Anything, You Said Pt. 02

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I can feel my subconscious writhing in delight as I bear witness to the final moments of your pussy being as tight as it is now.

The sight of such a sweet and able body stretched and morphed for the use of being a sex toy makes me both nervous and excited. I wonder if you’ll relax enough to orgasm?! I wonder if you’ll find yourself blacking out at times?! I wonder if you’ll keep count of how many cocks find their way inside you?!… no worries if not, the camera will keep count.

About the camera – I currently don’t have anything intended with the video we make but I’d rather document everything incase you might need reminding of our evening together in the future. I appreciate this might perplex you but I recommend relaxing as much as possible. Things fit in place when we relax… speaking of which, its showtime.

I’ll leave the table lamp on… door key is in… door is unlocked… wow. My heart is pounding, I can’t imagine how you feel.

*a few minutes pass before the door opens slowly. A man in his 60’s or 70’s walks in gingerly*

‘Good evening sir. Please take as long as you need to make yourself comfortable. The toy on the bed is available for your inspection and enjoyment if you wish.’

The old man takes off his jacket and walks towards you. You can’t see him but he’s got all eyes on you.

Like a dog he climbs on the bed straight behind you and immediately spreads your arse cheeks and starts working his tongue all over your tiny little hole. It’s strange not to see your eyes. It seems to take away an amount of my empathy of your experience… regardless here you are, tied up in a hotel getting mauled by a grandpa.

The door opens again… this time it’s a couple… who’d of guessed.

You’ll enjoy seeing these guys on film later. He’s handsome, about 35. She’s the same and stunning to look at.

‘Hello’ I welcome them… ‘welcome, help yourself.’

They whisper to each other as they watch the barely interrupted man at casino siteleri your back door.

They both move closer and begin to handle your body. The lady cackles as she’s holds your arse cheeks super wide for the old man. She spits down onto your arse and his tongue. The old man can’t believe his luck.

Meanwhile, mr handsome’s cock is making its way out and towards your mouth. It’s a nice size for sucking and he doesn’t waste anytime in finding a rhythm for your face.

His woman comes around… ‘are you sucking my mans cock? you naughty girl’… she slaps your ass and laughs again. She’s taking photos of her man fucking your mouth.

‘Make her lick your ass babe…’

He turns around and starts popping his ass in your face. His lady decides to have a turn too and hitches her dress, grinding her arse in your face, tagging each other on and off your tongue.

Meanwhile the old man has taken his slightly better than limp dick and seems to be getting it up inside you…

He’s pumping like crazy and muttering under his breath. He barely lasts a single minute before groaning his load into your pussy. He gathers his things and gets dressed. He almost seems ashamed of his involvement by the time he leaves.

The couple have now taken their game with you to a new height. He fucks her pussy right in your face as she stays on her feet, bending over like a pro.

He keeps taking his glistening cock out and shoving it in your mouth.

I have to admit that it’s hardly the best show of sex i’ve seen, however, the audacity of hunger of those involved is the real show.

As continues alternating between the strangers pussy and your mouth, the door opens again, this time a group of young guys come in. Strength in numbers I guess. Their bravado takes a direct hit when they see what’s happening.

This female stranger is relishing in the new audience and she demands that her man ‘fuck that cunt, I want that load in my mouth baby’.

A canlı casino vibe of excitement fills the room and we can all feel his orgasm building. The young guys, four of them, watch keenly as he pulls out of her. Like a movie, she swings around with a wide mouth and tongue crawling outside her lips.

He begins moaning and calling her name’s as his cock starts shooting perfect shots of semen into her mouth as she hums a giggle.

She shows the boys her catch and begins to form a snowball of cum and spit in her mouth before squatting before your mouth. She awkwardly commands that you open your mouth with her own mouth dribbling in juices. She spits the concoction in to your mouth and you swallow like a good girl… watching the shudder work through your body is a delight.

The mystery couple slowly gather themselves and prepare to leave. They leave you a £20 note in your jar and grope your body as they say their goodbyes.

Right now… my cock is leaking pre cum like you’d barely believe. To think the party has barely started is melting my soul.

One the couple has gone, the boys descend on you. I couldn’t say how old they are… I ask if they like what they see and they tell me they do and that they’ve come along so they can each lose their virginity.

You hear that? You’re about to become a real whore now and start collecting cherries.

I tell the boys that i’m going to head out for a smoke and that I’ll be back soon…

Outside on the street, various people drift in and out of the hotel. My mind plays games suspecting and hoping who of these strangers might be coming to pay you a visit.

I finish my smoke and immediately start another, prolonging my return in hope of experiencing more extreme circumstances.

When I return to the room. The boys are all naked and seem to be revolving around you in a circle, all holding their phones and filming as they dip in your pussy a little and jog around to dip into your mouth.

One kaçak casino of the boys starts to buck in your pussy and tells the room he’s cumming. He’s a hung little fucker too. I see him, burying his load deep against your cervix.

The other three, now feeing obliged begin to cue for your rear end, the next one pumps like mad until he copies his friends act. They high five as number 3 slides inside you.

You cunt must be like a pool by now. This lad can barely hold it together for a moment before he pulls out and sprays cum all the way up to the back of your neck…

The fourth boy, the most robust and hung of the four asks me if your arsehole is off limits. I tell him to help himself but to treat his toys nicely. I walk over and stuff three fingers in your pussy and scoop out all that delicious muck and smear it over your tight little rectum as I glide a finger inside it. I wipe the rest on the boys cock and give it a little tug as I do. He looks at me, mortified at my touching him, I give him a look to encourage his original motive and he slips back into mode.

His foreskin pushed forward, he pops the head of his cock in your arse and starts pumping with little regard. All his friends are getting dressed or filming the action.

As your arse is pumped by a fat young cock you begin to let out your first audio display of the night. I tell the boys to ask you if you like it.

‘Do you like having your bum fucked?’ They ask.

‘Yes’ you reply between cries.

‘You’re really pretty but your a proper slut’ one says. ‘Do you really like to have so many men use you?’

You don’t commit immediately.

‘Will you let them all cum inside you?’

‘Yes’ you say.

‘Can I come back later and fuck your arse too? Can I take video to show my mates?’

‘Yesssssss’ you wail as your first orgasm rips through you. The cock in your arse releases deep inside you.

You’ve not finished bucking and the boy has already heartlessly jerked his cock from your arse and is looking inside it with his friends.

The boys get ready to leave before leaving an assortment of notes in the jar.

As the door shuts behind them it immediately opens again…

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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