lubed her ass hole with her abundant secretions. As he drew back from her to lube his rigid cock with his own spit, she could not have had any doubt as to what was to follow. If she was going to object to the impending anal invasion, she would need to do so quickly. She did not.

He worked two fingers into her hot anal canal in preparation for sodomizing her. He would have had to bend his knees to take a shorter woman’s ass. This one was nearly his height, and he realized he could fuck her standing up straight. When he felt she was ready, he popped the head of his cock past her anal ring. She gasped, exhaling as if she had just been punched in the stomach. It was a large cock, a fat cock and she had never done this before, although she had often thought about it.

He slowly inserted the full nine inch length up her rectum. The burning sensation as he passed her anal ring had eased almost immediately. The fullness was uncomfortable at first, but that feeling also passed as she began to accommodate this massive invasion of her once virgin orifice. As she grew more accustomed, she decided she liked the fullness. A man she hardly new was ‘raping’ her ass, well she was letting him—wanting him—to rape her ass.

He began a slow deep stroke and she responded by screwing his cock with her full rear, desperately trying to get every inch inside her tender hole with each stroke. Her hand dropped to her pussy and she began to stroke her clitoris with the familiar stroke that would bring her to orgasm quickly.

He increased his pace, now banging against her well padded ass with abandon, fucking hard and deep up her stinky hole. She loved it; she wished it would never end. She’d never enjoyed any form of sex this much. It was no secret that her pussy was too large. It was also not very sensitive; no man had ever been able to satisfy her while fucking her cunt.

Her mouth was small and she was not an accomplished cock sucker. She liked the feel of a man’s cock in her mouth and made up for her lack of oral expertise with enthusiasm. Sucking cock was a turn on, but nothing like she was now experiencing. For a woman her age, she had limited sexual experience and only a handful of sexual partners. Few men enjoyed fucking her pussy; none had ever fucked her in the ass. She knew her ass was sensitive and often stimulated it when she masturbated, but she could never have imagined how fulfilling anal sex with a well endowed man could be.

As he came, she felt the hot splash of his fluid drench the walls of her rectum. The physical realization that a man had just cum deep in her rectum for the first time extended her orgasm. It was the first bahis siteleri time she had ever cum with a man’s cock inside her.

His deflating cock plopped out of her well creamed ass. She missed it, instantly, wanted it hard again, she wanted it back where it belonged. He retrieved his shorts, turned her around and kissed her mouth; it was a warm, tender loving kiss. He took her hand as they moved up toward the sea wall; she noted that all of the others were out of sight. She wanted more. He was not that old; he would recover in a few minutes, wouldn’t he?

At the sea wall, they began to kiss and fondle again; he boosted her up on the sea wall; he was much stronger than she had imagined. He ate her ample pussy lovingly as he thrust his hand in and out of her cunt. She came again as he inserted three fingers into her well lubricated and relaxed ass hole.

Wordlessly, they switched places; she began to enthusiastically blow him. He was different than other men whose cock she had sucked. He didn’t try to fuck her mouth. He stayed perfectly still and let her accommodate him in her small mouth. She worked just the head with her lips and tongue, stroking his long cock with both hands.

He came in her mouth; she was surprised at the lack of a verbal warning. Not having blown that many men, she missed the signs of his impending orgasm. Since he had recently shot a massive load in her ass, she was able to keep from gagging as the smaller amount of cum flooded her mouth.

In the past, she had always removed a man’s cock when he told her, ‘I’m going to cum’, jerking him off on her tits or face. She’d tasted cum, but never had a mouth full. She liked the way it felt; she liked the way it tasted. She didn’t want to lose that feeling. For the first time in her life, she let it roll down her throat, extremely satisfied as this erotic new experience.

They slowly, hand in hand, worked their way down the beach toward the main resort area. Was this it? What happens now? He’s cum twice; surely within an hour or so he can get that beautiful cock hard again. In a manner unfamiliar to her, she took the initiative; she wordlessly led him back to her hotel room. She wanted more. She wanted his cock in her ass again. She hoped her oversized cunt would convince him to take her anally at least one more time.

They were both sandy and salty. Without a word they entered the bathroom and washed the sand and salt off each other. She played with his cock, really examining it for the first time. It was a truly magnificent instrument, she thought. It was bigger than any she had ever touched; it was both longer and fatter as it began to get hard, thanks in no small part to her actions.

He was ready to take her ass again. She thought about letting him fuck her ass in the shower, but really wanted him to do it from the front, in a real bed. The dried each other off and scampered to her bedroom.

She spoke for the first time as he moved between her legs. “I’m not on the pill; I don’t have a diaphragm, and I don’t have any condoms. I would doubt you brought any with you to dinner. My pussy is not very tight, as you’ve certainly discovered. It’s also not very sensitive, and as big bahis şirketleri as your cock is, it still is not going to be very good for you—or me, that way. I want you in my ass again; you were the first man to do my ass and I loved it. Please put it in my ass, okay baby?”

He pushed her ample thighs up against her big tits; with no preliminaries, he shoved his hard dick into her ass hole. The feeling of that fluid motion as his massive cock filled her rectum was exquisite. He kissed her lips and nuzzled her breasts as he continued is assault on her, until very recently, unused dirty hole.

He was very good at this. Hers was certainly no the first female ass he had invaded. She began to play with her pussy, virtually fisting her own cunt with her hand. He went on for a long time. She worked her ass in small circles which increased the pleasure for both of them. After what seemed like an hour, he came in her colon and collapsed on top of her. She knew his deflating cock would soon leave her body; she wanted it to stay inside her poop chute forever. It, of course, did not.

They both drifted off to sleep. She wanted him to stay the night; she wanted to feel his body against hers when she awoke in the morning. He seemed to agree.

A couple of hours later, she awoke; he was eating her pussy. She’d thought that she was dreaming. She came quickly and he continued to eat her, bringing on another small orgasm. He told her he wanted to fuck her tits. She’d done that before. The few men she had slept with always were fascinated with the idea of fucking her DDs. He went to the bathroom to get the lotion which all resorts provide.

The tit fuck was the best she remembered. She pushed her breasts together to give him maximum friction. He softly rubbed her nipples. He put a pillow behind her head so that just the tip of his cock entered her mouth as he thrust his cock between her full breasts. As he came, he held the head of his cock just inside her lips and shot the second load she had ever experienced in her mouth. She held it there, letting it slowly roll down her throat.

He kissed her passionately; he was seemingly turned on by the taste of his own fluid in her mouth. No man had ever kissed her after she had sucked his cock. It turned her on. They kissed and fondled for a long time. No man had ever been so loving and tender after having sex with her. She fell asleep, blissfully in his arms.

As dawn approached, he took her ass again. She knew his first name; she could not remember his last name, if he had ever told her. She didn’t even know where he was from; she didn’t know if he was married, but guessed that he was. All she knew was that no man had ever come close to making her feel this good. After the third and final exquisite ass fuck, they cuddled and kissed. Sadly, the time came for him to go.

During the rest of the day long conference, she thought she caught sight of him on a couple of occasions. They weren’t in any of the same training sessions. She didn’t see him as she was checking out.

She searched for him at the airport, but to no avail. She was neither stupid nor naïve and knew in her heart, that even if she had found him, there would be no, ‘future’ between them.

She would always cherish the hours they spent together and the anal excitement which he provided to her. Other men would fuck her ass; none would ever be like that first special experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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