A Quickie

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He’d been polite all evening. Gentle, considerate, even thoughtful all throughout dinner in the crowded restaurant. His occasional soft caresses wandered from her cheek, down her throat, over her arm to her fingertips, sending rivers of unending shivers through her body. She liked being treated this way, feeling cherished and loved, but it had been weeks since they had been together and she needed more. She wanted to feel the strength in his arms as he held her tight, longed to hear his hot breath whisper urgent, dirty things in her ear. It was always this way between them. They couldn’t see each other as often as either of them wanted to. And, when they were together, the sexual tension was always off the chart.

He walked her to her car as the sun was just beginning its slow descent in the evening sky. Both reluctant to part ways, they talked of many things – her fears and insecurities, his wandering urges, and other things, some trivial, some not. All the while, they touched. It was as if she was unable to break the connection. She needed to be close to him, to feel his skin against hers and feel his muscles flex as he moved. casino siteleri As the sky darkened, she became bolder, touching him in less discreet ways.

She tasted the flesh of his neck with quick licks of her tongue, loving the saltiness she found there, nibbling at his throat, running her hands through his hair and down the length of his chest to rub the hard bulge straining against his jeans, urging his hands to touch her intimately too. She pressed her yearning body full length against him, feeling his body’s hard, masculine reaction to her. Her nipples ached to be touched by him, licked by his warm tongue, tweaked and pinched by his strong clever fingers, nipped by his sharp teeth. The heat and wetness between her legs was increasing rapidly and a trickle of moisture escaped down her thigh as she arched herself against his leg, murmuring pleadingly in his ear.

His hands encircled her throat, pressing firmly against the back of her neck, thumbs caressing the sensitive hollows in the front. He leant in to kiss her, lightly at first, then deepening the kiss, thrusting his tongue deep inside as the pressure canlı casino of his hands on her throat increased too. He felt her whimper, like a small trapped animal beneath his hands and knew that soon she would be begging him… for release at first, but eventually, she would just beg incoherently, the pleas turning to moans, then finally to inarticulate animal sounds of lust and need and submission.

Pinned between his hard body and the trunk and bumper of the car, she could only writhe sinuously against him as he continued to devour her mouth with his. She paid no attention to their surroundings and was unconcerned about passersby. By now her senses were concentrated totally on him, nothing else in the world existed but him and her need to please him. Quickly, his hand reached under her skirt to find her dripping wet snatch, totally bare of panties.

The touch of his hand on this sensitive area, so hungry for his attention, made her moan and shiver. Slipping easily inside of her, his fingers measured her length, twisting and rubbing till she felt that she would explode right then and there. All too soon, the exciting kaçak casino sensations stopped as he abruptly removed his hand. The sound of his zipper coming undone almost made her come undone too. Roughly, he used his knee to nudge her legs apart, then with a quick upward thrust he buried himself to the hilt inside her. Leaning her back against the trunk, her legs wrapped around the back of his knees, she spread herself wider for him, giving him fuller access.

He began to pound his thick, hard cock deep inside of her, harder and faster and deeper with each vigorous thrust. His mouth captured hers, swallowing the throaty cries she made as his hands roamed freely over her full breasts, twisting, pinching, pulling her towards ecstasy. He held her for what seemed like hours on the edge, impaled on his steel hard tool, before finally reaching a hand down to rub her throbbing clit, causing her to arch upward as her cunt convulsed in wave after wave of mind shattering orgasm. She felt him driving deeper within her and fill her with his hot, wet cum before ever so slowly withdrawing… every nerve still tingling from the delicious aftershocks of their lovemaking.

With legs so weak they could barely support her, he took her into his arms for one final, soul satisfying kiss, then she got into her car to make the lonely drive home, already longing for their next meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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