Any Chance We Could Ch. 22

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This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. If you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter.

Tuesday, October 16

I was the first to wake and enter the bathroom. As I was running the water in the shower I was joined by Minx. After she sat and rinsed her mouth with mouthwash she joined me. “Good morning Dad, rub those talented hands all over my body.”

I responded by lathering a wash cloth and covering her body with slick suds and dropped the cloth and began caressing her with my bare hands. If you’ve never started the day in a shower with a soapy beautiful woman, you’ve missed one of the great pleasures of life I thought as my erection got harder and tighter. Minx wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking it saying, “I owe you this from last time.” She began kissing me and sucking my tongue into her mouth as I came closer and closer to a climax.

Just as I was about to cum, I said, “Now.” Minx squatted down and aimed my spurts all over her face, smiling as she did. As I came down she put her face under the shower and rinsed my sperm off then purred, “Wow, I liked that. A lot. It’s obvious you didn’t mind either.”

“Turn around, sweetheart, put your tight ass against me.” She ground into my cock which was rapidly recovering. I spoke in an encouraging tone, “Bend over, put your hands on the wall.” As she did I lathered my hand with a dollop of shampoo and laved the suds around her asshole. I then very slowly began to push my soap-slick finger into her asshole, the muscle ring initially refused to relax, until I instructed, “Relax lover, tell me if it hurts.”

Minx gasped, “No it’s all right you just surprised me. Keep pushing, it doesn’t hurt.”

I pulled my finger slowly back out and gathered more suds from her ass crack and began to slowly push back in. “Oh, God, does that feel different. Good different, but oh, my God, oh, my God,” she loudly moaned as I continued to push my finger deeper. When my finger was all the way in I slowly pulled back a bit and her ass followed my finger. “Don’t go, not yet,” she moaned. “I feel so full, so different, Oh, God I’m going to cum. Mmmm, Cumming. Oh, shit, oh shit.” As she continued to push back against my finger, I could feel her anal ring tightening and she began quivering. “Fuck my ass, Dad, fuck my ass,” she shouted and she began moving her ass back and forth again.

As her movement slowed down, I pulled my finger all the way out. She turned and melted into me, kissing me with as passionate a kiss as I could ever remember getting from her. She broke the kiss after forever, and as I relaxed my arms around her, she looked into my eyes and breathed with a satisfied tone, “Every morning Dad, every morning.”

I washed my finger off behind her, dropped my hand to her ass crack and gently touched her asshole asking, “Did I hurt you?”

“No, surprised me, but God what a strong orgasm. What a way to start the day! Do you and Mom do that?”

“Not yet, maybe we will soon, especially after you tell her that I did it to you.”

“Why’d you think I’ll tell her?” she said with an innocent wide-eyed look.

“Because if you don’t, I will. And you’ll probably tell Kitten as well,” I laughed.

“You’re right. We share everything, don’t we? I love you so much Dad, I really, really do,” she exclaimed. “Play with my tits while I wash my hair, please.”

I left Minx in the bathroom using Veronica’s hair dryer. She wasn’t in bed as I emerged from our bathroom, but she shortly entered from the hall, nude and absolutely gorgeous. “Hi handsome, I didn’t want to crowd you and Minx, so I showered with Kitten. Now take me back to bed and screw my brains out.”

We were both cumming as Ashley came out of the bathroom and teased, “Rabbits, just like rabbits.”

Veronica and I shortly joined the girls in the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. As we began discussing what was happening today, my cell rang and as I picked it up the caller ID said Marty. I answered with a bit of surprise in my voice, “Hi Marty.” Three heads came up at that and there was a wide-eyed look on Kitten’s face.

“Where are you?” she asked with a note of concern in her voice. “I’m parked in your driveway and there’s a huge yellow crane lifting pieces of a giant tree from the roof of your house.”

“Yeah, that happened on Sunday night, but Katrina and I are all right. We moved in with my fiancée a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to call you and tell you that we’re getting married soon. November 16th to be exact. Why are you in my driveway?”

Veronica moved closer to me, not to overhear the conversation but to put her arm across my shoulder. Marty answered, “I tried to call Katrina, and you, but your neither your phone nor answering machine would pick up, so I came by on my way to Fern’s. I thought I’d stop and say hello, I haven’t heard from either one of you since we talked casino siteleri about Katrina some weeks ago. I’m glad you’re both okay. I hope you don’t mind me calling on your business cell. Can I talk to you in person about something?”

“Sure, when?” I asked.

“Later this morning or tomorrow morning?”

“How about tomorrow morning, early, eightish, I’m at 17 Ridgetop Road. Veronica’ll be here, and I’d like you to meet her. I don’t recall Katrina’s Wednesday schedule, so I don’t know if she’ll be here.” Katrina was shaking her head from side to side. “She just indicated she won’t be. What’s up?”

“It’s a long story, but the short version is that my fiancé, now my ex-fiancé, is transferring to Spokane, and I’m not going with him.”

“Okay … is this a crisis?” I asked.

“No… maybe…yes… it is. I came home early Sunday afternoon from what was supposed to be an all day event, but I had gotten a terrible headache that aspirin wasn’t touching. I needed something stronger. I heard noise in our bedroom and looked in. He was in bed with someone…a man! Jesus, Scott, what a shock!”

I had to try very hard but was successful in stifling a snicker, and asked “What does this have to do with me?”

“Our marriage fell apart now this relationship has, I need some clues. Will you talk to me?” she pleaded.

“Sure, Veronica and I share everything and I’m sure she could help as well as I.”

“Does she have to be there?” Marty whined.

“Yes,” I said, “if you want to talk to me it’ll be with her as well. Katrina and I have developed an incredible bond with Veronica and her daughter Ashley.” Not to mention sleeping together and having the best sex of my life with all three. After a pause I continued, “I hide nothing from her and it would be best if she is there.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow, early, goodbye Scott, and thanks.”

“Well that was interesting, but you only got to hear half of it. She came home unexpectedly Sunday afternoon and found her fiancé in bed with a guy and the guy’s dick up her fiancé’s ass. She said doesn’t have a clue why our marriage fell apart or why this engagement went in the toilet. Her gay guy is transferring to Spokane, very soon and she’s not going. So she wants my counsel. She’s going to get Veronica’s as well. I hope you don’t mind sweetheart” I said to Veronica and the girls.

“I’d like to meet her, and I’ll try very hard to like her. I’ll try to forget that she had you first,” she laughed.

“She’s not too bad,” said Kitten, “Just mostly disconnected, somewhat autistic in that she doesn’t pick up on a lot of social cues.”

“Whoa, listen to you,” I smiled at Kitten. “I don’t think she’s autistic but you’re right about that inability, or ignorance about social cues. I guess we’ll find out more tomorrow, I’ve got to get going. Love all of you.” I got lingering kisses from each woman and even managed a brief grope of Veronica’s magnificent ass.

“Tell me a bit about your Mother, Kitten, would you?” Veronica asked.

“Sure. She’s disconnected. If you ask her something she may not react to it for a few minutes, but when she does it’s usually coherent. She’s pretty, I didn’t get all my good looks from Dad. She could dress up, but rarely does, pretty much a jeans and flats person. She has a nice figure, nicely rounded for her age, her hair is short auburn, her breasts are not as full as mine, and I’m probably four inches taller. She’s intelligent, when connected. When she smiles it completely brightens her face. I think you might like her. She doesn’t know about Minx’s and my relationship, and I don’t think she’d approve. Maybe she would, maybe Dad should tell her. I’ll give this some more thought and maybe I’ll be able to tell you more when I get home this afternoon.”

“This afternoon, what time do you get home?” Veronica asked.

“About two o’clock” replied Ashley.

“One o’clock,” said Katrina. “Why?”

“The three of us are going to Dupree’s to pick out and fit you for celebratory rings that Scott and I are giving you at our ceremony, that’s why.”

“Well count on me not dawdling if I’ve got that to look forward to,” said Ashley.

As Ashley and Katrina left, Veronica pulled Georgina’s card from the bulletin board in the kitchen and called her. “Hi, Georgina, Veronica. Scott said you wanted one of us to call. What can I help you with?”

“Can we have coffee this morning,” Georgina asked.

“Sure, if you can come here, I’ve got to wait for a furniture delivery. Do you want to come now or after it’s delivered. They said they’d be here at nine o’clock.”

“Why don’t you call me as they’re getting ready to leave, I’m about fifteen minutes away.”

“I’ll do that, bye.” As Veronica hung up the phone she began musing about the meeting with Marty. This isn’t a competition for Scott, I’ll just be me. Maybe a nice fuck in the shower first thing, short skirt, fitted top, heels, maybe even stockings and a dab of that perfume that drives him crazy. canlı casino No, it’s not a competition. He was so insistent that I be with him. I wonder if that’s because he doesn’t trust himself with her. Is it because she can still push his buttons and arouse him or he still has some feelings for her….or both? Whatever it is, I have to remind myself that this isn’t a competition, to be myself and be kind to her. I won’t get into a cat fight.

At nine sharp she heard a truck in the drive and opened the door after the first chime. A nice looking man with the name Tom on his uniform shirt stood there with some papers in his hand. “Mrs Appleton?” he asked.

“Soon to be, but for the moment, Bryce. Good morning, Tom. It was a pleasure talking to you yesterday and I’m looking forward to seeing my purchase in person.”

“Will you show me where it’s going?” Tom asked.

She led him up the stairs into our bedroom. “I need you to shuffle some beds before you bring that one it. Can you do that?” Veronica asked.

“Not a problem, what do you want moved?”

“The queen from my daughters’ bedroom goes to the bedroom across the hall, just lean it against the wall, for now. Then move our king into their room. I recall that the side rails just lift from the head and foot.”

He went downstairs and came back with a helper. Veronica stripped the sheets off and in short order the two men quickly disassembled the beds and began the rearrangement. While they were doing that she heard a female voice calling ‘Hello’ from downstairs. Veronica descended the spiral staircase to discover a young woman, probably in her early to mid-twenties standing in the entryway. Stepping off the stairs she took notice of the woman’s dark-brown hair was pulled back into a long pony tail. Her blue knit work shirt and khaki pants hugged her body. Though she had a fuller ass, and smaller breasts Veronica thought she had a very pleasant figure that was wonderfully complemented by a bright broad smile and deep brown eyes. That ass would be a wonderful handful, she thought.

“Hi,” she said as she stuck her hand out. “I’m Karen Goodwin. I’m Tom’s mechanic for the day. I missed him at the warehouse and got here as soon as I could.”

“They’ve just taken something metal upstairs so maybe they haven’t been waiting too long.” I said.

Karen picked up her tool bag and headed up the steps. She began arranging the metal parts and began bolting them together. In about fifteen minutes she had finished and went down to tell Tom to bring up the headboard and the footboard. With some help from Tom and the other helper she quickly had the bed assembled. Tom and the other guy brought up four box springs, set them in the frame and then returned to make two trips bringing up the mattresses. They stood them against the footboard while Karen bolted them together with special pieces manufactured into the mattresses.

All three of them lifted the mattress onto the box springs and Tom and the helper went back to the truck to bring up all the bedding. As they were doing that she asked Karen if this were her real job. She responded, “No, just a favor for Tom. His mechanic is out for a few days. I’m a licensed electrician and primarily install security systems. You know, sensors, cameras, that kind of stuff.”

“Really, can you stay a few minutes after they leave?”

“Let me ask Tom, there may not be another delivery until this afternoon.”

Tom came upstairs and gave Veronica the bill and she gave him the debit card which he swiped into a terminal he had plugged into his cell phone. She entered $16,500.00 and my pin number. When the receipt printed Tom said “That’s more than the invoice.”

Veronica replied, “For good service, thanks.”

“Well thank you, Ms Bryce, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Karen and Veronica went back upstairs and Veronica invited her to sit on the chair across from the bed and Veronica sat on the edge of the bed. “Now that we have this ‘playground’” Veronica wryly said, “I’d like to monitor it so there are no accidents from roughhousing.”

“I understand,” Karen said smiling. “You wouldn’t believe the number of camera requests we get when Tom installs a ‘playground’ like this. There are several guys, and a few women as well, who I suspect like taping their bedmates for their private record and recollection.” She paused and laughed, “A digital version of a black book.”

“Hmmm that’s an idea, a record of all who come to play,” Veronica replied with a gleam as the idea played around in her mind.

“You’re kinky. I love the way you think. I assume wireless, with the recorder in that closet,” nodding toward the walk-in closet.

“Can you do three cameras with remotes, too,” Veronica added.

“No problem. I can do a nice concealed installation that will record about four hours of video unattended for about eleven thousand. Fourteen will get you the top of the line high definition cameras and recorders.”

“If kaçak casino you give me a guarantee that it’ll work and you can have it done by Thursday, I’ll give you sixteen and a half for the best system available,” replied Veronica.

“Deal,” she said. “Can you give me a check for $3,500 now that I can cash at your bank?”

Veronica wrote out a brief description of what she expected on a pad, they both signed it. Karen left, check in hand.

After putting a mattress cover and sheets on the bed, Veronica rested on the bed as she called Georgina. She then called Scott to tell him that ‘Bryce Field’ was operational if he wanted to come by for a quick ‘game’ at lunch. Scott demurred because the CitiGroup team was in the office.

“You may as well plan on eating dinner without me. I expect that Emerson and I’ll be tied up into the late evening with these guys. He started to say something about the pictures we sent home with Hazel last night but hasn’t had a chance to elaborate. After the group leaves tonight maybe we’ll get a chance to talk. I love you,” I said before hanging up

“Well, considering that this is the first time in over three weeks that I haven’t seen you for dinner, it’s okay,” sighed Veronica. “I arranged for a camera system to be installed. It should be installed by sometime Thursday afternoon.”

Fifteen minutes later Georgina rang the doorbell and Veronica invited her to the kitchen while she started a fresh pot of coffee. “You look very nice today, Georgina. Pretty dress, hose, heels going someplace special when you leave here?”

“No, just a walk-through, but it’s the way I usually dress. I’ve seen you at several ball games in dress suits. I guess we both believe that ‘pretty is a pretty does’,” Georgina replied.

After chatting a few minutes about how awful some people look in casual attire – sweats, jogging suits, baggy jeans and tops – the coffee was done and after pouring two cups Veronica asked, “What’s on your mind, and how can I help you.”

“Well, I hope you won’t think I’m too forward. I was watching you at the swim party and couldn’t help but notice the way you were watching your daughters, as well as Cindy and then Angela after she took off her top. I got the impression that you might like young pussy. I fantasize about it and was wet the whole afternoon looking at all those young women. Am I right, or am I offending you?”

“Gosh, I didn’t think I was that obvious,” exclaimed Veronica.

“No, you weren’t, but I had a feeling that perhaps we might share some common interests,” clarified Georgina. “I’d like to taste a young pussy, particularly Angela’s but I really don’t know how to go about it. I don’t think I should just say, ‘Angela, I’d like to eat you’.”

Laughing, Veronica commented, “At least you’re on the right track. Tenderness and subtle suggestion will probably get you what you want. After you’ve done it for awhile, the direct approach’ll work. I know that Ashley and I started gradually and now we enjoy pleasuring each other. I know I shouldn’t admit this, but Katrina as well.”

“Does Scott know?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, he does.” I thought I should leave it at that rather than tell her he participates.

“Okay, but I’ve never done it with a woman before,” said Georgina in a quiet voice. “I’ve seen it plenty times in movies on the restricted channels. I even own three Girlfriend Films DVDs. “I’m afraid that if I don’t give pleasure to Angela properly the first time I won’t get another chance.”

“Let me ask a teenager I know if she’d be willing to help you, call me back tomorrow or Thursday and I’ll let you know if she’s interested. You’re a beautiful, sexy woman Georgina and I can’t image that she won’t.” Veronica said with a grin and gleam in her eyes.

After a moment’s pause, she said, “I’m not familiar with that line of DVD’s. If they’re good I may look at getting one or two.”

“If you like, I’ll lend you mine,” Georgina said as she sipped from her cup.

Georgina and Veronica chatted about other topics for another half hour before Georgina said she had to run to the walk-through at the house she thought would interest a prospect.

As she was about to walk out the front door, she turned and hugged Veronica and lightly kissed her on the mouth, saying, “I had a feeling you were the right one to talk to, thanks Veronica.”

Veronica replied, “I’m flattered, and you’re welcome.”

She called Carol to enlist her help for the wedding, and Carol’s enthusiasm was boundless. “Absolutely, when can I come over and make some lists. I know I’ll be there Thursday evening, but how about this evening, or tomorrow, I’m off tomorrow afternoon,” she ebulliently replied.

“Let’s shoot for tomorrow afternoon, the girls are having some friends over for dinner tonight and I’ll need to spend some time on the meal and perhaps some time with them.” One of the girls has been propositioned by Scott, so I really want to talk to her. “Give some thought about a minister, if you could, but here’s another wrinkle for you to think on. I’d like for Katrina and Ashley to have a private commitment ceremony right after our cermony. If you know of a minister who’d do both, that’d be great.”

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