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AntoinetteStory number 1First seduction of a woman to be my sex toy.This is my first attempt at writing some of my past experiences down so please forgive me if I’m a bit amateurish in my writing.A little about myself I’m a retired Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Officer. I’m 6ft and 200lbs with a 46in chest and a 34in waist though since I retired it’s been slowly creeping up towards 36inches as has my weight increased by some 10lbs as well. At the time of this story I weighed 190lbs and had about 7% body fat as measured by the Navy. My Cock is 9 ¾ in and about 2in in diameter though the head is slightly bigger in diameter by about a ½ in since I’m circumcised. I am a DOM though when this takes place more aptly a bull as I was still discovering who I was sexually. I was married for about 5 years and have two beautiful k**s a boy and a girl. I got divorced from my wife because we basically had two different sex drives on a scale of 0 to 100 her’s is about a 0 and mine is about a 100. We talked it out and the marriage wasn’t working for either of us so we split amicably. She’s living by herself with a cat now There was and is nothing better than seducing a woman and having her willing submit to whatever I want sexually. It’s even better if she knowingly submits herself and her husband but that doesn’t happen yet and is for another story.This story took place in early 2002 after the world trade center was attacked. I was on work ups for a deployment out in the middle of nowhere and coming home to an empty hotel room each night. We started going to a local VFW where the beer and food were cheap. The weekends also surprisingly brought a relatively larger crowd into the place as there were a large group of reserve support personnel that were reactivated close by getting ready to augment the active duty personnel at different bases throughout the world. There was one woman in particular that caught my eye. She was a little over 5ft 3in and weighed about 110lbs, with dark brown hair and green eyes. She had small breasts but I would describe them as pert and a really nice ass. She was an Army reservist who was being activated for admin duties. Her name was Antoinette and she had gotten divorced about a year before. I started talking to her at the bar and we started buying each other drinks. She liked Alabama slammers and I wasn’t fussy about shots as long as they were strong. As the night went on she got a lot more friendly and more than a little drunk one of the girls she was there with decided to step in and take her back to her quarters which was probably best that night cause we were both wasted. We did exchange phone numbers though and I figured if she was interested she’d call or I’d call her.The next day was Sunday and we all had off I slept in which back then means I got up around 0700 (7am civilian time) and went to do my daily workout. When I got back I had a voice message from Antoinette asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch and some beer at a place we could go swimming afterwards that we had talked about. That sounded good to me since I figured I’d fuck her before we went for that swim so I called her back and she offered to meet up and I suggested that she come over to the hotel I was billeted in. Since I was the OIC of the DET I had a room to myself and I knew she was sharing a room where she was at. She came up to my room and true to her word she had made some sandwiches and brought a 12 pack of Coors lite which was her beer of choice. We decided to have a beer before we left so we sat down and started to talk a bit while we were drinking the beer. She told me she was from a Williamsport PA and worked in ADMIN at the local hospital there and that her mother was Mexican and her father French Canadian who had moved to the US for work. She’d been active duty for 4 years and got out to get married since she had gotten pregnant. The marriage lasted a year which she said sucked because the guy wasn’t any good in bed and she got the divorce finalized about a year before and hadn’t been dating during that time. This was sounding better and better to me as I figured I was definitely about to fuck this woman. I got up to use the head (bathroom) and when I came back Antoinette was standing naked in the middle of the room waiting for me. I took in her full body for the first time! Her tits were small an A cup for sure just about boarding on a b but firm. Her nipples were a little bigger than a quarter with tips sticking out about a ¼ in and being the same in diameter and a very dark brown in color. She had a zodiac sun tattooed around her belly button which I found really hot looking. Her Pussy was totally bald I found out later that she waxed her pussy and ass on a regular basis. She was looking down at her feet seemingly a little embarrassed. She asked me “if I liked what I was looking at?” I answered I most definitely did as I grabbed her ass with one hand a tit with the other and pulled her to me to kiss her.That kiss lead to her unfastening my shorts and pulling them down so they fell to the floor. She reached down a stroked my hard cock with her small hand. I smiled a bit as she seemed shocked at its size as a described before at 9 and ¾ inches it’s not small but certainly not some massive piece of meat but she didn’t say anything about it just grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and I knelt down in front her it and my kiss moved from her mouth to her breasts I sucked on her nipples gently and she moaned her approval. I could smell her arousal. Her scent was strong but not unpleasant. I pushed her backwards on the bed so I could work my way down her body I got to her belly button and she grabbed my hair and tried to pull me up for a kiss. I looked up at her and she blushed when she said “just give me a kiss please my ex told me how bad I smelled down there and would never even go near my pussy”. I laughed and told her that her ex “was an idiot you smell great and I can’t wait to taste you” and I planned for her taste both of our juices. I grabbed her wrists and licked down to her clit. I licked and sucked on her clit for a few seconds and I felt her tensing up. She came so quickly! I was really surprised that first time she came her ass raised up as she arched her back and it seemed like every muscle in her body tensed and a little pussy juice leaked out. I let her wrists go and she grabbed my head again this time holding it tightly but not trying to pull me away. I kissed my way up her body again and kissed her on the mouth letting her taste herself and gave her a chance to come down a bit after cumming.I told her I was going to fuck her and got to my knees again and lined my cock up with her pussy. But first I stuck a finger inside her and was surprised at how tight and wet she was. Antoinette squirmed on finger as I slowly rubbed the top of her pussy channel and clit at the same time. I told her “my cock and put it inside you if that’s what you want. If you do that then I know you want me.” Antoinette never hesitated she grabbed my cock and guided it inside her pussy. Once my head entered her I slowly pushed into one of the tightest pussies I had ever fucked. I never thought a pussy could be that tight after delivering a baby. Staying in the kneeling position with her legs around my hips I pushed on trying to get deeper inside. I as a little more than half way in when I bumped up against her cervix. I was again surprised at how shallow she was too. She squealed as a pushed a little further and truly bottomed out inside that tight pussy. Knowing it wasn’t time yet to make that pussy into my own personal cunt I took it slow building up a rhythm and slowing rubbing her clit Antoinette quickly built to her second orgasm. Once she started to cum again I started to fuck her harder pushing more and more of me up inside her. As she was cumming her ass raised up and her pussy tightened even more on my cock. I pulled out so just the head was inside her not wanting to cum just yet and let her finish on just the head of my cock i
nside her.I leaned forward into the standard missionary position with just the head of my cock inside her still pulsing pussy. As she came down from her orgasm she ask with just a small bit of surprise “ aren’t you done yet?” I smiled and asked “do you want me to be” she was still slowly moving on my cock trying to get more up inside of her. “No” she answered as her hands moved down and grabbed my ass trying to pull me deeper inside while moving her hips to get my cock to move inside her. Looking her in the eye with a smile I asked “what do you want me to do?” Antoinette answered with a groaned “don’t make me say it”. I just help myself still inside her with just the head in her attempts to move me had little chance at working since I out weighted her by close to 100lbs. “Tell me or I’ll just keep teasing you” was my response. Her answer this time surprised me “do anything you want to me just make me feel like you just did”. I responded “so you want me to make you cum?” all I heard was “God yes pleaaasssseee”. She was right on the edge of cumming again but need something to put her over the edge my thrust did the trick and she tensed again in orgasm. She ground her hips into me and her pussy gripped me hard yet again as she leaked more juice into the crack of her ass. This time I kept pushing into and made some more room for my cock inside her almost getting all of me in. My left hand squeezed her nipple and I slid my right hand down to cup her ass as I started to move inside her and slid my middle finger up her asshole to the second knuckle which pushed her over the edge again causing both her pussy and asshole to spasm. Her asshole gripped my finger even harder than her pussy was gripping my cock and I knew that I’d have to fuck that hole too in the not too distant future as I picked up the pace and started to ram my cock home harder each time. I let go of her nipple and grabbed her hair pulling it back and kissing her hard and she came again her orgasming were blending together now and I was about to cum myself. I thrust hard once more finally getting balls deep inside her as I came and she gave a little squeak feeling my cock bang her cervix hard. I held myself inside her letting myself drain my cum her inside as I pulled my finger slowly out of her ass. She started to come down from her orgasm high and was holding onto my ass trying to keep me inside her still.As I softened into semi hardness I slowly slid my cock out of her thinking that I was definitely going to make this my personal cunt until one of us deployed. Antoinette rolled over onto her belly and propped herself up on her elbows resting her chin in her hands and looking over at me. I smiled at her and took in her naked back and ass. I hadn’t noticed the small tramp stamp on her back of flowers with really intricate stems intertwined. It was probably about 5 inches across and 2 inches in height just above her ass. I leaded over and gently traced the lines. It had been a little more an hour since we started and she was surprised at that and said “I’ve never made love for that long before”. Really I said that was about average for me. She told me her Ex never reached her cervix when they made love and wasn’t anywhere near as big as I was and her c***d was born C section since she was several weeks early and there was issues with the delivery. That did explain why she was still as tight as she was. She had only made love in the missionary position before and never had anyone eat her, play with her ass or suck on her nipples before. I couldn’t help teasing her by asking how she ever got pregnant. She blushed and explained that her Ex was her boyfriend from high school that he was the only other person beside me that made love to her and while she did cum when they made love sometime it was never more than once and not all the time and they had usually finished in 5 to 10 minutes. Obviously this guy was inexperienced to say the least and sounded like he was on the small side as well. I asked if she enjoyed herself and she smiled when she said “yes most definitely” with a big smile and we could do it again whenever I wanted. We decided to head to the river eat lunch have that swim and I wanted to find out more about her especially more about what would get her off!We swam for a bit after we ate and then sat and talked. It was more like she talked and I listened. She seemed to be really nervous and she explained that she was worried I wouldn’t want to see her again. I laughed about that and I told her I intended to see her as much as I could. That got a smile from canlı bahis her and it seemed like a weight was lifted. She was still nervous but not in the same way so again I asked her what was wrong. This time she blushed and said that she didn’t know what she was doing in bed and didn’t want to disappoint me. I told her not to worry about it and to just trust me when it came to that. She smiled and said “I’m willing to try anything you want just don’t hurt me”. I smiled and said “I promise I won’t hurt you” she laughed and said “I’m already hurting down there but in a good way”. Antoinette leaned over and kissed me hard asking “can we go back now? I want you to do what you did to me before it felt so good I never felt like that before.“ I smiled and said sure lets head back to my room and we can try out some more new things. That brought a big smile and she blushed again.We were still wearing our bathing suits and she had a pair of running shorts on as well with her bikini when we got back to the room. As soon as the door closed I grabbed her from behind and pulled her close kissing her neck and slipping both my hands under her top to cup her tits and lightly pull on her nipples she groaned her approval and my dick hardened riding up the crease of her ass under my bathing suit. My right hand slid down the front of her body and inside both her shorts and bikini bottom. I slid a finger up inside her cunt as I was now thinking of it. The swim had pretty much rinsed away all our earlier juices but Antoinette’s juices were already starting to flow. The palm of my hand was rubbing against her clit which seemed to still be sensitive from our earlier fuck. My left had slid down her back and pushed her bottoms down over her ass and she wiggled out of them as I moistened the middle finger of my left hand with her juices which were starting to flow freely. I plunged the middle finger of my left hand up her asshole again to the second knuckle and started to slowly move it in and out in rhythm with my right middle finger which was still working the inside roof of her cunt searching for her G spot while my palm rubbed her clit. It only took seconds for her to cum as my right finger found her G spot she tensed and gripped both my fingers with her cunt and asshole. We were still just inside the door and my board shorts were still on as I guided her to the bed. I turned her around and pushed her to her knees and told her to take off my shorts and suck my cock. She did so without question and it turned out with a little instruction and encouragement she was turning into a great cock sucker. I didn’t want to cum just yet so I pulled her up and turned her around pushing her into doggie position. I slid my cock into cunt as my left hand reached down and started rubbing her clit again my right grabbed her ass and I slid my thumb up her asshole. Christ she was so wet and tight as I slid into her and I bottomed out inside her again with a little less than half my cock still outside her. I started a slow rhythm of sliding in and out going a little deeper with each thrust while still rubbing her clit and I felt her cunt and asshole spasm again as she came tensing her body and gripping my thumb and cock after only a couple of minutes. She barely kept up on her knees as she slid her legs further apart and I picked up the pace until I was slamming all the way inside her my balls hitting my hand as I was still rubbing her clit. I could tell she was building to yet another orgasm and once it hit I stopped rubbing
her clit slid my thumb out of her asshole grabbed her hips and rammed her hard until I came. I held her hips up while I drained myself into her. Once I finished draining my balls I let go of her hips and she collapsed onto her belly. I had a great view of her cunt and her ass. Antoinette’s cunt was leaking our combined juices from her spread lips which were as brown as her nipples I could see into the dark pink inside of her cunt as it was still partially gaped open from the fucking we just did and her legs were still spread. Her asshole was brownish as well again about the same color as her nipples and almost a perfect wrinkly star. Both her cunt and asshole were still slightly spasming as she slowly stopped cumming as I lightly rubbed and kissed her back and neck with my hand. Her tramp stamp completed a very enjoyable view. It was enough to keep me somewhat hard and I was already thinking of what I was going to do to her next as that had only taken about 45 minutes and I was nowhere near ready to be done with her.Antoinette started to stir and a bit and turned rolled onto her back changing my view slightly. I could see her nipples were still hard and sticking straight out from her small tits her clit was also still erect as sticking out of its hood. I told her we were done yet as I brushed her clit with my fingers and covered her mouth with mine as she moaned again. My mouth moved down to her erect nipples and I started to lick and suck on them as she arched her back to thrust them up at me and started moving her hips as I rubbed her clit. She reached down and found my cock she stroked it like her told her to do when she was sucking me and I got fully hard again in seconds. It was time to make her beg again as I told her to keep stroking as I got to my knees between her legs again. I told her to put my cock inside of her and she again guided me to the entrance of her cunt and put the head in. I held it there as she tried to get me deeper inside of her. I asked her what she wanted and she responded by saying “you”. I asked again what she wanted me to do as her hips continued to move up and down and her hand tugged a little harder on my cock and she was leaking even more juices so I could tell she was excited. She said “I told you I want you”. I asked “to do what? Beg me to make you cum and I will”. Her response was “please I’ll do anything just push into me”. So I did just that I pushed all the way into her and held my cock perfectly still as she gasped when I hit her cervix. I grabbed her hips and held her still. She groaned with frustration she was close to cumming again but couldn’t quite get there because she could hardly move as I held her hips tightly allowing only the minimum of movement. She said “move damn it I’m so close.” I told her ”I did I did what you asked and you promised that you’d do anything I wanted I’ll hold you to that in just a bit”. She looked up at me pleading “what do you want me to say please tell me and I’ll say it”. So I told her “I want to hear her beg me to fuck you until you cum, to ram my cock into you as hard and deep as I can as until you do”. She blushed a little but did as she was told. I smiled as I leaned forward to suck on her nipples as I started to ram my cock hard up her cunt she started cumming again and I rammed a finger up her ass again which made her cum even harder. She was thrusting her tits up for me to keep sucking so I decided to leave my mark on her and I sucked hard just to the side of her left nipple leaving a circular bruise the size of my mouth there and she arched even further up with her tits still cumming. I kept ramming my cock into her until I came as she floated from one orgasm to the next. I let go and dumped another load up inside her cunt and help myself inside until I started to soften. Kissed her mouth and neck as we both relaxed in the afterglow. I could feel her cunt still spasming a little as I slid my cock out it was still semi hard and covered with both our juices.I laid back on my back in my bed and she rolled over and snuggled into me. Antoinette said “I never thought anyone would want to have sex so much with me”. “I asked why she would say that. Well my Ex said how bad I smelled down there especially after we made love and that once a man came he was done for the day” she explained further ”he was only about as long as my middle finger and probably only as thick as two of them and he would never touch me down there with anything other than his penis so he never he never made me feel like you do.” I was floored this guy was an idiot whoever he was I responded by sticking my finger back inside her and pulling it up to my nose for a smell. I said “you smell fine to me” I offered it to her for a smell as a joke but she grabbed my finger and sucked our combined juices off of it and smiled at me saying she wanted to shower and get something to eat again. I told her we could shower together and I’d make sure she was clean all over. I got the last of the beer giving her the first sip. I don’t taste a man’s cum mine or anyone else’s! Others might but not me it’s a super turnoff even thinking about submitting in that way. We finished the beer and headed to the shower I was enjoying watching her ass and that tattoo sway into the shower, she knew I was watching so she asked if I liked what I saw I told her again she was “beautiful”. She looked back over her shoulder and asked if I was just going to sit there on the bed or was I going to help her. I got up and followed her to the shower. This was going to be fun! The room had a large walk in shower with no tub and a double shower head one of which had a hose so you could detach it bring it down below your knees and had different settings for the spray. It was perfect for what I had in mind. I turned the water on and waited for it to get warm. While we were waiting. I grabbed Antoinette from behind and pulled her close to me cupping her tits and using my thumbs to rub her nipples. I kissed her neck lightly which really turned her on. It only took a couple of seconds for the water to get to the right temp and we walked into the shower. I stepped under the one shower head and took the attachment down and adjusted it so water was flowing from both. I adjusted the spray to the massage setting which gave a relatively strong steady spray grabbed a wash cloth and soap got a good lather going turned around and moved Antoinette under the warm water facing the front wall and got behind her. I began to slowly use the wash cloth and my hands to wash her upper body rubbing her tits and shoulders gently. I could tell she was not only getting clean but aroused as well. I rubbed down to her belly in front and the top of her ass cheeks in back. I used the sprayer to rinse her and let the stream work on her nipples. I pushed her forward so she bent slightly at the waist and pushed her legs a little further apart. The water was running down her back and down along the crease of her ass I stepped back for a second to enjoy the view and my cock came to full attention. I took the soap and lathered my hands along with the wash cloth. I used the wash cloth to rub up the slit of her cunt and gently rub her clit with one had as my other gently rubbed the crease of her ass and her asshole. I could tell this was about to bring her off so I positioned my cock at the opening to her cunt. She reached down and grabbed my cock as she pushed back onto it. I kept rubbing her clit as I pushed into her and she came again. I took the sprayer which was hanging down and directed that at her clit and my cock from underneath as I fucked into her and she came even harder. I slipped the thumb of my other hand up her ass and she started to push back and forth harder on my cock. I was getting closer myself now and started ramming myself harder she came again and the spasms off her cunt sent me over the edge as well draining another load up inside of her. I slowly slid out and started washing her again making sure to take my time on her ass and cunt. I washed her hair as well slowly lathering
it and gently massaging it. She was still pretty aroused when I finished and told her to wash me now. She did as she was told without hesitation though she was a little embarrassed about washing my balls and cock. She blushed when I told her that she was already intimately familiar with them so why be shy about them now. We finished up in the shower and I took her out to one of the nicer restaurants where we had steak and some red wine.We drove back to my room and she thought we were done for the night but I had other ideas. I asked her if she wanted to come in and have a bourbon with me? I had picked up a bottle of Jim Beam White Label at the class 6 store (military terms for the base liquor store) a couple of days ago and figured a glass would be just what I needed. That plus an end of evening fuck. Antoinette smiled from ear to ear and said she was afraid that after dinner I’d be done with her. It was my turn to smile as I guided her inside my room and told her I was actually going to ask when you wanted to get together again but first we bahis siteleri had some unfinished business. I brought her inside and I poured us each a small glass with some ice in it. WE sat down and I asked how she enjoyed the day she blushed and looked down at the floor as she answered “I never thought I could enjoy sex so much. I had the greatest day I can remember today!” I smiled and said “I’m glad I was able to make it so much fun for you it was pretty great for me too but we’re not done just yet”. I smiled and asked “do you still think your pussy smells?” I had cleaned her cunt which was now mine up really well after I fucked her in the shower so I knew the only thing down there right now was her own juices. She blushed again and said “if you say I don’t I’m not going to argue with you. I pulled her up and pulled down the jeans and thong she had put on to go to dinner and lifted her top over her head. Naked again I pushed her down so she was sitting on the bed. I knelt down between her legs and licked her clit she was still very sensitive and her juices started to flow quickly I switched to gently sucking and she came. I stood up and she about ripped the khaki cargo shorts I was wearing off. I moved to the edge of the bed and pushed my cock inside of her as I leaned forward and covered her mouth with mine and kissed her hard with some of her juice still one my lips. I broke from the kiss and said “there see you smell and taste sweet all over especially you’re pussy”. She blushed and explained she never tasted herself before today and that is wasn’t bad. I was moving inside her slowly and told her I thought she tasted and smelled great. This time it was more about my pleasure especially since she had cum already. I pushed her further up on the bed jammed my right hand under her ass and my middle finger up her asshole again. My left hand found her nipple one nipple and my mouth her other and I pulled and sucked hard on them. I started to ram hard inside making sure I made contact with her clit on each thrust. I was hitting her cervix on each thrust my head rubbing hard on that as well. One other thing about my dick it curves up so not only was my head hitting her cervix on each thrust it would rub against the top wall of her cunt as it moved back and forth. I could feel her cum again her cunt gripping my cock and her asshole clinching down on my finger. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she gripped me tightly with them. I rammed onto her harder fucking her until she came again this time when I felt her spasm it sent me over the edge as and I pumped another load up inside that tight cunt. We laid there for a bit with her arms and legs wrapped around me and my cock still buried inside her slowly softening. She looked up at me and asked when we would see each other again she seemed a bit nervous about what my answer would be. I looked her in the eye and told her as soon as I could. That brought a smile and we talked over our schedules figuring out the next time we could see each other. I rolled off and she used the shower to wash off again saying she didn’t want to have a wet spot when she got back to her room since they had roommates. She showered and when she was finished she gave me a huge hug and kiss seemingly not wanting to let go. We had figured out that we could meet for dinner and we both knew sex on Wednesday. She broke our kiss and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and said “please don’t have something come up on Wednesday I really want to see you again”. I smiled and said the only thing that would come up on Wednesday was my dick and I fully intended to put it inside her when it did”. That brought a laugh and her something about me being incorrigible. I gave her another kiss and walked her to her car.Part 2 Owning AntoinetteAntoinette called me the next day and she told me how sore she was. We met up that Wednesday and she was so relieved that I didn’t blow her off and grateful she about ripped my clothes off when we got back after dinner. I made sure that she came hard and then fucked her until it was time to get back for her curfew. This went on for a two weeks and each time we met I’d make her do something she had never done sexually before. I knew that I was going to fuck that ass real soon and I wanted to make sure I did it before she hit her period because I intended to use that hole during her heavy days as well as her mouth. I don’t mind a little blood, like they say if you can walk through mud you can fuck through blood but sometimes it’s just a little too messy for me and the woman I’m fucking so breaking in her ass and mouth so I could cum in then was a must. Antoinette hadn’t disappointed me yet. True to her word she’d do anything I told her to when it came to fucking. Reverse cowgirl did pose a problem though. I had to grab hold of her cause she started to fall forward which was bending my dick to far the wrong way. I solved that problem by holding onto her hair and keeping her pulled back towards me that way. I started to do a little conditioning always making sure she had a finger in her ass whenever she came now. I got some lube just in case I needed it but with the amount of Juice she produced I figured I probably wouldn’t need it. At the beginning of our third weekend I told her that I was going to put my cock in her ass and use my finger in her cunt to make her cum. Antoinette seemed a bit nervous but said she’d try it if that was what I wanted to do to her and that everything that I had made her try so far just made her feel so great. I told her not to worry about it and assured her this would be great too. I knew though that I’d have to get to come before I put myself up her ass preferably I’d put it up her ass while she was cumming. I hugged her from behind and guided her over to the bed. My one hand was already rubbing her clit and I let my cock slide between her legs as I guided her to the bed. I pushed her down onto her stomach and started to fuck her slowly while I grabbed a pillow and slid under her hips to elevate her ass slightly. Her juices were already flowing nicely and I lubricated my fingers with it and really made sure her asshole was well coated inside and out. I made her cum again still slowly fucking her and rubbing her clit. I knew that the next time she came that it’d be longer and she’d normally float from one orgasm to the next until I came in her. I planned to use that to get my cock fully buried in that tight asshole of hers. Just as I suspected she came again this time letting down even more juice and showed no sign of coming down anytime soon. I took the opportunity to make sure my cock and her asshole was well coated with her juices and slipped my cock out of her cunt sliding a finger up inside it while still rubbing her clit with my palm. I slid the finger out of her ass and guided my cock covered with her juices into her asshole. She tensed a little as my head spread her ring open and slipped inside I knew she had come down of the peak of her orgasm. I stopped with just the head inside and finger fucked her cunt rubbing up
where her G spot is with a come here type of motion with my finger while my palm still rubbed her clit. Her hips slowly started to move again and I slowly pushed more and more of me inside along with her motions. When I was balls deep she was breathing heavy and I knew she was about to cum hard yet again. I waited for her to cum and sure enough she did moving her hips faster on my cock buried in her ass I started to pick up the pace of my thrusts as well. Her ass was really tight since the only other thing she’d had up it was my finger and it gripped me super hard. I knew I wouldn’t last long but I didn’t want to cum yet so I slipped out of her asshole and put just the head at the entrance to her cunt. I whispered in her ear “beg.” Antoinette did just that saying “please god fuck me pleaaasssseeeee just ram that beautiful cock anywhere you want just fuck me pleeeaaassseeeeee.” I knew then that I owned Antoinette and I intended to take every advantage of that fact before one of deployed. I rammed my cock hard up her cunt which was still spasming as she came hard again bucking all over the place as I stuck a finger up her ass again as well. That sent me over the edge and I came deep inside dumping a load in her as my cock bumped up against her cervix.I fucked her 4 or 5 other times that day and each time I made sure I slipped my cock inside her ass. I always made sure she came when my dick was up her ass making sure that she associated it with pleasure. She had a pass for the weekend which meant he didn’t have to report back until Monday morning so I planned on finishing off with her swallowing my cum. Sunday morning we showered up and I washed her and was fucking her in the shower which is something we both enjoyed she had just came and was coming down when I pulled out and pushed her to her knees in front of me I had already taught her what to do when she gave me a blow job though as I said I had never finished in her mouth that was about to change. As I got close I grabbed her head and thrust harder into her mouth. She couldn’t swallow all of me so she wrapped a soapy hand around the part she couldn’t fit. She used her tongue as well and brought me off. I held her head in place as I shot my load into her mouth keeping it there until I felt her swallow it. She looked up hoping that I approved and I smiled and told her what a great job she did she kept sucking and got me hard again this time I turned her around and fucked her again with the spray hitting her clit and I dropped another smaller load up inside her cunt as she came twice more. It was a great start to the day and I fucked her 4 more times Sunday and now I made sure that my cock was in each of her holes and her mouth before In came as well. When she left early Monday morning she was sore again she told me as I kissed her good bye. She learnt not to expect me to kiss her after I came in her mouth until she had rinsed it down with alcohol or something else or to expect me to eat her once my cock was inside her until she had showered and thoroughly cleaned herself or I had cleaned her making sure there was none of her cum left there. She understood she didn’t have a choice if I told her to suck my cock she did whether it was covered with her juices, my cum or both. Antoinette understood when it came to anything to do with sex it was strictly what I wanted. She knew I’d always make sure she got pleasure something she had never had before so she was fine with it. Plus she was submissive anyway something we were both finding out. When she was leaving we arranged to meet for dinner again during the week on Tuesday since our schedules had us both finishing early. I told her we’d meet at the VFW have a couple of drinks and then head back to my room. She got a little nervous and I asked what was wrong. She blushed and said she might have girl issues Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I smiled and asked if that meant her period and she blushed even more as she said yes. I told her not to worry about it unless she didn’t want to see me Tuesday and she about panicked begging to meet at the VFW. I told her I’d be there and I assured her period or not she’d cum a bunch of times before that night was over. That brought a big smile we said goodbye until Tuesday.I to the VFW earlier than expected and was at the bar sharing a beer with my DET Chief we were friends even though he was 6 years older than me and he was remaining true to his wife so he’d only go out drinking with me cause he knew I would let him get out of control and do something he’d regret. He was my conscience and made sure I didn’t do anything stupid too. Anyway about 15 minutes before I was supposed to meet Antoinette a skinny guy about 140 lbs and 5 foot 5 or 6 inches in height and a rat like face with a pointy large skinny nose and black stubble for hair covering his head strutted in. I remembered he was with Antoinette’s group the first night I met her as he strutted on over to me. I thought something had happened with Antoinette and he was the messenger until he got in front of me and glared at me. He opened his mouth and said in a high pitch voice I’m Sargent Hernandez and you’re going to stop seeing Antoinette. My Chief put his hand on my shoulder as he saw the look in my eye though Sargent rat didn’t. So rather than just drop him with a punch or a kick so I asked why I would do that since there was no regulation against it and we were both consenting adults. He stated “it not your business why you just stop puta” His voice was still high pitched slightly accented English and the Spanish bahis şirketleri told me why. I couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and pretty much laughed in his face. My Chief stepped between us as he knew me well enough to see I was about to destroy this guy. A little more about my back ground my grandparents raised me in a small town. My great grandfather lived with us as well. He had fought in both WWI and WWII as an infantry man he was shot in the chest and gassed in WWI which normally would have disqualified him from WWII but he forged the doctor’s signature saying he was fully fit and volunteered for WWII where he got shot in the stomach in North Africa. When the doctors checked him at the hospital they immediately sent him home and discharged him medically. When he was in they taught how the fight hand to hand and box. He was the middle weight champ for his division they wanted him to fight for the Army championship but it would have meant he would have missed the boat to go to Europe so he told them no. He taught my Grandfather how to fight who flew for the Navy in WWII. I also started wrestling when I was 5 I went to state all 4 years in high school and wrestled in college as well. I got my black belt in Tae Kwondo when I was 10. I got another black belt in Judo at 12 since I got tired of Tae Kwondo forms and started doing Ju Jitsu after watching UFC 1 where I have a blue belt from Rorian Gracie’s school. I also have a violent streak which has lea to get into more than my share of fights luckily none had involved the police. Anyway the whole point was that when it came to fighting I was really knowledgeable when it came to martial arts and I was in great shape since we had been building daily for deployment. My Chief knew that and since we had rolled (spared) on the mat a bunch he knew this guy would get hurt no matter how good he was. The Sargent’s next statement had me laughing even harder “I’m a black belt in Army combatives” well at the time the Army was just starting the program and in it’s beginnings it left a little to be desired though it has evolved it truly still isn’t what I would call a significant martial art back then it really was a joke. Anyway to shorten this out a bit the Sargent was about to get an education. The Chief could tell I was about to hurt this guy so he interceded. First he explained I was an officer a lieutenant in the Navy and O3 what in the Army would be a Captain. Then that we were both EOD and training with the SOCOM to support ODAs (Green Berets) and SEALs which meant we were trainin
g with them daily and qualified in about everything they were. Lastly he pointed out that I was about 6 inches taller than him and outweighed him by at least 40 pounds and those 40 pounds were indeed muscle. You could see that each explanation deflated the sergeant the last put an end to the confrontation the chief said “I’m pretty sure the LT is dying to hurt you right about now and if you say another word I’m going to step out of the way. When he’s done I’ll call the police and swear that you threw the first punch and the LT was just defending himself so what’s left of you will head straight to the stockade so maybe you need to turn around and walk out of here”. Totally deflated the guy turned around and slunk on out. Chief could tell I was still pissed and looking to break something so we patted my shoulder and said how about another beer with a smile. I relaxed downed the one I had and said sure with a smile. I tell you this because it’ll help explain how the ending a little better.A couple of minutes later Antoinette walked in. She was smiling but looked a little nervous. She walked up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss and asked if I was OK and if anything happened. I told her I was fine and why she would think anything would have happened. She told me one of the guys she worked with tried to get her to out with him and she told him no and she was seeing me. She was worried since he left earlier and said he was going to get me to end it with her. The Chief laughed he was sitting next to me still and heard what she said I looked over at him we both started laughing. Antoinette now looked totally confused. The Chief said “yeah he was here, I talked to him before the LT broke him up and he figured it was better that he left if he ever bothers you again you let one of us know and he won’t walk for a month of two”. Chief had two girls and didn’t tolerate any man bothering any woman in and unwanted manner. Two minutes later we were headed back to my room. She turned and kissed me as soon as we walked in the door. We were out of our clothes and I was inside her seconds later. She came fast and hard wrapping her legs around my waist and squeezing me tight. I slipped my finger into her ass and she came again I was getting close but I wanted her to hit that place where she was floating from orgasm to orgasm and her cunt was spasming constantly it felt so great the way it contracted around my cock. I rubbed her clit and I could feel her cunt start to contract so I rammed my cock into her fast and hard cumming deep inside her again. She held me tight as I softened deep inside her. I finally slipped out and noticed a little blood mixed in with our cum juices so did sheand she flushed bright red. I told her it was fine and didn’t bother me and as proof I told her my cock would be right back inside her in a second as she was stroking it bringing it back to hardness. This time I rolled her over and took her doggie style fucking her ass for a bit as well. She came again and after a while and she was just floating along one what seemed to be one continuous orgasm. I finally came again ramming it deep and keeping it up against her cervix as I pumped inside her. I slowly slipped out of her and my cum and her juices covered my cock and dripped out of her cunt which along with her asshole was still contracting from her orgasms. She slid her knees back and lay flat on her stomach looking back at me over her shoulder. She said “we won’t be able to do this for the next couple of days” I asked why and she explained with a blushing face “my flow is really heavy the first few days annndddd well I just thought it would get all over and be a problem.” I assured her there were ways to make her cum and I was sure I could fuck her ass or she could suck me off so there wasn’t any need to worry. That brought a smile. She left after we fucked again as it was getting late and we both had early days I told her to wear a tampon and bring a pad with her she blushed and said she would do as I said. Wednesday came and we had a nice dinner out and headed back to the room. I asked if she had done as I had said and she said yes and had just changed her tampon at the restaurant when she went to the ladies room just before we left. I pulled her jeans and thong off telling her to strip me and suck my cock which she did. I pulled her up after a couple of seconds and guided her over to the bed I got her on her knees doggie style and reached over to the small table next to the bed and got out some KY and put some on the fingers of both hands. I warmed it a bit then started to rub her clit with my left hand while my right slid inside her asshole. Antoinette was a little nervous but a couple of seconds working her clit and she was groaning and about to cum. When she did I slid my finger out of her ass and my cock in. She grunted a bit as I slid in and held it there for a second letting her get use to me being inside that tight asshole. I kept rubbing her clit and she started moving her ass on my cock. I picked up the pace and she came again this time clinching tightly on my cock setting my off as well. My cock drained itself deep in her ass and as I slowly pulled out Antoinette groaned some of my cum and a little of her shit was leaking out of her asshole. I let her come down a little from her orgasm by just holding her before I got up and got her a warm wash cloth she cleaned my cock first then wiped herself saying that my cum would leak out of her ass for a while. I smiled and told her that’s why I told her to bring a pad with her. She smiled and said she did but wasn’t sure how that would work with then tong and we both laughed. This time she pushed me back and told me to enjoy she went down on me and sucked me until I came in her mouth. She swallowed it all and then got us both a drink making sure she rinsed her mouth well knowing I wouldn’t kiss her unless she did. When she got back she said she never thought she’d like to be ass fucked another first as she really didn’t like using fuck to describe what we were doing. “You’ve made me like having something up inside me back there” she said. I told her good and reached for the lube all this talk has gotten me hard and I want to cum again. I bent her over and I fucked her ass again rubbing her clit and making her cum. She washed me again and herself and headed back to her room.DeploymentAs I expected Antoinette finished up her training cycle two months later. During our time together she told me I had dumped more cum inside her than her Ex had in the all the years they were together. We said our goodbyes and she was already emailing me daily and promised to keep doing that I told her I would respond as best I could knowing that once I headed out I wouldn’t have as much access to email. She was going to camp Arifjan in Kuwait as support staff for some Army function and would be pushing paper and I got a daily email from her.We were getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan when I her emails suddenly stopped. A couple of days later I got a strange one from her saying that something had happened and she would try to call as soon as she could to explain but didn’t want to email me about it. I said OK she had my number and knew when I would be available. I got a call from her the next day and she was distraught she told me she had been ****d and CID wouldn’t believe her and the Army was going to send her state side someplace she didn’t know where yet. I asked if she knew who it was. She thought she did but couldn’t be sure. She said she thought it was Sargent Hernandez but it was dark and she couldn’t be sure it was him. CID didn’t want to report it as a **** because it would look bad which at the time was a big thing. They were trying to keep it quiet and since there was no witnesses and they didn’t take a sample of the semen when she got to the hospital they couldn’t do a DNA on the person. I listened at the end she told me she’d be in touch but didn’t know when cause she just wanted to be alone. Since I have never been ****d I didn’t know what to say or what
she was feeling but I knew I didn’t want to push her so I told her I be here when she wanted to talk. She hung up and I called my Chief in. He had a friend who was a Master at Arms deployed to Kuwait and we gave him a call. HE said he’d look into it and get back to us. When he did we talked for a bit and got us on the line with the lead investigator. The lead told us that the Colonel who was in charge of the unit was up for his star and he didn’t want anything messing that up which is what a **** of one of his Sergeants’ would do. So they were going to ship her home and hope it went away. I asked about Hernandez and they said he was pretty much a scum bag but there was no evidence since the hospital did mess up. They weren’t used to dealing with ****s so they did what they thought best and cleaned her up and gave her support. I asked if the Colonel would want to transfer the guy and he answered yes but no one would take him because of his record. We talked a little more and came up with a plan to deal Hernandez. A week later we deployed we were going to Bagram Air Base to help with the explosive clean up in country. Hernandez was also being transferred to Bagram as Admin support to a joint task force that was stood up to help support the Afghan Army he freaked out when he found out and freaked out even more when he got there and found out the Chief and I were right down the hall from where he worked. We made his life a living hell so much so he volunteered the take an assignment to an FOB that needed someone to deal with their ADMIN work. I called the posts CO and had a talk with him. He needed a favor which I was able to help him with and after explaining to him about his new Sargent he promised to take care of the matter. Hernandez got busted down two stripes shortly after he got there and then got busted and sent to Ft Levenworth for doing d**gs which he swore weren’t his. He’s doing 20 years there. I heard from Antoinette after I got back. She was still an emotional wreck. She no longer had any interest in sex she said and didn’t think she ever would she moved back in with her Ex who was happy to take her back since it meant he had a live in maid and he didn’t need or want sex anyway. I wished her the best and moved on.

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