A Proposition, and a Story

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I lie next to you in bed, you’re just back from the festival. One of those small ones?—?nice vibes, good drugs.

“I was propositioned” you say.

Sounds interesting. You’re shy, quiet. I’m curious.


“By a couple.”

I wait.

“I was outside having a joint. She was stoking my beard, lots of people were.”

“It’s a great beard!”

“Thanks. She gave it stroke and he joked about asking consent. Consent is sexy she said as I passed her the joint. We went back inside and I headed to the bar. About 10 minutes later I saw them again. She with long red hair, his head shaved. Both tall, good looking, young. She came over and stoking my beard asked ‘Is this ok?’ ‘Of course’ I said, smiling. The music was loud and she had to put her lips next to my ear to say would you like to join us back in my tent?”

“Wow” I say “they must have had a big tent!” You smile. “What did you do?”

“I panicked”

“I bet you did!” You’re shy, quite but I also know you’re curious. “That’s a shame” I add.

“I said something about having a son, she shrugged and with a stroke of my beard turned away. At the bar I ordered another buckfast and watched them leave with another couple. He had a great beard.”

You are lying on your back, topless, the night breeze giving a slight chill to the air. I trace my finger over your left nipple and through the hair on your chest. “That’s a shame” I say with a smile. “What might have happened?” You turn to look at me.


“Would you like to join us back in my tent?” She said.

“Sure” you replied “both of you?”

“Sure, if casino oyna that’s OK?”

It’s midsummer and it’s already getting light as you go outside. It’s quieter out here, although the bass of the reggae carries across the site. She reaches for your hand and kisses you chastely on the lips.

“Come on” she says and pulls you both across the field towards the campsite by the river. She did have a big tent. A white bell tent that could have accommodated six.

“Beer?” he says opening the cool box.

You stand awkwardly at the entrance. “I’ve never…” you start to say.

“Whatever” she says” do you consent?” and without waiting for an answer links her arms around your neck, looks you in the eye and then her lips find yours beneath your beard.


As we’re lying in bed my hand moves slowly down your chest, over your stomach, I feel your erection twitch as I gently rub it through you shorts. “Enjoying the story?”


Your hands move tentatively to her bare shoulders, feeling her warm skin, over her back and down. Her tongue touches yours as you pull her tight, feel her breasts against your chest, feel your cock against her belly as your finger traces the outline of her knickers through her dress. She sighs as she runs her fingers through your beard. Your hands slip under her dress, feeling her cool skin.

Her hands are under your t-shirt, and as she pulls her lips from yours she pulls you t-shirt over you head, as you reach to unbuckle your belt she drops her dress to the floor. She lies on the pile of sleeping bags, her nipples hard, the slight bulge of her belly above canlı casino her boypant knickers. She smiles at the look on your face and raises her hands above her head.

“Come here” she grins.

You kneel between her legs, lips on her nipples and she arches her back, rubbing her pussy against your leg. Your teeth grazing her nipple, her hand explores your shoulders, your back, reaching your boxers she pulls them off you ass, caught on your erection she deftly frees them and you kick them off. She pulls you down onto her belly, pushing her pussy against your chest, your fingers move to her nipples as you tongue runs down.


My hand is inside your shorts, gently playing with your erection, now my shirt is off, my hardening nipple against you arm.


Your tongue runs down over her belly and she lifts herself up as your fingers reach into the elastic of her pants, sliding them down over her thighs. You run your tongue over her lips, already wet with a musky taste, and as your tongue flicks over her clitoris you slip your finger inside her. She pushes up against you as you slip another finger inside, her warmth and wetness on her thighs mingling with yours as you lick her. Her hands reach to the back of you head pushing you into her. Your fingers trace the edge of her pussy and, as she lifts herself up, slips lower rubbing her moisture around her asshole. She sighs as you finger slips in, your thumb into her pussy and as she cums you taste her.

“mmmmm I always come easily when I’m stoned” she grins.

Your beard is wet with her juice, which you wipe on her thighs,

“Come kaçak casino here” and she begins kissing you, licking your beard “God I taste good”. Your cock is hard against her swollen lips. She pulls a condom from somewhere and slips it on and guides the head of your cock into her pussy.

“Slowly” she says “at first”.

You slip the head of your cock into her pussy. It feel strange?—?you haven’t fucked with a condom for years. You haven’t fucked anyone but me for 15 years. You hesitate, then slip deeper, pulling out and slowly in. Pushing her knees apart with your legs. Opening her. You start to fuck her, feeling her hips push against yours, your balls against her ass. She reaches up, one hand in your beard, one seeking our you nipple, tweeking, pulling, pinching.

“That’s it” she smiles, closing her eyes.


I’m rubbing your cock and feel you hand seeking out the gap between my thighs, “Not yet” I whisper.


You let out a moan as you relax. “Not yet” you think. You move her hand from your nipple. Up in into your beard, to you mouth, and bite her nail as you suck her finger.

“Again” she moans as she arches into you and then you sense his presence next to you. You stop. Unsure. You feel yourself soften.

She opens her eyes and smiles. “It’s ok, we’ve never either. Do you consent?”


“Consent is sexy” she says and you feel her squeeze you inside her and realise you’re hard again.

He is lying next to her, on his side. She turns to kiss him, he runs his fingers through her hair. You slowly start to fuck her again. She moans and you see the bulge growing in his pants.


I pull down your shorts “I’ll let you think about what happens next” I say as a feel your cock start to twitch. I bite your nipple as I feel your cum spurt over your belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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