A Rachael Story 01: Cleaning Up

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*DISCLAIMER* All persons in this story are fictitious, as is the story itself. The characters are over the age of 18.*

“What a week,” Steve thought to himself as he lay in bed half-awake on a hazy mid-August Saturday morning, torn between the desire to get more sleep and the need to get up and work on the “honey-do” list his wife had left him with before heading out of town on a two-week West Coast business trip.

And then a third, more pleasurable option occurred to him and he reached for his phone to find some inspirational material. After unlocking the device he snaked his right hand down his torso and under the waistband of his boxer briefs, palming his cock and balls. His left hand busily dug into his password-protected folder of Rachael photos.

Steve scrolled through the tiny photo previews, smiling at his good fortune. He thought of himself as a fairly typical middle-aged suburbanite, handsome enough but rarely the best looking guy in the room. But somehow he’d attracted the attentions of this busty blonde college sophomore who had grown up a block up his street in a house that he’d sold in his capacity as a realtor more than a decade ago, after Rachael’s parents had divorced and her mother had decided to move to his town.

The pictures were a mix of selfies the 19-year-old Rachael had texted him along with a few that he’d taken during their encounters. He selected a nude of her lying on her back on his family room couch, her generous breasts pancaking a bit, her fully shaved womanhood open in lewd invitation. She’d showered with him just minutes before the picture was taken, her wet blonde hair a reminder of the day that he’d given her a car ride after spotting her on a busy street walking in the rain. She’d told him that day that she was locked out of her mother’s house as a prelude to seducing him, which began with her performing some amazing fellatio on the same couch that was shown in the digital image. He’d also fucked her tits and learned that she had a daddy fetish that he’d surprisingly enjoyed playing along with before she brought him to an explosive climax in her mouth and all over her face and chest.

The memory of this first encounter combined with his hand’s motions quickly brought him to a full erection. He pulled his underwear down and then began to stroke himself slowly, giving his head a bit of extra attention with his thumb. Several minutes in the tip of his cock was leaking precum as he imagined Rachael pleasuring him with her skilled tongue, lips and fingers, wishing his hand was her mouth and that he could finger her warm, wet, barely legal pussy while she went down on him.

The noise and slight vibration of the garage door opening beneath the master bedroom suite took Steve out of the moment. His wife was away and they didn’t have kids. Who could it be?

He pulled his underwear up, got out of bed and walked across the carpeted floor to the bedroom door. He removed his green-checkered bathrobe from the hook on the back of the door and put the garment on, tied it shut. He looked around for a potential weapon, saw nothing, decided it would be too embarrassing to call the police for what was likely a false alarm and began to walk down the stairs.

“Hello, sir,” he heard a youthful female voice say as he reached the halfway point of his descent.

“Is that you, Rachael?” Four more steps down his eyes confirmed that it was his sexy college girl, wearing a rather utilitarian dark green apron that went halfway down to her knees and holding a pink feather duster. She did a quick spin that confirmed that the apron was all she wore; the sight of her side boob and ass was delightful.

“You like?” she asked, approaching him as he reached the bottom of the stairs that divided the formal living and dining room area from the more casual back end of the main floor.

“Very much,” he said, reaching his arms out to embrace her.

“No touching, sir!” she replied in a harsh tone with a smirk on her face, slapping his arms away with the cleaning prop.

Steve’s mind scrambled, his caffeine-deprived brain ill-prepared for role-playing. “Oh…I’m sorry about that. I guess you’re from the cleaning service?” he finally replied.

“Yes. Your wife said you’re sort of…messy when she’s away so she hired me to take care of things.” Steve’s mind reeled at the casino oyna thought of his wife knowing of his dalliances with Rachael, wondered if it was even remotely possible that his wife had paid the girl to perform some chores and that Rachael had decided to have some fun with the idea. Aided by the sight of her, his cock also stirred at the memories of some of the messes he’d made on his curvy younger lover.

“I see. Well…since this is your first time here I guess I should supervise?”

“Yes sir. I am very open to any suggestions you may have.”

“How about you start in the family room then?”

“Very well, sir. Show me the way.” He led her to the back of the house, settling in on the couch to watch the sexy co-ed perform her duties.

“Your wife is right; the house could certainly use some tidying,” Rachael remarked after looking the room over. She bent over the coffee table a foot away to his left, giving Steve a view of her nicely rounded rear and a bit of her young pink pussy as she organized the magazines, remote controls and other detritus on the piece of furniture. The combination of the view and his memories of the times the two of them had fooled around on the very couch he was sitting on rejuvenated his cock, which was riding a bit of a rollercoaster this morning. He reached down and fished it out of the gap in his underwear, pulled his balls out as well, and then leaned back in anticipation of what he hoped was next, slowly stroking himself to stay hard.

Her eyes bulged out in surprise when she turned around and spied the hard member that had brought her a number of amazing orgasms over the past few weeks and fueled her fantasies when she and Steve weren’t together. Although it was fairly average in size and appearance, it was attached to a man who had quickly shown himself to be anything but typical, one who knew how to play along with her kinks and push her boundaries while always letting her know that she was cared for.

“You dirty man!” she finally exclaimed.

“I am. Very dirty.” He paused. “Come clean me?”

Rachael closed the short distance between them and ran the feather duster along his bearded cheek, down to his chin, and then all the way down his torso. His cock bounced in anticipation for a moment before she ran the implement around his head, then gently down, around, under his balls, and back up his firm length several times.

With a girlish giggle she tossed the duster over her shoulder, then dropped to her knees before Steve, smiling as she wrapped her right hand around his erection and began to stroke it. He watched in delight as her left hand tugged at his underwear, raised his ass so she could pull it down and off, sighed in appreciation as her tongue traveled down to his scrotum. Her eyes moved up his body until they locked onto his, and she felt herself begin to get wet as she saw the look of pleasure on his bearded face. She kept her blue eyes on his hazel ones as she slowly licked up along the underside of his length, pausing at the tip to swirl her tongue around it, then gently squeezing the spongy head with her thumb and forefinger.

Steve moaned as his beautiful young lover placed her thumb just below his meatus, drew forth what felt like an ounce of precum, coating the end of her thumb. She brought it up to her full lips, then sucked the fluid between them, savoring the sweet and salty flavor. She returned her thumb to his cock, rubbed the slippery substance into his head for several seconds before sliding her mouth over it, taking his length down to his circumcision scar between her lips and onto her tongue while running her hand down to the base.

After bobbing along his entire length a dozen or so times, Rachael slid her lips off of Steve’s thick shaft, wrapped her hand around his root again and slid her whole body upwards, pushing herself up with her arms until her breasts dangled above his hardness. Knowing full well how much the fullness of her chest turned him on, the sexy co-ed pushed the apron aside and guided his slick stick so that his head rubbed against her engorged pink nipple, leading him to moan slightly at the sight and sensations. She felt an electrical tingle run all the way from her breasts down to her pussy as his warm, wet cockhead slid against one nipple and then the other.

Rachael surprised herself with canlı casino a bit of sudden inspiration when she rose up and straddled Steve. She maneuvered her outfit out of the way and took his head inside her. Taking pleasure in the bit of pain she was feeling, she slid down onto him all the way to the hilt despite not yet being fully aroused. “Hold still,” she instructed, setting the pace for a brief bit of fucking. She concentrated on every sensation as her folds unfolded and she began to loosen up.

“God, your perfect little pussy,” Steve muttered. “It just molds itself around my cock.”

“Of course it does,” she replied. “It was made for you. Just for you.” Rachael felt Steve’s cock jump inside her in response, smiled by way of a reply, leaned into him.

“You’re just so fucking amazing, baby girl,” he said, running his tongue into her magnificent cleavage, feeling for the thousandth time like the luckiest man alive to have such an amazing young lover.

Rachael suddenly lifted herself off of Steve and stood. He quickly reached a finger out between her legs, slid it inside to the second knuckle. She backed off, removing herself from his shiny finger, which he brought to his mouth and sucked clean of her delightfully sweet essence.

“Don’t I taste amazing?” she taunted as she knelt down before him again, engulfing Steve’s rigid length until it was deep in her mouth, then sliding back off of him. “I taste even better on your cock.”

With that, Rachael returned to sucking Steve off. As always, he thrilled to Rachael’s combination of expert technique and enthusiasm; her soft mouth was perfectly made to take his hard cock. She loved being able to turn men on and to control them at the same time, a skill she learned she had ever since she’d first given head. But she also liked to be controlled, as when Steve dropped his hands onto her head and began to guide her gently up and down. For several minutes they maintained a gentle rhythm of the sort he could enjoy for hours at a time, just the right amount of stimulation to keep his nerves firing without threatening to push him over the edge.

And then she stopped, crawled back half a step to make her lips fall off of his length, whispered a single word that made Steve flex his pelvic muscles and make his cock bob up and down with excitement. “Harder.”

And harder he went, pushing the top of her head down as he thrust roughly down her throat while she gagged. Toward the end of her freshman year of college some idiot football player had done this to her and she’d stopped him with her teeth out of fear he literally would injure her, ran out of the bedroom at the party they’d hooked up at and had a friend drive her back to her dorm. But she trusted Steve to take things just far enough, to make her gag and drool and even cry a bit without hurting her. And so he played out the fantasy, monitoring her as closely as he could while enjoying the sensations of slamming his cock repeatedly past her gag reflex, her hand at his base to keep him from going too deep.

“Are you ready for your reward, baby girl?” Steve asked through gritted teeth. Rachael nodded as best she could around his rod, moved her hand down to his tight sack, her thumb pressed against the underside of his cock. She thrilled at the feel of his cum surging through his length, the way those first pulses went directly down her throat, felt the next few on her tongue as he pulled back a bit, her mouth beginning to fill with his copious cream, eyes bulging in surprise at the amount he produced, that she drew forth from him.

He grunted through his last few tiny shots, shaking both her head and his hips gently before collapsing, spent, letting go of her head. She smiled at him, her eye makeup a mess from her tears, a tiny bit of his fluid dripping out of the side of her mouth, onto her chin. “You missed a bit,” he noted, grasping his cock, rubbing it into his cum, sliding it back into her mouth while her tongue humming-birded to get the last little bit of her treat, then sucked on him in hopes of bringing a bit more forth.

“Come up here,” Steve instructed, embracing Rachael, holding her tight against him. Their eyes locked and held. “You’re amazing, you know.”

“Thank you, daddy.”

“Where did you get the idea for this getup?”

“You know me. I get a lot of ideas.”

“Hmmm. kaçak casino You do, don’t you? Brilliant young mind.”

“Yes,” she replied, bringing her mouth to his for a kiss. His hand went to her cheek, softly stroked her baby-soft skin as she cooed and sighed, then ran it lower, palmed her left breast, kneaded it softly, feeling the nipple harden under his caress as their tongues danced around one another. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love *you,* baby girl.”

“Make love to me? Gently? In your bed?”

“No more roleplay?”

“Not now. I just need to feel you.”

“Yes,” he said, rising, pulling her to her feet, then surprising her by whisking her off her feet, carrying her up the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom, where he gently deposited her on the bed. He removed his bathrobe and swiftly shimmied out of his underwear and tee shirt while she removed the apron and got beneath the covers on her back. A moment later, Steve joined her there, laying atop her and placing gentle kisses all over her angelic face, caressing her breasts with his hands, moving his hips against her.

His cock gradually came to full mast as he ran it along and around the softness of her thighs, her groin, even up to her belly. Rachael gave in to the kissing, the breast play and the feel of his hot hard length rubbing against her, enjoyed the tingles and warmth coursing through her that signaled that she was becoming wet. Steve felt that wetness as he pushed against her, as she slowly opened herself to his bulbous head. Even though he’d already briefly been inside her this morning, he felt lost once more in how amazing it felt to part her lips, to gain entry to her body, to merge with her. Their flesh conjoined and their fluids mixed together, lubricating her tight channel and allowing him to press forward slowly as she opened her legs wider, knees at his sides.

“That feels so good, daddy,” Rachael said, her eyes narrow slits as she felt him slowly stretch and fill her with his hard member.

“You have no idea how good it feels for me, baby doll,” he replied, a broad smile on his face as her warm, wet tunnel engulfed him.

“I think I have some idea.”

“Oh?” he asked, arching upwards and placing her feet up on her shoulders to get deeper inside her.

“Uh huh. Because you always come so hard.”

“Mmmmm. Smart girl.”

They stopped talking, just took in the sound of their bodies gently slapping together as Steve pistoned in and out of the teen, varying the angles and depth of his thrusts, thrilling to the site of her ample breasts jiggling each time he bottomed out inside her. How he’d come to connect with someone so young, so different from him, amazed and delighted him. And with no strings attached in their arrangement, he literally treated each encounter with her like it could be the last, savored every moment, every taste, every feeling, every sound they produced together during this special summer.

And those sounds! Rachael’s vocalizations amazed him, delighted him, encouraged him to make her feel as good as possible. Physically. Emotionally.

“Don’t stop, daddy. Don’t stop!” He wouldn’t stop if his life depended on it. Or until he…

“Shit! Oh fuck,” Steve grunted, stopping his motions, staring down at her, willing himself not to come so soon. “Just need to…hold on for a minute.”

“But I want your cum, daddy,” she teased, moving her hips. “I want to be filled up by you and carry your cum around all day, to feel it drip down my thighs, to know that I’ve got some of you with me all day…”

“Fuck!” Steve exclaimed, surprising Rachael with the newfound intensity as his cock raged inside her, doubling the pace and force of their fucking as he felt his imminent orgasm spread from his tip up to his heart, kept pounding as he felt his cum shoot up from his tight balls and deep into her, kept fucking her well past the point when he was spent, overjoyed when he felt her pussy spasm and body shudder as she came to her climax with a delighted shriek, almost a shout, as he collapsed onto her for a brief moment before falling off to the side, holding her tight as she lay on her back for a few seconds, then got onto her side to spoon him, his diminishing cock pressed against her perfect ass.

Steve’s hand went up to her hair, gently ran his fingers through it. “Thank you, daddy,” she said, turning her mouth to his. They kissed, long and lustily, lingering in their love, before Rachael burrowed her head into a pillow. A few short minutes later, they were both asleep.

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