Audrey , Judy , Pete Pt. 06

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One day, a Mercedes drove up to the house and Audrey got out, waved to the driver and walked in the front door. She seemed breathless.

Judy asked, “Who was that? Where’s your car?”

“That was Don Livingston, and my car’s being towed to the garage!”

Audrey explained she had been driving along Lake Drive when her engine quit without warning, coming to a stop on a sharp, blind curve to the right where there was almost no shoulder. It was a very dangerous spot. She quickly turned on the flashers, grabbed her cell phone, and crawled over the console and out the passenger side. She phoned AAA, but was told it would be at least 30 minutes before help arrived. Audrey was very frightened, as she feared someone would hit her car. The traffic was heavy and her car was really a hazard. Horns were sounding and brakes screeching as other drivers came suddenly around the bend.

Soon a Mercedes stopped about 50 yards behind her. The driver turned on his flashers and set out three flares along the roadway. Then he introduced himself to Audrey and invited her to wait safely in his car. He explained that he’d been driving in the other direction and saw her predicament. He made a U-turn and stopped his car where it could be easily seen by oncoming traffic, causing other drivers to slow down before they came unexpectedly upon her car. The two talked until after her car was towed away 45 minutes later, and then he drove her home.

As Audrey explained all this to Judy, she was very animated and excited.

“I wanted Don to come in and meet you, but he was already a little late for an important meeting. He was really my savior, today! And he promised to call me soon. He’s a PhD and professor in computer engineering at the University. He’s handsome and so easy to talk to. Best of all, he’s a widower! Oh, I didn’t mean that in a selfish way!”

“I know,” Judy replied. “But don’t get your hopes up too high. You’ve just met this guy! And remember, you’re not supposed to find Mr. Right for five years or you’ll lose a bundle!”

“Oh, Judy, I don’t care about that bundle. I don’t really need it. Anyway, I may never hear from him. But it’s just that I haven’t felt this kind of excitement for a long time!”

“Unless he’s blind or stupid, he’ll call.”

A few minutes later, the phone rang. Judy answered, and then handed it to Audrey.

“Guess who?” she said with a grin.

It was Don. He was still on the road to his meeting and he invited her to dinner tonight. Of course, Audrey enthusiastically accepted.

When Don arrived at 7:00 PM with a dozen red roses, Pete greeted him with “Dr. Livingston, I presume? Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist that!”

Don replied with a grin, “That’s okay, that’s not the first time I’ve heard it.”

Turning to Judy, he said, “Audrey said she had a sister, but she didn’t warn me you were identical twins! I never thought there could be two such gorgeous women in the whole world!”

Judy replied, “Aren’t you the flatterer! But I love it. And we’re so grateful to you for coming to Audrey’s aid this afternoon. She’s very precious to us.”

After a few more pleasantries, Don and Audrey left. They had an excellent dinner at The Inn and talked there for two hours. When he brought Audrey home just before ten, she was truly on Cloud Nine!

“I’m sorry, Lovers, but I’m going to turn in early tonight. It’s been a big day and there’s so much running through my mind!” She gave Judy a big hug, kissed Pete chastely on the cheek, and went off to her room.

So for the first time in nearly two months, Pete and Judy found themselves alone in the evening. When they were in bed, Judy said, “Audrey really seems smitten. Don seems like a really neat guy. I hope she won’t be disappointed.”

Pete replied, “It’s a little too early to know where this might lead. But the next few days should tell. Has it occurred to you that we may have seen the last of Audrey in our bed?”

Judy said, “Oh, Pete! If that happens, I hope you’ll be satisfied casino oyna with only one woman again!”

Pete reached for his wife and drew her close. “Darling, I was more than satisfied with you before this fling with Audrey began. It was really necessary for her mental recovery. And she was exciting and inspired us all to great sex, but you excite me most of all. Our sex was always great before Audrey and it will be great again without her, if that’s what the future holds. We said all along it would be just a temporary thing. I love you more than everything in the world, with or without Audrey.”

He kissed her deeply, and began to gently caress her breasts. Soon both straps of her gown were pulled down, exposing those satin beauties to his touch. As Pete’s mouth enveloped one breast and his fingers tantalized the other nipple, Judy groaned and began to play with her pussy. Pete slid his other hand underneath and gripped her smooth, squirming ass. Judy grasped Pete’s hardening cock and stroked it softly. She squeezed his pre-cum onto a finger and then wiped it into her open cunt. As Pete continued loving her voluptuous breasts and Judy stroked her moist lips and clit, she suddenly cried, “Kiss me, Darling!! I’m coming already!!”

Pete devoured her mouth and clutched her tightly to him as the ecstasy overcame her. Then Judy said, “Oh, Pete, Dearest, I want your hard cock in me when I come the next time. And you’d better hurry!!” She tugged on his stiff rod.Pete moved between her widespread legs, pressed his rigid cock deftly into her clenching cunt, and began thrusting rhythmically against her clit. In moments, a second orgasm washed over her.

“Uunnnggghhh!!” she groaned into Pete’s hungry mouth. Pete grabbed her ass and rolled over, putting Judy on top. Her big breasts were flattened against Pete’s chest as she pushed down and back, rubbing her clit on his pubic bone. In less than a minute, she came a third time, her body stiffening, her groans muffled in Pete’s mouth. Then she sat up and knelt over him, leaning back on her arms, pleasurably bending Pete’s stiff cock down. He reached again to squeeze and torment her jutting breasts. Judy vigorously massaged her protruding clit and moved up and down on his bent cock, looking lovingly into his hungry eyes.

“Oh, Pete Darling! I love you so much!”

“I adore you, Judy! I love to watch you come!”

“Then watch closely . . . I’m going to cum again!!” she murmured through clenched teeth. And she screamed softly as another huge orgasm ravaged her. Then Judy leaned forward again and, bracing herself up on her arms, pushed her gorgeous breasts into Pete’s face.

“Eat my tits, Pete! While I get off again!!

Pete pulled those beautiful tits together and managed to get both erect nipples into his mouth, devouring them and licking them with his hot tongue. As he mauled her tits roughly, Judy cried, “Oh, Pete, I love that!! You’re wonderful!!” And she thrust her cunt down hard on Pete’s cock and cried out loudly as yet another orgasm struck. Finally it was too much for Pete. He took one hand from her tits and pulled her ass down hard against him as he forcefully erupted into her spasming cunt.

“OOHHHHHH!!” he shouted, mouthing her tit vigorously and spurting helplessly inside her while she was still shuddering and gasping with her own orgasm. They pressed their loins tightly together as they rode out the cyclone.

Then Judy lay down on his chest and they kissed hungrily for several minutes as their breathing slowed and their bodies finally relaxed.

“Oh, Judy, Darling! That was fantastic! You’re so wonderful!! It’s just you and me together again, Baby.”

“It’s just you and I, Pete. Your sixth grade grammar teacher would be disappointed.”


And they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Don and Audrey dated again the following night, dinner and a play at The Globe. And the next evening brought dinner followed by a Pops Concert on the Bay. When she returned home late that night, Pete canlı casino and Judy were still up, waiting for her.

“I feel like a mother, worrying about her young daughter being out so late!” quipped Judy.

“Oh, Judy! And Pete! It’s real! I’m hopelessly in love!” Audrey cried. “And all the signs are that Don feels the same. He’s my dream come true! He’s tall and handsome, intelligent, considerate and kind. He’s got a great sense of humor. And yet he’s down to earth. No airs. He’s expecting soon to be head of the engineering department at the University. Did I tell you he’s got a beautiful condo almost on the beach in Del Mar? You can see the waves breaking on the shore right from the living room windows.”

“Uh, how is he in the romance department?” Pete asked quietly. “You’ll not forget that Jack failed that test miserably.”

“Well, uh, all we’ve done so far is kiss. But what a kisser he is!! He’s invited me to a drive up in the mountains tomorrow, and then dinner at his home. I don’t know yet if he’s planning to cook, or bring home some take-out. But I’m expecting that afterwards, things will proceed to a climax, so to speak! I’m going to do my best, and I don’t believe I’ll have to try too hard!”

“You’ve got this seduction well planned, so the poor guy doesn’t have a chance!” said Pete with a chuckle.

Then Audrey’s face grew very serious. “You both know how much I’ve enjoyed the fantastic sex we’ve been sharing. And I’m very grateful to both of you for the wonderful pleasure of it all. And mostly, thank you ever so much for getting me out of my guilt and pity funk. But it’s over now. I’ve come to know Don very well in this short time. And there’s no way he would participate in group sex of any kind. And he must never know! Never!! You’ve got to promise me!”

“That’s not a problem”, said Pete quietly. “If he ever learns about our threesome, he’ll hear it from your lips, not ours. We just want you to have the best life possible, and it sounds like that includes Don.”

“Oh, yes! And thank you, thank you both for everything!!” Audrey cried. “I know you’ll keep our secret!! I’m so excited about Don I can’t stand it! He’s going to be my life from now on!”

And the three of them kissed and hugged each other enthusiastically.


The next day was a glorious one and the weather was perfect. It was a beautiful trip along the winding mountain road. They parked and took an hour’s walk along a secluded hiking trail, holding hands. On the way home, they stopped and bought a large pizza and some fresh strawberries, and then drove to Don’s condo. They enjoyed the sizzling pizza and a chilled wine on the balcony overlooking the surf, and then savored the strawberries and ice cream on the love seat in the living room. When the dishes were empty and placed on the coffee table, they looked lovingly into each other’s eyes and melted together.

The kisses immediately became more and more fervent. Don began to gently caress Audrey’s breasts, bringing a low whimper from her. As they devoured each other’s mouths, murmuring love sounds, Audrey reached down and timidly touched the hard lump straining in Don’s trousers. She thrust her breasts eagerly into his hands, encouraging his caresses. Without breaking the feverish kisses, Don slid one blouse strap off Audrey’s shoulder, then gently pushed the bra cup off one heaving breast, freeing it from its confinement. As his hand lovingly touched the silky skin of that naked beauty, Audrey suddenly pushed away and jumped to her feet.

“NO!!” she cried, “This isn’t right!!”

Startled, Don also stood and said, “But Audrey!! It is right! I love you very much!!”

“Oh, Don! I love you, too! And I’m so hungry for you!! But it’s just not right, here — on this cramped little love seat! I want the first time we make love to be on a big wide, comfortable bed and not on this confining piece of furniture!”

Don chuckled, and kissed her tenderly. “Audrey, you’re so wonderful!! Come with me – I have just the right place!” And kaçak casino arm in arm, they struggled down the hall to the master bedroom, kissing awkwardly as they went.

When they stood beside the huge king-size bed, they were torn between continuing their torrid kisses and getting out of their confining clothes. Finally breaking apart, they undressed hurriedly, and then sat naked together on the bed. Still seated, they lay back on the bed and embraced again, their bare bodies touching for the first time. The low light from a single bed lamp cast seductive shadows on Audrey’s gorgeous body.

Don’s hands roamed all over her smooth skin, bringing murmurs of wonder from his throat. Audrey reached down and gently caressed his iron cock. Soon Don’s mouth moved down to feast on her delicious breasts as his hand sought the treasure between her lovely legs.

She cried softly, “Oh Darling! That’s wonderful! I love your mouth!!”

In a minute, Don slid down onto the floor and moved between those inviting legs. He gazed in awe at the parted lips of her cunt, glistening with desire and framed by fine blond hair.

“Beautiful! So beautiful!!” he whispered.

As his lips lovingly enveloped her oozing cunt, she hunched her pussy up to his ravenous mouth. She touched his head tenderly, running her fingers through his hair. Don reached up with both hands and caressed her heaving breasts and erect nipples. When her own hands joined his in stroking those swollen beauties, Don slid his hands down her flat belly, and then around and under her to grasp her squirming ass. As he raised her up to his hungry mouth, she moved her legs up over his shoulders. He sucked her swollen clit gently into his mouth and his eager tongue teased the stiff nubbin. This brought a loud gasp from Audrey — she stiffened and arched her body as her orgasm started. A keening cry tore from her lips.

“NNNGGGHHHHH!! I’m coming already!! Oohhhhhh!! Aaahhhhh!!“

As Don continued mouthing her succulent pussy, she cried, “Darling, come up here! I want you in me!”

She squirmed back into the center of the big bed. As she lay on her back with long legs flung wide, he climbed onto the bed and into the cradle of her thighs. His stiff cock was throbbing. Audrey reached down and seated the dripping head between her juicy lips. As he slowly pushed his straining cock into her tight, flooding pussy, he groaned, “Oh, No! I’m so hot, this is going to be too fast!!”

“Not fast enough for me!!” Audrey whispered. “I’m cumming again! Already!! Hurry, Darling, and come with meee!!” she cried. Don groaned loudly and spurted deep into her spasming cavern again and again, their hungry mouths chewing frantically.

As they devoured each other, Don was so aroused that his cock stayed hard as he continued thrusting rhythmically into her. In another minute, a soft guttural scream burst from Audrey as the rapture overcame her again.


Don held her tightly and rolled over, putting Audrey on top. As she rose up on her knees, Don reached up and grasped her marvelous full breasts. He murmured, “You’re so fantastic, Darling! I love to watch you come!!”

“Then watch closely, because here I go again!!”

And she shuddered and sobbed loudly as the orgasm washed over her, but she never stopped pushing down hard on Don’s straining cock. His upward thrusts became ever more urgent and frantic. He pulled her down onto his chest, kissed her hard and erupted again into her spasming cunt. Their bodies strained together. Joyous cries rose to a crescendo, and then finally turned into crooning murmurs of love. Breathless but sated at last, their flushed bodies pressed lovingly together, they held tightly to each other and drifted into a euphoric afterglow.

While they lay there in each other’s arms, Don asked Audrey to marry him. And she quickly accepted with tears of joy.


All four of these people had an exceptionally strong libido. And the twins and Pete had enjoyed such fantastic sex as a loving threesome. Did they eventually get together in a torrid sexual foursome? Or did the secret stay secret and both marriages remain happily monogamous for the rest of their lives?

What do you think??

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