Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 02

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Too drunk to drive, 24-year-old Jimmy drove 39-year-old Susan home while she blew him.

Continued from chapter 1:

A dependable and responsible young man, ordinarily Jim was such a nice, sweet, well mannered, and quiet guy. Yet, after having sex with Susan, he turned into some sort of a love monster, a sexual player, and a Don Juan. Squawking his claim that he had sex with her, he morphed into a crowing rooster and a proud peacock. As if he had bedded Jennifer Elizabeth Marlowe, played by Loni Anderson, from WKRP in Cincinnati, he bedded the one woman at work that most men and some woman sexually wanted. A hero to his peers, he was the man.

After Susan confronted him and they argued over the discretion they needed to have and the secrecy they needed to maintain after their sexual affair for the sake of their working relationship, they parted no longer friends. Yet, seeing him, working with him, and interacting with him every day, she was still his boss. To say that working with him was impossibly difficult wouldn’t even come close to explaining the awkwardness. With him the man, her co-workers either gave her dirty looks or looked away. While patting him on the back, her co-workers whispered and laughed over her.

Every time she saw him, she had images of him feeling, fondling, and sucking her big tits. Every time she saw him, she had images of holding his prick in her hand and taking his cock in her mouth. Every time she saw him she had images of him lying between her legs. She had images of his tongue licking her and his fingers fingering. Every time she saw him, she had images of him lying on top of her and making sweet love to her before fucking her hard.

Even if he hadn’t told anyone they had sex, with the cold and detached shoulder she was giving him now, it was obvious that there was something more between them than just a professional working relationship. With him working against her, it was impossible to keep their one night of sex a secret any more. They used to tease and joke around in the office with one another. Now, other than work related issues, they don’t talk, joke, or tease.

They no longer sat at the same table in the company cafeteria. Forsaking all of her other friends for quiet solitude, she sat alone reading her book and he sat with his friends laughing and having fun while they all constantly and continually turned to look at her. An impossibly, uncomfortable situation, his way of getting back at her for reprimanding him and belittling him, he bragged to anyone who would listen about his one night of sex with his female boss.

How could he do that to her? Why would he do that to her? She didn’t understand. Men are such pigs. If she had more information about the sexual attraction that he had for his mother, she’d threaten him with telling his friends that he wants to have sex with his mother. Yet, with her luck, many of his friends want to have sex with their mothers too.

If he had any hope of getting with her again, not that she would ever have sex with him again, this wasn’t the way to do that. She’d never have sex with a man who so disrespected her by not being discreet. If she knew he was like that, vindictive and spiteful and couldn’t keep their secret, she never would have had sex with him or even had him drive her home that fateful night but she was drunk.

Only, unable to help herself from thinking of his finger, his tongue, and his cock, especially when alone at night in her bedroom, she thought of him while rubbing her clit with her vibrator and fucking her pussy with her dildo. Even though she was so angry with him, if he showed up at her door, she’d suck him and fuck him. In the way she was always so horny and sexually frustrated, if he showed up at her door with all of his friends, she’d have sex with all of them too.

Chapter 2:

With people working together 8 hours a day and longer, it’s not unusual for co-workers to be sexually attracted to one another. Office romances happen every day, all the time. Sometimes co-workers spend more time with one another than they do with their spouses or significant others. Yet, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, most co-workers never act upon their forbidden impulses and their sexual attractions to one another. Still, for the people who do act upon their forbidden impulses and sexual attractions to one another, it’s not unusual to have a sexual affair outside of work but Susan’s sexual affair wasn’t anything like that.

She hadn’t been lusting over Jimmy. Not thinking of him in that sexual way, she wasn’t even sexually attracted to him. She was drunk after celebrating her birthday with the people she thought were her friends. Further, she was horny and sexually frustrated. Any time alcohol is mixed with horniness and sexual frustration, sexual inhibitions and morality are sure to fall. She was ripe for the taking but when he didn’t take her, other than to feel her breasts and finger her nipples in the parking garage and again in the car, she seduced him. casino siteleri Not wanting this sexual opportunity to slip by her, not wanting to regret her indecision not to act, she took the sexual seduction of him in her own hands.

Too often, painted with a wide brush, co-workers and friends are sometimes defined the same when they’re not the same. Seemingly, what was okay for middle-aged, married men to have sex with their young, hot secretaries wasn’t okay for a single, female, middle manager to have sex with her young, single, male subordinate. The old double standard reared its ugly head to protect the network of the good, old boys against what they perceived were sluts, whores, and cougars. Seemingly, women weren’t allowed to have sexual needs and desires too. A blowback from the 50’s and 60’s, the only sexual needs and desires that women were allowed to have were men’s sexual needs and desires.

* * * * *

At the time, with Susan 39-years-old and her co-worker, Jim, 24-years-old and with him just having graduated college the year before, she felt embarrassed to have used him for sex. She felt humiliated that everyone in the office knew that she sucked his cock, that he saw her naked, and that she allowed him to have his wicked, sexual way with her naked body. She felt a little like Mrs. Robinson, played by Anne Bancroft, in the Graduate, when she seduced Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman. She felt ashamed that she had seduced him and had used him for sex. With anger mixed with remorse, she felt remorseful that had taken sexual advantage of him and angry that he was unable to keep their secret.

How could she do such a thing to someone so young and so innocent? Why would she take advantage of him in such a sexual way? What was wrong with her to do that? Yeah, sure she was drunk, sexually frustrated, and horny, being drunk, sexually frustrated, and horny is never a good mix especially when alone with a handsome man in a closed environment, such as a car.

The flipside of that coin, how could he so disrespect her by bragging in work that he had sex with her. Unable to keep their secret for even a day, he ruined her. With him blabbing about all of the things she did to him and all of the things he did to her, he ruined her reputation. He cost her to lose her job. He destroyed the good relationship she had with her co-workers and with management.

Yet, she had no one to blame for his indiscretion but herself. She chalked his betrayal up to his youth. She was surprised that she was able to seduce him. Not that he was resisting her sexual advances but, when men are always in control of everything, it seemed oxymoronic that a woman could take sexual advantage of a man but that’s exactly what she had done.

If she had to do it all over again, she wouldn’t have had sex with him. If she could do it all over again, she would have declined her co-workers invitation to go out for a drink. If she could do it all over again, she would have went home after only having one drink. Blaming her inappropriate sexual advances on alcohol and on her horniness and sexual frustration, she hasn’t had a drink or sex with anyone since that fateful evening four, long, sexually frustrating years ago.

She wished she could turn back time and change the events of that night. Only, it was July 26th, her 39th birthday. When invited out to celebrate her birthday, she wished she had graciously declined and said that she had other plans, even when she didn’t. She wished she had been polite, had just one drink, and left for home sober and alone.

Only, with her working too much, she was having such a good time. She had never laughed as much as she had that fateful night. She had been so lonely back then as she still is now. With her now 43-years-old and still without a steady man in her life, she’s just as horny and as sexually frustrated as she was when she was 39-years-old.

Compounding the circumstances surrounding her one night out, being that it was her 39th birthday, it was a night of celebration and heavy drinking. With her co-workers making such a big fuss over her birthday, buying her a cake, giving her gifts, buying her drinks, and showering her with their warm wishes, their attention, and their affection, she perceived them as the family she never had. Instead of going home to watch television alone, reruns of The Good Wife or Downtown Abbey, she accepted their invitation to go out for a drink.

Her first time out with her co-workers and seeing them socially after work, in all of the years she worked there, she had never been out partying and drinking with her co-workers. She had been invited out many times but, while they were socializing, she was always working late. Now she wished she had declined their kind invitation. She wished she had stopped with just one drink but everyone was buying her drinks. Men she didn’t even know and men she had never met were plying her with alcohol before starting with the shots.

‘God. I drank a lot. I don’t remember ever drinking as much, even at my best friend’s wedding. Why canlı casino I didn’t get sick, I don’t know,’ she thought to herself.

Had she puked, she would have felt better. Had she puked, she would have sobered up sooner. Had she puked, perhaps Jimmy would have been too disgusted by her puking that he wouldn’t want to have sex with an old drunken woman. Had she puked, able to drive herself home, perhaps none of this workplace, sexual fiasco would have happened.

Yet, she was drunk and was too drunk to drive. Had she surmised what would happen that fateful night, she would have taken a cab home. Yet, she wasn’t falling down drunk. She wasn’t so drunk that she didn’t know what she was doing. She was fully aware of her surroundings. She wasn’t so drunk that Jim took sexual advantage of her, but she was inebriated enough to impair her decisions. If anyone took sexual advantage of anybody, she took sexual advantage of him.

‘Oh, God, I’m so humiliated.’

* * * * *

Obviously, with him unable to keep their sexual secret, he felt proud of his sexual conquest in having sex with his female cougar of a boss. He wanted to brag to his friends what a hot body she had and how she looked naked. He wanted to describe her big tits to his friends and to tell them that her breasts were, indeed, natural. He wanted to confess to them that, with her having blonde pubic hair, that she was, indeed, a natural blonde too.

He confessed that he had sexually fantasized over Susan since the first day he met her on his first day of work when he was told that she’d be his boss. Jim was so young, too young for Susan to seriously consider having a long term sexual relationship with him. It was ridiculous of her to even think of starting such a May/December romantic, sexual affair with him. Just the thought of them together romantically, intimately, and sexually made her laugh.

If they were to stay together or even get married, something that made her cringe at the thought, when she was 45-years-old, he’d only be 30-years-old. When she was 60-years-old, he’d only be 45-years-old. When she was 75-years-old, he’d only be 60-years-old. With her too old for him and him too young for her, yet, because of her alcohol consumption, the differences in age didn’t stop her from having sex with him. When they were in bed naked together, age wasn’t even a consideration.

* * * * *

Sex and sexual relationships have never come easy to her. A virgin until her high school prom night, she wasn’t as promiscuous as some of her friends. Saving herself for her one special someone, when she was unable to find her dream man, she threw herself in her work. Then, when she did find someone she fell in love with, he wasn’t who he depicted he was. Instead of him being her Prince Charming, he was an angry drunk with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome who was emotionally and physically abusive.

He used her as his punching bag. With him always lifting her skirt and/or pulling down her top, he was always flashing her panties and her tits to his drunken friends. He thought flashing her was funny but she was embarrassed and as mortified then as she was humiliated now. He coerced her to participate in the swinging lifestyle. When she refused, relentlessly continuing his bad behavior, he emotionally abused her before physically abused her. Then, when he saw that she received more attention from swinging men than he received from swinging women, he was eager to pull the plug on their extramarital, swinging adventure.

After ending a bad marriage and going without sex for two years, seemingly she was always sexually frustrated and horny. Then, with her having broken up with her longtime fiancé three years ago and not having sex since then, wearing out her vibrator and dildo, she was terribly horny and sexually frustrated. When men reach their sexual peeks and their horniest states from the ages of 18-years-old to 29-years-old, late bloomers, women reach their sexual peeks and are the horniest from the ages of 40-years-old to 50-years-old.

Yet, as is always the case, what had always been expected behavior for the gander wasn’t acceptable behavior for the goose. In the way that men are glamorized as being sexy lovers and playboys, women aren’t allowed to have sexual wants, needs, and desires without running the risk of being called sluts and/or a whores. In the way that men enhance their sexual reputations by having scandalous affairs, woman ruin their reputations by making even one mistake and having one regret.

With their men out drinking and fucking, women must be sexually satisfied alone with their vibrators and dildos while secretly masturbating themselves in the bathtub. Not right and not fair, seemingly men get to have all the sexual fun. They’re even revered and patted on the back whenever they have multiple sexual partners, especially more than one at the same time. It’s even a cause for a grand celebration whenever they have sex with identical twins or have sex with a mother and daughter together in the same bed.

* * * * *

Jim didn’t even have his kaçak casino own place. A telling tidbit, he lived with his divorced mother. With her going for drinks after work, Susan had a little too much to drink. It was her birthday and she was celebrating her last year before turning forty and before becoming middle-aged. Fortunately and/or unfortunately for her, with her too drunk to drive, with Jim not having a car and taking public transportation back and forth to work, the gentlemanly and gracious thing to do, he volunteered to drive her home in her car.

Jim was always so nice, so kind, and so quiet. Accepting his kind invitation to drive her home, Susan felt safe alone with him as he, no doubt, felt safe alone with her. Yet, a typical guy, when he wrapped his arm around her to help her to her car, with him obviously thinking that she was drunker than she was, seizing the opportunity, he grabbed a whole handful of her big breast.

It had been a long while since anyone felt her breast. When he touched her breast through her blouse and fingered her nipple through her bra, he sent chills that traveled down her spine. Suddenly dizzy with sexual delight and with the romantic anticipation that he may even try and kiss her, she’d like that. She’d like him sticking his tongue in her drunken mouth. If he kissed her, she’d kiss him back. If he offered his tongue to her, she’d surrender his tongue to him.

Playing the part of the drunk, dizzy blonde, she pretended that she didn’t notice that he was feeling her tit. She acted as if his finger wasn’t in constant contact with her erecting and hardening nipple. With her horny, sexually frustrated, and drunk anyway, as if he had depressed her sexual on switch, that one move of him feeling her breast and fingering her nipple was the beginning of Susan’s seduction of him. Now, she couldn’t wait to get him alone in her car.

Then, when he helped her in her passenger seat, he felt her breast again, this time both breasts. He felt her breasts when putting on her seatbelt. Obviously, he thought she wouldn’t notice him feeling her big tits. Obviously, he thought she wouldn’t notice him while moving her short skirt higher to expose her white, bikini panties. Yet with her not drunk enough to notice him groping her, she acted as if she was the ditzy, dizzy blonde when there was nothing dumb about her.

Accustomed to men groping her, Susan didn’t mind him having a feel of her big tits nor an up skirt peek at her panties. She enjoyed the sexual attention. With her an exhibitionist anyway, she didn’t mind him exposing her panties to his horny eyes by pushing up her short skirt on the pretense that he was adjusting her seatbelt. It had been a long time, three, sexually frustrating years, since she had the sexual attention of a man, especially one so young, so handsome, and so sexy.

If anything, she welcomed his touches and feels of her body and was flattered by his sexual attention. If anything, she was sexually excited by his sexual moves. If anything, hoping that he would, she couldn’t wait for him to kiss her, touch her, and feel even more of her. Only and obviously, thinking that this wouldn’t result in much more than tickle and tease with a bit of kissing and groping mixed in, obviously, he didn’t expect what would happen on the drive home. Neither did she expect what she was about to do on her way home. Had she not be drinking, she never would have been so sexually aggressive with her co-worker.

Tossing back her long, blonde, lush hair with a flick of her pretty head, she smiled up at him with her big, blue, bright eyes.

“Thank you for buckling my seatbelt,” she said batting her eyelashes at him when she really wanted to say, thank you for feeling my tits, fingering my nipples, and raising my skirt to expose my panties to your horny eyes.

He returned her smile with his along with his lustful look.

“My pleasure,” he said smiling as if he was the cat that had just eaten the canary.

No doubt it was his pleasure after groping her big breasts, fingering her nipples, and raising her skirt high enough up her shapely thighs to expose her white, bikini clad crotch. Pretending that she didn’t notice her panties were exposed, she remained sitting like that while he ogled her panty clad crotch. The thoughts of him sexually interested in her made her nipples erect and her pussy wet. Hopefully, he’d take her someplace romantic to park while kissing her and feeling her. Hopefully, once home, he’d accept her invitation to come inside her house for some hot coffee and even hotter sex.

* * * * *

Cordially friendly and appropriately proper when in the bar, it wasn’t until he groped her breasts for the second time when alone with him in the car that she became horny, aggressively sexually aroused, and inappropriately sexual with him. Especially after he showed his cards by feeling her breast, once in the parking garage and again in the car, after having so very much to drink, too much to drink, she was suddenly in the mood for sex. With him feeling her tits and fingering her nipples, she was suddenly in the mood for romance. With him leering between her shapely thighs at her panties, she was in the mood for love. With her so terribly drunk, sexually frustrated, and horny, she needed to get laid.

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