Agency Copy Writer

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Richard was nervous. He had never cheated on his wife, even after 32 years of marriage.

He was 62 years-old and his wife was 55. He had been an executive in a major national advertising agency for years, and had been tempted time and time again by the dozens of nubile young women who populated Madison Avenue.

But, there was one female copywriter, Elaine, who worked on one of his accounts. She was in her late 20s or early 30s, and was very attractive. She was about 5 feet, six inches tall, and had wonderful mahogany-colored hair. It was a dark, lustrous brown, almost black, shot through with lovely red highlights. She was slim without being skinny, and round without being fat. She looked, to him, to be healthy. He liked that, he mused to himself as he thought about her.

Richard liked her eyes. They were sort of green and wide set with nice arching brows. Her nose was thin and straight, but not blade-like, and was on the petite side. But he loved her mouth. She had generous lips and a wide smile with straight, white teeth. He thought she must have Irish blood. She was almost the same age as his daughter, which made him feel guilty.

She tended to wear very beautiful, but muted business suits. They were usually black or charcoal gray, often with pinstripes. She almost always wore crisp white blouses with enough décolletage to show off the top of her breasts. He had often looked longingly at them, and when she bent over to show him a layout, he could see them encased in thin white, black or lacy peach-colored silk bras. He often could make out her nipples through her blouse. He wondered if she wore matching panties.

Most often she wore black stockings, which he hoped were thigh-highs rather than pantyhose. He sometimes sat at his desk, squeezing his turgid cock through his pants, as he fantasized her standing before him in one of her black bra and panty sets, thigh-high stockings with a darker paisley pattern around the elasticized tops, her feet encased in the black Ferragamo pumps she favored.

In the summer she often wore light-colored dresses that were just on the “business” side of sundresses. He liked seeing her in those. He could often catch a glimpse of her shape when she was backlit by a window. She had a nice shape, he thought. She had a nice ass. On really hot days he didn’t think she wore stockings at all. That excited him.

She almost always wore a thin gold chain around her neck, which also drew attention to the soft skin of her breasts, which were lightly dusted with freckles. Could he really see the faint blue lines of veins running beneath her skin? He wondered. She also liked to wear small hoop-style earrings, and often a gold bracelet or watch.

Alas, she also wore a gold wedding and engagement ring combination on her left hand.

He would sigh sadly when he thought about that.

In the past few years sex with his wife, that had always been sort of mechanical anyway, tapered off to.., nothing. She said she thought they were too old for sex, and should be “over that” by now. Maybe she was right, but his penis still swelled pleasantly when he thought of Elaine the copywriter naked in his arms, her hands caressing his back and ass, her wonderful young breasts pressed against his chest as they kissed. He like to kiss with lots of tongue, which his wife had never liked much either. He knew Elaine’s nipples would be rock hard and hot against him. He always saw her naked, but for her black stockings and black high heels. Once he came in his pants. He had spurted almost without warning as he sat behind his large executive desk, his hand in his lap. It woke him.

He must have been masturbating, dreaming of infidelity.

Embarrassed that he might have been seen, he quickly stuffed a few tissues into his pants to sop up his sperm and made a beeline to the men’s room to clean up. He sat on the toilet and cleaned himself. He was amazed at the sheer volume of cum. He couldn’t really remember rubbing himself enough to cum, but clearly he had. He removed his shorts and stuffed them into his pants pocket. Later he would dispose of them in a trash receptacle in Union Station on his way to his train to go home to his celibate life.

One late afternoon Elaine knocked at his door. She wanted to review some “work in progress” on a new campaign. She stood in the doorway, her rich mouth opened slightly, showing her small white teeth–waiting for his response. He focused on her lips. Her lipstick was red, but not too red; not blood red, certainly, but softer somehow but still enticing. She rested one hand against the door jam at about shoulder height, and the other clutched several sheets of paper. He noticed that her nails, which she kept trimmed, were coated in a matching color to her lipstick. Her dark, wavy hair tumbled over her ears, and rested lightly on her wide, but very feminine shoulders. He could just glimpse her gold earrings peaking through her hair on either side of her tapered white neck.

The casino siteleri way she stood in the door; one hand on the jam, one foot slightly in front of the other emphasized her ample breasts, the curve through her waist to her nice round hips. Her pose stretched both her blouse across her tits, and her shortish gray skirt across the slight curve of her belly. Her long, black silk-covered legs rose from her heels up to.., up to her “promise,” he thought. He hardened, his cock suddenly crowding painfully within his pants, but he was too embarrassed to reach down and adjust himself.

He invited her in, wondering if her breasts were a large and round and firm as they appeared, or if what he was seeing was the result of some Victoria Secret push-up bra phenomenon. Either way, he thought, they would be wonderful to see; to touch and kiss, and to suckle. He wondered what color her aureole would be—dark against her very white Celtic skin.., or coral pink? Would her nipples poke out, or be small. He bet they would poke out so he could take them between his lips and nibble and suck them. His penis became even more engorged.

Before he knew it, she had placed some papers on the desk in front of him. Leaning over he watched her left hand, young and smooth, index finger pointing traced from one line to another. All along she seemed to murmur in his ear. Leaning forward to his left, could feel the weight of her right hand on the back of his chair, just behind his head. Richard felt her breast against his left shoulder. At least he thought it was her breast, but he was too nervous to steal a glance.

She exuded a subtle fragrance that wafted over him, igniting something primeval in him. He couldn’t place what it was, but he realized that he was no expert of such things. He just knew that it teased some promise of something.., well, something hardly to be imagined. He felt her warmth through his shirt. It has to be her tit, he thought. Is it possible that my cock can get any harder? Ah, God!

“Yes,” she said.

“What?” he said, turning his head to look at her for the first time. She was smiling. Her green eyes glittered. She pushed her hair back behind one ear with such unconscious grace that he almost fainted. He could see the gold hoop earring glinting in the light.

“Yes, you can fuck me…” she said simply.

“What? What are you saying,” he said, suddenly overcome with fear; fear that he was hallucinating, or that he had had a stroke and hadn’t noticed, or was dreaming while masturbating at this desk again.

“You asked me if you could fuck me,” she said, smiling, still leaning over his desk at his side, “and I said, ‘Yes’.”

“I did?” he asked. “I asked you that? Out loud?” He could feel his face pulsing with embarrassment.

“Yes, she said, with a small laugh. “You sure did. Out loud…”

“Well, Elaine, I’m very sorry,” he stuttered. “Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking or what I’m saying…” he went lamely on.

She patted his hand, sending a electric buzz spiraling throughout his system. She allowed her hand to rest lightly on his left wrist, covering his watch. She breathed, “I’d like you to. I’d like that very, very much, Richard.” He felt dizzy.

“Er.., how, ah…” he said, unsure of what was going to happen next.

“Well, we could get a hotel room sometime. I don’t think our spouses would like us doing ‘it’ in our respective beds.” She smiled warmly, standing upright. She traced her neckline, running her finger just under the collar and down into her cleavage.

He swallowed.

She shifted her weight, and said, “I could give you a little sample.”

“What,?” he stammered.

“Yes, I could.., you know, give you a bj right now.” she smiled a million dollar smile. “It would be fun.”


“Just a minute.” She walked around his desk and over to his door. He watched her as her hips undulated, her lovely calves flexing, her arms moving languidly. Somehow the zipper that ran down he center-back of her skirt caught his eye. She slowly shut the tall wooden door to his office, and gently turned the deadbolt.

He felt anchored to his chair, unable to move or think.

She strode seductively back toward him, rounded his desk, and gently turned him in his swivel chair to face her. She bent down, cupping his face with her hands, and bent over, giving him a clear view of her lovely, lovely breasts, hanging down like ripe peaches. Over-sized peaches like you can buy on roadside stands in Southern Illinois in the summertime. His mouth watered as the thin gold chain she wore sparkled in the late afternoon New York sunlight.

Bending more, she closed her lips to his, her sparkling eyes open, her warm, warm, soft lips grazed his, her hair enveloping him in her perfume. He thought he might pass out. His eyes closed as if he was hypnotized as her pink tongue gently slipped between his lips. Involuntarily, he opened his mouth, and she was in. He noticed, first, how fresh canlı casino she tasted as her tongue slid under and around his.

Without his noticing, his hands rested on her hips as he drank her in. Her right hand slid down his neck, along his tie, and came to rest cupping his organ through his trousers. She gently felt the outline of his member.

Slowly, her tongue receded, and her lips pulled away from his, leaving his tingling numb with desire. Standing, she reached down with both hands and hitched her skirt up above her waist. They were thigh-highs! he exalted. She smiled as she saw him looking at her legs; at the soft white flesh above the top of her stockings and where they disappeared into her peach (yes, they matched her bra) boy-shorts panties. He thought we could just make out a darker triangle covering her mons. She placed one long, wonderful leg between his knees, and flexed it back and forth, forcing his apart. Then she squatted down before him.

With her face frowning in concentration, she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants, and pulled his zipper down with a quick sibilant “whir”. She fished into his underwear, and pulled out his cock. “Very nice,” she murmured. “Very sweet, indeed.

“Just a sec,” she said, “Lift up.” He lifted his hips and she tugged his trousers and underpants down over his thighs, past his knees until they pooled around his loafers at his feet. She pushed aside his shirt tail, and smiling, said, “Oh, he is sooooo nice.”

He looked down at her, her small, perfect hand encircled his penis. He didn’t think he had ever been as hard. A diamond-cutter cock. He began to feel wonderfully powerful as Elaine began to slowly stroke him. She squeezed his cock, gripping it at the base, which caused the veins in his penis to swell, and the already large, mushroom-shaped crown, to enlarge, exposing his pee slit even more. Her hand was smooth and warm on him.

She reached forward with her other hand and hefted out his scrotum. She sort of jiggled his nut sack, and smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “Yum,” she said. He didn’t know what to say.

He watched her as she cupped his testicles and slowly began to stroke his organ. He loved watching her do this to him. He didn’t think he had ever seen his penis so large before as it rose from his pubic thatch, dark brown with white hairs mixed in. This is what they call ‘rampant,’ he thought, smiling for the first time.

She looked up at him and smiled. Then she dipped her head and licked the tip of his penis. He felt it jolt at the touch of her small, wet, hot tongue. She swirled her tongue around the crown, and then, leaning his cock back against his stomach, she licked it along the entire underside from between his balls all the way to the very sensitive spot just below the head. Once at the top, she slipped his cock into her warm mouth, and gave it a tiny suck. He leaned his head back against the leather headrest of his executive chair and sighed.

Then, and then, unbelievably, she slipped her mouth down, down, down over his fat cock. He glanced down and watched his hard, red cock slip down between her luscious red lips. She had taken in about four inches when she opened her mouth somewhat, releasing her suction lock on his organ, and pushed her head down until her nose was nestled in his crotch hair.

He moan as he felt his cock penetrate her throat. She made some sort of swallowing motion in her neck, and he nearly fainted from the sensation; from the sheer wantonness of her act. After holding him in her throat for what seemed both too long and too short a time, she slipped his cock, like a long snake, from her throat. It flopped back against his belly with a wet slap.

“Wow,” she said looking up at his with serious eyes, “That was absolutely wonderful.”

He just stared back, not knowing what to say.

“Your cock is really, really big. It felt so great!” She smiled her electric smile at him, re-gripping his cock with her hand. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. “You can, if you like.”

He nodded, not trusting his voice.

“Good she said, bending her head down and placing his unbelievably hard cock in her willing, willing mouth. She began to bob her head up and down, taking him into her sucking mouth, her lips tight around his shaft, her hand holding him at the base, the other hand cupping his balls. He could see he shaft disappearing and reappearing over and over again as she expertly sucked him. It was shiny with her saliva, glistening in the ceiling light.

He felt his toes curl in pleasure.

He could also see the flex and shift of her breasts, her lovely, just-the-right-sized tits, as she moved. He reached his hands forward, and cupped her head on either sides as she bobbed over him. His hips began to move involuntarily as she mouth-fucked him. He felt the silkiness of her hair between his fingers as she worked his shaft. The pleasure was becoming so intense that he could no long control kaçak casino his hips and they began to buck, shoving his rod into her mouth. She held her head still, one hand now on his upper thigh, and the other still holding his swollen nut sack, as he began to fuck her face with urgent thrust and thrust.

She rose up some and arched her neck as he pumped and pumped in and out, in and out of her wonderful mouth. She massaged his nuts and ran her other hand over his leg, up his stomach and, under his shirt, over his chest, pinching his nipple. HARD!

He could feel his cock growing larger and larger, and the sharp pain as she dug her nails into his nipple sent an electric current throughout his body. He gripped her head tightly, and shoving once hard all the way, deep into her throat, pulled back, and shoved deeply again and again until he knew he was on the brink of coming.

He…Felt…It…Flowing…Flowing…UP…And…UP…AND UP, until he erupted in her mouth with one, the another and another spurt of hot sperm. She held him by this hips as he spasmed again and again, emptying his balls of sperm into her wonderfully sucking mouth.

He flopped back against his chair, his hand relaxing on Elaine’s head and dropping to his thighs. She kept his deflating penis in her mouth, until, with a “plop” it fell from her lips. He looked down at her as she took him in her hand and, using her thumb, smeared some residual sperm over his cock-head causing him to lurch again and again. It felt so great that it bordered on pain!

Her eyes were smiling as she opened her mouth, showing him gobs of white sperm pooled on her tongue. And, as he watched, she swallowed. She swallowed! On those few times that his wife would pleasure him this way, she would jump from the bed as soon as he came, and sprint to the bathroom to spit over and over again into the toilet. But not this girl.

She stood up, tugging her skirt down while wiggling her hips and smoothing it over her thighs, and leaned over him, hands on his shoulders, and kissed him, opened mouth. He felt her breath into him, and he tasted, for the very first time, ever, his own sperm. He tasted the musky sent of his mail ejaculate, mixed with the fresh taste of her young saliva. She swirled her tongue around his in a sexy little dance, touching his cheeks and running it along his teeth. He reached forward to cup her sagging breasts, which caused her to step back quickly, and, wagging her finger in a “no-no” way, and frowning said, “No, no. You’ll wrinkle my blouse.” She smiled then and leaned forward again and touched her full and slightly swollen lips to his for a brief, sexy touch.

“Besides,” she continued, “We need to save something for next time.” She slid her fingers over the front of her blouse, smoothing it and tucking it more fully into the waistband of her skirt.

The brief memory of her heavy breasts lingered in the palms of his hands. He sighed, only a little disappointed.

She pulled partly back, her hand resting on the arms of his chair. He could see her breasts again, cupped in the peach-colored silk bra, the gold chain dangling, and, looking up, could see her lovely face smiling at him, her eyes crinkled at the corners, a light flecking of golden freckles across her petite nose, and her teeth even and white. She cupped his jaw in her hands, and, using her thumbs, rubbed his lips, beginning in the middle and ending at the corners of his mouth. “Lipstick,” she said.

She then stood up, and scooped up the papers she had brought him, tapping them on his desk to square them up. Turning to him she said with a laugh, “You might want to zip up.”

“Wait,” he said, standing and tucking in his shirt and zipping his pants, “That was fabulous.., thank you!” he said with enthusiasm, buckling his belt.

“Yes it was,” she said, moving around in front of his desk, running her fingers through her hair, sort of fluffing it, “You taste good.”

“There is a ‘next time?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” she answered, smiling. “You don’t get off so easily as this.” There was promise in her voice and pleasure in her eyes. “Make arrangements for a hotel room for some Saturday somewhere convenient.., but give me some warning so I can set up my ‘cover story.’”

With that she turned and left the office, leaving the door open. He heard her say to his assistant, whose desk was outside his door, “No, he didn’t like what I showed him at all. So, it’s back to the drawing board.”

He sat back down at his desk, smoothing back his hair and rubbing his face. God, what woman, he thought. He hadn’t felt so sexually powerful before in his entire life. He grew up in an age when sex was hard to come by, and blow jobs were mostly mythic stories told around the fraternity house; longed for but rarely experienced.

Smiling he rubbed his cock, feeling it fill with blood. He wondered if his own daughter was as sexually liberated as Elaine. Probably, he thought, trying to turn his thoughts elsewhere. But she is a pretty good looking gal…

Moving from that dangerous ground he slapped his hands on his desk, Now, I have to set something up, he thought, looking at the calendar on his desk. Unbelievable.

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