‘Tales from the Orient’ Ch. 07

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When we were in Singapore Dee had told me a little about how she and John had enjoyed themselves when they went for that walk in the garden with Rod and Jo. She seemed reluctant to expand on it and I didn’t want to push her so I left it at that. John, however, in the first of his emails was more than happy to fill in the gory details…

Any comments I’ve made are in italics.


Rashoman 7 – Singapore to the UK

John went on:

‘So, Dee sat down on the garden bench and shared a cigarette and chatted for a bit. The night was dark, the air was very muggy and I could just about hear the music from the Club up the hill. Now I had Dee on her own but, believe it or not, I wasn’t at all sure what to do. I wanted to put my arm around her but she seemed distracted; it was as if she was waiting for something else to happen. Then suddenly we could hear noises from inside the Nissen hut behind us – and then the sound of someone giggling. I knew it was Jo and after a pause there was a deep responding chuckle from Rod and the unmistakeable sound of an army bed creaking… slowly… Dee looked at me, smiled then seemed to relax as she said;

‘Ah… I think Jo and Rod are finally enjoying themselves…’

‘Then she took a deep drag on the cigarette before stubbing it out. She looked at me almost questioningly and her voice went all husky as she said;


‘For a moment I didn’t understand what she meant – then she took my hand and the next thing I knew we were kissing! It just shows how little l understand women, especially Dee, as I wasn’t expecting that. But it was our first kiss – it was her idea so I wasn’t going to argue with her.’

‘The next few minutes are still a kaleidoscope of emotions – but I can remember some of it vividly. We started kissing and at first it was as if she was testing me out – she seemed a bit hesitant … then she had her arms around my neck. Oh boy…! My heart started pounding, I tried to slide my hand under her silky top but it was too close fitting so I ended up trying to stroke her through it. I was a bit tentative at first, then she wriggled against me. Her soft breasts felt gorgeous with her nipples hardened delightfully against the palms of my hands. Then she moved closer… Now I was more confident and slid my hand further down … and under her sarong…’

‘For a moment she went stiff. I decided to ‘play it cool’ and keep everything light by just gently stroking her and she responded by relaxing …and there I was. Her skimpy panties were no obstacle and as I grew more confident she started moaning, especially after I found her clitoris. But when I slipped my finger inside her pussy… then she was almost squirming against me, so delightfully warm and wet and suddenly she started to breathe more heavily and moan louder… and her pussy was almost pulsating around my finger! I’d never felt anything like that before and again and again she squeezed it until after a few moments she lifted her head, looking rather confused and whispered almost in surprise;

‘Oh… what are you doing… keep going… oh yes…!’

‘My heart surged… was she having an orgasm? I kept going until she gasped ‘No more… too much!’ and almost slumped against me.’

‘I let her get her breath back, told her much I wanted her and suggested again that we go into the Nissen hut. I hope you don’t mind me saying but up until then I’d thought she was still teasing me – but my cock now felt so swollen, her perfume and natural scent was driving me crazy and I was so worked up that the thought of her being just a friend and the wife of one of my best mates had gone out the window… she was such a sensual and desirable woman that all I wanted to do now was feel my cock deep inside her – and fucking her brains out! It didn’t help that I could hear Rod and Jo still moaning grunting not far away. Then Dee sat back and looked at me. Her eyes were shining and I thought she was going to say yes but then she said, almost regretfully;

‘John, I think you know how fond I am of you and I love what we’re doing – but I’m married and not prepared to go any further and actually have sex.’

‘Ahh…! By now my erection was so painful it felt like it was about to explode – and more in hope than expectation asked her if could she do anything about it? My heart was still trembling and I didn’t feel all that hopeful – I assumed she’d still want to keep me at arms’ length. Then she looked at me again as if making up her mind and said something like;

‘Well, when we started this evening I didn’t think we’d go this far… I was only supposed to be helping Jo – but after what you’ve done for me…OK… the hell with it!’ and the next thing I knew she was sliding her hand inside my sarong.’

‘She was looking at me teasingly as she did and I think she was surprised at what she found – and I have to admit I don’t think I’d felt so hard in my life. The touch of her soft fingers stroking my throbbing cock almost blew my mind on the spot and I can remember her voice going all husky again and giggling something like’

‘Every time we’ve ever danced I’ve always güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thought you were rather… but I wasn’t expecting this!’

‘Of course, you can imagine what that did to my morale… and then she bent forward, her head was in my lap and her lips had taken over from her fingers…! I definitely hadn’t expected that – and her lips so soft and sensual. She started swirling her tongue around the bell end when suddenly, with no warning, there was a blinding flash of lightning – followed immediately by a tremendous thunderclap! It sounded like bomb going off close by and then there was an almost simultaneous smell of burning wood and sulphur.’

‘You know what Singapore is like; it had been hot and muggy all evening, real thunderstorm weather, and obviously the lightning flash had been a thunderbolt that had hit the ground not far away behind the Nissen hut and set fire to a tree or something. After that it was sheer confusion … I heard Jo give a loud scream from inside the hut, Dee sat up with a jerk and I fell backwards off the seat on to the earth – I think some of that thunderbolt shock had passed though me! I’ll never forget the expression on Dee’s face; she looked absolutely stunned and her hair was almost standing out, like something out of cartoon! Then she laughed and shook her head, almost in relief, and gasped;

‘Bugger – I was just beginning to enjoy myself…’ then she was giggling and helped me get back on the seat. We both went very quiet; I think we were both still in shock and I thought; ‘Now what?’

As I read this I vaguely remembered Rod saying something much later on about a lightning strike at the Club when he was there one night – I was surprised Dee didn’t remember it, but as I’ve found over the years she can be selective about things she wants to remember.

‘Then there was another flash of lightning a bit further away followed by another thunderclap – but no thunderbolt. We both jumped again, some very big raindrops spattered down and I knew the heavens were about to open. Dee shook her head again, ran her hand through her hair then seemed to wake up and said;

‘I don’t fancy more shocks like that – the next one might hit us – and it’s going to pour down any second. If we get caught in it I’ll look like something from a wet t-shirt competition – so let’s get out of here!’

‘She grabbed my hand and we set off, almost running up the slope to the Club. We got to the veranda outside it just before the heavens opened up and just in time to get my sarong done up properly again. The electricity was off in the Club and it was a bit of a scene as people were lighting candles, so in all the confusion nobody seemed to notice us.’

‘Jo and Rod joined us a few moments later, looking very bedraggled and a bit bemused. Rod said the shockwave from the thunderbolt had almost blown them out of the bed. Then the lights in the Club came back on, we a few drinks to calm us down, apart from Dee, then we danced a bit more. But that was basically the end of the evening and later on Jo took Dee home in her car. Thinking about it afterwards I should have dragged her into the Nissen hut straight after the second thunderbolt … but hindsight is a wonderful thing.’

‘The thing about the Nissen hut is that it wasn’t the first time I’d been in there with somebody. You’ll remember Pat – Jo and Judy’s friend? Well, before you arrived in Singapore Pat and I used to dance a lot together and although I found her very attractive, I never really thought anything would develop. I often thought later on that she could almost have been Dee’s elder sister, or something like that. Same sort of figure, obviously much older but still very good looking, with a similar smile and blond hair.’

Oh yes, I remembered Pat – she was very much a party girl and Dee had told me she was at the same party at Jo’s flat with herself, Jo and Judy and the US Marines from Vietnam…

‘Well, Pat and her husband were there at the Club one evening, just before they were going on leave. As usual there was a lot of drinking, but as I was working with my boss later in town I held off the drink. As we were dancing Pat remarked on this and said something like;

‘Pity you’re not drinking; it might lower your inhibitions.’

Well, that caught me by surprise. I knew she liked me holding her close and running my fingers up the back of her dress when we dancing closely but had never given me any indication that it was more than flirting. I asked her what she meant by that and she said something like;

‘This might be your last chance – Judy is going to take my husband away for a while. You’ve said you’re going off to work so we won’t have much time.’

‘Dave, her husband, and Judy disappeared and Pat and I made our way out towards the Visitors’ Nissen hut. Pat said that she had never been in it before and we into one of the rooms which was vacant. I turned and very quietly closed the room door and dropped the snib on the lock.’

‘I think the room was used as a storeroom as there was no bed in that cabin, just a rattan settee with some cushions on it. I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri turned around and there was Pat laid on the cushions on the floor on her side and facing me – and she’d already taken her dress off!’

‘Again, I hadn’t expected that! Wow…she looked gorgeous and so different from any woman I’d seen before. Her pubes were shaved – I think they call it a Brazilian now. Very sexy and unusual at that time and I liked it. She grinned and then knelt up. She smiled at me and whispered ‘We haven’t much time so…’

‘I knelt down next to her and we stayed like that for a few moments while she stroked my cock. Then she muttered something about ‘This is the best bit’, knelt forward and her lips were around the end of my cock!’

‘Ye gods…! Indescribable… she knew exactly what she was doing… within seconds I was tensing up and told her to pull out as I was about to come but she ignored me … my knees almost started trembling and that was it; I simply exploded and kept going until… She looked at me, almost licked her lips then knelt back and grinned and said ‘Your turn now’ and lay back on the mattress’

‘I laid down beside her. She pulled my head against her breasts and I could feel her nipples hardening in my mouth. Then she pressed my shoulders downwards which I took as a signal to move my head lower.’

‘She moved my head so that my tongue could make contact with her lovely smooth pussy – and it was so easy to find her clitoris. After what seemed only a few seconds she was bucking and pressing herself against my mouth and she let out a loud ‘Ooh!’ I tried to put my hand over her mouth, but she bit my finger and put my hand over her left breast, and just lay there until she’d got her breath back’.

‘I looked at my watch and was horrified that it was about five minutes after the time I had arranged to meet my boss. I apologised to Pat for being so hasty and said that we had better get dressed and I’d check if my boss was in the car park. I popped my head out of the front door and saw him sitting in the passenger seat of the Mini.’

‘I said I’d better go. I gave Pat a quick kiss and didn’t see her again. About a week later, I saw Judy in the Club and she said that she had seen them off at the airport and that Pat had said to say thanks. I asked her if she had a good time with Dave. She just looked at me said something like; ‘The things I do for friends.’

‘So, going back to Dee, when we were in the garden that was the last time I was able to get that close to her until I came to say goodbye that time in your apartment… You’ve already told me what Dee said what happened then so here’s how I remember it;

‘You went into the kitchen to answer the phone while I sat on the far end of the bed. She then said;

‘Why are you still sitting down there?

‘So, I moved up to where she was lying. Within seconds, she sat up and we were kissing. Apart from our kiss and petting on the bench at the Club dance this was the first time we’d kissed each other. Then the duvet slipped down to her waist and she made no attempt to pull it up.’

‘I saw her breasts again and marveled at her gorgeous nipples. I quickly moved my hands to cup them and followed with my lips, mouth and tongue. My heart was pounding and I was so hard I thought I would burst and slipped my hand down to caress her belly and my mouth carried on enjoying each nipple in turn.’

‘As my hand traveled downward, she said “I’m having my period at the moment” Normally that wouldn’t have bothered me but… so I concentrated on her nipples. Then we heard your voice in the kitchen and I suddenly realized what we were doing. I knew it was madness and it brought me back to earth. I kissed her good bye and that was the last time I saw her until the airport in Tehran’.

‘How on earth that all happened there I still don’t understand – it really was fate. It had been a long journey from Borneo in the back of cargo C-130 and then the damn thing had broken down in Tehran. I’d been stuck in the airport for two days. We weren’t allowed outside the concourse so we’d been sleeping anywhere we could find on benches and things like that. The food was pretty rubbish but I’d developed a taste for cinnamon buns from a Swedish style bakery there, the relevance of which will become apparent later in the story. I was actually eating one when suddenly I saw this beautiful blond-haired woman in a lovely tight white polo necked sweater and the shortest of red miniskirts wandering around the shopping concourse. Naturally I couldn’t take my eyes off her but it wasn’t until I got closer I realized it was Dee!’

‘I’ll never forget how gorgeous she looked. I watched her go into a carpet shop and was kneeling down on one of the carpets, examining it and asking the shop owner all sorts of questions – you know how she loves talking to people – and she seemed totally unaware at all the local men letching at her. The shop owner disappeared into the back of the shop and some of the locals seemed to be closing in on her. Then I saw her bag on the chair outside and picked it up before anybody nicked it. After güvenilir bahis şirketleri that… well, she saw all these men, realized her bag was gone and started to look so upset. I just waited there, said something and our eyes met… Then the expression on her face when she saw me! She rushed at me and fell into my arms and started smiling and sobbing on my shoulder I fell in love with her again – sorry, but I really did!

‘Anyway, she stopped crying after a while and she apologized for soaking my shirt front. After we’d gone through immigration and got on the aircraft it seemed quite natural for us to sit together. She still seemed really hyped up and didn’t seem to be able to stop talking. At first, I put it down to what had happened in the airport but later on she said something about some new sort of travel pills she’d been given, so I thought her excited behaviour might be some sort of side effect.’

‘We seemed to talk for hours as the plane flew westwards. By midnight all the cabin lights were dimmed and I told her I was getting really tired. Then I just happened to look out of the aircraft window and down below us in the moonlight I could just make out the Pyramids, with the lights of Cairo in the distance. I pointed this out to Dee, she reached across to look and that was that – we were kissing!

‘By now the interior of the aircraft was quiet and the rest of passengers seemed to have fallen asleep. We were nice and warm and … well, somehow, I didn’t feel tired anymore and before I knew it I was sliding my hand under her sweater. She was wearing a bra and while she didn’t mind me unclipping it she didn’t want to take it off completely. So, I started stroking her thighs. She told me to wait, found a travel blanket and we snuggled up with the blanket over us.’

‘Oh boy… it was just like that night on the garden bench in Singapore – and she reacted just like she did then! How I would have loved to have gone down on her! But she seemed to be enjoying my fingers and when she finally started coming she bit my shoulder – so as not to scream out she said afterwards.’

‘Afterwards as she relaxed she said it was the first time she’d ever had on orgasm on an aircraft! Then she grinned and said it was her turn. She sat up to see if there was anybody around, told me to keep a lookout and then I felt her pull at my trouser belt – and her eyes… they looked huge and seemed to be almost gleaming! She quickly unzipped my trousers and I felt her soft hand wrap around my hardness and pull it free. My erection had been raging since we started kissing and as she played with me she whispered that she thought I was even harder and bigger than when we were in Singapore. I just said it was as a result of three months in the jungle dreaming of her – and she giggled! Then she lifted her legs onto the other two seats and moved the blanket over them. She looked around then stretched out, put her head in my lap and took me in her mouth.’

‘All I can say she was just incredible… just like on the garden seat, but this time there were no interruptions so she took her time. The things she did with her lips and tongue… She knew exactly how to control me, teasing me until I was about to come and then squeezing my cock to make me behave. After a while I gasped couldn’t take any more. She looked up and smiled and said she’d been enjoying herself but she agreed … I felt her tongue do some sort of swirling and fluttering movement and I gasped I was about to come so she could take her mouth away if she wanted … I knew there were some tissues in back of the seat ahead of us but if anything, she started sucking harder.’

‘It was just as well nobody came along the aisle as by now I wouldn’t have noticed if the aircraft had caught fire… I tried to keep still as I could and now my balls felt like a volcano but she’d lit my blue touch paper and I started erupting again and again… and she continued pumping and sucking me… I tried not to groan but I’d not had sex for months so you can imagine I how felt and she kept going until she knew I was finished.’

‘Afterwards we cuddled up again and she said it was her way of thanking me for rescuing her – and making up for what happened at the Club in Singapore. I said that she’d initiated me into the ‘Mile-High club’ and she giggled and said I’d done the same to her. Then she said that she’d only gone with me into the garden to give Jo some support if she needed it. Then we’d started kissing… then something changed and she suddenly wanted more of me. She was thoroughly enjoying herself but then there was that damned thunderclap.’

‘But then she whispered something that both delighted and mystified me at the time. I hope you don’t mind me saying it but she hinted that although she enjoyed oral with you she sometimes gagged; but she thought I tasted of cinnamon, something she loves, so she had no problem swallowing me! For a moment I was confused then remembered that while I’d been stuck in the airport terminal I’d developed a taste for those Swedish style cinnamon rolls from a bakery there. I thought they were delicious and I must have had more than a dozen or more during the two days I was there. Obviously, the cinnamon had got into my system somehow. A couple of years later after I met Deborah, my future wife, I kept asking her to make me cinnamon buns, but she didn’t seem all that interested in them – or oral sex for that matter, unless I was doing it to her…’

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