A Party I’ll Never Forget

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Hiya folks, I dragged this old draft up and decided to finish it. It’s written from a different perspective that I’m not so keen on but wanted to try and I couldn’t be assed redoing the entire thing. I hope you all enjoy! As always comments and feedback would be awesome.


It was summer and I just finished college for the year. I was headed home for my birthday, after all it’s best to spend your 20th with family, you can no longer call yourself a teenager. It was about a three-hour drive south from the top of Scotland to the central belt. Well I say 3 hours, with my Ducati Panigale I can cut it to around 2 but that’s not important. What is important is how I was ended up fucking my aunts best friend the night of my party.

It started as soon as I got home, I rode up the winding road leading to my parent’s house and pulled up right at the front door. There were steps leading to a large porch and my parents waiting in the doorway. I killed the engine, climbing off and walking straight up to hug them. I stepped back and set my bag and crash helmet on the floor.

“It’s so good to see you again,” said my mom.

Her slight frame was silhouetted by the lights from inside the house. She had long brunette hair in a ponytail, she was only 42 but could easily pass for 32. She has nice ample breasts, a perfect handful. Dark eyebrows with striking green eyes, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of looking down at those eyes while getting my cock sucked. She’s about 5″4 to my 5″8 so when she talks to me she has to look up and the lighting anywhere will shine in those beautiful eyes. Mom eats well and stays fit so she’s nice and toned with a flat stomach and wide hips leading to nice strong thighs. The weather today allowed us all a rare sight of my mom in a lovely loose sun dress.

My dad is about 5″5, bald and has a bit of a belly. They divorced when I was about 5 but only because my dad works away a lot so we’re all on good terms.

They hugged me back and I replied, “Yeah it’s good to be back, man that drive was a killer. Might need to look at a comfier bike…not that I’ll get rid of my baby.”

Just as I turned to look at my beloved Ducati the engine roared to life. It would have seemed like she was replying to me except bikes don’t do that. I leapt from the top of the stairs and rolled to my feet about to grab whoever was on my bike but stopped dead, suddenly jealous of my bike.

I guessed she must have been about 24, I say guessed because I honestly couldn’t think enough to deduce anything except how drop dead gorgeous she was. She had bright red hair, almost orange like a true Scot. She had bright blue eyes, reminding me of the glacial ice I saw in Switzerland.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry I couldn’t resist,” her voice was smooth and her giggle was soft.

She had an English accent I couldn’t place. And her giggle at the end give me shivers.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said stepping back to give some room to get off. “You have good taste, maybe I’ll take you for a ride sometime.”

Using the foot peg, she lifted her leg over the bike, giving me a spectacular view of her ass. For a brief moment I thought about grabbing a couple handfuls of that luscious ass through the boyshorts she wore. As she brought her foot to the floor the height of the bike unbalanced her and she fell into me. Because I was staring at her ass that is where my hands caught her. She leaned into my chest and looked up at me and whispered, “sure, and maybe after we can go out on the bike.”

Leaving me dumbfounded she walked off towards the house, I watched that 5″2 frame and that nice round ass sway as she did so.

Once she was up the stairs she walked past my parents who were both watching me staring after her. I blushed and quickly turned to switch off my bike, remembering to lift the keys this time.

“Come on you! We’ve got food cooked, enough to fill even your belly!” my mom called from the door.

Suddenly remembering how famished I was I raced up the stairs, my boots echoing on each step. Running straight past my parents through the laminated hallway, past the wooden stairs and into the living room.


I was greeted by my best mate Jake, his significant other Allison, my aunty Amy and the gorgeous redhead who’s name I have not learned…yet.

“Awright, how you all doin’?” I said as I rushed for the table of food.

A 7-foot-long table full of different sized plates with mini pizzas, garlic bread, sausage rolls, triangle pieces and all sorts of other party food, my personal favourite, cubes of cheese and pickled onions on cocktail sticks.

“Straight for the food as usual, good to know you haven’t changed man,” Jake called from his seat, with Allison perched on his knee.

“You try riding for 3 hours with nothing to eat” I called back.

“You text me 2 hours ago saying leaving now,” he said, purposefully loud so my mum would hear, thankfully she did not.

I threw a paper plate at him with a “sorry Allison” when I realized where she was sitting. casino siteleri They both laughed as I returned to the table of food.

I felt a pair of hands slide under my arms and around my waist and on sheer instinct, I lifted my plate of food out of reach and growling to protecting my food. The hands tightened and hugged me from behind.

“Is that anyway to greet your Aunt Amy?” The voice said behind me.

“That depends on how hungry I am,” I replied getting a laugh as she slipped her hands back, dragging her nails across the side of my leather jacket.

“But you’re always hungry,” she complained as I turned around.

“So, what does that tell you?” I replied with a wink as I pulled a pickled onion from a cocktail stick with my teeth.

She just giggled and leaned forward to take a cube of cheese from the same stick. Only she slid her tongue out and under the cube before sliding it off with her teeth all the while holding my gaze with her blue eyes. Strands of shoulder length blonde hair framed her face, the sight sent blood straight to my cock. Thankfully my Kevlar jeans kept it from showing. I should point out my Aunt Amy isn’t actually blood related, she’s my mums best friend and they call each other sisters, so naturally I’m a nephew.

I moved through the room and sat on the largest couch and was about to take a bite out of a mini pizza when it disappeared out my hand in a flash of red and I felt the couch sag as someone sat next me.

“First my bike, now my food. Are you just not gonna rest until you’ve taken everything I hold dear?” I asked turning to look at the thief.

“Aww I’m sorry,” she said looking every bit the apologetic princess as she took a bite then lifted the rest to my lips.

I took as big a bite as I could, holding her thumb and index finger in my mouth, and gently squeezed them with my teeth.

“Oooh naughty,” she whispered biting her lip, combined with that accent my deflating cock was back to a full salute once again.

She made it worse by sucking off the pizza sauce left on those two fingers.

I choked on the mini pizza I had yet to swallow and she giggled like before, which didn’t help my predicament in the slightest.

“Right, now that you’ve found the food we can all get a catch up, it’s been a year since any of us saw you. You want a cuppa or a beer?” Asked my mom walking into the room followed by my dad carrying my helmet and bag.

“Oh shit, sorry dad forgot about them,” I say standing up to take the bag from my dad. It had about 2 weeks’ worth of clothes.

“Don’t worry about it, food always comes first,” he said with a laugh setting my stuff down beside the couch.

“Bottle of bud would be awesome mom, thanks.” I told her as she made her way into the kitchen.

My dad took his place the 2-seater sofa opposite me, “I see you’ve met Lucy, you Aunt invited her over.”

“Well seeing as how she’s staying with me I couldn’t just leave her in the house while I went to a party” said Aunt Amy walking into the room, wine glass in one hand, a bottle of bud in the other which she handed to me.

“Besides she just had to meet my handsome little nephew, you don’t have a girlfriend do you Nik”

I blushed and glanced at Lucy who was also glowing crimson.

“Er…no, no I don’t Aunt Amy” I said nervously with a pointed stare.

“Oh, so you’ve got fuck buddies then!” she concluded. I immediately looked away.

“Amy!” Exclaimed my Dad.

“What? He’s a fit young lad, have you seen him doing his free running thing. I bet you’re nice, strong and bendy,” she said with a wink and a sneaky glance towards Lucy who was now hiding behind her hair, somewhere I wish I could join her.

“I think you’ve embarrassed the lad enough,” said my dad coming to my rescue.

“Aww he’s so adorable I could just eat him up.” Aunt Amy continued.

“You can just leave my son alone, missy!” It seems both parents would be my rescuers as my mom came into the room with a bag full of wrapped presents and a bottle of bud. As she handed me the latter she saw the one in my hand and immediately looked to Amy who wouldn’t meet her eye.

“Now you give me that” she said taking my plate away from me, I managed to snatch one last sausage roll before it was taken out of reach. “And open these.”

I got down onto the floor and set the bag to my right and my beer to my left then lifted the first present out of the bag. It was quite big, square and soft. I tore into it and found a pair of harem pants, like Aladdin wears. I immediately discarded the rest of the presents and jump up and down with a grin from ear to ear. “Fuck yeah! Whoever got these you have officially beaten everyone else in the best present contest,” I said to the room in general.

I raced upstairs to change my bike leathers for my new baggy sweats. When I came downstairs mum was asking Aunt Amy why she would do this to her. So, I ran for Aunt Amy and lifted her up in a hug and spun her around.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank canlı casino you, thank you, thank you, aww I love you so much.” I put her down and stood in the middle of the room waving my butt which made the material wave and brush against my legs.

I sat down to rummage through the rest of the presents. I got a very expensive motorcycle valet kit from dad for which I stood up and hugged him. When I lifted the last one I could see mom sit up straighter, my interest piqued I opened the deceptively heavy parcel. Inside was a set of kitchen knives made like samurai blades with a stand that held the blades horizontally above one another.

“Sorry Aunt Amy, but I think Mom just trumped you on the best present front,” I said looking at mom who beamed at me. Then I turned to Amy, “but just barely,” I said with a grin.

“How bout we all get a drink and watch a movie, Nik you pick the movie while I go get everyone a drink, Amy care to help,” my mum said, clearly wanting to have words with my Aunt’s choice of gifts.

I sat back on the couch with Lucy however she had moved over so now I was sat in the middle of the 3-seater couch with her on my right. She handed me my bottle of beer which I hadn’t noticed her pick up earlier.

“Wow, you’re actually giving me something back,” I said with a chuckle, but it was short lived as I saw her red lipstick on the bottle.

“Mom warned me the devil would be attractive,” I whispered bringing out another giggle from Lucy.

Once Mom and Amy came back into the room the lights were turned off and I picked up the NOW TV remote and flicked to the movies section. Aunt Amy sat on my other side, pausing for effect right in front of me blocking my view of the TV, not that I minded the new view.

“Move your ass woman!” I growled as I reached out to kick it, she put her weight onto my foot so that when I dropped it she fell right into my lap.

“Oops, sorry dear” she said with a very unconvincing apology.

As she slid off my lap, putting her right hand down to push herself off but she had already moved her hips a little so her hand landed right on my erect cock. Thankfully the lights were out and the bagginess of my sweats hid anything from view. But when she moved to sit beside me she kept her hand there. I cleared my throat and lifted the remote to flick through the movies. I selected Guardians of the Galaxy because I hadn’t yet seen it and loved Andy Dwyer. I don’t care if he’s Chris Pratt, he will always be Andy Dwyer.

So, the movie plays and everyone gets comfy, I take a swig from my bottle…and nearly choke. Did Aunt Amy just squeeze my cock!? I looked over and she was engrossed in watching Chris Pratt dancing around with little dinosaur things. I thought nothing of it until the first of the gunshots sounded, because she did it again, and I know she did because she didn’t stop, she squeezed my engorged cock, over and over again. Then I felt her fingers trail over my abs and felt her freeze a little when she touched the ridges between my abs, I smiled as she continued moving over my abs then down and under the waistband of my new sweats.

I couldn’t help but think maybe the easy access is why she bought them for me. Her fingers ran through my soft curls and grasped my cock once again. Her index finger rubbed the foreskin at the head of my dick and her hand moved up and down. I could feel the blood pulse in my veins against her hand.

My breathing quickened as she jerked me off faster and faster, and just as I was about cum she removed her hand. She couldn’t hide her giggle although it was quiet.

We enjoyed the movie after that and during it there were multiple trips to refill wine glasses and more bottles. By the end of the movie, mum and dad were passed out from wine and beer, Jake and Allison were snuggled up together and Aunt Amy was too drunk to be moved so Lucy and I left them to sleep and headed to the bedrooms upstairs. My room was just how I left it when I left a year ago, my Kevlar jeans, boots and jacket were where I left them when I got changed into my new sweats.

I was quite tipsy so I just stripped my shirt and fell onto the bed. I rolled onto my back and pushed myself up to the pillows to stare at the ceiling, my alarm clock was still there which projected the current stage of the moon cycle on the ceiling.

Just as I drifted off I heard the shuffling of feet and my door creak open. It was Lucy, it had to be she was the only one still conscious. I saw her shadow move towards the bed.

“Everything ok?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, it’s just I was never meant to spend the night, Amy and I were supposed to head home tonight,” she whispered.

“Oh shit, I can show you to one of the roo-mmng.”

I never got to finish because her lips met mine, her tongue slipping past my lips to delve into my mouth. Gods she tasted good, I held her face in my hand and kissed her deeper.

“Mmm, god I want you so bad, as soon as I heard your bike coming down the road I was so wet. You can be sure Amy has kaçak casino described you to me with fine detail,” she confessed.

“Oh really?!” I gasped between kisses as I slid my hand down her body to those cute little boy shorts she wore and pressed my fingers between her legs.

I hooked my hand under her, lifted her and threw her onto her back and rushed up to kiss her again. This time I was the one to force my tongue past her lips to find hers. Our tongues danced while she pushed at my sweats. Slowly they moved past my hips and she hooked her thumbs into my boxers and pushed them away. My rock-hard cock sprung from its entrapment and pointed straight at Lucy. “Holy fuck! I’m going to enjoy this,” she whispered.

Now was her turn to roll me over, kissing down my neck and collar bone. Moving to my chest, running her tongue over my nipples and across my stomach, she grabbed my wrists and lifted them above my head.

“If you move those hands, I’ll leave,” she said, her voice taking on a husky tone.

Lucy kept planting kisses and licking my ribs and my lower abs just before my pubic hair starts, causing me to flinch, which also caused my cock to bounce and poke her.

“It seems he needs a little attention,” she mused grabbing my cock and slowly pulling the skin back to reveal the purple head.

She leaned in close and softly blew on my cock making it twitch in her hand. I watched her tongue snake out and taste my cock. I tried to push my cock up and into her mouth.

“Ooh naughty boy” she moaned, before plunging my cock into her mouth.

I felt the head hit the back of her throat and she held it there until she started to gag then pulled her head away, her spit covering my cock leaving strands connecting it to her hungry mouth.

“Holy fuck, I did not expect that,” I breathed.

“Oh, that’s just the start of a very long night,” she said before moving below my cock and taking one of my balls in her mouth.

She rolled it around with her tongue, sucking it into her mouth then pressing her tongue into my sack to slide along and repeat with the other one, all the while sliding her hand up and down jerking me off. When I felt her tongue run up my cock from base to head, my hands twitched, attempting to grab her head.

“Ah ahh, I warned you,” she teased, moving away from my cock.

“Oh, but please it’s too much,” I begged.

“Hmmm, welllll” she dragged it out as she opened her mouth and licked the underside of my head with the flat of her tongue.

When she didn’t move I looked down at her, with those ice blue eyes staring back I nearly shot my load then and there.

“Well, what you waiting for honey?” her voice was just that, sweet as honey.

Taking the hint, I laced my fingers through her fiery hair and grabbed a hold of her head and slowly pushed her head onto my cock.

“Oh k-on, oo can oo be-ah nan nat,” she said around my cock.

With me being clueless she got frustrated and pushed her own head up and down into my cock, at its lowest point so my cock was repeatedly rubbing against the back of her throat. It was like fucking a pussy except I had the extra stimulation of her tongue licking the head and shaft. Finally understanding what she wanted I lifted her head and pulled it back down. At the top she pressed her lips together and when I pushed her down there was an extra tightness over the head and I pushed her right down till her nose pressed into my lower abs and I kept her there till she started to gag.

She got off me and stood up to take her shorts and red lace panties off, turning to face away she kept her legs straight to bring her panties down, pushing her ass into the air. I rushed forward and surprised her by grabbing her thighs and pushing my face into her sopping wet pussy.

“Aaahhh! Holy shit, tha- mmm,” her squeal of surprise was too good, I stood up to fuck her but she grabbed my hair. “Don’t you dare stop licking me,” she warned.

I took to my knees and pushed my face in further, forcing my tongue straight past her rosy petals. My nose filled with her gorgeous aroma. My head was spinning, I could stay there forever. I pulled back just a little to lick her slit with the flat of my tongue, feeling her shake at my touch even more. I leaned down and tilted my head up to get the tip of my tongue between her thighs and flick her clit.

“God I fucking love your tongue, get on the bed I want that monster in my mouth too,” she demanded.

I did as I was told and lay on my back and was treated to the view of Lucy climbing onto the bed to stand above my head before pushing her dripping pussy onto my waiting tongue. Leaning forward she took my cock in her little hands once more and impaled her throat with my cock; pushing it right to the back and rolling her tongue in circled around the tip. Sucking on it to create a vacuum while still licking me. I returned the favour and reached my right hand under her hips and around the back to press my first two fingers into her, gods she was tight. I resumed my assault on her clit. It had swollen with her arousal so much so that I could take it between my lips and squeeze it while flicking it with my tongue. Pushing my fingers into her box, feeling her get so wet she was dripping down my hand coating my mouth and chin.

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