A Woman’s Fantasy

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My name is David Powers and for the last year I have seen this woman’s dreams and fantasies almost every night. I have no idea why they are mixing with mine. I don’t know her or the little town of Lawndale. I’m now home from Iraq after being discharged from the Marine Corps, of which I spent the last six years of my life. I have no idea why I see her in my dreams or this sleepy little town, but I intend to find out. Maybe this is a nice place to live, this town of Lawndale. Now I will tell you about Rosemarie, and how we met, and became lovers.

Rosemarie Sands, Rosie to her friends is an older woman who seems to be a very lovely lady. She has led a very lonely and unfulfilling life, but still seems to be quite happy. Rosie is the sweet kind, who could be your Aunt, or neighbor. Some one with a pleasant smile, and a kind word, always happy to see you. She stands about 5’2″inches she has total gray hair, and weighs maybe 140 lbs. though you would never know by the clothes she wares. Rosie belonged to the garden club, she played cards every Thursday with the girls. Rosie is a fifty something woman nothing to special in looks department, but she has a lovely smile, shes not very fat or skinny. In fact you really can’t tell what her real shape is. One thing though her ass does look kind of plump and round.

Rosie was married once to a young man who left for work one day six months after they were married, he never returned. It broke her heart, she has not been with a man since. The only sex she has had, comes from a vibrator or her fingers. That was thirty years a go. No sex with male or female, ever since her husband left. Rosie waited for Glen to come back to her, for five years. Her mother finally convinced her to give him up, move away, and start her life over. Rosie did, here in Lawndale, some twenty years ago.

Rosie has a small house with two bedrooms and a big kitchen which is just right for her to entertain her clubs. Rosie’s parents passed away not long after she had moved here, which left her quite well off.

Rosie does keep herself busy, she left no time for men in her life. When people asked as some would tend to do, if she was ever married. Yes, when I was young just say she is divorced. Most people didn’t even know that Rosie had been married before. That divorce has soured her on any more marriage. Most of the husbands think of Rosie more as a sister than anything else. This she likes in a way, it avoids any entanglements with some one else’s husband.

Rosie’s only sexual adventures come at night, and in her bedroom when she is alone. She does not give in to her wanting desires always. But will lay often in desperation as her fingers and vibrator strive to reach her ultimate goal.

Rosie still dreams of Glen, the only man she has ever known, this has been her only experience with sex and she loved it. She did anything Glen asked her to, why did he leave her, that question has always haunted her. Even now on the verge of her orgasm, she will scream in anger and shame at the same time.

This was an unusually strong orgasm that caught Rosie off guard, she really was surprised at the intensity of the orgasm, the fact she lost the picture of Glen in her minds eye. This has never happened before, is this some kind of omen, she looks at the clock, 3am I’ve never played with myself this long ever. God am I loosing my mind, then Rosie lays back down sated, and will now sleep and dream anew. This time Rosemarie your dream will be fulfilled. You dream of a young man who will fulfill your every fantasy.

The Dream

For the last year I’ve been in Iraq, not knowing what lay ahead for me, other than this silly dream, I keep having about this sleepy little town, and this older woman and her dreams. I keep watching them, how she reaches for her satisfaction, but is always denied. Why am I seeing this, and what has it to do with me. I know this poor woman needs some special attention to help her out of the doldrums, this I can do and I would be more than happy too. And this last year watching Rosie Sands nightly adventures. Some of it has been real enjoyable, others almost have brought me to the point of tears.

It’s been two days since Rosie has had her dream and she is still smiling about it. It seems to have carried over for these last couple of days. Right now though Rosie could use some help getting her lawn mower started. It just doesn’t want to start and her grass needs to be mowed and trimmed. Rosie looks like she is going to pull her arm out of its socket, when a young man walks up and says may I help you. Rosie looked at the young man and said yes, I can’t seem to get it started.

She smiled, stepped back and for the first time in her life, her pussy became immediately drenched. Rosie could not believe this is happening. This wonderful young man who seems to be about 6 feet around 190lbs. Who looks like so fit, just comes to my aid. I must be dreaming. I know I’ve seen him before in my dreams, I know I have. That smile, those brown eyes, the brown hair, “Oh god it’s him.”

The lawn mower starts, the young man adjusts the throttle on the mower for Rosie. He tells her it was stuck open, casino oyna the choke wouldn’t work right, but it will now.

Rosie says, may I give you something for your help. I do thank you very much, a cold drink perhaps. By the way my name is Rosemarie, but everybody calls me Rosie.

My name is David Powers, I like to be called Dave, “I’m home from Iraq, I have been in the Marines for the last six years.” I’ve just been discharged and now, “I’m going to start my own landscaping business with money I have saved.” Rosie why don’t you let me cut that grass for you, I can have it down in no time at all.

Oh thank you Dave, but that wouldn’t be right for me to impose on you like that.

How’s about that cold drink you promised. Then we will talk about the yard work, OK Rosie. “Lady you are a sweetheart.”

My pussy is getting wetter and wetter, I’ve never known anything like this in my life. Ever since I laid eyes on this young man, god how my pussy yearns for him. “I look at him with wanting eyes, I now feel afraid that I might do something stupid.” Oh god how can anybody be this horny Rosie, “I think to myself.”

I woke her from her reverie, and asked for that cold drink again. I asked Rosie if she was alright, she said yes, then came back with the ice tea for me. Listen I said to her, I’ll do the yard work for a good dinner, how’s that, fair enough.

Dave that seems more than fare, but are you sure you wouldn’t rather have the money.

Nah a good home cooked meal is hard to find, I can make money any time. I’ll come by tomorrow and get the yard done.

Little did I know that this would be the start of a few sleepless nights, dreaming of Dave and what I wanted to do to him, and him to me.

Several of the ladies remarked how nice my yard looked, as Dave was finishing up the trimming. All of them asked me, where did you find so handsome a young man to do you work. And they did with a smile and a wink.

I said, “Dave found me,” so it was more fun that way. Tonight will be another story as Dave will dominate her dreams like no other man ever has.

I finished the yard and Rosie said how great it looked.

My yard has never looked this good since I’ve moved in here, you are just great Dave.

I looked at her and smiled, and said “I’m not bad with other things also,” and winked at her. Rosie looks at me, as she all of the sudden caught my meaning.

Rosie turned a bright shade of red, a big smile came on her face as she said, you are a naughty boy and kissed me on my cheek.

I looked at Rosie, and “squeezed her backside over the fence where nobody could see me, remember it takes a naughty girl to know a naughty boy Rosie, and I do hope so.” I walk away, and remind Rosie, Friday night is Dinner night for the yard. I wave and said see yah Rosie.

He still has this big grin on his face. Of course I loved it, I’m the one who put it there. “My panties are so wet I can smell my own aroma, and for the first time in my life, I think it really smells good.”

I put on these little silk pink panties I’ve just bought yesterday, and as I change, I taste my own juices, I now believe I even taste good, I want more of myself and plunge three fingers into my wet hole and now works up a lather.

Oh god, “I’d give anything to have that young man for one night.” Oh Friday night, can not come quick enough for me. I’m in my bedroom using everything I have to try and put out that fire David has started. Laying here on my bed, I only have my tiny night gown on, no panties or bra. My 36c’s are what you would call swooper’s, they droop some but the nipples still points sky ward. I do need to use that lawn mower on my snatch. To really find my pussy you have to go on safari, I have a heavy bush and it is totally gray.

That night I came to pick up some tools that I needed for the next day. I went back to the side of the house to pick up my trimming shears for tomorrow, when I heard Rosie’s voice. My curiosity over came my good sense, and I peeked into the window, to see her laying on the bed, finger fucking herself, calling my name, as she is trying to reach orgasm. Man this is hot, and just think we’ll be having dinner in a few days. I sure could use some hot ass like Rosie’s, if she is willing to give it up. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get a little bit, so this seems as good a time as any, like now. I knew better to hang around and maybe spoil everything. So I got the heck out of there, “Rosie did look hot and tasty.”

Rosie has had nothing but sleepless nights, she was doing her pussy constantly. God this is all new to her, she has never been this horny before. It just drives her mad but she still wants some of that young man.

Friday arrives, Dave comes to the door about 730pm, gives me a bottle of Rose and a small bouquet of flowers. He kissed me on my cheek then my lips and said I know this Dinner will be worth it.

I look at Dave, and say thank you very much Dave, you did not have to do that at all. This time it was myself who kissed Dave on the lips and it was a kiss filled with passion. Both Dave and I felt that electricity run thru our bodies. canlı casino

Dave asks me what are we going to have for dinner. “Meat, fish, or each other.” Any of the three are perfectly alright with me, and a big smile came across his handsome face.

I said, I would start dinner, dessert would be later. My face turned red, a sneaky grin came upon my face as my eyes twinkled and sparkled at Dave. I was wearing a cornflower blue and yellow sun dress that I had just bought. My hair was done in a French roll and really looked fantastic.

The color looked a beautiful blue-gray, the hair did match my eyes, and the open toed sandals I was wearing set everything off just right, hair, dress and all.

Dave said to me Rosie, may I say you are the loveliest “Lady” I have ever met. You look lovely tonight, “I would not have missed this for the world.”

I smile, and say thank you David, and went into the kitchen, close the door. I lean against the door, tears start to stream down my face, washing away my makeup. These are not tears of sadness, but tears of absolute joy, “that a young man like David can treat me so well at my age, it’s beyond believe.” This is my dream come true, I do hope nobody awakens me. “Can this ever make up for thirty years of heartache.”

There’s a knock on the door, Dave asks if everything is alright. Rosie I’m still waiting for my wine, he says as he chuckles through the door.

I open the kitchen door after wiping my tears away, handing him a glass of wine.

Dave asks, have you been crying Rosie, have I done something to upset you?

Oh no David, I say to him, I was cutting onions, it was unusually strong, that’s why the tears. No, you have done nothing to up set me, on the contrary you have been most wonderful. Then I gave him a long extended kiss on his lips, which again both of us really enjoyed. I said Dave, if we keep doing this, dinner will not get cooked, so go sit down. We ate and the dinner came out perfect.

Rosie the dinner was excellent, a nice T-Bone which is my favorite. Plus a good Chocolate Moose for dessert.

Dave said to me Rosie, that meal was worth every blade of grass that I cut from your lawn, thank you.

Now one thing would make this night perfect, I grab Rosie by her arms, pull her to me. Rosie now for that dessert you promised. I squeezed her lovely round ass and pulled her to me letting her feel my manhood hoping to start her fire burning within.

I feel his hard body against mine, now his erection is pushing against my stomach. Dave is now kissing me with such passion as I have never felt before, his tongue is probing for mine and I for his.

My body is on fire, for the first time in my life I can feel the passion flowing through me, from my toes to my breasts. My pussy is so wet I think I’ve peed myself. How can you get this wet, I’m too old to be this excited, “Oh David you beautiful young man what are you doing to me.” I’m having a hard time breathing, I feel his hands fondle my breasts, my nipples have become so hard, I don’t think they will ever become soft again. I reach down and fondle his stiff cock. I’m thinking, Oh god yes, a real cock, it has been so long, Oh how good it feels.

Lets go into the bedroom I tell her, and we head to Rosie’s room.

Dave Pulls the thin straps from the sun dress off my shoulders, he lets it drop to the floor. I have on a half bra pink in color, front hook and Dave smiles as he unhooks it as my face turns red. I place my hands over my breasts, I guess a natural reaction for most women. It has been so long since anyone has seen these tits, but Dave grabs my hands, and says they are lovely Rosie, “You should be proud of them.” There are a lot of young women who don’t look that good believe me. He leaves on my matching pink panties, smiles, those we will save for last.

It’s my turn Dave, so I unbuttoned his shirt, removed it and looked at his lovely chest which had a couple of nasty scars. I asked Dave where he got those.

He said two Purple Hearts, I couldn’t duck quick enough. These are reminders from the Camel jockeys in Iraq.

I then pulled his pants and briefs down also. His erection was staring me in the face. God his cock was thick, maybe 2&½ inches in diameter, the head shaped like a bell and about 3 inches across. I just stroked that beautiful cock it looked so powerful, and ready for action. God what woman would not want to possess this beautiful instrument. Oh Dave, it is so beautiful, I want to taste it and give you all the pleasure I can. It has been thirty years Dave, since I’ve tasted a real cock, and I do want to taste yours. Oh Yes Dave, this is my dream come true. I do need you to make love to me Dave.

Go a head Rosie enjoy yourself it has been a long time for the both of us. Show me woman, let me see what you can do, let me see just how good a cocksucker you really are baby. Then Rosie dear, I will show you the pleasure you have long been missing in your life. Rosie, I will show you sweetheart, that sometimes dreams do come true. I will show you oral sex at it’s finest. You will cumm like never before in your life Rosie.

I stroked kaçak casino Dave’s cock and now run my tongue over the head. I had to stretch my mouth quite a bit to get down on it. That cock head is something else when you try and swallow that dick. I had to take my time, letting that cock slowly make its way down into my mouth. I slowly sucked on the length of Dave’s shaft but the head being so big, made it almost impossible to get to the whole shaft. I taste Dave’s precum and I love it . Glen never tasted this good, this young man could be habit forming. I’m now stroking and sucking and picking up a good rhythm, I am so lost in the sweet taste of Dave’s cock, that I am oblivious to everything else around me. I have never suck a cock like this before, bobbing my head up and down sucking in the sweet taste of it like a vacuum cleaner.

I’ve never had any woman suck my cock with this type of fervor. Rosie, is sucking me slow and deliberately, and so much better than any woman has ever done before. Now my balls start to tighten as I’m ready to explode.

Even though it has been over thirty years, I still haven’t forgotten how a man cumms, I just hope I remember how to swallow. I hope his cumm is every bit as good as his precum. I feel him ready to explode and I want it all.

I now explode, I grab her ears and pull her mouth down onto my cock as far as it will go, as I cumm down Rosies throat, I do give her a healthy load, after load, which she finally no longer can handle. I hear her moan as she sucks down every drop she can. Rosie has grabbed my ass cheeks, and is pulling herself into my cock. I just can’t believe she is taking this thing as far as she has. “No one has ever done that to the head of my cock.” She has to pull off and taken some of my cumm in her mouth, but she loves the taste and wants more.

She says, “Dave I want to do that again, you taste so wonderful.” She reaches up and gives me a soft kiss on the check. I never even swallowed this much cumm even for my Glen, but then again, Glen never tasted this good either. God I think I peed myself, I have so much juice running out of my pussy. I even orgasmed when you came down my throat, it was unbelievable.

I grab her and kiss her lips, I say now let see what you have. It is my turn, I love to eat pussy, so woman get up on this bed, for you are now my human sacrifice. I now pull those panties off and tell her I wasn’t to far wrong, I may have to go on safari just to find it. Rosie I know a good barber. She smacks me on my arm we both just laugh, I reach up and kiss her. I then start by caressing her breasts, then suck on each tasty nipple, going back and forth as her moans increase. I’m making little circles as I kiss my way down to her monds, then I start going up and down each side of her vagina lips, then sucking on them as I can, the hair makes it hard to really suck on them the way I would like, but that can be changed later. There is one thing though, her clit is so big it is easy to find, hair or not. My tongue is going in and out of her pussy and her juice taste great. I grab her clit with my lips and started humming, I put a finger up into her ass at the same time. I keep my tongue running through her pussy lips and suck up all that wonderful juice I can. The next thing I knew Rosie was screaming Oh god, Oh god, I’m cumming, Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Oh god, Dave, Oh god,Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I watched Rosie stiffen like a board then just drop on the bed. She was fucking my fingers, pussy and ass at the same time. Rosie had one glorious orgasm. She had my head locked between her thighs, and her hands were pulling my hair.

She was out cold, I could not believe it. She must have had the most intense orgasm of her life. I finally got free and grabbed a wash cloth with cold water, wiped her fore head and she came around. Rosie are you all right I was a little worried about you.

Why, what was wrong, I’m fine Dave, “that was the most divine orgasm I have ever experienced in my life.” “Do you make all of your women cumm like that David.”

No Rosie, only special ones, of which you happen to be. I’m glad you had that orgasm, now when we get to the good stuff, “I’ll have the paramedics standing by.” We just looked at each other and laughed, then kissed each other with sweet tenderness.

My cock is not to long only 6&1/2inches but it is perfect for everything. Whether you want to suck it, fuck it, in your pussy, or ass, it gives any woman pure pleasure. I learned how to use it by the time I was 17 years old, I haven’t stopped learning yet. Now at twenty four I’m very experienced, I have learned much in my travels over the last six years in the corps. I intend to make Rosie a new recipient of that experience. I see her juices flowing out of her pussy and down over her rosebud, I take my tongue and start to run little circles around her anis. Rosie starts to moan and call my name. Oh David what are you doing to me, I keep my tongue putting pressure on her ass. She is now moaning even loader, squirming around on my finger as I probe deeper. My finger is all the way into her ass, she wants more. There’s a bottle of oil next to the bed on the night stand, and I grab that, pour some on my fingers. I then push the two middle fingers into Rosie’s asshole as she squirms and moans, Rosie tells me how good it feels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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