April’s Bed

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April’s door was unlocked, just as she’d promised. Good thing, because I wasn’t looking forward to sitting on the porch until she got home from work. It’d been a six-hour drive to get from my place to hers, and damned if I was going to get back into that car for anything.

I had been dreaming about this trip for months, fantasizing about laying eyes on the woman of my dreams since she and I had first met online. Ah, my first conversation with her, images of us forming in my mind. To have actually found another lesbian that I clicked with. Then the first phone conversation. We had clicked instantly, her sexy laugh and seductive voice. I had hoped I sounded half as good to her as she did to me. Something must have been there, because three months later I was letting myself into her home, preparing to meet her for real.

The first whiff of her scent, the house full of her essence. I smiled widely, taking a look around the room. It was clean, too clean. She’d probably fixed it up to impress me. Totally unnecessary, but very nice nonetheless.

Heart beating fast, I put my bag down by the door, and walked in to her living room.

It was so ordinary, so average, that the butterflies almost left my stomach. To think that April, my April, was just a regular person…she wasn’t anyone to be afraid of, to be intimidated by, to be nervous about. There was no reason for me to be so anxious about meeting her except that she was my fantasy, and my fantasy was about to become reality. I felt a pang of pleasure in the crux of my legs, a heat spreading through my body from my toes to my fingertips. My excitement was so great that I couldn’t resist the shivers traveling up and down my spine as I pictured her in my head. Pretty pictures that she’d sent me online, one real photo that she’d sent me by mail. Now was my chance to take more of her in, before she got home.

Leaning close to the wall, I looked over her framed photographs. Redheaded babies; must have been her. Men; could be brothers. Young people, old people, group pictures, portraits. I could pick her out in the family photos, her intense blue eyes staring at me from groups of happy people. She was casino siteleri so adorable as a young girl with strawberry blonde curls, so extremely attractive as a young adult, and now she was the hottest thing alive.

My nerves on end, I left the room, climbing the steps to the upstairs, determined to find her bedroom.

Peering over my shoulder, half sure someone was going to jump out and accuse me of trespassing, I opened a door and looked inside. Jackpot. Here was the place that my love slept, the place where she was most at peace. The place she would put her hands between her thighs and bring herself pleasure. This was April.

I took a deep breath, breathing her in. Closing my eyes, I imagined her in this room, her willowy body on the bed, her eyes closed as she slept peacefully. I imagined myself in the bed next to her, my arms around hers, hers around mine. Our lips playing with each other, our tongues meeting in hot wet kisses. A moan startled me, and I couldn’t help laughing at myself for not realizing it was my own.

I felt the slickness between my thighs as I crossed the warm room and put my hand on the bed. It was soft, the comforter smooth between my fingers. Closing my eyes I imagined caressing April’s stomach from just this point, reaching down, running my hand along her belly, circling around her navel, up towards her small pert breasts. My eyes opened and the bed was still empty in front of me. Sighing, I took a seat on its side, bouncing experimentally before turning and lying down.

My head rested on her pillow, my open eyes looked at the ceiling. This is what it felt like to wake up in April’s bed. My whole body tingled with warmth. Idly, I reached down and touched myself through my pants, holding my finger over my clit and rubbing my hips against it gently. My lips parted and I sighed heavily, eyes falling shut as I pictured April next to me, her body bent over mine, her leg entwined with mine, her hand down there between my legs rubbing me so gently. The heat between my legs burned hotter, and I pulled my hand away, turning into the fetal position on her bed.

Curled up, I looked over at the closet door. canlı casino A cute poster of a cat made me smile, recognizing the picture from the background of some of the photos April had sent me. Shivers flew through my body again as I thought of the real woman I was about to meet flesh to flesh. Curious about everything April had to offer, I slipped off the bed and opened the closet door.

Her clothes hung in such order that I had to smile again. She was so neat, even in this respect. I ran my hands across the different fabrics, feeling the different textures against my sensitive palms. Leaning in, I took a deep whiff of their smell, imagining I was smelling April after she’d showered and dressed. Once again a sigh left my body, and with my lips curling happily I bent down, examining the floor of the closet.

Three pairs of worn shoes. A box in the corner. I reached for the box and pulled it out, feeling slightly guilty at the degree of my snooping. But was it really snooping when it was the woman I loved, the woman who I wanted to get to know so intimately? Shaking my head to myself I lifted the lid and peered inside, eyes widening at what I’d found.

Heat rushed through my body, peaking between my legs where I could feel my juices flow. Tentatively I reached inside the box and lifted out the pictures I’d found, examining them more closely.

Each photo revealed April naked in this very room, stretched out on her bed with legs opened wide, a small dildo in her small left hand. In one picture she was smiling at the camera, fingering herself while the dildo rested on her thigh. Pale, hard nipples pushed up from her small breasts, her back soft and relaxed against the very comforter that I had just been stroking. In another picture her eyes were shut, her head thrown back, mouth open in silent cries of ecstasy, back bent in an arch. Her right hand squeezed one tit while the dildo plunged into her depths. I licked my lips and flipped through the rest of the photos, each exciting me to a new level.

Holding the pictures tight in one hand, I looked deeper into the box. Inside peeked out the small dildo, and with a shaky hand I took it kaçak casino out, looking at it. So small, but so exciting. I looked from the dildo to the picture and back again, my throat tight with moans that I refused to let free. My legs squeezed around my hot empty pussy, and straightening up I walked towards the bed.

Keeping my eyes on the photo of April smiling at the camera, I stretched out on her bed. I scooted myself into the middle until I was in the same position as she, my legs spread wide, toes pointed towards the corners of the bed. I wasn’t naked, as she was, but I felt a chill of excitement and naughtiness flow through my bones as I moved the hard dildo towards my warm crotch. Slowly, I stroked myself through my jeans, pushing harder on the phallus as I reached the small nub of my clit.

I flipped through the pictures, laying the discarded ones on my stomach as I looked for the obvious climax April had had. I studied her face and stroked myself faster, harder, grinding the dildo against my sensitive mons. My body cried out for her touch, for her kiss, for her caress. Setting the pictures and the dildo aside for a moment, I undid the button of my jeans and slid them halfway down my legs.

Legs bound together by the waist of the partly discarded pants I began again, sliding the dildo easily between my thighs and rubbing the round head of it against the slick lips of my pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined April next to me, touching me, pushing the hard dildo between my legs as she cooed over me. Releasing my hold on the photos, I took my breast in my newly freed hand and kneaded the nipple through the cloth, teasing it, tugging it, pinching it, pulling it. My hips ground wildly against the bed, sliding easily up and down across the dildo, soaking it with my fluids. I twisted it against my clit, biting cries back with my teeth as I arched my back just as April had in the picture and came, my body stiff as the pleasure coursed through me.

Opening my eyes, I slowly regained my senses and pulled the dildo out from between my legs. I looked at it, eyeing the telltale fluids coating the object, and, blushing, tossed it aside. Tugging the pants back up over my hips, buttoning them tightly in place, I breathed heavily against April’s bed. My scent now mingled with hers, a beautiful perfume of arousal. I closed my eyes and dozed until the sound of the door opening awakened me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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