A Night to Remember

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We had met only twice. But the attraction for him for so so strong. Something unknown kept me going like crazy for him. There was something about him; his voice, his touch, the manly fragrance, his warm smile. There were nights wherein I have thought of him and felt myself. It was driving me crazy. How do I tell him I wanted him badly and madly? Did he think the same way about me, I wasn’t certain. All these thoughts were crossing my mind after I had helped myself again thinking about him and seeing his pictures. With these thoughts clouding my mind I dozed off.

He messaged me to go out clubbing with him coming Saturday night. I instantly agreed. I decided to wear a sexy short black dress, I had also carefully chosen a satin thong and a lacy bra to go along with it. And yes high black stilettos. As I checked myself in the mirror, I was happy to see the end result and something told me this may be one helluva night for both of us. The very thought of seeing him sent shivers down my spine. He picked me up at 8 and when I hugged him I wanted to melt in his arms. The smell of him gave me a tingling sensation between my legs. We did some pre-drinking sessions. We felt so alive with each other. We spoke about life, work, music, movies and just about everything. He made me laugh with his jokes. We proceeded to the club post 11. He held me by my waist as we entered. A lot of eyes turned on us. Women were checking him out and I felt that to be a turn on. He was mine. I didn’t even notice the eyes that were checking me out with lust. I was lost in my world with my man.

The DJ was playing some really casino oyna nice numbers and both of began to dance. Our bodies up close. The sensation of having him again passed through my mind. We were looking into each other’s’ eyes. After a while, he whispered ever so lightly in my ears. He told me I was super-hot and tempting and how he needed me. ‘I have thought about you so many times and shagged off. You have no idea babes’, he said. I stood there gaping at him and was at loss of words for a full 30 seconds. ‘Me too’, I blurted out a bit too loud. He gave me a coy smile and I smiled back. We continued to dance again. Both relieved that the feeling was mutual. As the place got crowded and cramped, we came really close. I could feel his warm hands on my butt. Feeling me all over. He moved it up to my waist and kept moving up towards my nape. I was starting to feel wet now. I could sense him going all hard. My body could feel it. I whispered to him to leave and go to my place. This was the moment I had been waiting for. He agreed and we left. The taxi ride to my place took less than 20 mins. I think it was the longest wait of my life.

We decided to take the stairs up as I lived on the 2nd floor. Both of us were decently high. As we ascended I dug into my bag to look for the house keys. He instinctively turned me around, our lips devastatingly close and we kissed, right there. It was late and no one was around. We kissed for really long and I pulled off and winked. I rushed up and opened the doors. My flatmates were out of town and we had the place to ourselves. I bolted the door shut. I walked up to him canlı casino and pushed him onto the couch. We started to kiss like crazy. Deep, passionate, mad. I chewed onto his lips. As I sat on his lap, I could sense he had a solid boner now.

He moved down to kiss my neck and rolled his tongue into my ear lobes. I moaned in pleasure. I began to unbutton his shirt and planted kisses all the way while I was at it. His breathing got heavier and I went down till I was near his crotch. I quickly moved up as this wasn’t happening so soon. ‘You are such a tease’, he said. I got his belt off and he then began unzipping my dress. As I came out of my dress in my sexy black lingerie, his eyes went wide. He immediately went for my boobs. They were hard and perked up. I was getting wetter by the second and moaning. I was calling out his name. He carried me to my bed and the sweat, the sweet smell of our bodies and the heat of passion drove both of us wild.

I unzipped his jeans and pushed them off him and his undies followed suite. I looked at his tool and went on to hold it and shake it. I gave a wicked smile and down to work. I sucked his cock from the base to the head. My tongue giving light, warm strokes. He shuddered as I continued to play deftly with my tongue and lips. I sucked him nice and deep all over. While my fingers were toying his balls and inner thighs. I started to sense his turn on spots and change tactic accordingly. I looked up at him and seeing his pleasure made me feel crazily charged up. I took his whole thing inside my mouth and he was calling my name. I went on and on until he couldn’t take kaçak casino it more and wanted me like mad.

As I moved up we kissed again deep. He came back for my boobs and unhooked my bra, he then moved to my navel, and then moved down. He pulled my thongs off me. As he played with my boobs, his fingers went down for my wet pussy. This was the moment I was imaging for so many days. He was stroking my clits slowly and them gradually building pace. I was dripping wet and moaning away. He then went down on me and I was in a feverish state. His tongue navigating first outside and then spreading me wide and entering me in and out. His warm wet tongue lapping my dripping pussy. I pushed his head further in asking for more. I called out his name and my whole body was hot and shuddering in pleasure.

I was nearing climax as his other fingers were exploring my butt hole. I was so went that he could glide in and out. I was orgasmic. He sensed it and he came up. Feeling my boobs again and getting ready to enter me. He lifted me and moved me to edge of my bed. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his neck as he entered me. It was the best sensation ever, feeling his whole hard thing inside me, deep. As out bodies moved as if in trance, he paced out his thrusting. Both our bodies intertwined as if zoned out. As he kept thrusting harder and harder and I wanted his cum to flood me and mix with my juices. We looked into each other’s eyes with passion never seen before. He then came with such a bang and I could feel the rush of the warm cum all inside me.

He moved out and we lied next to each other, satiated. I felt alive like I had never ever felt before. He turned to look at me and kissed my forehead gently. We were still breathing heavy and we both cuddled up and slept. The story had just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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