Toy Time

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I had gotten out of bed this morning and turned on my computer, signed in on my messenger, and my face lit with a smile as I scrolled down the list to find you as being online. I double-clicked on your name and sent you a sexy good morning message. You replied back within a few minutes, and we chatted for a bit. We talked about the weather, and a few other insignificant things, before we started flirting with each other. I always love flirting with you, baby! You always get me all hot and excited and craving your touch. We chatted for a couple of hours, then you had to leave, so after you left, I made a decision to play with my dildo and ease the sexual tension I was feeling after our visit.

I went in the bedroom and closed the door. I took out the pics of you that I have hidden in there and laid them on the bed. Then I got out my portable DVD player and my favorite porn DVD (Cloud 900) and my dildo. I also took the vibrating massage casino siteleri thing out of the massaging neck pillow I got for Christmas and put that on the bed with the dildo. Then I slid my nighty and underwear off and laid on the bed.

I turned on the DVD player and started the DVD, which started with a black guy and a white woman kissing and touching each other on a furry rug in front of a fireplace. I picked up the dildo and began rubbing the head of it over my pussy, between the lips of it. Mmmmmmm I am so wet that the dildo slides into me without hardly any pushing. I get it all in there, all nine thick black inches, and just hold it tight for a moment as I pick up the vibrating massager that goes in my neck pillow.

I turn it on to the low setting and hold it against the base of my dildo. I can feel the vibrations through my whole body and I feel myself getting wetter and more aroused. I slide the dildo in and canlı casino out a few times slowly, then start going a little faster. I pick up your face pic and give you a kiss and say huskily, “Fuck me baby!!!” Then I start moving the dildo faster in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. I turn the vibrator up to the high setting and it’s like a rocket going off in my pussy!

I feel myself starting to cum as I move the dildo really fast as I pretend it’s me and you in the video fucking. I am panting and moaning a lot and I am almost ready to cum real hard! I start fingering my clit hard and fast with one hand as my other hand is moving the dildo and vibe in and out very fast and hard. “Oooohhhhhhhhhh goddddd babyyyyy! I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmm!” I start moaning to you and just a minute or two after that, I feel my pussy muscles tighten around your cock and I feel my juices leaking out and running down over my asshole and kaçak casino into my butt crack.

My body tenses with my orgasm and I just hold the dildo and vibe still between my legs and absorb the vibrations from it. I move the vibrator from the dildo and put it over my clit, and that makes me cum even harder!!! I clench my thighs together to hold it there as I hold the vibrator thing over my clit for a few moments. I turn the vibe off and slowly pull the dildo out of my pussy. I love the slurping sound it makes as I pull it out of my wetness. I give it a few licks as I just lay there for a few minutes trying to catch my breath and letting my heart slow down again.

I lay your face pic against my chest and hug it, like I’d hug u afterward. I kiss your pic again and smile and say to it, “I love you babe.” Then I turned off the DVD player and took out my DVD, and put them both away into their cases. I get dressed again and take my dildo to the kitchen and wash it off before putting it away again, back in its hiding spot. And I hide your pics back in my box of craft supplies, way down at the bottom of the box under my stuff, until the next time I want you to fuck me good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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