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Sucked a guy on my way home from a day trip…

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Sucked A Guy On My Way Home From Day Trip… Was on my way home from a day trip when I decided to find a porn theater that I had heard about and see if there would be a guy that would let me suck his dick (I love to suck complete strangers). I drove around looking and after some time I found the theater and pulled into the parking lot. I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about what might happen. As I walked to the entrance I was thinking about the people driving by and wondered if they knew that guys went there to suck each others’ dicks…I hoped they did and that they knew that I was going in for that reason. I was so excited!
I went in and paid the clerk and he buzzed me in…He certainly knew that I was there to suck dicks…I loved it! I walked into the theater and sat down to watch a porn movie. My eyes adjusted and I saw a few guys stroking their cocks in the seats surrounding me. I moved next to one of them and put my hand on his penis…He let me feel it and stroke it some…By now I was quivering with excitement!
Another guy came in the room and sat next to me so I started to rub his dick through his jeans. He started to get hard so I turned to him and unzipped his zipper and found my way inside his underwear. I had his dick in my hand! He had a nice dick and seemed to be really turned on. I liked his dick better than the first one so I continued to fondle him and before long he was hard and seemed to be really into it. I know I was!
I stroked him for a short time and he invited me to join him in a private room…I was kind of hesitant because I wanted to suck him right there in front of everybody. I love for people to see me on my knees or leaning over to a guy seated next to me while I have their dicks in my mouth.
He seemed to want more privacy and kept asking me to follow him so I finally relented and followed him to a room with a bench. We went in and he closed the door. We talked a little while he was unzipping and dropping his pants…I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth!
He sat down on the bench, naked from the waist down with a nice semi erection…His dick was thick and had the most beautiful shape…Nice, well defined head and heavy balls and good length…His pubes were somewhat sparse and wispy…I was mesmerized! I just stared at it, examining this guys’ cock from inches away, commenting to him on how nice it was…He loved it. He kept telling me how hot I was and how much he was liking the whole thing.
So, there I am on my knees with this strangers gorgeous dick inches from my face, admiring it. Asking him questions about his cocksucking experience and if he was married (which he was) and if his wife fucked other guys and how often he comes here…Then I just put his dick in my mouth! HOT!!!
I’m there sucking on this complete strangers’ dick…Feeling it slide in and out of my mouth…Licking his balls…Telling him how much I love cock…Telling him what a gorgeous cock he has…Rubbing the head over my lips and just soaking up the lewdness of it all. I’m absolutely loving this…I’m not supposed to have a guys cock in my mouth, especially one I just met less than 15 mins. ago!!! I’m almost dizzy with lust! He’s loving it!
I sucked him for maybe a half hour…Trying to memorize how his dick looked and felt…I didn’t want it to end! There was precum running out of his dick. I could taste it…I was rubbing it on my lips. I was looking at it shining as it oozed out of his dick…This was cocksuckers heaven!
Finally he told me he had to leave because his wife was expecting him. I was asking him if he was going to fuck her when he got home and how cool it would be if we could fuck her together…Maybe me fucking her and sucking his dick at the same time!
He couldn’t take it any more. He stood up and stroked his dick furiously and in a few seconds cum was spewing out of it like a geyser!
It was a beautiful sight, the cum shooting out of that gorgeous cock and landing on the floor…There he was cumming right in front of me, a complete stranger watching jit run out of him…It was HOT!!!
He zipped up and I thanked him for letting me suck his dick…It was sad seeing that dick disappear into his pants.
He left…I jerked off thinking about what had just happened…The cum ran out of me in buckets…
And that’s my story about a ride home from a day trip…The best part about it is it’s 100% true…I jerk off to that memory quite often :^0

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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